Glip, you’re not fooling anyone you selfish scam artist

Also, yesterday I made some tweets about this, but if you don’t want to participate because 20 dollars isn’t enough for you – that’s wonderful, and I hope you find some other thing to participate in that’s to your liking and pay amount! I absolutely encourage anyone to not do cheap work for something they don’t like or want to have fun with.

A job being fun is not good justification for it paying below minimum wage.

I’m 100% aware 20 dollars isn’t much, but then, no one else was supposed to be participating in this in the first place until people asked about being able to! And I don’t really want to bankrupt myself on a fun thing that’s mostly to be distributed either cheaply, or given for free in some cases, at comic conventions.

You’re selling the end result, even if cheaply. So it is not a “fun” thing to do no matter how many times you call it that. It’s a project that will return a profit for you, based on art of your character. If you weren’t selling the end result Glip and offering it as a free pdf/zip folder download, this entire thing would be more understandable but you are so this is a completely different ballgame. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say this again.

Glip, if you cannot afford to fairly compensate artists for a project that involves selling their art. You cannot afford the project in the first place.

I have a lot more to say about this sort of topic, but many zines do not pay at all, because they’re a small fun thing. Or they pay a small amount, because that’s what the person can afford… and it’s still a fun thing.

“Other people rip off artists so it’s ok when I rip off artists!”

“Other people steal from others so it’s ok when I steal from people!”

“Other people do this action that I normally condemn but since it’s “fun” it’s now ok!”

Glip. No matter how many times you repeat the word fun, it does not make the fact that you are under paying people who contribute to your work and selling it for a profit. In an industry that is already notorious for not paying the workers enough. You are contributing to the problem. Own the fuck up to it.

I’m participating in a different zine right now with dozens of other artists, with the payrate being 20/page, because I want to. I’ve worked for less, too. Does that mean you have to, or should? Not at all. But some people like to participate in a community thing and have fun, and payment is a bonus. So… 

Still doesn’t change the fact the pay rate is still abysmally small. I think a worker should at least make minimum wage when their work is being used for someone else’s profit. I think it is wrong for you to use someones love of a work to get them to work for what’s basically nothing.

Under paying people is fucking wrong Glip.

Also, yeah, we know you totally really don’t care about those upset at the pay rate, with you constantly blocking those that say “hey this is under priced”, deleting their comments (so the potential unaware artists won’t know perhaps???) and you already showed your true colors about this topic any way to people…

You selfish, ego inflated, fake, scam artist.

If anything, you’re just sorry your “love and respect all artists” facade got caught in the lie.

I get unnecessarily emotional thinking about a headcanon that has become very important to me, which is that Bea and Ben’s first child’s first word is ‘dada’ (or something along those lines), and it comes totally out of nowhere while Ben is holding her one day, and he gets so overwhelmingly happy in that moment that he actually almost tears up. Bea is so filled with joy to see him so happy, that she can’t even be mad that she’s just lost the 20 dollar bet they’ve had since their daughter was born, over whether her first word would be ‘mama’ or ‘dada’.

part of this has to do with my headcanon that Ben and his parents aren’t super close because they were always working while he was growing up, so Ben is always conscious of that and makes sure that his kids are the #1 priority, and that they know they’re his #1 priority way before his work, so to have his daughter’s first word be dada is a really big deal to him and I’m emotional just thinking about this don’t look at me

I hope you find $20 dollars today, I hope the person you adore texts you and I hope the situation you worry about favors you in the end