20 y.o

Happy May the Fourth! Have some Kanera AU trash lol. Teenage AU! 

When plucky sixteen year old Hera gets wind on an illegal slaver ring, she’s on a mission to expose their syndicate and free their captives. Easier said than done but luckily she’s got a Jedi on her side. Sort of.

Jedi padawan Caleb Dume is anxiously waiting for the day he’ll be deemed ready for his knighthood trials. Of course, it would probably be a lot easier if he wasn’t always getting into trouble with the Council thanks to a certain twi’lek with a penchant for vigilantism. 


Just a fun AU idea I’m messing with. Not sure if I should draw it out or write it out. I’m somewhat attached to Jedi!Caleb AUs mostly because canon already follows the life and times of Kanan Jarrus (and I’m very eager to see that unfold) so I waste my time with AUs lol.


I haven’t been a fan for very long. In fact, until 4 years ago I only knew “Together Again” and “All For You”. So, 4 years I decided to listen to some of her other hits and I liked them a lot. Then, I randomly downloaded one of her albums: The Velvet Rope. I was blown away. It was perfect from start to finish. It is still my favorite album from her, a masterpiece. I eventually listened to all her albums and I started watching her tours and performances. I discovered a talented  and unique artist as well as a nice, humble and hardworking woman. My love for her keeps growing and I must say I’m very excited about these rumors of a new album. It will be my first era as a fan.

I wish her legacy and impact on music would be more recognized because yes, without her, there would be no Beyoncé, Britney or Ciara. She produced classic hits and legendary albums, she broke boundaries and showed that she wasn’t only Michael’s sister (who I’m a big fan of as well).

Thank you Janet for your music, your crazy performances and that beautiful smile.

Happy 49th Birthday Janet Damita Jo Jackson. (May 16 1966 - )