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Okay, thanks! In the USA, how much does a book cost in average? I would mostly like to know YA books worth in USA. Are they 20 dollars, or is that too much/too little? (I'm thinking books by for example Marissa Meyer or Riordan. i would really like to know about both paperbacks and hard copies) <3

YA paperback novels are normally $9.99 if you buy them in store. YA Hardbacks are roughly $18.99. Adult books, on average, range from $16 to $30. If you check on Amazon or the BookDepository you can most likely find them on sale! 

the signs as fall out boy songs
  • aries:disloyal order of the water buffalos
  • taurus:america's suitehearts
  • gemini:chicago is so two years ago
  • cancer:i slept with someone from fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me
  • leo:grand theft autumn/where is your boy
  • virgo:growing up
  • libra:saturday
  • scorpio:thanks for the memories
  • sagittarius:headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet
  • capricorn:sugar we're going down
  • aquarius:20 dollar nosebleed
  • pisces:favorite record

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i made a giveaway blog and backed out in 2 weeks because holy shit i was not prepared for all of that and my respect to everyone else just went up by 100x pls i hope you guys find like 20 dollars on the ground because you've dealt with this longer than i had ever

You’re so sweet c: I hope you find $100 on the ground you cutie c:

Yeah, its pretty overwhelming! Especially if you do a legendary giveaway..HOLY CRAP it goes INSANE. You definitely have to be prepared for not-so-intelligent asks, drama, high demand, and overall STRESS. I don’t feel like I have it bad AT ALL compared to the blogs I follow..I guess because i keep it kinda on the down low and don’t have many big events or anything..or maybe because I don’t share much about myself..or maybe because I suck and I’m not active enough idk. 

My point is, don’t worry about me, I’ve had it super easy imo! <3 I’m gonna tag some other blogs in this since this is really sweet and pretty much directed at all of us:






I suck at remembering URLs….

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What are you doing with the donations that will help Pledis? Are you somehow forwarding the money on to Pledis in some kind of donation are you planning to bulk buy a bunch of albums with the collected funds (and I would assume give them all away to people who donated)..?

The donations are for various gifts for the Pledis idols such as a foodtruck to be sent to the Pledis Buildings, A rice wreath and flowers . This was a alternative portion of the project that allows fans who may not be able to buy an album or other merchandise during Pledis Week. It’s cheaper alternative for them. They may not have $20+ dollars (plus s&h) to get an album and merch but maybe they have $5 dollar to donate for gifts to show support to their favorite idols in they’re own way. This is also why we established trending hashtags and other things like that because other fans may not be able to do either, so they would still be able to have some part in the project. No one will be excluded during Pledis Week at all. Since these gifts are fairly  big as well the expectations for Pledis Week to trend massively and can grab media attention and actually direct focus on Pledis groups. Exposure matters.

If we manage to make more than our target. the rest will go to albums from After School, Nu’est, and Seventeen, plus giveaways will be held. We are considering having a raffle. People who donate have a chance to win albums while those who did not will not have a chance in the raffle. ( we have not yet decided if were going with this or not)

We encourage individuals  to buy albums/merch  nd participating/established fanclubs to bulk buy albums especially during Pledis Week. I’m working on a few more posts to more emphasis on this aspect on the project since this actually very important. It brings money in for the company and those who can pitch in and buy an album from pledis groups should consider  supporting them financially instead of doing stuff like illegally downloading music. 

I hope this clear things up. Thank you for your question.

-Admin Trice