20 week pregnant


2 0 W E E K S ❤️ The littlest Vogel is healthy, strong, and even on the big side! 💪🏽 We found out the gender today and can’t wait to share it with you all THIS SATURDAY (⬇️ leave a comment or message me if you want to be invited to watch the LIVE STREAM ⬇️) 💖💙 (S)he LOVES apple juice and does literal flips for anything pumpkin spice 🎃 my doctors appointment was literal perfection. I got to catch up with all the nurses who took AMAZING care of me during my pregnancy with the twins and swipe ➡️ to see my happy dances when Dr. McCarter called me the “perfect candidate” for a VBAC. 🙌🏼 This pregnancy has been such a dream. Being low-risk is such a different ball game and not a day goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for it! 🙏🏼

court-side love.

sebastain stan x reader.

warnings: none, i don’t think. 

request:  I watched an NBA game one night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So, I thought how cute would it be if Sebastian took your 2 year old girl and you (his wife) to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle. Can you write one like that? - @starwxars

AN: this is fluff which i’m not great at or confident doing but i hope i did it justice. it’s also really short and the ending sux soooo it’s k.

excitement radiated through the stan household the morning you woke up, not only was your husband finally home but you were officially 20 weeks pregnant with your second child and able to find out the sex of the baby. you and sebastian had been on a back and forth about finding out the sex ever since you’d found out you were pregnant - you being for finding it out and sebastian being against, but after a few weeks of pushing and persuading, he’d finally given in.

stretching your body, you let out a small groan and a sigh before relaxing again, the little life in your stomach given it’s own small kick against your ribs. just as you were about to sit up and start your day, two strong arms wrapped themselves around your midsection, pulling you closer to a bare chest. sebastian sighed into your hair and pulled you impossibly closer before grumbling, “and where do you think you’re going?”

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20 weeks pregnant today. Finally at the halfway point 😀 Of course I had to hit the gym for legs and finish off with pull-ups!! ~ Tiffany Mosley-Forbes

Surely Straight

Request fill for someone who wanted a boy turning into a pregnant girl. Enjoy!

Your name was Elias and you were definitely the most effeminate boys in your school. Not that you did it on purpose, no… That’s just who you were. You didn’t do a thing at all to appear more or less girly, you just supposed that maybe it was in your features. You had a slim torso, “boy” hips, and a pleasantly smiling resting face. Maybe society just thinks girls are the only people who smile. Your mannerisms seemed girlish, too. You weren’t like the other boys who roared when they laughed, made lifting look easy, or generally gruff overall. You had a polite polish to your soul.

That never bothered you very much. You still had your friends, and they never poked fun. As long as you had them, especially your best friend, Jordan, around, you could take the teasing from the “jockstraps”, as you called them. So you thought…

Jordan was throwing a party to carry out the events of homecoming, so where else would you be but there? It was fun and all; you had a great time playing truth or dare and other typical party games. Nothing of it held any significance to you until everyone had left. It was you and Jordan.

“Hey, thanks for sticking around to clean up, Eli.”

“No problem,” you responded, putting a hand on your hip, “I’m spending the night aren’t I?”

Jordan chuckled, and probably blushed too, but you ignored that. “So that’s a requirement now, huh? Help me clean up house before you can crash without paying rent? I mean, I’m not complaining.” You shook your head at his jests while putting a couple of empty two-liters in the recycling.

Before long, you and he were finally able to kick your feet up in a reclining love seat in his spacious basement. The bond between you was strong enough that words didn’t have to be exchanged as you sat watching Elle Woods struggle through Harvard. You didn’t know it, but Jordan was reading the situation differently.  You pretended to ignore the strong arm that wrapped itself around your shoulder.

Jordan coughed as the credits rolled, “This is probably really bad, y’know?” You gave him a confused look. “I mean, we just watched Legally Blonde, and I’m about to confess how madly in love I am with you.”

Your brows furrowed. “You’re joking, right?”

Your friend’s face reddened, “Well, I just realized my bisexuality, and you’re already gay, and very cute as well.” He took a breath, “I’m sorry, this isn’t romantic at all, is it…”

You hardly heard a word that left his mouth. “You’re already gay…” It stung your ears and pierced your heart. Suddenly, you pushed away the arm that held you close. “You’re no different!”


“You’re just like them! You see a short, skinny… twink! All of you do!” You snapped at him as you sprang up from the couch.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t-” Jordan tried to explain, but you turned your back and headed for the door. You tried blocking out his voice by stamping on each stair as you made your way to the front door, jingling your keys purposely as you tore them from the hook, and slamming the front door as hard as you could. But you still heard his comments in the confines of your mind. “You’re already gay…”

Tears had been stinging your pores the entire drive home. You couldn’t believe it! Your best friend had been projecting a happy little gay boy onto you this entire time! “I’m straight, dammit!” You cursed under your breath as you brought a warm washcloth to your face.

You laid the sopping cloth down and stared hard into the mirror. “I’m straight.” You made eye contact with your blotchy faced, puffy eyed reflection. Taking deep breaths in and out, you repeated your mantra. “I’m straight. I’m straight. I’m straight.” Good thing your parents were away for business, or else you would have no alibi to explain this self affirmation at 2 AM.

Finally feeling bored of your little game, you decided to go to bed. Or at least sleep, because you didn’t quite make it to your room at all, rather settling for sinking to your knees at the bathroom vanity.

Sleep was unsuccessful. It felt deep, but when you woke, the bright glare of your phone let you knew that only an hour passed. “Dammit…” you sighed and got into a comfier position sitting on your butt on the magenta rug near the tub with your arms wrapped around your bent knees, resting your head on the lip. You had never felt more drained. Nothing seemed more interesting than the ceiling at the moment.

How long had you been there? Long enough for your butt to start going numb, probably. And it was, and you dismissed it until that warm, maybe a little bit itchy feeling spread to your stomach. Then your legs, arms, hands, feet, face… everything inbetween. “What in the..?” You took off your shirt to inspect for any possible rash, but you found none. Instead, it looked like the blonde hairs on your chest seemed to grow lighter and fade away. Was it a trick of the light? You weren’t sure until you caressed the nearly bare skin of your torso. Skin so soft, it almost distracted you until a dull ache was felt all over your body, tearing you out of your grogginess. Your body was changing and you didn’t know why.

You stood on your feet and rushed to the mirror. Any hints of facial hair was gone, and your boyish frame was smoothing out. Any bony knuckles or joints rounded out, and your figure began to take an hourglass shape. You also observed your cheekbones lifting, your nose thinning, eyebrows becoming thinner, and your eyes becoming bigger. You were horrified, of course, but this transformation, however you may wanted to deny it, was exciting you. The warm feeling that tickled your core was something you never wanted to stop.

Your structures settled, but the feeling didn’t leave, and you knew this wasn’t finished. Fat began to redistribute itself, even if you didn’t have much to begin with. You watched your thighs curve out with fascination. Your butt began to take a more noticeable shape, and you could definitely tell because your fingers were starting to spread as you had wanted to feel this blossoming ass. Your ass. You didn’t move them until you noticed the heat starting to pool at your breasts, turning toned pecs into cute, tender titties. You laughed as you played with them, losing all of your pride and giving into whatever joy this might be.

You began to feel excitement as the sensation traveled south, and you took your pants off with glee. Your erect penis was already shrinking, so you hastily placed your thin, feminine hands around it. Masturbation had never felt so good, and you could hardly contain your moans. It didn’t last as long as you would have liked, but you became aware of new possibilities. Unclasping your hand, you stroked your fingers down your new sex, finding pleasure at your clit. You rubbed it feverishly, struggling to stay standing. You collapsed on your knees, uncaring of the future bruise, and slid two fingers inside your wet vagina. It felt awkward at first, but shifting your mind to lewd thoughts and ignoring the odd angle your wrist was at made the pumping motions even more exciting than any handjob you had ever given yourself. The sensation was nothing you had ever experienced, the euphoria wiping away any last thought of what happened last night. You kept going at it until finally you felt release.

Standing up and feeling better than ever, you washed your hands and left the bathroom to find a cute, frilly dress you had formerly worn to pleasure yourself in. The idea was good, of course, but you figured you may as well just look the part. Afterall, you just had the best experience yet.

You were fishing for a hair tie to put your now long blonde hair into a pony when your stomach began to feel tight. You glanced in the mirror, wondering what could happen now. This new feeling wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the fantastic one you felt before. Nothing looked different, so you shrugged it off and returned to your search. Finally finding it in the medicine cabinet, you pushed the mirror panel shut and saw a new pudge to your tummy that wasn’t there before. You placed the hair tie down and turned to the side, sliding a hand down your torso. You might have dismissed it if your boobs hadn’t gotten noticeably bigger as well.

“No…” you whispered as the pressure in your womb began to roar, and your belly consequently swelled. You tried pushing the weight gain back in, but felt a firm resistance. Your face flushed as your breasts tried to compete, filling with milk to feed the baby when it comes. You could do nothing as your belly pushed outward, stretching the fabric of your dress thin. You figured you may have hit the five month benchmark, or at least you looked to be a woman 20 weeks pregnant. “Hard to hide…” you mumbled as you gave your swollen belly a much needed rub.

You jumped as you heard the doorknob turn, and jumped higher as you saw Jordan standing in the doorway. “Ellie, are you alright?” He looked frightened as you held your stomach protectively and away from him.

Your glare softened as a wave of affection washed over you. “Yeah, I’m… I’m fine…” You still had a hand on your belly, but it now instead was simply resting on the taut surface as you turned to face your boyfriend. “I’m ok.” Boyfriend?

“I’m glad.” He smiled handsomely and placed his hand on top of your own. “Now, you need to kick your feet up!” He laughed as he picked you up bridal style and carried you out of the bathroom, and into his basement. “You struggle enough with those jocks teasing you at school, especially with this unplanned arrangement,” he patted your tummy as he sat you on the same loveseat you could have sworn you left a few hours ago. “But let me know if there’s anything I can do for you, Ellie.”

You laughed, “Haven’t you done enough already?” He held you close, and you liked it. You liked him. You loved him. And then it hit you: you’re straight.

Heck, I wrote something. Maybe I’ll write more. You can call me Motown :))))

Leaked (Jimin BTS)

Request: “this may be odd to you, but could i request a scenario where Jimin and his s/o are expecting but have kept it a secret since they wanted to enjoy the privacy and also to give them time to announce it to friends/family, however the news gets leaked into the media when they least expect it?”

This may be a bit long because I tend to get carried away when writing scenarios (I promise I’ll get better at it). Anyways, I hope you enjoy <3

 ~Admin Cherry Bop :*

It was early in the morning, and you and your boyfriend Jimin were headed to one of your many prenatal appointments. You were about 20 weeks pregnant, and it was time for you and Jimin to finally see the gender of the baby. You were especially happy because it would be Jimin’s first time coming to one of your appointments, and he was very excited about the baby. Ever since you found out you were pregnant and told him, whenever you two had alone time together, he kept smiling like a little kid and would touch your stomach and loved to feel the baby moving around. The main reason why he could not come to your previous appointments is because of his busy schedule, but finally he could, and both of you had to make sure that you don’t run into any fans. You needed to make sure of this because you and Jimin still haven’t told your friends and family about the pregnancy. You wanted to wait to tell them when you both find out the gender of the baby.

Finally, you both were at your appointment, and you were laying down on the bed as the doctor put gel on your baby bump and started the sonogram. You weren’t surprised by how big the baby had gotten, but Jimin was wide eyed and looked like he was about to cry. The doctor told you that you were expecting a baby girl. It was a beautiful moment; Jimin gave you the most loving gaze and held your hand. You smiled back at him, and he gave you the sweetest peck. You could feel the passion between you become even more intense, and it was a moment to remember.

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You went home after the appointment, and Jimin had practice to go to. He kissed you and your belly goodbye before heading off to work. You decided to take a nap and doze off into a sweet slumber.


You were suddenly woken up by a phone call from your best friend. 

“Y/N! You’re pregnant and didn’t tell me?” She screamed into the phone.

You got up and replied with hesitation, “y-yeah, I am! How did you know?" There was silence. You assumed Jimin told her, since you were planning on telling your family and friends after your appointment anyways. "Did Jimin tell you? I promise, I was going to tell you after we found out the gender. It was nice having it as a secret between Jimin and I. Ever since we told his fans about us, it’s been crazy hectic, and we barely had any privacy to ourselves, but I promise I was going to-" 

"Y/N, it’s alright that you wanted privacy. But it seems like you don’t have it anymore… I’m calling you because your pregnancy is all over social media! Some guy posted pictures of you and Jimin going to the doctor’s and coming out with sonogram pictures. I think you should call Jimin and talk to him.” After that, the call ended, and you looked through your phone and found a bunch of messages. They were from your best friend and family members. You immediately called Jimin and he didn’t pick up. You were worried, and thought maybe he was not picking up because of the pregnancy being revealed. You had tears in your eyes, and decided to go see him at BigHit’s building.

You took a taxi and arrived at the building, and you hurriedly walked inside. You could tell that the receptionist knew exactly why you were there and told you that he was in the practice room. You went into the practice room, and saw that BTS were in the middle of their dance. Jimin and the rest of BTS greeted you with cheerful smiles. You were confused on how calm everyone was. Jimin gave you a warm hug and said, “I told the guys about the baby!” as he reached out to your stomach and ruffled your hair. You started crying and told him that you thought he was ignoring you. “I called you, but you didn’t pick up. So I thought that you were ignoring me because somebody took a photo of us outside the doctor’s, a-and n-now everyone knows!” Your throat felt dry, and your thoughts were everywhere.

His eyes got wide, and the members were dumbfounded as well. “Wait, what?” they all said at once. You pushed back your hair and Jimin asked if someone can verify what was going on. Namjoon pulled out his phone and quickly found the article that started it all. “…It’s true.” He said as he showed Jimin and the rest of the members. Jimin looked at the article and gave Namjoon back his phone. 

Jimin had a worried look in his eyes, and you just couldn’t look at him. “We can’t even get privacy anymore!” You cried with frustration. He took your hand and led you outside of the room to calm you down a bit, and into the studio, which was empty. He let go of your hand and looked back at you. You were sniffling and he held your face with both hands. With his thumbs, he wiped away your tears. 

“Y/N, please don’t cry. People were going to know about this sooner or later, jagiya. It was just a matter of time…" He paused and gave you a warm hug. "We will figure this out together. But right now, we need to focus on the baby. You being stressed out might harm her, and I want you to relax as much as possible. I would never ignore you in times like this, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if anything happened to you or our little princess. That’s all I am focused on now." 

He pulled away and caressed your face, waiting for your reply. "You’re right, Jimin. I’m sorry I jumped to that conclusion. There’s nothing we can do about it now.” You smiled and kissed him. Jimin chuckled and joked, “it’s not like they were going to believe that you were just getting fat.” You playfully hit him on the shoulder, and he pretended to be hurt as he dropped to the ground. He grabbed your belly and started talking to your baby. 

“Ah, she just hit me!” You laughed at his silly gestures. “Your mother is a strong woman. I hope you end up like her.” He looked up at you with a playful smile and got up to meet your eyes. “Y/N, you really are a strong woman. I love you.” He kissed your nose. “Let’s go home and get you to relax. Last thing I need is for you to worried about anything.”

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1.  I would really love to see more dragon stories (of any kind), if any of the authors are interested! Of course, it’s no problem if you guys aren’t, thank you all for your great work!

2.  You are a breeder. It’s not really what you want in life, but fortunately for you, the way biology works in this world means your body will go into heat only when you meet a man who your body decides has the best possible genes. If you do, you will quickly go into heat, and you will feel the desperate urge to get pregnant by him. You’ve never had a heat in your life, and you are pretty confident you never will have one. Then, you meet a truly gorgeous man, and within minutes you start feeling a strange heat below, some mild cramping. Then you start to feel slickness. It takes a moment for you to realize that you’re going into heat! You have to leave, now. You turn to leave, but you can barely make your legs move, your heart pounding. You feel a warm hand on your shoulder. The man can smell your reaction to him, and he’s ready to load your now-fertile womb with his babies. Bonus points for gentle, sensual domination without any degradation or degrading talk, more bonus points for rapid pregnancy, and extra bonus points for labor and birth, only to be bred again immediately afterwards.

3. I request a story about a stripper heavily pregnant with multiple babies. She has her water break, but she prevents herself from giving birth for as long as possible. Ends up giving birth on stage for waiting too long.

4.  Request: A young man (older teen or young adult; your choice) and his older brother are kidnapped by a tentacle monster. The younger one is heavily impregnated with slimy eggs. He’ll birth them in two weeks, with his stomach expanding painfully throughout. The older is a “back up” in case the younger dies, but he also helps his brother give birth when it’s time. But I’d like a happy end where they get released after the monster is done with them.

5. albino bat-person is taken as an experiment. While in the facility, he meets another experiment, a witch. When they show an interest in each other, the scientists force them to breed. Since bat-people mate for life, our dear bat boy seeks to escape the facility with his heavily pregnant mate. *bonus If he carves out the heart of the head scientist and feeds it to his beloved mate. Bat-babies need their nutrition, after all!!“

6.  a beauty and the beast scenario where the beauty has to carry the beast’s kid to break the spell. Anyone?

7.  A woman falls in love with a woman who is about 20 weeks pregnant, who then knocks up the first woman, with twins. Nothing like two women in love, growing big together.

8.  A person (male or female), does fake pregnancies/stuffing/bloating videos on Youtube. they are so wrapped up in the idea of faking pregnancy, that they don’t really notice that this time it’s for real. Until they go into labor while recording…

9.  can I get a story where a high school girl (15-17) falls in love with her pregnant (also female) teacher and the teacher returns the feelings and the teacher is working late when her water breaks and the girl is the only one left there to help as they are locked in the school

10.  A cult of demon worshippers put their most fertile, virgin woman who has just come of age (18) lnto an altar, and all the cult’s men old enough to produce semen have their way with her. By the end, she’s super cumulated, and ready to bear their demon lord’s children.

Touring with a toddler

Author: @radiatingrachel

Summary: A submitted imagine from @radiatingrachel about touring with Josh whilst have a little girl called Erin :)

Warnings: None, y’all all safe here.

Rating: Safe, no smut and it’s just cute AF

A/N: First submission on the blog! Two fics in one day, you guys are lucky ;)

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Urgent prayer request

Pls pray Divine Mercy Chaplet urgently for ‘Franciska’ 20 weeks pregnant who travel long distance with her boyfriend to have an abortion today. Also pray for 'Grace’ 18 weeks who is not sure what to do. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
We had turn arounds recently at Tw'ham, I’ll inform you about it later.

anonymous asked:

in your evak fanfic you called their son jonah and thats so cute because its so obviously because of jonas so i was wondering if you could writ something about the isak telling jonas that he was going to same his son after him pleaseeee

I loved this prompt and got super caught up in it! Sorry it’s so long but ENJOY <3 

It wasn’t often that Isak had the free time to do this; having the boys over had become a rarity over the years.

So having them over while Even was at work was an unexpected but welcome development.

As each of them had grown older and grown apart, their lives had taken over. Adulthood was nothing like high school, with responsibilities around every corner and not a moment of free time in sight.

Mahdi had briefly moved to Denmark after university before deciding that the language was just too “potato” for him to handle. When he had returned, he had taken to teaching, something that no one had really expected of him. But with the same sort of dedication he showed his university studies, Mahdi took to shaping the lives of little kids in Oslo. His job meant that his only free days became the weekend, when the boys’ regular jobs decided to be particularly busy.

Magnus was a proud waiter. Where others had bullied him for such a minimalistic career goal, Magnus had always enjoyed social situations and found his calling in attending to others. He never let dismissive comments go unnoticed and never allowed anyone to look down on him. Even often voiced his praise for Magnus’ strength, something that had certainly taken a long time to develop. Unlike in highschool, Magnus no longer took anyone’s crap.

Except the boys’. He would always be the punching bag of the group, whether he liked it or not.

Jonas had become a politician to the surprise of absolutely no one; fighting primarily for civil rights and against the seemingly endless stream of corrupt political influences. He had become as headstrong in his personal life as he was in his professional one, becoming a strict but loving father to his and Eva’s first child; Frida.

In the many years that Isak’s busy career had threatened to sever the friendship he shared with Jonas, both men had changed and evolved to accommodate their developing lives. For not a moment had their friendship wavered.

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An Unexpected Future

PART 11:

Ezra was ecstatic about announcing the pregnancy to his parents, but we decided to tell them once we found out the baby’s gender. His parents would be in town in a week and wanted us to join them for dinner. Ezra was originally from New Jersey and when he was 9, his family moved to New York. We had been friends ever since and when Ezra dropped out of school and started his acting and music career, his parents moved back to New Jersey.

He had mentioned to them that we were kind of seeing each other and he said that they were thrilled about it. They were always pretty fond of me, so I wasn’t as nervous about spilling the news to them as I was my own parents.

I was 20 weeks pregnant and I officially felt gigantic, even though I was only in my 5th month of pregnancy. It was the big day; we would be finding out if we were having a boy or a girl and I was anxious, but excited.

I met Ezra outside when he showed up to take me to my 20 week appointment.

“Good morning.” I said, putting on my seat belt after I hoped into his car.

Ezra just sat there, a surprised look on his face.

“What?” I asked, confused. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, sorry,” He looked embarrassed. “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just, geeze it’s only been a few days…” He was staring at my belly.

“You’re telling me,” I sighed, rubbing my stomach. “I swear this baby is having a growth spurt. That or there’s two of them in here…”

“Woah,” He laughed. “Don’t even joke about twins…”

“So, do you think it’s a boy or a girl?” I changed the subject far away from discussing the idea of having twins, seeing how anxious he suddenly looked.

“I dunno.” He shrugged. “What do you think?”

“I think it’s a boy.” I said after a moment’s thought.

“Oh, really? I mean, let’s face it, if it’s a boy, we both know he’s going to be too devilishly handsome for his own good. And you’ll basically have to put up with a tinier version of me. I don’t think you could handle that.”

I rolled his eyes. “It’s only a guess.”

“Well, if you think it’s a boy,” He said. “then I’m going to go with a girl. Just to spice things up…”

I looked at him, an evil smirk on my face. “Are you proposing that we bet on the sex of our baby? If so, I’m totally in.”

“Okay then.” He said. “If I’m right and it’s a girl, you have to let me call you my girlfriend.”

“Fine. And if I’m right and it’s a boy, you have to shave your head.“I joked.

He grimaced. "You know my hair is my best asset. And of course my smile. And my eyes. And my sense of humor. But…my hair…”

“What? Are you afraid of losing?”

“Pfft, are you kidding me?” He huffed. “I never lose.”

We arrived to the doctor’s office. I decided that I was going to continue seeing Dr. Campbell. Ezra and I both really liked her and wanted her to be the one who would deliver our baby. She went over my chart, asked a few questions and gave me a quick check up before setting up the ultrasound machine.

Ezra couldn’t sit still in his seat, excitement overtaking him while the doctor rubbed the cold gel onto my stomach and moved the transducer around.

“There’s your baby.” She said as the three of us stared at the monitor. “Everything looks great. Have you been feeling any movement yet?”

“Here and there.” I replied. “Only a few times…”

“No worries. That’s perfectly normal.” She said. “You should really start to feel the baby’s movements more often in the next week or two. Baby still has a lot of growing to do, but everything is looking very good. Now, I’m sure both of you are eager to find out the sex.”

“Very eager.” I smiled, looking up at Ezra, who was standing next to me now to get a closer look at the monitor. “We sort of have a little bet going on. Next time you see him, he might be bald.”

“I don’t know about that.” Ezra said, squinting as she moved the dopler around on my belly. “I don’t see a penis.”

We both anxiously looked at Dr. Campbell, as she stared at the monitor, making some adjustments to the screen.

“Well,” She laughed. “Dad’s got a good eye and it looks like he gets to keep his hair. Congratulations. It’s a girl.”

Ezra leaned down and kissed me before pulling me into a hug, or as best of a hug as he could with me still laying down.

“(Y/N),” He was ecstatic , “Can you believe it??? We’re having a girl!!!”

I felt tears in my eyes and several ran down my cheeks and I wiped them away. “Oh, Ez…”

I was speechless and beyond happy, not caring that I’d lost our bet. I had a healthy little girl, our healthy little girl growing in my tummy and everything felt perfect. I’d never seen Ezra so thrilled before, not even after landing a film role and he was no where near as happy when he talked about his band’s upcoming country wide tour.

Later that evening, he called up Josh and Lilah and the four of us went out to celebrate. His friends bought him a few drinks and although I couldn’t have any alcohol, I still had a great time seeing him so giddy and excited. His friends were very happy for us.

“I still can’t believe you’re going to be a dad.” Lilah said to Ezra, who was already drunk. “I guess this really means it’s time for you to settle down, huh Ez?”

“Me? Settle down?” Ezra snorted. “Who do you think you’re talking to?”

Josh turned to me. “Oh, (Y/N). You are going to have your hands full.”

“You most certainly are.” Lilah agreed, putting her hand on my arm. “I’m sure you’ve realized this by now, but with Ezra, it’ll be like taking care of two babies.”

Ezra rested his head on my shoulder, closing his eyes. “Ah, forget them, Wendy.” He was slurring his words as he spoke. “Forget them all. Come with me where you’ll never, never have to worry about grown up things again!!!”

“Okay, I think you’ve had enough to drink tonight.” I laughed, patting the top of his head and I turned to Lilah and Josh. “Thanks again, you guys. It’s been a really great time, but I think I better take Peter Pan here home.”

Josh and Lilah paid off their tab and we got up from the bar. Ezra was a little woozy on his feet, so Josh helped him to my car.

When we arrived to my apartment, I practically dragged Ezra to my room. He lied down on my bed fully clothed and I changed into a t-shirt and some sweat shorts quickly before joining him.

As soon as I climbed into bed, Ezra wrapped his arms around me from behind, pulling me close.

“I love you.” He mumbled into my ear and I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

Hearing him say those three words to me, even while he was piss drunk, caught me off guard. I turned around, facing him. I didn’t know how to respond, but I didn’t have to; He had passed out and was snoring quietly.

I sighed, rolling onto my back, staring at the ceiling for what felt like hours after hearing him tell me that he loved me. I knew he was trashed and had been quoting freakin’ Peter Pan at the bar, but I couldn’t help but wonder if it was the alcohol speaking or if he was sincere. Eventually, I fell asleep too , convincing myself that I’d worry about it in the morning.

mingyu taking care of his pregnant wife

hello there beautiful i love your writings! also is it possible to request a short scenario for both mingyu and coups taking care of their pregnant gf/wife? if not just do mingyu if you’re too busy! thank you and have a nice day~ <3

hey beautiful ;) thank you for supporting this blog of mine! i wrote mingyu’s, hope it’s what you wanted! & this request got me a little emotional, thinking of how couples were all once young and lost in puppy love, and as they grow older, they become more mature, and from boyfriend & girlfriend to husband & wife :’-)

Everything happened so fast; you and mingyu were once young and madly in love, and had so much in mind for the future. There were always times where both of you would stay up late at night, getting comfortable in bed with sheets warmly against your skins, talking about random things to naming your future children. And you would never forget the day, the day mingyu asked you to spend the rest of your life with him. It was like a dream come true, and reality finally seemed better than a dream. Looking back, you realised how much you and mingyu had changed. From being a silly and innocent couple to matured husband and wife.

Husband and wife. You smiled at the thought how how changes and growth took place while rubbing your belly. You were now 20 weeks pregnant with your first child with mingyu. Since it was your first time, many things were new to you, and you were trying to cope with having this little precious in your womb. Being pregnant was never easy, but you were ready to go through anything just to see your baby being delivered healthily. Of course, you couldn’t do it without mingyu, but you were so grateful for this husband of yours to always be by your side, supporting and loving you, just like how he always did when both of you were younger.

Even though you were the one carrying the child, it seemed like mingyu was the one instead. He would always ask if you were alright, if you needed anything, and if you felt pain or discomfort, he would get so uptight. Mingyu would hold you whenever you were on your feet, and he told you that if you needed to, you could just lean on him for support. He was your pillar of strength. Whenever you saw him running around the house trying to get what you need, you were so glad you made the right choice in marrying him. 

You gained weight during pregnancy, your arms and legs were fleshy, and your feet were big and swollen most of the time. You didn’t really like how you looked and felt insecure at times, but mingyu was always there to reassure you that you looked beautiful and he would never think otherwise. Leg cramps were frequent, and discomfort was everywhere.

“Mingyu,” you called as the cramp was worsening, “ouch,”

Upon hearing your calling, mingyu ran out of the kitchen as fast as he could and immediately took a stool and placed both your feet on it and started to flex your toes backwards to ease the cramp.

“Feeling better?” he asked worriedly.

“Yeah, thanks,” you gave him a comforting smile.

Mingyu moved and sat by your side, his hands over yours, “I’m sorry,”.

“For?” you raised a brow.

“For this. You’re suffering so much just to have this child with me, and I feel bad for not experiencing any of the pain that you’re going through,” he held your hands tighter, feeling very apologetic.

“Don’t be silly, you’re doing a lot too, running around when I need stuff, it’s hard for you as well,” you gave him a smile.

“Do you remember how we used to talk about our future when we were dating? Look at where we are now,” mingyu let out a laugh, a laugh that reflected how time flew by so fast, and how the once silly and madly in love couple was now going to be parents.

“I do, and I’m glad we are still together,” you gave him a warm smile, in which he returned one and leaned in to plant a kiss on your forehead.

“I love you,” he said after pulling away.

You were about to tell him the same when you felt a sudden kick in your belly, and you let out a groan.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” mingyu’s eyes widened and held you even tighter.

“I’m okay, the baby just kicked me,” you laughed, “seems like this little one wants some love from you too,” you teased and placed mingyu’s hand on your belly.

“I love you my little baby,” mingyu said as he felt more kicks and the both of you started laughing, “and I love you too, baby,” he looked at you and planted another kiss on your forehead.