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chessy i'm a 20 yr old girl and i haven't been in a single romantic relationship. not even close to one. i've only been on one date and only kissed one guy. both bad experiences. every one always tells me not to stress and i'll meet someone when i least expect it, but it's so hard not to feel like there's something wrong with me. the more time goes by the more insecure i get about dating and guys, any advice?

honestly of my close girl friends only four of them have been in proper relationships its not unusual at all and honestly doesnt reflect on u at all!!!! its literally just complete luck and coincidence on who u meet and when u meet them, and there is literally no point settling for someone just bc u feel like u should be in a relationship at this point?? i had my first relationship when i was 20 and it was only 5 months and i completely understand bc whatever people say u start to think it must be u but i promise its just about putting urself out there and meeting people and the stars aligning!!! have u tried tinder or anything just to get u in that flirting mindset/get to know new people bc tbh its a good way to ease urself in and build up confidence!!!!!

Why do people think its weird for 17-20 yr olds to like 1D like to me its weird that 11/12 yr olds are obsessed w boys 9+ yrs older then them

Today, I fucked up... by drinking a Sprite

A little backstory about the company I work for, While it isn’t a terribly strict place to work, it is very heavy handed with disciplinary actions for violating company rules. With most stating immediate termination for violation.

Anyway, I usually get in around 10 and take my lunch at noon. Today I decided to get a sprite from the vending machine as I hadn’t had one in a very long time. While I was eating my lunch, my boss walked in to inform me about an upcoming meeting. Mid sentence she spotted the sprite and told me to wait here. Thinking nothing of it I continued to eat my lunch. About ten mins later she had called security to escort me out of the office. Very confused I ask why? She responded with, “you are in violation of company policy by drinking an alcoholic beverage during work hours”. I was still confused, mainly because I am only 20 yrs old. I was being escorted out before I had any chance to explain myself.

So naturally I get really mad and inform them that I had nothing alcoholic with me. Then I remembered the Sprite. Recently, Sprite cans have this,“obey the phrase” thing going on that has some phrases written in a weird script. So from a distance it looks like a beer can. I am trying to explain this and they aren’t hearing any of it. Then the head of HR(Barbara) walks by and asks what is happening. I explain my half while my boss explains hers. In the process of explaining , lo and behold Barbara is holding the same can. She holds it up and asks my boss if this looked similar. She responds then they go check my office. She finds the can and let’s me go. Now I am sitting in my office writing this while Barbara is having a “meeting” about my boss’s actions

TL;DR almost got fired because of a Sprite can.

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real talk though:

sinnoh remakes??? or……….sinnoh sequels

  • usa schools:we are the ONLY country that uses Fahrenheit we have to change that :// from now on we're going to practice teaching you kids Celsius.
  • me, 20 yrs old and out of school:*still doesnt know shit about Celsius*
  • usa schools:well wtf