Lin-Manuel Miranda will offer Chicagoans a chance to be in the room where it happens, to borrow a song from his Tony-winning musical, this September as part of a one-night-only event presented by the Chicago Humanities Festival and the Chicago Tribune.

The celebrated creator and original star of “Hamilton” (and subsequent MacArthur genius-grant recipient and Pulitzer Prize winner) will appear in conversation with Tribune theater critic Chris Jones at the Lyric Opera (20 N. Wacker Drive). Jones says the evening will cover Miranda’s theatrical upbringings, the path to his first Tony winner “In the Heights,” and, of course, the process of creating “Hamilton,” the remixed Founding Fathers musical about Alexander Hamilton — an immigrant who went on to become the nation’s first treasury secretary.

The event is slated for 6 p.m. Sept. 23. Tickets for the evening go on sale to CHF members and Chicago Tribune subscribers at 10 a.m. Wednesday, and will be available to the general public at 10 a.m. Sept. 6.


‘Hamilton’s’ Lin-Manuel Miranda is coming to Chicago (Chicago Tribune)

Tickets can be purchased online at chf.to/CHFMiranda. Discounts will be available for students and theater industry professionals.

Green Eyes and Piano Keys (Prologue)

Pairing: J2
Rating: General Audiences (will turn to Explicit in future chapters)
Summary: Jared’s resistant to learn the piano, but his new piano teacher has some unconventional methods.
Tags: rpf, underage (Jared is 16, Jensen is 20)
A/N: I wrote something! I actually wrote something in the mess of writer’s block I have! Thank God. This is an idea that has been playing in my mind for quite a while, so I wrote out a prologue to see what you guys think? Opinions? Thoughts? Want me to continue it? 

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anonymous asked:

hi, i was just wondering why you dislike sheith? i can see why myself but i was just wondering why u do?

okay so let’s pretend that the ages weren’t confirmed.

  • it fucking decimates keith’s character and makes him out as the Ultimate Uke Pinup Boy™. a soft delicate flower made to be touched by shiro only (gagging). and gal/ra!kei/th in sh/eith is like, why would shiro think it’s hot? shiro has ptsd from his time with the galra. and shiro is such a good guy but the shippers make him out as some “sex god dad/dy” and i’m like, well, wherever you fucking pulled that out from.
  • like even if the ages were not confirmed, their behaviors are clearly one of a mature man who has seen shit and a hotheaded teen. and the fucking size difference IDK!!! squicks me out
  • Yaoi Tropes. fucking everywhere. yaoi is pretty heteronormative in the first place, with the Big Buff Seme and the Waif Uke. (ties into the first point but w/e it still grosses me out!!). one half of the relationship is “manly” while the other is “feminine” like what kind of fucking shit is this (and all the time!! keith is the feminine one) 
  • Favors white-passing boys instead of the interracial relationships (k/lance n sh/allura) and aLWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS THEY FUCKING. MAKE LANCE OUT AS LEAST DESIRABLE. Like keith prefers shiro and it fucKING KILLS ME BC I SEE YOU, PPL WHO MAKE FICS N COMICS ABOUT LANCE GETTING HIS HEARTBROKEN. like that is so fucking colorist. just say straight up that you think lance is ugly because of his skin.
  • asian fetishization, especially light-skinned asians. i’ve seen so many “”””headcanon posts”””” where they hc keith as korean and shiro as japanese and they are grossly stereotypical and lack research put into the fucking cultures.
  • also, asian men are often portrayed as feminine, especially in (white) western media, so showing either of them (usually keith) as excessively demure only plays into stereotypes and tropes.
  • also pre-kerberos ship is gross bc keith was a student and shiro was definitely graduated. like definitely canon. (ew)

do u ever worry that ur not gay n that u actually are just confused n one day ur gonna realise that n marry the opposite gender n ur family will say on ur wedding day “see i told u it was just a phase!” bc i do

im still salty abt that one time i bought a cd from thgc website and it didn’t come from abt a month even tho everytime ive bought smth from the before it arrives within like 2weeks,,,, so i sent an email to the address that was on the website and the first time derek replied n said that he’s not tour rn but hell double check when he gets back,, so i waited like another 2/3 weeks and i sent another email n he replied n said that my cd probs got lost in the post and that he’d send me another one bUt like a month later and nothing arrived sO i sent another email n this time he told me to send a screenshot of my receipt w the order # and everything and i dID but still i didnt get anything and now i cant listen to his music bc it makes me feel anxious rip