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Sticking With the Schuylers (28)

I want to thank everyone-the influx of new readers as well as my lovelies that have been here since the beginning. Your kindness has made my heart swell, I really feel like I don’t deserve the wonderful, thought out comments and questions you guys have had but I’m thankful for them either way. You’re all truly wonderful. Thank you so much. You breathe a life into this series I never thought possible.

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I learned at a very young age that being quiet kept you alive.

               It was a game; a twisted version of hide-and-never-be-found that had been ingrained in all of our minds, in our chemistry. We grew up wishing so badly for a way out that we never got a chance to be kids; to feel the unfiltered release of a day playing outside without worry, or just being with each other.

               Children in New York City are different; they walk in neat lines holding on to ropes, a teacher in front and one in back, exploring their surroundings under careful guidance and loving stares. They hop along through the puddles of slushed snow in their designer boots and little yellow raincoats, no care in the world given to anything other than who they would be sitting next to at lunchtime. I watch them sometimes, in transit from a small city field-trip to the safety of their classrooms, wondering what life would have been like had I grown up here. I wonder what Eliza’s life had been like. I try to picture her as wide-eyed, pigtailed preschooler. She fits right into the imagery, taking place of a rope-holding child sliding on the sidewalk in front of me, navy plaid skirt, knee-highs, and all. My eyes move to the space behind pseudo-Eliza, attempting to conjure up an image of myself. There are pieces I am able to see; a longer, curlier hair here, an incessant puddle splasher there.

               However hard I try, I am unable to fit myself into their mold.

               Now, these things are becoming painstakingly obvious.

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Everyone is doing these headcannon things anD I LOVE IT SO MUCH ! I don't know wether it's exclusively for acotar only, or wether you can do for tog ships to, but if so please can you choose between : 1 / 7 / 20 / 23 / 31 / 32 / 42 and 45 for elorcan ? ( please feel free to pick which ones you'd prefer to answer and leave the rest, I'm not expecting you to do them all ! lol ) Thankyou so much ! your the absolute best !! xx

Aww thanks nonnie :) Maybe one of you guys can write it the rest? If you want to of course!

23. Who asks who out on the first date?

After everything, Elide forgives Lorcan but they’re just friends or whatever. Lorcan is super careful around her, he doesn’t want to push her on anything and he still thinks that she doesn’t want him in that way or that he’s not worthy. There is this huge celebration the next day and our girl Elide has a plan. She bribes Fenrys to ask Asterin on a date in front of her and Lorcan. Because she really really wants to go but she’ll not ask Lorcan, no she is too proud. Fenrys asks Asterin and Lorcan is just sitting there, paying no attention. Elide had enough. She asks him if he’s going on a celebration, he says yes and she just says “Great, I’m wearing green dress. Wear something that matches.” And she leaves the room. Fenrys, Asterin and Lorcan have their jaws on the floor and after a minute Lorcan is like “Did she just..”. Asterin is a proud mama. She makes a note to go to Elide’s room later to give her “the talk”

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how old is gardienne? i mean i always thought she was like 18 and just ended high school but some people says she's 23 and i'm so confused

well in ep 1, Gardienne said that her studies were almost complete and that she would soon have to join the working world, so she should be in her ~20s (max 23 imo)

but then again, if you read the term of service…

… but I suspect they just copy-pasted the tos from mcl lol

Apparently these comics haven’t been showing up in the Reaper76 tag anymore? Weird, not sure why, guess you gotta share them if you want people to read it haha

People get so caught up arguing about whether Jack is really the bad guy or Gabe is really the bad guy or who really has the power in the relationship, it seems very novel to submit the idea that maybe they could just be brought together by their mutual respect and friendship that pushes them both to be better versions of themselves.

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Hi there, i just wanna ask you if you can tell me which episodes have the most karoline scenes, i try to catch up even if tvd is over but I'm too lazy to watch from the start lol, thank you :)

i’m going to be extra and list mostly every episode that involved klaroline in some way LOL. 

(bold = little scenes/mentions)

vampire diaries:

s3: 5, 11, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22

s4: 1, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23

s5: 5, 11, 15, 16

s7: 13, 14, 21

s8: 16!!!!!!!!!

the originals:

1.07 + 3.14 + maybe 4.08 + 4.13?!

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Yo! Because linkyspooky blog recommend me to ask, yep I just want your opinion version about furuta in the last panel too. I mean in whole plot story and furuta character analysis perspective💞💞

Thank you so much for asking!

I suggest reading the last bit of @bloodycarnations​ post here [x] because it explains a lot of what I think nicely.

It’s making Furuta, the wearer of masks, from a metaphor to a literal on panel reality. It’s a metaphor both myself and others have been using to describe him for a while, and this panel makes it all the more explicit. It’s a joke prop, but it’s also a disguise. It’s not just the party glasses, it’s also the nose and mustache. The reading of it all combined is thus: This comedy and party attitude are a disguise.

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WAIT FUCK IT’S 3/12…. happy three years of me being s-phiroth?? time flies when you’re a useless fish


松井珠理奈 (@JURINA38G)
2017/03/25 23:20


I enjoyed it way too much, from start to finish✨
Thank you so very much❗❗❗
I am starting to like pro wrestling more and more🎵


Though I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to buy as a memento for my first ever goods, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the “Dai-Shacho” t-shirt❗❗
I’m looking forward to putting it on✨


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