20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

3.) Favorite Monster/Creature?

This is… probably an obvious/common one.

Bill Cipher.

While he’s only appeared in 2 episodes as himself, he’s actually been watching since day one. That’s creepy. I love it. We get a hint of what he’s really doing in Dipper and Mabel’s book, something about…

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Day 03: Favorite Monster/ Creature

Okay this may seem weir since Mabel is literally my spirit animal, but the Summerween Trickster was by far my favorite monster. He has so many plot options. He can be this little gentle creature, or this insane killing machine. I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THAT LAST PICTURE?! Creepy man! plus Summerween Halloween… It fits. I like Halloween.


Day 02: Least Favorite Character
Now this one should be easy. I don’t just dislike Pacifica because she is the known antagonist. But her characterization is just flawed. I really wish that when ever Mabel would over come her Pacifica would at least SHOW some sort of new knowledge of how to act to others. But no, Disney had to go and stereotype the typical “popular girl.” I say that with air quotes because they made Pacifica so one sided, she has no real depth. And plus, she’s Mabel’s least favorite too, so there was a factor of that in there.