20 weeks 5 days pregnant

Pref #55 - Mothers Day (Daddy 5SOS Series #5)

Mothers day:

Michael: Michael wasn’t the sneakiest person, especially when it came to planning surprises for days like mother’s day. Although one mother’s day he did a pretty good job, for Michael. The morning consisted of presents, kisses and cuddles from all four kids and you were happy with that. You didn’t expect anything special, after all, to you it was just another day, Michael had always treated you special. You should have noticed, but you never caught on to how either Charlotte or Michael were always texting the day away. It wasn’t until 5pm hit that it all clicked into place when one of the twins spilled the beans. Michael had told you that you were going to meet his mum and dad at a restaurant for mothers day but in the car ride one of the twins had exclaimed ‘Daddy, are we going to mummy’s dinner now?’ and the other replied with 'Ssssh, it’s supposed to be a secret!’ you smirked from the front seat and Michael and Charlotte both groaned as their surprise was ruined. But you still enjoyed the night at your favourite restaurant.

Calum: You usually woke up to a sinking feeling on the bed as one of your kids climbed in hoping to wake one of you up, and it usually did. But instead, you woke up to the smell of pancakes. You just figured it was another day and Calum had woken up first and so was giving the kids breakfast. You decided to steal another five minutes in bed, but your bedroom door squeaked open minutes later, you turned over to see the grinning faces of both your kids waiting patiently.

“Morning munchkins!” You smiled and they ran and jumped onto your bed, you speaking being the signal they were waiting for. They collapsed on top of you giving you cuddles as you kissed both their heads. “And what did I do to deserve these cuddles?” You asked and they giggled before Tommy showed you a handmade card and Imogen handed you a neatly wrapped present. Moments later Calum walked in dressed in only joggers, tray in hand which carried a plate of chocolate-chip pancakes, way too many for you but you both knew your kids would steal some of them, a glass of orange juice and a single sunflower in a tall vase. Then it clicked, he placed the tray over your lap, and placed his arm behind your head and a kiss to your temple as Imogen climbed into her fathers lap, resting against his bare torso and Tommy cuddled into your side.

Luke: In all honestly, you’d thought they’d all forgotten, but it was a normal day for you. You worked in a small café which was open due to the special day. This was your little bit of normality when Luke was off tour, a small job, he looked after the kids, but when he was back on tour you went back to being a full-time mum, which your boss understood. But when you arrived home you were, to say the least, shocked. You little brood had surprised you. There was a bit of junk food on the coffee table, sweets, biscuits and lots of cheering when you walked in, you spent about half an hour being fussed over, with flowers, chocolate, cards and a stunning necklace and then you all settled down with bags of popcorn and had a movie marathon, lasting two movies for the kids, but it went on well past midnight for you and Luke.

Ashton: You were 20 weeks pregnant [5 months] and it was mothers day. You woke up to a familiar giggle and kisses under your ear and you giggled back at him before groaning a morning. He helped you out of bed and get dressed saying he had a surprise in the front room. Ashton led you into the living room where he revealed his 'surprise’. You giggled again at how adorable he was. There was a big banner hung with 'My first mother’s day’ on it. He treated you all day although he had been like it throughout the whole pregnancy, but today you weren’t allowed to lift a finger. And as well as that, he brought you a bracelet and necklace set with 'mummy’ engraved in both. And also revealed his second surprise, the nursery. He must have gotten up extra early as the nursery which was empty last night now had a cot, a rocking chair and a changing table all set up. And the highlight of the day, as if the little Irwin’s knew what day it was, it was the day they first kicked, it brought both you and Ash to tears, the perfect mothers day present.

So I’m late again and I’m so sorry but anyway, here we go.

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