20 years too late

I’m probably going to regret posting this, but …

I’ve seen a number of posts about how “Albus and Scorpius are only 14 in the play! They’re not old enough to know if they like boys yet! Maybe JKR has ~plans~ for them to get together later on????”

Look, I get it. Scorbus has become my secondary OTP in the past few months (Wolfstar has the #1 place in my heart forever). I love those boys, and I want them to love each other, but let’s not fool ourselves about JKR’s intent.

The bulk of the play takes place in 2020. That’s the future – the more progressive world we’re all supposed to be working towards and looking forward to. If Albus and Scorpius are old enough at 14 to know/think they might like a girl, then they are old enough to know/think they might like a boy.

JKR doesn’t ship it. Sorry, but she doesn’t. Scorose is probably the endgame she imagines. Scorbus probably wasn’t even on her radar during the writing of the play (which I don’t believe she actually had a whole lot to do with, beyond outlining and approving). The best we can hope for is for her to Dumbledore in another LGBT character or two after the fact somewhere down the line.

We need to stop making excuses for JKR’s lack of LGBT representation. She doesn’t care about us enough to represent us, and that’s just how it is. It’s fair to be angry about that, but we need to love ourselves and not keep grasping and straws and imagining that she’s sending us secret coded messages. We are an afterthought to her, at best.


I think one thing that kylo ren needs more than anything is: unconditional love. A lot of special needs kids/mentally ill kids and other kids in that ilk often feel like their parents love is very conditional. They’ll love you if you act normal just for the dinner okay? or they’ll love you if you just don’t mention your problems okay? don’t let them know how weird you are. So when Han meets him on that bridge, some 20 years after Han walked out of his life, Kylo ren says “it’s too late for unconditional”.

Kylo ren needed unconditional when he was a 5 year old with weird powers Han solo didn’t believe in. Kylo ren needed unconditional when Han left with a very very illicit implication that it Kylo ren’s weirdness was a big part of him leaving.

Han solo was 20 years too late for unconditional love*

*terms and conditions apply.

A tribute to how often poor Hellboy takes a beating and gets tossed into walls.

I started reading Hellboy like a year ago now and I’ve been enjoying it since, then the comic ended this June after running for 20 years…

Thankfully it’s never too late to start reading. :D

Haunted | maviite |


  The fear from being imprisoned had vanished within the first month. Nathan had hated his life before his arrest, but he could hardly even call in life anymore. He was alone right now, locked in their solitary room. He had only fought back when attacked, and he was the one in trouble. Everyone here had it out for him. The privileged rich kid that killed two girls, even if one was only classified as manslaughter. 

  The guards treating him unfairly weren’t as bad as the other prisoners. Oh God, how they had already broken him. He hadn’t gotten a single visitor since he was sentenced. Life in prison was a fate worse than death. 

  But he was alone now, safe from abuse. A mere four weeks in prison felt like an eternity, a lifetime was impossible to imagine. He tried not to think about it to avoid the panic attack. No one here cared that he was ill, crazy.. No one cared that he was a kid or a victim. Used and discarded. 

  He shivered, a sudden chill travelling through his entire body. A blue butterfly was in the room, somehow… Maybe it was a hallucination. 

I really don’t get why Statefarm is using Coneheads in their marketing. It’s a pop culture reference from the early 90′s that to the best of my knowledge has faded into total obscurity, so we’re just sitting here watching this commercial where deformed people are screeching in a stilted monotone like robots and the company has no guarantee we’ll even get the reference. And it ruins the joke of an earlier commercial where the husband is checking his policy at 3 AM and the wife thinks he’s talking to a sex worker. It’s a bad ‘joke’, but you need to have seen this original version to understand the conehead parody, and the original version doesn’t air anymore. So on top of being 20 years too late, it requires background knowledge and several layers of explaining to know why it’s supposed to be funny. It’s just an awful marketing idea. Picture having a kid in the future and trying to explain the trollface to them because it popped up on TV one day. Parents are always talking about protecting kids from drugs and sex references but I’ll tell you what really needs to be censored…..memes.