20 years too late

I’m probably going to regret posting this, but …

I’ve seen a number of posts about how “Albus and Scorpius are only 14 in the play! They’re not old enough to know if they like boys yet! Maybe JKR has ~plans~ for them to get together later on????”

Look, I get it. Scorbus has become my secondary OTP in the past few months (Wolfstar has the #1 place in my heart forever). I love those boys, and I want them to love each other, but let’s not fool ourselves about JKR’s intent.

The bulk of the play takes place in 2020. That’s the future – the more progressive world we’re all supposed to be working towards and looking forward to. If Albus and Scorpius are old enough at 14 to know/think they might like a girl, then they are old enough to know/think they might like a boy.

JKR doesn’t ship it. Sorry, but she doesn’t. Scorose is probably the endgame she imagines. Scorbus probably wasn’t even on her radar during the writing of the play (which I don’t believe she actually had a whole lot to do with, beyond outlining and approving). The best we can hope for is for her to Dumbledore in another LGBT character or two after the fact somewhere down the line.

We need to stop making excuses for JKR’s lack of LGBT representation. She doesn’t care about us enough to represent us, and that’s just how it is. It’s fair to be angry about that, but we need to love ourselves and not keep grasping and straws and imagining that she’s sending us secret coded messages. We are an afterthought to her, at best.


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Hello! I'm a random passerby, when I came upon your Tumblr through @thefairfleming and "The White Princess." Quite a serendipity that I'm hoping to start reading the "A Song of Ice and Fire" (I know! I know! I'm 20 years too late!) and only ever saw the first three episodes of HBO. I've been reading Ned x Cat fics though; even with the limited exposure I've had of them, they really caught my attention. I'm wondering if you have any recs? :)

Well, welcome, dear anon! Since I am always screaming about Ned x Cat and currently doing a lot of screaming about “The White Princess” (WHO BROUGHT ME THIS GIFT I DID NOT EXPECT???), you have come to the right place!

I don’t know if you’ve stumbled upon my AO3 account yet, but probably 85% of what I write is Ned/Cat. Here is a link to my profile. I mostly specialize in one-shots and short chaptered fics. 

If you’re looking for plottier, longer, and great fic, my dear Darla (@dknc3) is the place to go. She has an even higher percentage of Ned/Cat fics than I do, probably a solid 95% of her stuff. XD Here is her AO3 profile!

If you are looking for AUs, I highly recommend crossingwinter (@valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl) (but also check out her Ned/Cat drabble collection! Here is her AO3 profile (filtered to Ned/Cat as she writes a lot of different stuff)!

This sexy fic by @misshoneywheeler is one of my absolute faves. 

I can’t believe I almost forgot JacquelineHyde, who wrote some lovely young!Ned/Cat fics! 

Unfortunately, I’m pretty bad at keeping track of fics I love - I wish there was a way on Ao3 where you could go back and see what you’ve commented on! I’m terrible with using the bookmark feature. Definitely check out the fic tag at fynedandcat. 

That should at least get you started! Unfortunately the Ned/Cat tag is used and abused on AO3 anymore, so it’s hard to find actual real fic with them lately, but there are definitely some treasures out there!


switch the tides of rules
that tell not to kill
thy neighbor who spilt
the wine of grapes on grass
cut from leaves pouring.

there you go,
ignoring the sentiment
flowing through the waters
you follow to find your face
that you lost when you saw
the reflection of your father.

20 years too late
to say grace with dinner plates
of mashed rice and potatoes.

- i hate you more
than you’ll ever want to know.

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I've been more seriously considering making a turn blog after you said I should....I'm just unsure cause it's so late in the fandom and I'm shy.

Doooo ittttttt!!!  Do it! Do it! *chants*  

Hey, I joined the Miami Vice/ Knight rider fandoms 20 years too late. And I still have had an extreme amount of fun bringing the characters to life. Besides, it serves as proof that its never to late to get into a fandom!!!!

Most of the people in the Turn fandom are super welcoming and supportive. I promise I’ll try to do whatever I can to help make your transition smooth if you do decide to make a blog. I’m also pretty shy. So I can understand your fears. Just know, that you aren’t alone and that you are among friends as far as I’m concerned. 

~Love always~ 

Anna & ADL 

so here I am on the tog wiki again because this is my life now and I notice this…. 

sounds like a certain someone we know?

update: my favorite scot and meta queen meta’d tf out of this already 

It irritates me when certain asoiaf fans default to the “historical accuracy” defense when the series is criticized for its lack of black representation. They conveniently forget that GRRM even said he realized 20 years too late he could have made the Valyrians black.

Eurovision Spain

Very blond, very curly-haired.

He’s singing in Spanish! I like that! Sounds like a nice feel-good song.

And he switched to English… and it just… went bad. There’s a dancing VW bus in the background. He’s wearing a hawaii shirt, as are the other guys. I feel like they’re 20 years too late on this.

Pretty eyes and a half-open shirt are not enough to make up for whatever this is. He also looks super bored.

He just winked at me. I need an adult. Now they’re standing on surboards.

Ogod. He… he just really, really missed all the notes. Poor guy. Right at the climax.

I’m sorry, but this song is just super annoying. Perdonenme.

I think one thing that kylo ren needs more than anything is: unconditional love. A lot of special needs kids/mentally ill kids and other kids in that ilk often feel like their parents love is very conditional. They’ll love you if you act normal just for the dinner okay? or they’ll love you if you just don’t mention your problems okay? don’t let them know how weird you are. So when Han meets him on that bridge, some 20 years after Han walked out of his life, Kylo ren says “it’s too late for unconditional”.

Kylo ren needed unconditional when he was a 5 year old with weird powers Han solo didn’t believe in. Kylo ren needed unconditional when Han left with a very very illicit implication that it Kylo ren’s weirdness was a big part of him leaving.

Han solo was 20 years too late for unconditional love*

*terms and conditions apply.

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fucking what is the deal with video games having that shit like “whoa looks like you’ve been playing for literally 10 hours maybe its time to take a break” like fucking dont tell me how to live my life ive been doing this shit for 20 years youre too late im beyond help


For @javistg and @katnissdoesnotfollowback who asked for ‘Exes’ drabbles… this is definitely not what you were expecting, but here goes <evil laugh>

I have a lot of regrets in my life.  Katniss Everdeen is the biggest.

I don’t regret her, not at all.  The 5 ½ months we dated in college were the best of my entire life.  She was so sweet and smart and sexy. Damn she was sexy. I felt like a million bucks with her on my arm.

But 20 year old Peeta, well, he was kind of an insecure asshole.

At the end of sophomore year, Katniss finally introduced me to her closest friend on the planet, and I realized that this ‘Gale’ she’d been talking about for almost six solid months was not, in fact, a girl.  No, Gale was tall, dark and brooding, practically smoldering with sexuality.  And when I watched him pick her up and swing her around, watched her beautiful face light up…

We were together a few weeks longer, but the damage was done.  My jealousy painted our every interaction.

The final fight, if you could even call it that, consisted of me accusing her of dating me to pass the time while she waited for the one she truly wanted.  She’d shaken her head at me, abject disgust in her mercury eyes, and told me that trust was the most important thing in the world to her, that we couldn’t be together if I didn’t trust her.

She made no attempt to refute my accusations, and 20 year old Peeta decided that meant they were true. I watched her walk away.

Life went on, I licked my wounds, dated other girls, tried to forget.

But I couldn’t.  Those quicksilver eyes, that glossy fall of raven hair, my dreams were full of Katniss.  Sometimes I awoke in my dorm room, and later in my apartment, with her scent in my nostrils, her sighs hanging in the air.

Even now.

The jealousy that had hijacked my common sense faded quickly after we broke up, and I came to realize how incredibly wrong I’d been.  But it was too late.

20 year old Peeta is long gone, in his place is 26 year old Peeta, still a little insecure but much wiser these days.  And though I’ve made a life for myself, have a job I love, good friends, I still regret pushing Katniss away.  6 years later and I still ache for her.

Katniss has been on my mind more than usual, lately. Three weeks ago my big brother, Brann, called. He was seeing someone, in secret, and he was absolutely smitten, certain he’d found the one he was going to marry. So much so that he wanted to arrange a family dinner, to finally introduce us all. I’d never heard him so excited.

You can imagine my shock when I finally met Brann’s new paramour. Ebony hair. Intense grey eyes that flickered with recognition and recrimination. My heart stopped, every vestige of oxygen left my lungs in a rush.

Brann was oblivious to my reaction, so intent was he on showing off his beloved. And they made a gorgeous couple, the contrast of pale and olive skin, the intermingling of gold and onyx as their heads bowed together. The adoration on their faces as they snuck shy glances at each other. No one could ever doubt the love there.

They got engaged just days later.

Six years ago I never could have imagined a day would come when my brother would be preparing to marry Gale Hawthorne.

Yeah, so don’t stone me :)  I might continue this, there could be wedding hijinks of course, but for right now…