20 y.o

it’s time for introduction!

hello, studyblr community!

my name is anton (or tony). i’m first year university student, but i already studied there before and i was expelled (yeah, shit happened). so i entered the university again and made this blog to not repeat my own mistakes. also i have pretty nice pics

idk how called my specialty in english, but in russian it’s like “applied informatics in economics”. i study programming, economics stuff and databases. it’s funny

so, about me:
- i was born in small town in russia and i lived there my entire life
- i will be 20 y.o. in may
- i also study english language (i studied it seven years in school, i studied it a year in university, i’m again study it in uni, but i’m still not good at this)
- i’m probably not cute person and i much swearing
- obsessed with stationary
- and obsessed with comics trash (btw i’m an artist)

my favorite studyblrs:
@apricot-studies - so nice for everyone!
@littlestudyblrblog - have a good ideas (i will join your march studyblr challenge)
@studyfulltime - have a best pics!
@emmastudies - very helpful blog

arts by @ipoophere (ilysm kel!!)

have a nice productive day! ✨

I found a nice settings for a brush and felt in love with it. Lines are so soft and kinda blurried and that’s why i liked it so much!

So i decided to test this brush in action and drew a fuse of Harrison and Nerris /didn’t create a name for this/ and it looks… Nice? I dunno, but still, i like how it came out and hope you like it too.
Here is some facts abt the fusion:
- about 20 y.o.
- hermaphrodite even despite the fact, what it looks more like a girl
- very artistic and cheerful person
- might be arrogant tho
- loves both tricks and fantasy stuff /probably best fan of Tolkien’s books/

“The Life and Times of the American Dragon” 

From the J to the A to the K to the E, it’s the Mack Daddy dragon with the Te Xuan Ze YA HERRR

There’s enough room in my heart to love both of these semi-forgotten shows, esp because they both have badass Asian American leads. In my head, Jake might’ve been gone to Orchid Bay for college or June to NYC (and June may have mistaken Jake for a monster and beat him up but now they “work” together) 


Ray Ray: So, my sister and your brother?

Haley: Yup, my brother and your sister.

Both: weird 

(Jake-25 y.o//June-23 y.o//Ray Ray and Haley-20 y.o) 

anonymous asked:

Wait. Your fell Frisk is older than Sans? What?


And wasn’t it already weird when I told that Frisk started his adventure when he was an adult? No? Ok…

Well, Frisk fell in the underground with his twin-sister - Chara. Almost. It was the same day at least!
As you know, or maybe you don’t, Chara was found by Asriel. Frisk was found by Gaster. If everyone knew about first one, nobody knew about second one.
And Gaster wanted to keep Frisk’s existence in a secret
So Chara lived with royal family while Frisk was a lab’s rat.
To avoid any problems, Gaster told Frisk and Chara that their twin-sibling didn’t survive the fall.
However, Chara was poisoned by Gaster when she was 12 y.o.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ah, I could tell more, but I’m sure you’re already bored to death and still didn’t get your answer.
So. Frisk got into Gaster’s lab when he was 8. Was forced to kill someone when he was 9. Got the Stokholm syndrome at 11. “Woke up” at 14… then it was difficult to count. But Sans still didn’t exist as a person.
Gaster made not only scientific experiments but also magical, so if you ask Frisk, he will tell that he’s not a human anymore, still, he’s nothing like monster. There’re many reasons for it… but you’re annoyed by me already. The only reason you have to know - human can’t live that long.
And when Frisk saw Sans for the first time, he was something more than a hundred y.o., but still looked like 16 y.o. boy. And Sans was only in the “creation” stage. Poor, to be created just to be killed by a rat, heh.

When they finally met with that famous “turn around”, Sans lived as a person for more then 30 years. And Frisk was already more than 200 y.o., but still looked like a 20 y.o. young man.

Well… yup. In this shitty underfell story, that I imagined, Frisk is older than Sansy-boy.
Sorry it took so long, but I just like to tell stories and it can’t be helped.
I hope it’s understandable… languages aren’t my thing.