20 years old and no girlfriend

15 year old me meeting 20 year old me

15 year old me: So, did you get into the school of your dreams? Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, I don’t know? Do you have a drivers’ license? Do you have a car? Did you move out? Are you happy with your life?

20 year old me:

things yoongi says
  •  i’m extremely unmotivated so….
  •  i’ve always wanted to nap at a different country
  • my speciality is rolling around in bed on our days off
  • i don’t like to move or go out; i don’t even like to meet people
  • i can’t get up now…
  • where is this, who am i
  • the seagull over there has a girlfriend, how come i can’t get one?
  • “what will you be in 10 years?” “10 years…i’ll be 33 years old. Bye!”
  • honestly, i’m pretty good at cooking. i’m not kidding. i’m really good at cooking ramen
  • they’re really loud, and i’m really annoyed
  • i’ve slept for about 20 hours straight
  • why do i not manage my body? because i don’t like exercising!
  • let’s go eat! i’m so hungry.
  • usually i’m just serious and quiet
  • i want to go to the restroom, go to the restroom for me
  • do daebak on your entrance exam! if you don’t know the answer, put 3!!
  • i think it’s the most sunlight i’ve got in nearly 5 years
  • “ah it’s hard to think of one for suga hyung” “is it because i’m perfect?”
  • i’m sleepy
  • why are you so ugly
  • i’m trying to live like a human because apparently i’m like a rock
  • we actually all had six packs, but because it’s summer, all the chocolate has melted off
  • i’m good at doing ugly stuff
  • i’m so hungry i could devour a whole cow
  • my concept is “i would love to be a model for a cosmetic commercial!” full of moist~
  • what’s today’s date…
  • i personally don’t like people
  • everytime we win an award, my mom says “why are you at the back?”
  • everyone wake me up when it’s over
  • then why live when you’ll die anyway
  • next time i’ll definitely steal your underwear and wear it
  • yay, food!

When you’re really happy to see your old friends, but you forgot how tiring they can be….

5 minutes in and they’re already ribbing him about his girlfriend!
After a while they started calling her “sister-in-law” and requesting for a nephew….
Ruthless brothers hahaha!!

Still, everyone looked so happy to be together and Joohyuk promised he would be back on the show as a guest for a whole episode, not just for a short appearance! See you soon Gutaeng-ie hyung~

Big data gonna fuck ya

I was just looking through the friend suggestions on Facebook. A very old ex girlfriend from 20 years ago popped up. I truly can’t see how they made that link.

I’m very privacy conscious, and have been trying to use Facebook again after a 4 year hiatus, but with a negligible footprint on FB.

I haven’t had contact with my ex for twenty years
I don’t have any shared Facebook contacts with her
I am using a completely different email address for my new Facebook account that she cannot have.
I have never used the Facebook Messenger app on my phone.
I have never used the Facebook app on my phone.
I have never shared my contact list with Facebook.
I have never shared my mobile number with Facebook.
I have her in my contacts on Google Contacts, and hence in my phone contacts, but only an old Hotmail email address that I would surprised she even still uses. No phone number for her.
I have not viewed her profile, nor searched for her by name on Facebook
I even use a different name on Facebook to my legal name (I’m trans, so shoot me)
I only ever use the Facebook mobile website on my phone
I don’t live close to her, in fact I live in a different country, so we don’t have any location proximity
The only thing I do have is WhatsApp on my phone, but since I haven’t shared my mobile phone number with Facebook it can’t have tied my Facebook profile to my WhatsApp contact entry. I also don’t have my Facebook email address in my phone/Google contacts against my entry. It’s one I setup purely for my trans identity.

This is seriously creepy. How the hell have FB figured that out?

I think I’ve figured it out. The steps go like this:

I delete my old FB account 4 years ago. I also delete the content of that account manually first (all photos, timeline, mobile number, etc), change the email address to a Hotmail alias address. I then apply for a permanent account deletion. I receive the deletion confirmation on that alias address.
My ex isn’t in my friend list in my old account, but her contact details were part of a contacts upload I did for the old account.
My old FB account had the mobile number I have still today. Friends will have that number and my pre-alias email address in their contact list.
I create a new FB account. I create a brand new email address, and never share my mobile number with FB for the new account. I also refrain from using any of FB’s apps except WhatsApp.
A current FB friend has FB Messenger or WhatsApp installed. They tied my contact entry to my old FB account since they have my old account’s email address and telephone number.
That friend changes the name of my contact entry in their phone via the name change that one of my FB current contacts made in their phone, which notified FB of the change via one of their apps on my friend’s phone.
FB matches my old account to my new account by name.
Hence, FB have tied my new account and my old account together, which was of course my express desire to avoid that.

How does FB Messenger tie to your contacts out of interest when it is installed? I’ve never used it, so I’m not sure how it integrates into your contact list. Is it like WhatsApp that offers you a WhatsApp link against a contact?

Paul Haigh was an armed robber and serial killer who took to killing people during his robberies, or those he felt knew too much about his criminal enterprise. In one instance he murdered his associate Wayne Keith Smith, shooting him dead. This lead him to also kill Smith’s girlfriend, Sheryle Gardner and her ten year old son Danny who was present at the crime scene and who he murdered in order to prevent a witness identifying him as the killer.

His most brutal murder was that of his own girlfriend, 19 year old Lisa Brearly. who he suspected of cheating on him. He raped and sodomised her at knife point before stabbing her 157 times. About the crime he stated:

“I only intended to do 20 [stab wounds], but I lost count so then I started counting out another 20. I kept making sure she was dead.”

I was 20 years old. Attending a catholic college where I was playing basketball for, no joke, the Lady Monks. As often as she could my girlfriend would drive three hours to pick me up and drive me back to her house for the weekend. I was so in love and so desperate to see her, but as soon as I’d get in her car I’d fall asleep and sleep the entire way there. It was the only time I ever rested…when she was beside me. The rest of my life was just holding on, or holding out for the courage to lose what I was certain I’d lose if anyone figured out the truth of my heart. The first time I came out I came out to my roommate in my catholic dorm. I’d just come from a science class that was taught by a nun who, again..no joke, didn’t believe in dinosaurs. We were sitting on my bed. I didn’t say the words “gay” or “queer.” I looked at my friend and said “I gotta tell you something. I finally understand god…” It was the scariest conversation of my life. The school was so conservative. There wasn’t a single person who was out, or from what I could tell then, even queer and in the closet. And it was a time when I was certain nothing in the world would ever change. Now all these years later, it’s National Coming Out Day, and I’m sitting here, at my desk, reading an email I got a few weeks ago from my catholic college asking me to come and perform. I’ve read it maybe 20 times since I got it, and have cried almost every time. Not everything changes. But today I am so grateful for what does.

On the early morning of October 1, 1997, Luke Woodham smothered his mother with a pillow, then beat her with a baseball bat and stabbed her to death. The 16-year-old then drove his mother’s car to his high school in Pearl, Mississippi and opened fire, murdering two female students, one being his former girlfriend and wounding seven others. Woodham is currently serving life for the three murders and an additional 20 years for each of the people who were injured. 

Just moments before the shooting, he handed writings containing his motive and a will to a friend. It said:

“I killed because people like me are mistreated every day. I did this to show society push us and we will push back. Murder is not weak and slow-witted, murder is gutsy and daring. I suffered all my life. No one ever truly loved me. No one ever truly cared about me. All throughout my life, I was ridiculed, always beaten, always hated. Can you, society, truly blame me for what I do? Yes, you will. The ratings wouldn’t be high enough if you didn’t, and it would not make good gossip for all the old ladies. It was not a cry for attention, it was not a cry for help. It was a scream in sheer agony saying that if I can’t pry your eyes open, if I can’t do it through pacifism, if I can’t show you through displaying of intelligence, then I will do it with a bullet.”

I want every stripper and sugar baby saying a guy is "too broke to be a regular/daddy" to listen to this story

One of my best friends has been a dancer for 7+ years and this is the story of her first ever regular, let’s call him Mark.

Mark was 22 years old and had just found out that his girlfriend of five years was cheating on him. He didn’t have rich parents, he didn’t even make good money, maybe $20/hr at his job.. Probably less though.

Marks friends brought him to the strip club where he met my homegirl Amber and instantly fell in love with her. Whatever it was that she said to him convinced him to come back the next night, and every night after that until he ran out of money. Like completely out of money. He got evicted and had to move back to his parents house and maybe even sold his car, idk. He survived on top ramen and saved every penny of his paycheck to come see her.

He spent 500-700 on her every time he came in which wound up being once or twice a week, and this was back in 2006 or some shit when that money was worth even more.

A lot of hoes will stop talking to a boy after you find out he don’t make a lot. I challenge you to step up your hustle and make these dumb ass boys think that you are the ONLY thing they need to survive

Marty as Supportive Dad

Marty’s first child was born when he was 20 years old – conceived his rookie year when he was in the AHL for seasoning after being drafted from Juniors.  Gabby was still just his girlfriend at the time, but they made it work that way with their parents’ help while Gabby continued college and Marty continued hockey.

They didn’t get married for another handful of years, but none of that’s really the point because, basically, when child 1 – Benoit – was thirteen he came out to his parents as gay.  He said he wanted to quit hockey because it was getting too hard to play, as much as he loved the sport.

Marty and Gabby both told their son they understood if he did quit but that they loved and supported him and that he should be able to play the sport he loves.  The next day, Marty goes to George about doing something to promote YCP and wanting to do more to make the league more inclusive and friendly because he WILL change the NHL in time for his son.  George is ALL ON BOARD for this.  Her goal as AGM has always been to make the Falcs as inclusive as possible.  They’ve actually been doing a lot already, helping fund lower income players/teams and supporting other minority groups.  Providence has major ties with and created a sister-team with the NWHL Connecticut Whales and support and promote women’s professional hockey.  They’ve even done a few things with YCP since it started up and it’s easy to build on that relationship.

Anyway, Marty is the one who heads a lot of the outreaches and fundraisers and becomes the team’s spokesperson in regards to LGBT+ in professional sports and, specifically hockey.  Jack comes in not fully aware of this because he’s in robot mode more often than not and rookie year is always one of adjustment anyway, though with him having the A and settling in as well as she’d hoped (if not better), George was hoping to speak with him about his experiences in Samwell in hopes that the team could better represent the values she was trying to build into the hockey community as a whole.  It would be great to get him working with Marty, even.

When Jack comes out to her on their run, therefore, and mentions wanting someone on his side, George knows EXACTLY who to send him to.

Benoit is 15 now and is looking at the USHL draft, not wanting to give his shot up at NCAA by going to the CHL since he’s still wary about his future in the sport.  When he meets Jack Zimmermann and his boyfriend, Eric Bittle who plays NCAA hockey, the first time they come to Marty’s for dinner, he cries.  Bitty does, too, and speaks with Benoit individually about finding/creating safe spaces for yourself and Jack is reminded that there are kids feeling just as alone and scared as he once did.  He starts working with Marty and YCP and gives his number to Benoit (Bitty gives his as well) so he can contact either of them if he needs to and Marty and Gabby adopt Bitty right then and there (they’d already adopted Jack, but this reaffirms it).

Jack and Bitty come out to an NHL team who is already aware that one of their A’s kids is LGBT and they’ve been through so much training and educated themselves and are ALL on their side, just as George had all but promised him.

Then it hits you suddenly; you’re 20 years old and you didn’t think you’d make it to 18. Those days have passed and now you appreciate life and you love a boy who loves you and you’re not thinking about the past but instead about the future you’d like with him.

Okay so imagine, 20-year-old Sirius babysitting baby Harry.

After hours of whizzing around on his toy broomstick, the chubby little child finally begins to yawn just a little bit, Sirius seizes the opportunity, picking him up and cooing till he asleep.

Sirius lays him down in his crib, when suddenly out of the corner of his eye he sees a tawny owl, Marlene’s owl, fly towards the window and his attention is no longer on the baby. Still, he adores that child, so despite his eagerness to see what his girlfriend has said, he grabs, what he assumes to be a blanket from on top of the armchair, and absentmindedly drapes it around his sleeping godson, before running up to receive the letter.

He read it twice, a small smile on his face at the sight of her familiar, messy scrawl, Merlin he missed her, and then turned his head to just glance at Harry—who wasn’t in his crib. In a moment of instant, blinding panic, he dropped the letter and sped to the crib, looking high and low without a sign of the baby.

The search continued for a good twenty minutes before he heard the front door open, and James and Lily walked in, hands intertwined and laughter in their eyes. Instinctively, Sirius leaped before the crib, covering it from their sight. He tries to stall, asking them how their day was, but when Lily glares at him, the famous Lily Evans Glare that he had been afraid of since second year, he blurts out “ISWEARIDIDN’TMEANTOBUTIMAYHAVELOSTYOURBABY.”

James exclaims in shock, Lily turns the colour of her hair and Sirius is just blabbering on with his excuses because “Prongs…mate…I swear he was right there,” when Lily erupts in an angry rant and suddenly they’re cut off by a little, sleepy voice mumbling, “Mama”.

They all turn around to see the floating head of a little green eyed child, hovering in the crib, seemingly floating in mid-air. It’s only when he raises his arms, grabbing for his mother, that the rest of the fabric falls off of him, and his deer onesie is revealed underneath.

Needless to say, the next time Sirius babysat, the Invisibility Cloak was mindfully tucked away in Lily’s cupboard well in advance.

When you can just talk to someone and feel like you can never stop smiling, and just hear about their day without pressure to do anything else, that’s love.
—  20 things I have learned in my 20 years of life 

herbitallbivore  asked:

I have a list of what I want in a girlfriend. Vegan, environmentalist, active passionate etc etc. One of my criteria is that I don't want her to have ever slept around. I feel that this is a poor quality and just doesn't align with my values. Am I being too harsh there? Your thoughts?


Guys want a virgin who fucks like a 40 year old Pattaya mistress.

Don’t be such a prude bruz. It is 20 fucking 17. 🙏🏻👌🏻

The conversations about race in this relationship and its impact on the two people in it are so real, honest, and mature. It is giving me life. These 30 year old white women watching need this! These 20 year old black women watching need this. White men watching with their buds or girlfriends/boyfriends etc.need this. AMERICA needs this.

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Yeah a 20 year old design student? You're not saying goodnight to anyone little guy. You're softer than 10ply toilet paper. Jog on before I toss you from a helicopter.

i just said goodnight to my girlfriend an hour ago explain that

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Jdm not so funny joke about the 13 yr old being to young for norman seems that he hasn't learned from the last gf. Why do you think norman thinks it's ok to go with girls young enough to be his daughter, because he's a celebrity and can get away with it or he hasn't grown up so they're more his mental age. I find it disgusting and it lets norman down I hate see him as someone's sugar daddy he deserves better. I often wonder if he had a daughter he would like her going with a man of his age.

Norman’s last girlfriend was 20 years old. She was an adult perfectly capable of making her own decisions. The age argument is always amusing to me because what do people expect? Of course he’s going to like young, pretty girls and because of his position, he can easily have them. So why wouldn’t he? It’s also unfair to think simply because a girl is young that they have no substance. Even though she was only 20, his last girlfriend was very intelligent and very well-read. It’s not the popular answer and I hate bursting that bubble but that’s how it is. He enjoys the perks of his life so good for him. Anything else pertaining to this will be added to the comments of this post.

Dear my 20-Year-Old Boyfriend,

I think we’re pregnant! I’m going to take a test this weekend and find out for sure.  I don’t want to tell you until I know it’s real. I’m so so happy, but I think you’ll be upset. I know you’ll come around eventually, but we’re so young and you have so much living you want to do. I’m so scared of telling you because I’d always thought our first baby would be a joyous thing, but I don’t think the news of this one will be. I’m so nervous, but I feel like it’s meant to be.

From, your 20-Year-Old Girlfriend. 



JACK JEWLINSKY, opps I meant JACK GILINSKY, well where do I start,


Just want you to know how proud I am of you and Johnson. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

BUT DANG, 19 years old, it’s like yesterday you were just 17 when I found “Jack and Jack” on the Vine app.

🌺🌺Just want you and Johnson to know that you inspired me to make Vines and YouTube videos, to make people laugh the way you and Johnson did to me and the other fans. Now today I have some fans who look up to me just like I do to you and Johnson, love you guys so much. 🐬🌴

“I’m just a Mid-West kid dreamin’ California” proud of how you and Johnson were just making 6 - second videos on an app living in a small town in Nebraska and now you have a EP that made it to #1 on the iTunes Charts. CRAZY!!

Make the world yours buddy, happy birthday bup! 💜💜💜😃

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Did you know that when I was 9 my crush asked me to be his girlfriend? At the time we were obviously so young but here I am at 20 years old engaged to him now. Just wanted to share:)

oh my god stop that’s the cutest thing ever 😩