Results of the Exo Bias Age Experiment

Sample Size: 970 points
Age range: 13-38

Data Point Distribution - Age Groups

  • 13-15:  62
  • 16:  81
  • 17:  119
  • 18:  135
  • 19:  133
  • 20:  114
  • 21:  95
  • 22:  83
  • 23:  41
  • 24:  39
  • 25:  25
  • 26-29:  41
  • 30+:  12

Data Point Distribution - Per Member

  • Baekhyun: 135
  • Chanyeol: 128
  • DO: 122
  • Kai: 114
  • Xiumin: 113
  • Sehun: 88
  • Chen: 80
  • Lay: 80
  • Suho: 53
  • Tao: 25
  • Luhan: 20
  • Kris: 12

Age Data per Age per Member:

The darker the red the more data was in that category

Individual Member Statistics (ot9)

*Due to very small numbers, Kris, Tao, and Luhan will get a separate evaluation at the end*

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You'll be my wife - aoimotion - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“You could never imagine what I want to do with you. Even here and now, I’m just…”
“Okay, I don’t want to talk with you anymore.” Cecilia turned her back to him and covered her ears. Then, Gregory appeared in front of her and smiled like he was the happiest mammal on heart. “Don’t look at me like that” she grumped.
“Can I at least kiss you?”


Nothing to say here, just a little fanfiction about Gregory and his bride-to-be Cecilia. It’s settled about 20-25 years before the events narrated in Black Jack. Hope you’ll like it! As usual, credits to @rem289 for the beautiful sketch!
Giving a hand pt. 1[BTS Smut]

Originally posted by sugasuite

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5  | PART 6  | PART 7 | PART 8


COUNT → 3457

GENRE → Smut


SUMMARY: Your work is not the typical job, you give hand jobs for money, but instead of feeling ashamed by it you’re comfortable with it. Until a man offers you to work in his company, where you would use your abilities to please seven guys.

N/A: This first part is basically introduction. The real action starts in part two and I’ll upload every saturday. 

Truth is, you didn’t hate your job. Anyone hearing you might say you’re crazy, many women around the world would probably shake their heads in disapproval, and your family would probably faint if they knew what you do for money. But you didn’t hate it. Not even a little bit. At the beginning, sure, who wouldn’t? But you started to like it and now you came to work without a trace of shame or guilt. It was a job, it payed the bills and that was more than enough for you.

You heard about the job a year ago, you were struggling to pay the rent and your work as a barista wasn’t enough. You found about it in a newspaper, there was a vacant in a hotel that recently had opened “Girl between 20 and 25 years old, good presentation, experience with customers, good with her hands”, that’s what the announce read and you decided to give it a try and went to the interview. You never expected what kind of job it really was.

Apparently the job was to give hand jobs. You could still remember the confusion you felt the moment the lady told you about it, your eyes were probably as big as the moon at that moment.  You were also embarrassed, because no, that’s not the kind of job you were looking for, and you repeated it to the lady at least five times without a pause. She explained to you that no one knew what the job actually was, because they didn’t know how to look for employees, she said they were looking for respectable young girls, and no girls with too much experience in the field. That’s why they were looking in a newspaper and not in an alleyway or someplace like that.

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jessrubinkowski  asked:

I have a question on how to handle a situation. I'm a part of an IRL writing group. I'm the youngest by a good 20 years at 25 and have already been branded troublesome and a 'hard ass'. There is a guy who decided to write a "biography" of a black woman from Houston. She overcame a lot of obstacles to get a degree and provide for her family. But he inserts himself into the narrative, talks down on her, plus is a white guy writing about her life , a story he has no real business telling.

he’s made jokes about her limited vocabulary compared to his “PhD four syllable one”. His log line is literally “ you can take the girl out of the ghetto but can you take the ghetto out of the girl” Ive brought up that he is telling her story through a lens. I’ve told him he is giving an extremely problematic portrayal and that it will hurt readers. He said I’m “too aggressive” for a girl and continues to work on it. What more can I do? I NEVER want this book to reach a soul. 

Confronting Racist Ideas in a Writer’s Group

We feel you should call him out.

As a young woman, we get that you’re at a disadvantage, but you’re also white, and this would be a good way of using your privilege to point out this is an issue. (Although we do sympathize–one of us had to leave a writing group for similar reasons.)

You could refer this blog and/or other sources as a reference for him to read and educate himself.

Though in the end, you can’t make people take you seriously, and can only try to get your point across. If he’s as sexist and racist as he seems to be, there really isn’t much you can do but call him out. Chances are (and fingers crossed) his crappy works never see a bookshelf, but there is always a chance. And hey, it won’t be your fault when he’s on folks’ did-not-finish lists on goodreads with tons of one star reviews.

Another thing; just because you’re “aggressive” (dude, how condescending and tone-policing) which probably is an exaggeration on his part anyhow, doesn’t mean you’re wrong.

Finally, if this group doesn’t take you seriously and no one in charge assists in curbing this guy’s behavior, it’s perfectly acceptable to leave the group for something more suitable. Based on the group deeming you a “troublesome hard ass”, it doesn’t sound like a safe or comfortable environment at all.

This behavior is not something you should have to put up with.


grimes: started my novel, but my editor, @hanatruly - informs me that my first chapter needs more showing and less telling. too bad the people don’t want a novel comprised entirely of fake facts about a fake universe. re read some good intros to double check and i guess its best to start w a plot. this is gonna be a dang endurance test if there ever was one and don’t expect anything good for like 20-25 years 📸@hanatruly styled by @purityring

Ok, but for real, the persistence of allistics can be surreal sometimes.

You can go 15, 20, 25 et.c years of obsessions with things, struggling with social events, only being able to eat certain things… and all that shit.

And instead of just accepting you’re different from them, they go on about you unlearning it or growing out of it..

You really would think it’d be way more logical to look at us and conclude we will stay like this, and that because we are so hardwired and can’t go off from our behaviour….

That it would clearly be distressing and not right for us to change how we live, and that not only would it be unnatural, but it would bring on unhappiness.

And I think that is largely why their persistence is so surreal.. because it’s clear we don’t want to change, it’s clear by now that we always will stay the same.. so no, I am highly doubtful I will “get used to it” or “will grow out of it”.

I’m autistic, that can’t change, and how I am is less likely to change than the behaviour of allistics, and I most definitely will not grow out of anything.

Also, I feel it would be far more convenient to just.. you know.. be accepting, accommodating, and being open-minded… as opposed to distressing autistic people constantly..

and also, I thought it was all you all’s thing to not distress others and being polite according to Allist Social Code… or have I gotten the wrong conditions pushed on to me there?

Maybe I’m just too autistic to understand, but I don’t think it’s cool to attempt to change others’ neurotypes or how people behaviour from their neurotype… Apparently allistics don’t seem to get that so I feel it must just be another one of those “absurd” autistic things I got going?????

Please respect that I’m different from you, don’t mock me, don’t try to change me, and don’t tell me or rely on me changing.. Try to change your attitude towards me instead.

All right I’m just gonna come out and ask it

whats the big issue with shipping a 20-25 year old with a 18 year old??? it happens all the time in real life (especially in college) and it doesn’t seem that extreme or problematic to me. people who are more than 8 years apart get married all the time in real life so im not quite sure where all this arguing is coming from?? theres worse age gaps that have happened in fandoms lol

Gran Knows Best

by smokesforsterek // ladiekatie

For @acountrygirlsfun a few days early but I was so excited I had to post it early!!! Happy birthday Caitlin! 

General Audiences | 2,900 | Sterek | 1/1 | Complete 

“Derek Hale, when are you going to ask that nice young man to marry you?” Grandma Hale asks from her spot on the porch, overlooking the backyard.
“We’ve only been dating for 6 years,” Derek huffs out a breath, a small smile appears on his face.
“‘Only'” she says trying mimic him, “like 6 years is two weeks. If he was a woman he would be begging for a ring at this point,” she jokes.

or the one where Gran and Laura knock some sense into Derek about finally asking Stiles to marry him.

“Derek Hale, when are you going to ask that nice young man to marry you?” Grandma Hale asks from her spot on the porch, overlooking the backyard.

It’s her 96th birthday, and the whole Hale clan was invited to her house in Napa Valley for the party. When Talia said the whole family, she meant the whole family . Cousins Derek hasn’t seen in years along with nieces and nephews he’s never met filled the huge house to the brim. Every couch, bed, recliner, pull out bed, and sleeping bag has a body in it, along with half the hotel down the street.

“Gran,” Derek blushes from his spot next to her on the little porch. The younger ones are playing out on the massive lawn that fills the backyard, Stiles among them. It looks like he’s trying to organize a game of kickball, or maybe red rover. Off in the distance, the pool is splashing and screams of fun come from the same area. His aunts, uncles, and parents are inside, crowded around the kitchen table sharing drinks and stories from their youth. The sound of heartbeats everywhere is comforting to him in a way he can’t explain.

“Well Derek, I don’t see what’s taking you so long. Stiles is a great young man. He discovered the family secret and still stuck around. That’s a keeper in my book,” her eyes look over the top of her glasses. “You’ve been together nearly as long as I’ve been alive for pete’s sake,” she laughs a couple of times, full bellied laughs that are familiar to her.

Derek huffs out a breath, a small smile appears on his face. “Only about 6 years,” he corrects. He looks over to his gran. She is an amazing woman, truly. Derek hopes he can be half the alpha that she is, someday, hopefully with Stiles by his side.

”’Only ,’“  she says trying mimic him, “like 6 years is two weeks. If he was a woman he would be begging for a ring at this point,” she jokes. Her voice is just as he remembers it when he was a kid, and she was nearly 30 years younger. She doesn’t look 96, werewolf genes keep her going longer than humans. Gran still has a good 20/25 years ahead of her.

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Caroline Glachan was a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl from West Dunbartonshire, Scotland who was discovered brutally murdered and dumped into the nearby River Leven on the 25th August 1996. To this day, her murder is unsolved.

Caroline’s last known movements occurred around 11:49 pm on the 24th when she was seen on security cameras parting ways with her best friend Joanne in order to meet up with her boyfriend. Later, a taxi driver who knew Caroline came forward to say that at around 12:20 am, he saw a man walking behind her. This man is described as being around 20-25 years old, 5’6 tall, with sharp features and had been wearing a green hooded jacket. He’s still unidentified and police are desperate to locate and question him. It’s possible that he was the last person, besides Caroline’s killer, to see the teen alive.

The next morning, on the 25th, a known drug addict discovered Caroline’s fully clothed body in the River Leven with her trainers discarded on the riverbank. She had been bludgeoned to death, but not been sexually assaulted which left detectives wondering what the motive for Caroline’s murder was.

Investigators located over 300 pieces of evidence which have recently been sent in for up-to-date forensic testing. Yet twenty-one years later, Caroline Glachan’s killer has still not been caught. Who killed her and why?

Nobody (Part 6)

Plot:  Reader has been held prisoner by Hydra and is discovered by Nat and Bucky.  Post CA:CW (Bucky’s on the team, no one hates each other) Slight AU

Warnings: Mentions of torture, detailed injuries, cursing

Words: 2709

A/N: Photos/gifs aren’t mine.

Bucky’s POV

Bucky didn’t know for how long he’d let the scalding water pelt his head and back but it didn’t matter; he didn’t feel any better.  Every time he closed his eyes he saw a broken creature crying out for him with tear stained cheeks.  And he had just let her be taken away.  Of course he knew that Dr Cho and her team were only going to help her, but she didn’t know that.  She had fought tooth and nail to get away from them, to get to him, and he just stood there.  

Bucky’s metal fist collided with the tile wall, leaving a large crater, and sending broken tile and bits of plaster into the tub.  “Fuck,” he groaned turning off the shower.  Explaining that to Tony would be fun.  He trudged angrily back into his room and threw on a clean t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans.  As he stuffed his feet into a pair of old work boots a knock sounded at the door. “Yeah?”

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You know what would be kind of hilarious in a not-even-a-little-hilarious way? If we get single payer in 20-25 years and Neil Gorsuch is the deciding vote that strikes it down. Elections fucking matter. 

djelibaebi  asked:

sorry, i read a post and didn't see your response later on, but i still think you're making assumptions about their ages? i mean there's nothing on how old taako is - if we assume he's the same age as Justin that would make him 37 in human - nearly the same age as Barry at the end of the stolen century. Even if that's not the case they're old enough to be employed at fantasy NASA thats got to show them as relatively old and mature, right?

This oversimplifies things, although I desperately wish it were that simple. Unfortunately now I have to show my extensive Fantasy Math. I know that IPRE isn’t simply “fantasy NASA” and has a different set of requirements for it’s members– Age not being one of them. 

Magnus is the key to calculating the ages of numerous other characters. 

  • Magnus:
    Travis states that Magnus is “29 or 30″ during TAZ’s main arcs, which span 2 years. The time between the start of Here There Be Gerblins and the end of TSC is 10 years.  


    This means that at the start and end of The Stolen Century, Magnus is canonically either 17 or 18 years old– with his permission in the bar during TSC counting as evidence pointing towards 18 (math based on numbers given to us by Travis in TTAZZ and during The Eleventh Hour). 

  • Taako and Lup:
    We know Taako has a younger physical and mental form than Magnus at the start of TAZ, so that places him quite a few years younger than Justin.

    Additionally, the parameters given for Taako’s age in canon are “older than 69″ and “a bit older than 100″ (math based on TTAZZ and scattered mentionings through the main TAZ arcs, mostly Here There Be Gerblins). 

    Using the most credible chart for converting 5e elf to human lifespans here, we can surmise that Taako and Lup would be between 110-150 plus 10 calendar years old at the start of HTBG, and around 20-25 years old in human years, which lines up with Justin’s statements regarding Taako’s age in past arcs.

  • Lucretia:
    Lucretia could have been anywhere from 16 to 26 at the start of The Stolen Century (based on Griffins scattered statements about her physical age of 40-50, TTAZZ and on details mentioned in The Suffering Game).

    We know she ages like a human as well because of TSG, putting her actual age at around 30, then doing the math we did on Magnus beforehand puts her within 5 years of his age either way.

So basically. There you have it? This is probably clumpy but I’ll clean it up as we’re presented with new information.

Fitness Jouney not close to being done with my goal but I’m close 💪💪 it only gets better from here this is about a 20- 25 difference . This year is my year I have so many goals which this is part of one I’m alot more healthier and happy I even got my self a little tan (as you can see from the tan lines) JUST A LITTLE HARD WORK AND DEDICATION
Stay Ambitious !!!

the latest episode of samurai jack honest to god made me want to fucking puke. 

i can’t enjoy samurai jack anymore. 

a 70 year old man and a maybe teenager, at BEST 20-25 year old girl should never been shown like that.

forced heterosexuality is ALWAYS bad writing, and this is no exception. 

especially considering the 50 YEAR AGE GAP.

I’m Always Here // Joe sugg

Cold air brushes past me, sending chills up my spine. I replay everything that happened tonight; the fun and not so fun parts. I walk up the pavement for a few meters, before I hear a friendly yell from behind. Finally, I think to myself, it’s so bloody cold. A black car pulls up next to me, window wound down all the way. “Fancy a drive, love?” The driver asks with a small smirk. I roll my eyes and laugh slightly, climbing into the warm car.

“Thanks Joe,” I say, giving him a quick hug before he continues to drive, “It was getting too hectic and I just wanted to leave”. He smiles sympathetically, understandingly. I’m not a big fan of parties, especially big birthday bashes, like the one I was just at. Everyone just gets blackout drunk, and me, who doesn’t drink, is left to pick up the pieces of my drunken friends. I don’t usually attend many parties anymore, but this one I was forced into, as I ‘needed to get out more’ and ‘live a little’. When I do attend parties, there is always one friend that I call to pick me up, and save me from the mess… my best friend, Joe. I’m forever grateful that I have a friend like Joe, to pick me up and help me with whatever whenever I need it.

When we nearing the city again, Joe looks over. “Do you want to stay tonight? I mean, it’s 2am, and it’s closer to my apartment than it is your house.” I think about it for a few seconds… hmm, we are closer… and he does have a bloody comfy spare bed. I rub my hand on my chin for extra effect, my best friend laughs.

“Okay,” I simply state. Nothing more, nothing less. He nods, taking the right turn onto the side of London he lives in. He drives at a comfortable speed, just below the speed limit. Joe always drives extra carefully when he takes me home or to his apartment after a party, as I tend to be more emotionally fragile and anxious during and after it.

It takes about 10 minutes to get to his apartment, and another 10 or so to get into his apartment. When we walk in, I instantly notice how unusually clean it is. “Cleaning all day, were you?” I chuckle, signaling to the clean apartment.

He shakes his head, laughing slightly and looking at his feet, “I got the lady who usually cleans Josh’s, to do mine… she’s a pretty cool chick,” I scoff slightly, giving him a little shove in the shoulder. The cleaning lady he is talking about, is about 20-25 years older than him, and a total nutjob. I go upstairs and into his spare room, reaching into the cupboard and grabbing my pair of pajamas. I always keep a spare pair here, since I usually crash here most weekends. Joe is about to come in when I yell, “getting changed, dick!”. He slowly backs away, after giving me a thumbs up in the doorway.

I tell him I’ve finished and sit on the bed, scrolling through Instagram and other social media platforms. He comes in and sits next to me on the bed, putting a friendly arm around me. “You know Y/N, I’ll always be here for you. Whenever you need it,” he smiles. I nod at him, looking into his blue eyes and smiling back. Joe and I have always been incredibly close, but I’m starting to think that one day, we could be something more. I consider just leaning in and kissing him, but I instantly dismiss that thoughts from my mind, as Joe is purely a good friend of mine.

“Yeah I know, Joseph. You’re the closest friend I’ve ever had, and I love you for that,” I reply, embracing him in a warm hug. He hugs back lightly, before looking at me in a weird way. “What?” I ask, wiping my face, as if there was something on it.

“You’re just bloody beautiful, Y/N, and I just can’t hold it in anymore. I know we’re best friends, and you probably don’t think of me in the same way… but I feel like it’s not fair to hold it all in anymore.” The words just spill out of his mouth, emotion evident in his voice. I just laugh, and he cocks his head to the side, confused. I pull him in for a kiss, at first brushing my lips against his, before pressing them together. Joe instantly kissed back, knowing that I feel the same. It was a fucking good kiss too. We pull apart and put our foreheads together, both smiling like crazy.

Well, I think, this is awesome.

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry your feeling bad about this but at age 30 or 33 women are only 2-5 years away from being past their childbearing prime. So that why men think a woman is attractive mostly around age 20-25. some men don't like approaching women under 21. If I was 32 and wanted to settle down, I'd want a young 22-25 year old who has a good years left to have healthy children instead of another 32 year old.

I’m not feeling bad about that at all. Out of all the things that preoccupy my mind, the vague theoreticals of childbearing prime and when other people marry are the least of my worries. It’s changeover week; I promise you every doctor has bigger fish to fry.

Aah, but you see, your equation assumes 22 year-olds are all dying to get with men 10 years older than them (often not true in my experience, though women are often more accepting of dating above their age group than men are). In reality, whilst 50 year old women can appreciate that a 20 year old man is hot, and 50 year old men can appreciate that a 20 year old woman is hot, they are often unlikely to mix in the same circles, and not likely to find many 20 year olds who want to return the favour. And in reality, on average they tend to have more in common with people of a similar age and experience to them, who they are also more likely to socialise with. I get why 20-25 year olds are hot. What I don’t get is the insistence that this somehow informs all human behaviour. It doesn’t; we’re not bower birds or sea slugs, and our choices of mate are a little more complex, yet people argue that we’re abasically sized-up versions of much more primitive organisms with simple social rules.

It also assumes most men want kids; plenty don’t. Plenty of women also don’t. Having children is really, really not central to everyone. And actually, even if we’re talking about tropes, the dominant social narrative tends to be that women feel pressured to marry in time before their biological clock runs out, whilst men are more likely to want to take their sweet time; many women I know have had trouble dating men in their late 20s, early 30s and even mid 30s who didn’t want kids, and felt they were being rushed into it. And let’s not forget that with the current economic climate being what it is, people’s lives feel precarious han before; it takes longer for us to be financially stable to feel we can offer the best for our kids. Yet blame gets allocated to women for not having babies sooner, as if it’s not a whole lot more complicated than that.

In real life, people don’t act like they do in vaguely extrapolated theories. Look at the UK average ages of getting married; The average age that men in the UK get married is 30.8 and the average age to get married for women is 28.9 years.  That’s not a huge difference; only a couple of years between the two. So it doesn’t bear out the idea that all men have this roaring need to run after (or manage to get) women 10 years younger than them because they want the best uterus to incubate their hypothetical foetuses. Interestingly, It used to be much younger; In 1971 women would on average get married at 22.6 years old,and men would marry at around from 24.6.  So we’re definitely often marrying later. Forget theory, the evidence doesn’t seem to agree with the hypothesis.

I also think it’s hard for us to know what we’d choose in 10 years time. I can’t say what you’d do. Marry whoever you like, if they’ll have you ;)  But I can say that things I considered utter turnoffs or just plain looking ‘old’ when I was in my late teens or early 20s now seem more attractive to me now that I’m a bit older. My tastes have changed, which is just as well, as I’d have much less in common with the people I might have considered most attractive at 19! It’s really hard to predict what you’ll find attractive in the distant future, or who you’ll end up with. Sure, we might hope to find someone young, or hot, but how often do we end up liking (and loving) someone who is different to what we thought we wanted? Unlike bower birds, you can’t always predict who a particular person will always find the ‘fittest’ mate.

And let’s not forget that not all people are heterosexual! Men who date men, and women who date women fall in love with people older or younger (or the same age) quite regardless.If we assumed people were tied to act only in such a way that would  pass on our genes ‘in our prime’, so many loving couples wouldn’t exist! And yet, look at all the love!

Whilst I was on paeds, it was part of my clerking history to ask all the parents their ages. And you’d be surprised how many men marry (and shockingly!) have kids with women either their age or older. I didn’t exactly record or audit my informal poll of thousands of parents, but it did remind me that happiness can be found in all sorts of combinations that the media wouldn’t show you was possible. The media might imply that unless you are young, rich and very attractive by conventional means, you will never find anyone, but there are literally millions of couples out there who are happy and don’t fit the above criteria. We all literally know plenty of couples that got married later, or look ‘average’ or the woman is a bit older than the man, etc. And I find it plain weird that we ignore the everyday reality we see played out in many mant relationships (that people can be happy even if they fulfil none of the above standards), to believe in theoretical evolutionary ideals playing a huge part in all our lives. I’m sure they play a role, but we all see those ‘rules’ broken too many times to believe they are sacrosanct. Real life is always a lot more complicated than theory!