20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge

Day 03: Favorite Couple/Ship

Brenda Walsh and Dylan McKay

Dylan McKay (to Brenda): “Why is it that when I’m with you I can just forget about everything?”

Without a doubt, my favorite couple is Brenda and Dylan. To hell with people who say that Dylan’s true love was Kelly. They obviously don’t get the magnanimous chemistry between Luke Perry and Shannen Doherty that translated effortlessly to the screen. It is one of the reasons that “Isn’t it Romantic?” is my favorite episodes. It made me fall in love with them so much that I, personally, became invested in their onscreen relationship. Their relationship changed during Brenda’s run on the show so much that I will venture to say it parallels Brenda’s personal evolution. When they meet, Dylan is pretty much a smooth-talking, emotionally-crippled bad boy with a bad reputation for breaking hearts. Brenda, on the other hand, is a sweet, romantic virgin with a good home life and a flare for drama. Their love affair is intense. Their first kiss (or should I say makeout session), after all, happens after Dylan freaks out and throws a plant on the sidewalk after Dylan’s dad, the I’m-dead-wait-no-I’m-not deadbeat Jack McKay, and him have a spat. They do have fights; most notably, the Palm Springs Weekend lovers’ quarrel over Brenda’s perception of Dylan’s hangout session with his old friend, Janie, but the point is, they overcome it all. Dylan supports her through tough times, never forgets to say he loves her, and is crushed after she breaks up with him due to their pregnancy scare. When they get back together, their relationship becomes even stronger. They become a West Beverly power couple, overcoming crazy Emily Valentine and Dylan’s tarot card-lovin’ mama, Iris, alike. Then, the unthinkable happens. After another fight and a subsequently amazing weekend together in Baja, Brenda forgets her passport and is stopped at the Mexico-U.S. border. Brenda is sent off to Paris, France by her rather annoying, protective father, Jim, while Dylan pursues her best friend, Kelly. We know the rest of the story, the love triangle and the whole enchilada, but even after Kelly and Dylan get together, it is evident that he still loves Brenda. They rekindle their friendship in the 4th season and even reunite before Brenda’s famous departure to London. They are altogether sweet. They’re a beautiful couple and always find their way back to each other. The writers indeed fucked up in the 9th season by changing the back story of Dylan’s relationship with Brenda in London, but I’m just going to pretend that whoever came back to Beverly Hills was really Dylan’s evil twin or something. Because the Dylan I know and love ultimately ended up with his true love, Brenda. No flaw of the writers can convince me otherwise.

Okay, so I know it’s been a while since I did the BH90210 challenge and I was going to wait to do the last day until i’ve seen all the seasons, but I think i’ll like 9 and 10 more than the season i’m choosing, so i’ve decided to finish it today. :)

20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge

Day 20 - Your least favorite season

Season 4. It has some good episodes, but overall it is definitely not one of my favorites. It was kind of a slower moving season and some of the couples and characters I didn’t’ really care for. The only thing that I really loved about that season was Brandon and Kelly getting together at the end. 

And that’s it folks for this challenge. I will miss it. :)

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20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge

Day 04: Favorite Female Friendship

Brenda Walsh and Donna Martin

This is probably not a popular favorite ‘ship’, but honestly, I never saw a moment throughout the first three seasons when Brenda and Donna weren’t there for each other. In the first couple of seasons, Kelly honestly was pretty rude to Donna. She insulted her choice to date David, always made fun of her for it, and when David cheated on her, she basically blamed Donna for making the decision to keep her virginity. Brenda, on the other hand, talked her through it and even offered her Mr. Pony to snuggle with. She also was the only member of the gang to call both Brenda and Kelly on their actions, and try to respect both friends’ feelings. Brenda and Donna respected each other and treated each other with respect. Kelly, on the other hand, was a bitch to both of them on more than one occasion.

20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge

Here it is, i was surprised there wasn’t a challenge on this show. So i just created it. If you like it, feel free to use this for yourself. =D

Day 01- Your favorite female character
Day 02- Your favorite male character
Day 03- Your favorite couple/ship
Day 04- Your favorite female friends
Day 05- Your least favorite character
Day 06- Your least favorite couple
Day 07- Your favorite episode/moment
Day 08- Your least favorite episode/moment
Day 09- Your favorite guest star
Day 10- Your least favorite guest star
Day 11- Your favorite male friends
Day 12- Your favorite storyline
Day 13- Your least favorite storyline
Day 14- A scene/moment that made you cry
Day 15- A scene/moment that made you laugh
Day 16- Your favorite BH90210 wedding
Day 17- Your favorite BH90210 parent(s)
Day 18- Your favorite BH90210 decor/set
Day 19- Your favorite season
Day 20- Your least favorite season

20 day beverly hills 90210 challenge

Day 03: Your favorite couple/ship


There was something so lovely about their short lived romance.  You get to see both of them connect in a way they haven’t with anyone else, and Valerie is so SWEET around David… and probably a much better person because of the romance.  They are both there for each other as friends, while becoming lovers. –Gosh, the suicide storyline, ah–  It all seemed very natural and honest to me.

20 day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge - Day 03- Your favorite couple/ship
- Brenda Walsh & Dylan McKay
You guys probably already knew this one.
Amazing, beautiful, cute, moving, strong… just some words to describe what I think of Dylan and Brenda’s relationship. Both of them had been with someone after they broke up but their eyes kept wandering back to each other, and I loved it. They were the first couple I liked on the show and it’ll always stay that way. They went through a lot together and it made them stronger.

20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge - Day 03: Your favorite couple/ship (2/2)

Brandon Walsh & Kelly Taylor

Okay for this one I couldn’t just choose one because I love both couples and I had to put Brandon and Kelly on here too. They were really amazing together, I know most like Kelly and Dylan, but Brandon was so much better for her and with her. He brought out the best in Kelly and in each other too. They worked out their problems and I think that Brandon loved Kelly from the beginning. They went through a lot together and they came through it stronger than before. <3

20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge

Day 06: Least Favorite Couple/Ship

Kelly Taylor and Dylan McKay

Kelly Taylor (to Dylan): “Take away the sex, and we have no relationship”

Where to begin, where to begin… Could it be that they broke up the best couple that the show ever produced, Brenda and Dylan? Could it be the fact that their relationship is built on a heaping pile of lies and deceit? Could it be the fact that they didn’t seem to care about Brenda’s feelings at all, even though they claimed she was such an important part of their lives? Could it be the fact that they told Brenda about their summer affair in the most insensitive way possible? Could it be that this relationship was completely contrived and utter bullshit? I can’t think of one thing about their relationship that I find decent. They are both horrible, horrible people for doing what they did and having the nerve to question Brenda about “shutting them out”. One reason I never bought into them as a couple is the fact that they make absolutely no sense at all together. They have no chemistry. Watching Jennie Garth and Luke Perry make out onscreen is kind of the visual equivalent to hearing cat claws slowly screech down a chalkboard. Then, I look back at their history. Dylan doesn’t even pay any attention to her at all during the first or second season and shoots her down when she tries to hit on him (her first attempt at being a homewrecker).Who can forget the awesome scene when Dylan completely ignores Kelly when he officially meets Brenda? To me, Dylan hitting on her in the third season is not only completely out of character, but painful to watch. I get that he’s the one that’s making all the moves, but the thing is, Kelly is supposed to be Brenda’s best friend. It’s never, ever okay to cheat with your best friend’s boyfriend. There’s no excuse for her to do what she did, no matter what anyone else says. Not only do I hate that Dylan and Kelly go behind Brenda’s back for a second time immediately after Dylan and Brenda break up, but I hate how Dylan chooses Kelly for the stupidest reason in the world: because she’s at the Bel Age and Brenda can’t be. It’s a cop out. He chooses Kelly because she’s easy, sleazy, and there. So, on that romantic premise, Kelly and Dylan begin their moving relationship, being respectful of Brenda’s feelings and not making a big deal of their romance in public places. Oh wait, just kidding, they do the opposite of that. They break the news to Brenda in one foul swoop, start making out and holding hands everywhere, and then start fighting all the time. That’s not it; it only gets better. They go to Europe together, and Kelly, forgetting to take her bitch meds, freaks out on Dylan for talking and joking with some poor, unsuspecting French woman, who gets her head bitten off by the Queen Bitch of West Beverly. As college begins, they take their relationship to a whole new level: infidelity. Not with each other, but outside of their relationship. Kelly tries to turn Dylan into some frat guy so that he fits more conveniently into her life. When he doesn’t? She turns to a frat asshole named John Sears and breaks up with Dylan coldly. Dylan, on the other hand, tries to get back with Brenda on several occasions, calling her on the phone while she has her stint at University of Minnesota, taking her out fishing and insinuating that he still wants to be with her,  dedicating poetry to her and trying to convince her to not marry Stuart, because “then they’ll never have a second chance”. Yeah, can you feel the love between Kelly and Dylan? I know I certainly can’t. Time goes on, and when they’re still together, Kelly cheats on Dylan with Brandon, and then decides to get into a relationship with him. Yet another infidelity, which ends their relationship for good. Dylan, however, after sleeping with Brenda before her departure to London and after he finds out that Brenda’s not coming back, still pines after Kelly for no reason whatsoever. Yet, she shuts him down and he leaves for London… to be with Brenda. Then, when he returns to Beverly Hills, they change the backstory of his relationship conveniently, and then make Kelly and Dylan cheat on their significant others again. Oh, what a surprise: infidelity again! The show ends with them together, which is, again, stupid bullshit. It really says it all, though, when in the reincarnation of the show, he isn’t even with Kelly when they have a son together. There was nothing but lust that held them together which ultimately falls apart every time they try to make their relationship work, and, inevitably, Dylan was drawn to Brenda like a moth to a flame, even years later. It is not that I refuse to watch them together so much as it is that them being together physically sickens and angers me. There is nothing cute, moving, or attractive about the two of them together and there never will be. 

Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge - Day 12- Your favorite storyline
-Kelly & Dylan getting together (Summer of S03).

Like you probably already know i am a huge Kelly/Dylan shipper. So ofcourse i love the summer where it all started. Don’t get me wrong, i do really like Brenda & Dylan in seasons 1 and 2 as well. But after 2 seasons of the same kind of arguments and issues (like the problems with Brenda’s father Jim), i think it got a bit tiring. I think the show needed something new, something fresh at this point. And because of Luke Perry’s very own request, the writers decided to pair up Kelly & Dylan. It was one of the most intense and probably still is, the most talked about storyline of the show. I think it added some more depth and intensity to the relationships between the characters involved. And even when i wasn’t a Dy/K shipper right away (i liked them a lot but i didn’t really ship any couple on the show, before i had seen most seasons), i have always thought this was the best storyline of the first seasons. Wether you liked this change of relationships or not, it’s the perfect storyline for a dramaseries in my opinion. It spiced up the show, the first two seasons were a bit more innocent, and they needed to grow, move on with the audience. And they did, and as a dramafan i liked that.


20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge

Day 02: Your favorite male character


There was no question about this one.  Dylan is the ideal bad boy.  To me he is the most attractive and interesting because like all great bad boys, he was secretly super intelligent, wise beyond his years, and although he could be a major womanizer when he wanted to be, he really had a kind heart.  I love his story lines, from Jack McKay’s fatal car bomb (or not…?!), his tragic marriage to Toni, to his precious relationship with his sister Erica and her con artist parents.  He also had a full life outside “the gang”, encouraged traveling and adventures, and was never afraid to tell anyone what he thought.  Even if it was in the middle of a society gala.

20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge - Day 01: Your favorite female character (2/2)

Andrea Zuckerman

Okay, since I love both Kelly and Andrea, I am doing two for the first day because I didn’t want to just choose Kelly. I love Andrea as well and wanted to include her. When I first started watching the show, Andrea was my favorite, she reminded me of myself, wears glasses, likes school, although i’m not as into the school paper as she was, but other than that, I could relate to her in a lot of ways. I always wanted her and Brandon together, that’s why Home Again is one of my favorite episodes, but since they didn’t I was happy with them as friends and they really did have an amazing friendship. I like her the most in High School I think. She was okay in college, but I liked her best in the first three seasons. I was sad to see her leave in Season 5 though. :( I am glad that she came back for the finale of Season 6 and the last episode though. <3

20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge

Day 05: Least Favorite Character 

Kelly Taylor

Most people will say Gina Kincaid or one of the characters introduced after the 4th season. Interestingly enough and unpopular as this opinion will be, I can’t think of any character that I really loathe besides Kelly. She is part of the show from the beginning to the end, but, to me, the character really overstayed her welcome. Maybe most of my resentment of Kelly comes from the summer of betrayal in Season 3. Some of it stems from before, though, when she basically treats others like crap. It’s always about Kelly; so, it doesn’t matter who gets hurt in the process of her attaining what or who she wants. Kelly is supposed to represent the typical, beautiful California princess who, despite displaying the appearance of a perfect life before her peers, has an alcoholic/drug addict for a mother, an absentee father, and a hell of a lot of guy problems. Nevertheless, boys just seem to magically fall at her feet, which I don’t really get. She finds a good friend in Brenda and becomes an honorary member of the Walsh family in the first season. She even hits on Brandon, although she is shot down by him considering she is almost like a sister to him. I never had a true problem with Kelly until she succumbed to Dylan McKay’s advances and had a summer affair with him. Although she does tell him that they have to forget about their affair initially out of respect for his relationship with Brenda, she sulks around school, continues to see Dylan behind Brenda’s back, and never is honest with Brenda about what her problem is… until Brenda and Dylan break up over Rick, after which she has no problem going out on a date with Dylan and not even mentioning it to Brenda. She lies to her repeatedly about what happened during the summer. When Dylan chooses her (bleh), she acts like Brenda has the problem when Dylan and her are parading their relationship around West Beverly with no shame. Although she is supposed to have some deep understanding of Dylan because of her own issues, she actually doesn’t understand him at all. She acts like a bitch to him all the time and is always jealous of his relationship with Brenda. She makes his dad’s funeral all about her. She tries to change Dylan to fit into her life when they enter college, and then cheats on him with Brandon. Actually, I’m okay with that, but it’s the principle of the matter. The only time I liked her was when she was with Brandon, because Brandon had the same effect on her that Brenda had on Dylan. He made her want to be a better person; he brought out the best in her. When faced with a choice between Dylan and Brandon, she chose herself. She hates Valerie from the get-go and is always rude to her. She moved on from Brandon about a milli-second after they decided to not get married. After Brandon left she engaged in another affair with Dylan while he was with Gina and she was with Matt. Throughout the show her character is consistently bitchy (besides the time she is with Brandon), has no shame, and has no problem engaging with deceit… which I have a major problem with. The writers always tried to make the audience empathize with her, but, to me, I just was like… what? The stupid diet pill storyline, fire/burn victim storyline, the awful cult storyline, the rape storyline; I just feel like the writers tried too hard to make Kelly a redeemable character, when she had already made her bed and slept in it. Even in the reincarnation of the series, she can’t seem to be nice to Brenda, because of her continued relationship with Dylan. Point blank: Kelly never grows up and threw away her only redemption: Brandon. I could care less about her “problems”… unless she somehow manages to hook right back up with Brandon. In which case, I will tolerate her presence.

20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge - Day 18- Your favorite BH90210 decor/set

There are a few decors on the show that i really liked. For example The Walsh House, The Beach House, Kelly/Jackie’s House, and The Beach Club. But i picked the Peach Pit. Because what would the show be without our gang’s favorite hang out. It has been on the show for all ten seasons. Everything you can imagine happened at the Peach Pit, it has seen many happy times, and sad ones as well. There is nothing that wasn’t discussed there, whenever the group needed a listening ear, Nat was there. Many of the castmembers have worked there through the years, Brandon, Brenda, Steve, Carly. And even the other characters we got to see behind the counter, or in the kitchen once in a while. It was the safe haven for everyone. Who would not want to have their very own Peach Pit to hang out? I know i do, haha.

20 day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge - Day 02- Your favorite male character
- Brandon Walsh
I know I have at least one thing in common with Brandon, we both don’t like to dance. I love his awkward laughs and his smile. I like the way he handles situations most of the time. I love how he’s protective of the people he loves. The only thing I don’t like is that he cheated on his girlfriend but you could tell when he said he was sorry, he truly meant it.
I would definitely vote for Bran the Man.

20 Day Beverly Hills 90210 Challenge - Day 16: Your favorite BH90210 wedding

So i’ve decided to choose both Steve and Janet’s wedding and David and Donna’s wedding because I love them both and I couldn’t choose. I loved how Steve and Janet’s was done so spontaneously and it was just simple and beautiful. It was great to see Steve be the first one to get married. :) 

Donna and David’s was a perfect way to end the show. We watched their relationship from the beginning when they were just teenagers and grow through it all. Their vows were so beautiful, I cried when I first watched that scene. I know, I spoiled it for myself and watched it online, but it was so worth it. :D Anyway, they are both great weddings! <3