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“Paul,” Zayn complained. “When is Niall due home?” He asks gruffly, pushing a hand through his perfectly styled hair.

The man who was previously standing in the back of the room silently clears his throat, “15:30 to be exact, sir.”

Zayn lets out a low groan, stress filling his chest. “Can you check if Liam’s doing anything? If not get him to go get Niall.” He orders, smirking in satisfaction as Paul rushes to do so.

He returns to his work, trying his best to not let the stress get to him. He growls when there’s a knock on the door. “What.” He demands, voice solid and angry.

Liam’s unimpressed face appears in the door, rolling his eyes. “Why the hell would I pull Niall out of school right now?” He asks, voice flat.

Zayn’s eyes flicker with annoyance. “Because, Liam, I need him right now before I go crazy.”

Liam’s eyes soften at Zayn’s words. “Zayn,” He begins gently, “Is this about what happened last week?”

“Stop looking at me like that, Payne.” Zayn says, fists clenching when Liam just raises an eyebrow at him. “You know you’re worried too, okay, shut up.”

Liam grunts. “Of course I am, what happened last week? That was all of our worst nightmares, Zayn, not just you.”

“So?” Zayn questions, “Why the hell aren’t you off getting him right now?”

Liam sighs, “Because, as much as we all hate it, he wants to finish school.” He shrugs. “We did say we’d give him anything.”

Zayn’s head falls to the desk with a thump. “I thought he was goin’ to ask for a trip to Nandos, or a new football, or i don’t know a fuckin’ pony.”

Liam laughs at that. “It’s only a few more weeks.” He reminds. “Then we can convince him that he’s finished, as long as nobody mentions any schooling past 2nd year in Uni.” He adds, laughing along with Zayn now.

Zayn pulls his head up and leans away, “I just… I never want to go through that again, Liam. I thought he was…”

“Dead, kidnapped, missing?” Liam fills, “We all did, Zayn. Truth of the matter is, we all overreacted.” Liam laughs, “He just forgot to tell us that he had a field trip, and we nearly shot up half of London!” He runs a hand over his face, “It was honestly a mistake and we are the ones who ended up hurting Niall’s feelings in the process. Maybe if we had all handled the situation well, then we could convince him to quit this idea of “getting smart”.” Liam sighs unevenly, “But, we went and mucked it up by ruining all of that self esteem we worked so hard to build by calling him stupid.” Liam shakes his head, obviously still angry at himself.

Zayn chuckles lowly. “We’re right twats is what we are.”

Liam nodded in agreement. “That’s probably why I sent Harry to get Niall about 15 minutes ago.” He says in a shamed voice.

Zayn smiles widely. “Praise Allah, I thought you were actually going to make me wait until 15:30.”

Liam’s about to reply when they hear Harry’s call of “We’re home!”

His yell was followed by a low whine of “Noo Louiiiss…” From their little angel.

Liam and Zayn smirk at each other, Liam murmuring, “I’ll send him up,” As he walks from the office.

Zayn waits for a moment and is surprised when the usual fast-paced, light little hops that Niall would usually be taking up the stairs were replaced by heavy, sluggish stomps.

Niall practically falls into the room, immediately standing in front of Zayn’s desk with eyes lowered, just as he was taught. The blonde doesn’t say anything, but Zayn could see the tension in his shoulders and his tired stance. Zayn pushes his chair away from the desk a bit, prompting Niall with a gesture and a “C’mere, baby.”

Niall doesn’t hesitate, rushing over to climb into Zayn’s lap, pressing his tiny body up against Zayn’s muscled chest. Zayn’s hands go straight to Niall’s bum, smirking as Niall giggles sweetly. Niall is making little comforting noises as Zayn chuckles lowly. The Irish boy licks Zayn’s jaw, wincing at the stubble, but only pulling back to look at Zayn pleadingly. It wasn’t ever a given rule, but this was how he usually asked for permission to speak. The tanned man smiles softly, “Go ‘head, darling. Tell me about your day.” Zayn rubs his back soothingly as Niall rambles on about his day, not forgetting one single detail. His grip tightens on the boy as he gushes on about that drummer friend of his, even going as far to ask if he could go study with him one day next week. Zayn just hummed, not entirely responding, needing time to plan out his reason why Niall couldn’t.

It doesn’t take long for Niall to get restless, his body beginning to squirm unintentionally. Zayn notices and presses a kiss to Niall’s forehead. “Ni, remember what we did that last time we had a meeting? About 2 weeks ago?” Zayn inquires.

Niall blushes and grins cutely, nodding “I went under the table while you and Haz and Lou and Li talked and I… I did dirty things.” He giggles.

Zayn simpers, “That’s right, baby. You were under the table and sucked us off like a good boy, didn’t you?”  

Niall’s face reddens once more, but he nods proudly.

Zayn shakes his head, “We’re going to have to go to another meeting, but this time I just want you to be quiet during it, alright?” Zayn orders. “I mean it, Niall, you just need to sit like you usually do, on the floor next to me or one of the others, and look pretty, as always. Do you understand?”

Niall pouts, but nods anyway, knowing that Zayn was by far the harshest when it came to punishment, so it was best to stay on his good side. “Good boy.” Zayn praises. “Now I have to do some work, so why don’t you go get Harry to make you some food?” He says, encouraging Niall to hop off his lap. He rubs Niall’s back lovingly as he walks him to the door, kissing him soundly before the bottle blonde rushes down the stairs, screaming for Harry.

* * * *

“But Harry, I don’t understand why I have to go.” Niall complains to the 20 year old.

Harry shoots Niall a glare, “Because we said so, Ni, simple as that.” He says, continuing to flip the pancakes he was making for Niall.

Niall hated the rules. There were so many rules that he always had to remember and it was so frustrating. He always had to be waiting at school, ready to leave exactly at 15:15, he always had to do what the boys told him, he couldn’t firt with anyone, or pretty much talk to anyone at school, and he always had to have that little, frustrating butt plug in… and so many other stupid rules Niall couldn’t remember.

Niall groans loudly, “But Harrrrryyyy…” He whines.

Harry turns quickly, leveling a threatening look at Niall, “You don’t want me to punish you, do you?” He asks harshly.

Niall’s face drops from his joking demeanor, “Depends on the punishment I guess…” He murmurs, not really meaning for Harry to hear.

“What was that Niall?” Harry asks, dangerously simmering.

Niall’s face drops completely, his eyes widening, “Nothing Haz! Promise!” He pleads, but he’s seen that look in Harry’s eyes before.

Harry doesn’t say anything for a minute, turing once more to place the pancakes on a plate.

He places the plate in front of Niall, smirking as he leans over the kitchen island. “You’re lucky I’m the nice on, Ni.”

Niall lets out a breath of relief. “I know, Hazzy!” He hugs Harry close, arms wound around the tall boy’s neck. “Love you!” He says exuberantly.

“Yeah, yeah.” The slightly older boy laughs. “Now, once you finish those you need to put on the clothes that Liam left out for you.”

* * * *

After putting on the clothes like he was instructed, Niall makes his way down to the lavish living room. He’s out of place compared to the other boys, per the usual. When they go out for these types of things, the others are all in their leather, sunglasses, and black jackets, whilst Niall is just in his usual skinnies and a tee shirt. Niall hates pretty much any types of clothes except soft cotton, but he still always tells his lovers that he would wear something else if they wanted him to. They just shake their heads and reassure him that if they wanted him to wear a something else, he would be wearing it.

They don’t pile into a single car as they leave the mansion’s premises. Liam and Harry take the Porshe 911 convertible while Zayn and Harry and Niall take the 2015 Range Rover SVR. Niall is quiet and fidgety during the entire ride, just as he always is when the boys have to bring him along to meetings. Really, Zayn hates bringing Niall, but he knows that leaving Niall at home is also not an option. When the boys’ enemies invite them to leave the house with the rest of their security detail, it’s more than a little suspicious. If they were dumb enough to leave Niall at the house alone, then they could easily be falling into a trap where their “meeting” was just a distraction while someone was stealing Niall away from them. Maybe that, or maybe the boys thought too much into it.

Either way, Niall always went along with them when their suppliers or clients requested to have their meeting away from home. Niall hated every second of it. There were always scary, big men staring at him and Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam looked terribly mean and they wouldn’t pay him any attention. Also, these meetings usually took a very long time and Niall got so tired and he hated sitting on the floor. He knows what’s expected of him being the pet of the Southern London Mafia’s leaders, but that doesn’t mean he likes all of the aspects of it.

They arrive at their destination, a stingy looking night club in the centre of the city, music booming from the entrance. They surpass the line easily, immediately being let in by the bouncers and led into a back room with a large conference table. Niall’s hand is gripping Liam’s arm tightly, shaking a little bit. Liam shoots Niall a look, telling the blonde to calm down before sitting down at the table. Niall makes a low whimpering sound before sinking to the floor, nuzzling his face into Liam’s thigh.

“You’re wearing your kneepads, right, Ni?” Louis asks, running a hand through Niall’s hair.

Niall nods, leaning into the brunet’s loving touch. Niall jumps slightly when the door slams open and a group of about 4 men walk in. Niall can only see their feet as he grips Liam’s leg tighter.

“Ah, my favorite group of boys!” The man says charasmatically. None of the boys stand to greet the man, nor do they smile so Niall gathers that this man is not a friend. There’s an awkward pause before Liam speaks up.

“No need for false pretenses here, Sahid, you know why we’re here.” Liam says, absently petting Niall’s hair.

The man stutters for a second, before sitting down in the seat across from Liam. “I see you brought your little pet.” He says, sarcastic interest within his tone.

“I thought Liam said there was no need for false pretenses.” Louis snarls, and Niall understands that Louis and Liam, at least, really really, doesn’t like this guy.

“He’s right, Kahn.” Zayn voices. “Let’s talk business.”

There’s no pause as Zayn begins to rant on about this man’s lack of fidelity to their business and in a very lengthened way, infers that if this man doesn’t pay them back every cent of what he owes, then he is no longer under the protection of the Southern London Mafia. Niall has heard this been said and done several times, it basically means that this person is either going to get killed or get arrested.

The man is silent for a second before eventually pleading his case, just as everyone always does. Zayn stays strong though, shaking his head at every word. “Listen to me, Khan. This is your last chance. Get the money to us by Thursday.”

“B-but…” The club owner rambles. “That’s 6 million in 5 days! How the hell am I supposed to-”

Zayn surges forward, standing quickly. “I’m giving you an chance here. Take it or leave it.”

The man, stunned into silence, just stands and nods for a moment before gasping out. “T-take it.”

“Great!” Harry says, getting up along with the rest of the boys. “See you Thursday then.” Niall grabs onto Louis this time, holding on for dear life.

“Wait!” Niall says, “I have to pee.” He admits, a little bit more lowly.

Louis smiles at him, and offers to lead the Irish boy over, but after Niall saw that it was close-by, he just shook his head and skipped off to the bathroom.

He’s just finished up, washing his hands when someone else enters the bathroom. Niall doesn’t look up, knowing that it’s just one of the boys, worried that maybe he slipped on a puddle or something else ridiculous. “Hey…” He says as he drys his hands off, turning towards the door when the lights shut off.

Niall’s senses go into overdrive, his hands grips around for the wall, finding the sink and holding on for dear life, he opens his mouth and screams out for a second before a hand clamps over his mouth. “No-” The voice hisses, and Niall recognizes it as the man from the meeting.

Niall’s eyes are tearing up now as he’s pushing against the man, but he’s completely helpless in the dark. “No, ju-st listen okay? I won’t hurt y-ou just c-come with me and let me get y-your masters to lift m-y debt and everyone w-wins!” He sounds shaky and a little bit faded, but his words don’t sooth Niall at all. Niall continues to thrash against the taller man, kicking out with his legs. Frantically, he bites the man’s hand so hard he can taste blood in his mouth.

Terrified, he spits the blood from his mouth and coughs as the man screams, still holding tight to Niall. The bathroom is still completely blackened and Niall can feel his adrenalin decreasing and his anxiety and fear rising.

The door splinters open and the lights blind the two as a furious roar fills the air. Niall nearly falls to the ground as the man is being pulled away from the blonde, but familiar strong arms gather him up and begin moving his face and arms, checking for any injury. He meets Harry’s green eyes as the taller boy gasps at the blood in Niall’s mouth.

“Holy shit,” He hears Harry say, “What did that asshole do to you, Niall?”

Niall just shook his head, shock vibrating through his body.

The Irish boy flinches as he hears the muffled shot that he’s become so used to by now. He tries his best to not look at the man’s dead body as Harry carries him out of the bathroom.

* * * *

Zayn and Louis are infuriated when Harry brings Niall to the cars. Zayn cradles Niall’s face as Louis and Harry continue to check him head to toe for any bruises. Niall feels fine once again, a little bit sickened with himself as he realizes how normal these types of things occur.

Liam walks out of the club with bloody knuckles and a recently shot gun and they go home.

* * * *

When things like this happen, the boys either get really sentimental and gentle with Niall, or they get rough and dirty.

Niall guesses that tonight it’ll be rough and dirty as Harry locks their padded handcuffs tightly around Niall’s wrists. Niall cuddles his nose into Harry’s neck as he does so and Harry smirks, kissing his nose lightly, “Good kitten.”

But then he’s suddenly pushed down over Louis’ lap, boxers being shoved to his ankles as Louis squeezes and rubs Niall’s bum. Niall’s tense, expecting the 3 consecutive and hard smacks that are delivered to his arse as Louis’ reddens his cheeks. Niall whines, high pitched and needy as he grinds against Louis’ thighs.

Louis pulls Niall up and pushes him onto the excessively large bed, arms positioned over his head and legs spread out wide. “Now, Niall, this isn’t punishment. You understand that, right?” Liam clarifies as he climbs onto the bed. Niall nods, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Zayn prompts.

“Sir! Master! Daddy? Please!” Niall stumbles over his wording as he writhes under Louis’ hold.

The four boys smirk at each other. “Safeword, Niall?”


“And if you say that…?”

“You’ll stop! Please! Don’t stop, don’t stop, please!” Niall begs, forcing his hips into the air, searching for any friction he can get.

Liam and Harry go towards the top of the bed, tweaking Niall’s nipples and running their hands down his flat chest. Louis’s hand wraps around Niall’s prick, running up and down his length as the boy screamed. “You like that?” Louis asks huskily. Niall nods, almost sobbing at this point.

“Hm? I didn’t hear that, baby.” Louis says, smirking evilly as he slows his speed. Niall cries out, continuing to moan helplessly.

“I like it I liked it! Sir, please, please!” He groans as his voice cracks.

Louis continues his tortuously slow speed as Zayn begins to play with the black butt plug that Niall always had in. Niall’s voice must be gone now because he’s begun to just whimper and cry out as he squirms under Liam and Harry.

Zayn and Louis both quicken their pace at the same time, Zayn pressing the plug in and out of Niall’s little, stretched hole, occasionally hitting that sweet bundle of nerves. Louis’ constant tugging on Niall’s cock was seemingly getting to him as he sobbed in a raspy voice, “Master, sir, please, let me cum, can i? Can i please, please, please?” He asks, only silenced when Harry’s mouth covers his own, shoving his tongue into his mouth as Liam sucks hickies down Niall’s throat. Louis and Zayn share a look, and nod at eachother. Louis releases Niall’s shaft, moving up to rub and bite at Niall’s nipples now that Harry and Liam were preoccupied.

“C’mon, love,” Zayn encourages, “Cum from this, just from me fucking your slutty little arse with your plug, you can do it baby, c’mon.”

Niall moans loudly into Harry’s mouth as he cums, spilling white all over his own stomach. Zayn fucks the plug into him, letting the blonde ride his orgasm out.

The blonde finishes quickly, left moaning in pain as Zayn pulls the plug out and sets it out so they can wash it later. “Wha-” Niall starts, tear stains marring his cheeks, “What about you guys?”

Liam shakes his head, pressing a kiss to Niall’s temple as Harry cleans up the mess the Irish boy made on his own stomach. “Tonight was about you, darling.” The other boys nod as Niall’s eyes droop. The four lovers surround the tiny boy, murmuring sweet nothings as he fades to sleep.

Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn finally let out sighs of relief, feeling content and happy now that they can touch and see and know that their little pet is safe and protected… for now.

(Can i write a pre-quel to this?)

Sorry I haven’t been writing as much recently. I have so many issues and I guess one of them is that during the school week, I honestly just can’t do anything other than sleep and do homework (and i can barely do that). I really hope this makes sense and y’all like it because I’m pretty sure this is a good one (I hope) Sorry for my smut lol

Prompts are open! I write any niall centered relationships including OT3, OT4, and Zianourry. You can see all of my previous writings here.

Our Miracle

Word Count: 1253

Pairings: Zianourry - Relationship

Warnings: Mpreg

Additional Notes: Well, happy Easter everyone! :D I hope you like this, first time really doing mpreg, so hope it’s alright! I kinda added my own little ending, but it’s really fluffy and really cute and I really love it :) so, hope you all do too :) xx

P.s Sorry for any mistakes!!

Teagan = Pronunciation ‘Tee-gan’ - Meaning 'Beautiful’

Orlaith = Pronunciation 'Or-la’ - Meaning 'Golden Princess’

Both Irish names. :) 

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Teasing Niall imagine

Hey can i have a niall imagine where you’ve been dating for two yrs and he’s really lovey dovey. And you’re at a wedding or party and he’s talking to Liam about how he wants to marry you. Love your writing btw. 

Thats f*king adorable. YES. My writing is shit guys omfg. This imagine won the most voted. Here it is!


You woke up and saw Niall with his arm around your waist. You giggled silently. You turned around and saw Niall’s cute little hair messy. You snuggled into him and removed his arm around your waist. He put his arm back on your waist.

You cocked an eyebrow and removed his arm again. He put it on your waist again. You both kept doing that and sped up the past. “Niall!” you yelled. You could see the smile on his face, but his eyes were still closed. “Niall you idiot,” you said and he laughed. He opened his eyes. “Mmm hey..” he smiled softly. “Awww hey,” you giggled and kissed his cheek. 

“Hey Y/N.. I was thinking me and Liam were planning to do a party at our house today?” he asked. He did his puppy eyes, which you couldn’t resist. “Alright fine,” you rolled your eyes playfully. He smiled and kissed your cheek. “When does it start?” you asked. “At 5.” he said. “Wait you planned it and if I said no you would’ve canceled it?” you asked.  

“Maybe…” he stood up and ran to the bathroom. “Niall James Horan!” you ran after him. “Okay yeah I did..” he frowned and looked down. “I’m not mad Niall,” you laughed. “You aren’t?” he asked. “No? Why would I be mad?” you laughed. “Anyway lets get the food for the party,” you said. You both brushed your teeth and bought food for the party.


It was packed with a lot people. The boys were here too. Niall was talking to Liam, while you were talking to your best friend. 

“Are you really going to think or marrying her?” Liam asked. “Yeah.. We’ve been together for two years already,” he said. “But… Aren’t you too young Niall?” he laughed, making Niall a little annoyed. “No. I’m 20 years old Liam,” Niall chuckled. “I really love her though. I want to spend my life with her. She’s amazing,” he smiled, blushing a bit. “Aww Niall is blushing,” Liam teased. 

“Well you should surprise this her,” Niall turned around seeing your best friend. “Hey Y/F/N,” he smiled. “You better not hurt her feelings Horan,” she jokingly said. “I won’t! I love her! I wanna marry her!” Niall blushed. He couldn’t let you know. “Pleeease don’t tell her!” he begged. “I won’t. I think she’ll be very happy to hear everything you just said to Liam,” Y/F/N smiled and patted his shoulder. “Wait you heard everything?! I thought you were hanging with Y/N?” he cocked his head to the left. 

“I was. She’s over there!” Y/F/N pointed to you and you were hanging with Harry, Zayn, and Louis. Niall couldn’t staring at you. “Eyes up dude,” Y/F/N teased. Niall’s face was all red when she said that. She teases you and Niall all the time. He just loves you so much that he wants to marry you.

-Kelly :) xx

anonymous asked:

Whats narryy

((are you kidding me omg))

It is a beautiful romance between 20 year old, Niall James Horan and 19 year old, Harry Edward Styles. They share secret whispers (into eachother’s mouths), hug eachother so tightly, and bury their faces into the others neck.

They look at eachother with such love and passion. They are my otp.

So to clarify what narry is, it’s basically the perfect ship. End of story.