Hey guys!!
We managed to get 20 dollars in the past couple days and I seriously cant thank you enough. The picture of the left is Spike and her lump the one on the right is a compairison for her jaw I took these pictures awhile ago and her bump has gotten a little bit bigger and I still need help!! please boost this


My dad came in to see me @ work w my step mom and brother and he gave me a 20 dollar tip which was very sweet. There are gumdrops on my sweater and I work a double tomorrow. Things are good I am drinking a blackberry wine and relaxing I lov 2 b alive in this moment rn

The university president just sent out an email saying that “we currently cannot afford to expand our ethnic student center” and that “we don’t have the money to expand any nonacademic buildings at this time” and that “doing so would cost upwards of 20 million dollars.”

The giant fucking gymnasium you just demolished and built says ur a fucking liaaaar.

Theres 15,000 students and the max capacity for the ethnic student center is 52 and the queer student center is maybe 15. All I know is that they’re both smaller than my dorm room. Plus I dont know much about finance, but im pretty sure that it wouldn’t cost more than $20 mil to build a small building.

commissions are open!

hi!! im caramel and i need money ‘cause im going to college and i dont have any money!!! so im opening commissions for those who are interested (sorry like all the examples are undertale its all ive been drawin lately)!

- Sketches are 5 dollars apiece
- Colored/shaded busts are 10 dollars apiece
- Full body drawings (colored and shaded) are 15 dollars apiece
- Complex pieces (full body, full color, background, little details) are 20 dollars apiece
- Any additional characters will be 1 dollar extra in addition to the original cost!

The rules (important!)
- I am a minor, and as such, I will not draw nsfw art!
- I will draw gore, but only to a certain degree; this can be negotiated in private!
- Payments can be made only through Paypal, so if you are uncomfortable using their service, I’m afraid we can’t do business!

Additional notes:

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anonymous asked:

Fall out boy

do i listen to them: no /  sometimes / yes

do i own any of their albums: yes / no

have i seen them live: yes / no

do i want to see them live: yes!! so badly / no

favourite song(s): 20 dollar nose bleed, the kids aren’t alright, america’s suitehearts, young volcanoes

favourite album: folie

send me a band!!


Guys I’m so sorry but I’m 20 dollars overdrawn in my account because a check I sent to school got delayed and I had to pay off my car and it was a total of like 600 dollars and I’m so screwed rn I can’t afford the fees and I need to eat pls if you can send money to my paypal abirch3@kent.edu pls I really need this pls help or reblog