20 years


20 years ago today, the Bosnian people faced the greatest genocide in Europe since the Holocaust in World War II. Over a period of 11 days, more than 8,000 of the men and boys were massacred while the women faced unspeakable torture. All this while the UN “peacekeepers” watched from the safety of the surrounding hills. According to some eyewitness testimonies Dutch peacekeepers were among the refugees watching as the Serbs raped and murdered them. Those same “peacekeepers” had declared Srebrenica a “UN Safe Zone” before the Serbs came and killed everyone.

Why did the Serbs kill the Bosnians? Because the Bosnians are a proud European Muslim people. The Bosnians were killed for their Islam.

I will never forget when I met a Bosnian girl and her mother, both refugees, from that time.

“So where are you from?”
“I am from Srebrenica.”
“Where is the rest of your family?”

She gave me a slightly annoyed look as if to tell me I should know better, and repeated:

“I am from Srebrenica.”

~ Shibli Zaman


“‘Bye Felicia’ has taken over timelines, making the popular phrase from the classic 1995 hood film, Friday, a viral mainstay. Even shows like ESPN’s Olbermann or VH1’s program of the same name have cashed in on the meme-able phrase.

Now, meet the woman behind Felicia: actress/photographer, Angela Means, who played the role of the nagging woman in Ice Cube and DJ Pooh’s flick. In the film, Felicia (Means) tries to borrow something from Craig (Cube) after bugging Smokey (Chris Tucker) to use his car, only to get the response, ‘Bye Felicia,’ which Means says was born of improv.

‘Cube uttered the words based off what I gave him as an actor,’ Means said in a phone interview with Vibe. ‘I don’t think that was actually in the script. That’s what the vibe was and we went with it.’” Camille Augustin, Vibe 

“The cultural phenomenon that is ‘Bye Felicia’ may have reached peak popularity in recent years – but its ascendance began exactly 20 years ago.

…As the world examines the meaning behind the ‘Friday’ phrase, the actress who portrayed the role of ‘Felisha’ in the urban cult classic, Angela Means Kaaya, is leveraging her voice to make a difference in society. (According to IMDB, Kaaya’s character’s named was spelled as ‘Felisha,’ but the ‘Bye Felicia’ meme appears to modify the film’s original spelling.)

Since starring in Friday 20 years ago, Kaaya shifted her attention to raising her son, Brad Kaaya – who is the starting quarterback for the University of Miami football team – and leading her own photography company.

These days, the Michigan native is attempting to raise awareness for the importance of early childhood development via her organization, ‘Angie’s Kids.’Brennan Williams, Huffington Post 

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Photo Credits: Angela Means, New Line Cinema

You don’t have to love me now.
You don’t have to miss me and
you don’t have to want me back.
You don’t have to dream of me
or think of me before you fall asleep.
That’s not what I’m hoping for.
That’s not what I want.
What I want is for you to remember me.

Twenty years from now,
when you see a girl
absentmindedly chewing on her straw,
I want you to smile to yourself
and be reminded of
how much you hated that habit of mine.

Twenty years from now,
if you ever hear our song
playing in some obscure old music shop,
I want it to sound familiar and warm.

Twenty years from now,
when you visit your old room
at your parents’ place
and find the gift I gave you
for our first Christmas together,
I want you to take it
to your new place and keep it there.

Twenty years from now,
if our paths ever cross
by some odd chance or coincidence,
I want you to stop me
and say hello.



By thoseconstellations

You had the ability to change the world. You without a doubt changed mine ❤️ 20 years ago, we lost more than an artist. We lost an influential and revolutionary being. A rebellious rose that grew from the cracks of our tainted society. 

Thank you for being the voice for many, including myself. For standing tall in your beliefs and fighting hard for them too. 

Rest in power, beautiful Tupac Shakur. I will never EVER forget you…and I, along with countless others, will love you forever🌹