20's outfit

Decided to try out the Style Challenge–where you do your portrait in styles of artists you admire–decided first to go for a Tracy Butler (of Lackadaisy) vibe. From what I’ve read from her tutorials, she usually does the first pass in pencil, scans it in, and then photoshops over, but I was so excited by the realistic pecil brushes I just bought, I decided to do it all digitally–which I think took longer than just pulling out a pencil.

I would have gone more into detail with the 20′s outfit since she’s known for a crazy amount of detail but mm this style gives me carpal tunnel. So many little pencil movements! I like how it came out though. I learned something today, which is what this challenge is about.


Hello hello! Someone requested an appreciation week, and of course we were totally for it! This blog is specifically dedicated to gifs, but definitely feel free to contribute with edits, with meta, or any other way you’d like to celebrate our favorite queen – everyone’s invited to participate and we’re sure everyone would love seeing whatever you make! 

Starting from June 19 and ending June 25, here are the categories for each day:

  • Day One (06/19) - favorite episode
  • Day Two (06/20) - favorite outfit(s)
  • Day Three (06/21) - most heartbreaking scene
  • Day Four (06/22) - favorite happy scene
  • Day Five (06/23) - favorite platonic relationship
  • Day Six (06/24) - favorite romantic relationship
  • Day Seven (06/25) - free day (anything of your choice)

Feel free to make as many contribution posts as you’d like, and don’t stress if you fall behind – you’re very welcome to post after the category day or even the whole week is over. 

Make sure to use the appropriate tags for your posts – #rmaw as the general appreciation week tag, so we can all see what you made! And also #reginamillsedit for gifsets/edits.

Feel free to drop any questions you may have in our askbox. Reblog this post to help spread the word, and have fun! 💜


Recently rewatched Legend of Korra and realized how much I miss this show.
So here are my favorite ladies in some 20′s outfits. 

Outfits in the second image are based on the ones in this post which were based of this piece of fanart

Eddie Thawne Appreciation Week

Day 1 (June 15) - The moment you fell in love with Eddie

Day 2 (June 16) - Favourite Scene

Day 3 (June 17) - Favourite Quote(s)

Day 4 (June 18) - Favourite Female Relationship

Day 5 (June 19) - Favourite Male Relationship

Day 6 (June 20) - Favourite Outfit(s)

Day 7 (June 21) - Free Choice

please tag your contributions with #eddieappreciation15 so they’re easier to find

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