20 things i love on a saturday

I took this picture an hour ago (20:45). I was planning big weekend full of focus on work even thought I had/have 12 hours shift on Saturday and Sunday. Weekends are always less bussy and I have ussualy lots of time. Not today! :D Anyway, this is list of things I would love to have tomorrow in the evening done. 

Night update:

  • rewrite part of the first chapter and finish the rest
  • go through books from the library 1, 2, 3
  • finish vignettes (seriously is this the right word?) 1, 2
  • outline geography chapter finally!
  • print all of the lists
  • make family trees (21)
  • maps 1, 2, 3

George Harrison, Saturday Night Live, 20 November 1976

Photo: Richard E. Aaron

The following is an archived interview from India Today, published on 31 December 1976.

India Today, 31 December 1976

“Why turn to the West?”

I love India because the ancient traditions remain: George Harrison

“I’ve cum here to do things, don’t have to do any interviews.“ George Harrison’s mid-Atlantic Liverpudlian accent firmly ruled out all meetings with the Press during his recent stay at Bombay’s Taj Mahal hotel. The 33-year-old ex-Beatle still sells records for the millions (his latest album "33 1/3“ is currently high on the USA’s charts), but manages to do so with a rare minimum of live appearances and an almost paranoid hatred of all publicity. Nevertheless, he finally relented, and in an hour-long exclusive interview agreed to talk to India Today about the Beatles, India and his personal life-style.

India Today: George, do you see yourself as having got off the pop-star merry-go-round?

Harrison: My God, yes! It was such a strain having to live up to people’s conceptions of the Beatles and not be able to do what I really wanted to do. I’m not knocking it - man, I’ve done it all: got drunk, fooled around, done crazy things and had a great time. But that’s not where it’s at. It’s O.K. for a while, but finally you want something deeper. I think that we all ought to increase our God-consciousness and try and find a purpose in life.

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Sometimes seeing you is such a tease because I can’t talk to you about things I want to talk about. I can’t hug you or hold your hand like I’d like to. I can’t stare into your eyes and forget the world like I normally would. And I long for the Sundays and Saturdays when I can do all of those things.
—  1:20 am, May 16th 2016.

All right- I’ll do it,  @levindis , but only because I love you….

Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. (I’m not going to tag anyone.  I don’t know if anyone would like that or not)

Nickname:  I don’t tend to be nicknamed often.  My last nickname, from years ago, was “Flash”.
Star sign: Aries, for whatever that’s worth…
Height: 5′ 11″
Time right now: Saturday morning
Last thing googled: a recipe for Szekely goulash
Favorite music artists: I don’t keep up with music the way I used to. I kind of like silence now.
Last movie watched: X-Men Apocalypse
Last TV show watched: The Magicians
What are you wearing now: Shorts and a T-shirt. I haven’t finished my coffee yet, and haven’t dressed
When did you create your blog: 2011
Do you have any other blogs: No, I spend enough time on this one
Do you get asks regularly: Almost never.  I’m not very outgoing. I don’t mind asks, but I don’t ask for asks either.
Why did you choose your URL: I’ve found that physics or chemistry terms will almost always be accepted as a user name on your first try.
Gender:  this should only matter if you want to have sex with me
Hogwarts House:  depends on what day it is
Pokemon team: please…
Favorite color: that’s both situational, and depends on my mood at the time
Average of hours of sleep: about 8.
How many blankets do you sleep with: A comforter and a sheet in the winter.  Just a sheet or two in the summer
Dream job: Just send me a check, leave me alone, and let me do whatever I feel like doing in the moment. In some indirect way, I’ll make some sort of contribution to society.  Because I believe it’s important to leave the world better than you found it.
Followers: Some of them I feel like I know, even though I don’t talk to them.  And I like them, even though I don’t know them.

And now that I’ve answered these questions, I feel like you don’t really know me any better than you did before, but that’s okay cuz the blog is more about the blog than it is about me.

OKAY SO LIKE every year i try to use tumblr as more of a Blog than just reblog site & i fail so here’s updates quickly:
- i turned 20 last saturday !!
- i literally . do nothing but talk of stranger things
- u can follow me on twitter where i recount all of my life constantly and also sometimes write good posts
- I’M a proper dnd boy now.. i’m a member of three groups and dming for two of them !! the third group hasn’t met yet but we’re gonna play on sundays !

The music snob - Luke Hemmings [smut]

Requested - yes 

Anonymous - “Can you do one with Luke that’s smut and takes place in the 80’s? Thanks. I love your imagines btw. :))”

A/N: I love these kind of things because like with the 20s luke on I get to research 

Word Count - 740 

You never expected to find yourself at a disco at 10pm on a seemingly average Saturday was never part of your plan for the week and if you’re honest you have no idea why your here but, dressed in your “rah-rah” skirt and legwarmers with your hair curled to perfection, you are ready to do your best to party. With a drink in your hand you dance mindlessly to the latest hits by Madonna, Michael Jackson and Bon Jovi. All of a sudden you feel a strange atmosphere and you turn to the door to see a very punk blonde boy walking into the disco, equipped with everything from the heavily shoulder padded and studded leather jacket to the stripes of black and red that run through his hair. Just from the way he walks in his chunky black boots you can tell that he thinks he’s better than everyone else.

You loose track of him easily but later in the night you decide to get yourself another drink and there at the bar sipping on a tonic water is Mr. Better-than-everyone.

“One Kamikaze,” you order your drink.

The song then changes to “Who’s that girl” by Madonna and you can’t help but smile.

“I love this song,” you whisper to yourself only to hear a scoff from your side so you turn and say, “Oh so you’re a music snob then”

“What does that mean?” you hear him practically hiss.

“Well I’d have pegged you as a fashion snob with jeans like that,” you comment on his oddly skintight jeans.

“I wouldn’t exactly call myself a music snob, I’d more say enthusiast, I just know what good music is,” he says.

“Oh please, like you know what good music is,” you sigh.

“Kamikaze, that’ll be 4.50,” the bartender places the drink in front of you and you head for your purse before you are stopped.

“No, I’ll get this, maybe I can talk some musical sense into you,” he quickly pay before you can.

“Okay, try me, what music should they be playing?” you lean against the bar, placing your things on a bar stool.

“Misfits, the Ramones, the Cure, Green Day!” he explins.

“I know two of those bands,” you admit.

“Come on, you need to know their music, you cant be stuck listening to Madonna for the rest of your life”

“I like Madonna,” you defend.

Over an hour you listen to this guy passionately venting about his favourite music and you have to admit, it kind of turns you on. You only learn his name when he decides he needs alcohol and turns to beer.

“So, Luke what are your plans for what’s left of the evening, I don’t want to be keeping you from anything,” you tell him.

“Oh no, you’re not getting off that easy, I’m taking you back to my place and forcing you to listen to some actual music,” he insists.

Without a second thought you go with him and he sits you down on his sofa before blasting the music into your ears. The music is good but you’re not really listening, you’re focusing on Luke who’s listening intently and one thing leads to another, due to the cocktail of alcohol in your system, and you end up in a heated make out session with him. Your fingers tangle into his hair, tugging lightly at the roots of his dyed hair while he runs his teeth along your bottom lip. 

He lets out a small groan, “This isn’t where I saw my night ending”

“Me neither,” you smile against his lips, “Now take this damn shirt off”

He pulls the ripped shirt over his head and lowly one by one your clothes end up on the floor.

You allow his hands to roam your every curve while grinding against him until you make him groan, “If this continues I’m not going to last”

“Then fuck me you ass,” you smirk.

He takes control gripping your waist and flipping you onto your back, kissing down your neck.The last few articles of clothing land on the floor and he thrusts into you before burying his face in your neck and moaning loudly. Your breath hitches and you whimper.

“Fuck, Luke,” you pant.

He becomes a mess of moans as your back arches and you both climax and he fells down next to you.

“See what good music can do for you”


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Masterlist // Request

Emily @ COH2

I was lucky enough to see her at her solo panel, a 30 minute lounge (with only 20 other people), the OTA panel and autograph/photo sessions. And I’m not telling you anything new when I say she is a complete and utter delight! You just find yourself smiling when you’re in her presence - she’s so cute, and bubbly and funny and energetic! It’s completely unsurprising that everyone she works with loves her and sings her praises.

I didn’t see her at all on Saturday so my first interaction was at her solo panel first thing on sunday morning. I was a little wary that she was scheduled for two 45-min long solo panels during the con, as I’ve heard that she gets anxious at these things and I wondered how she would cope with that much attention. But apart from a tiny tremor in her hands (that I could only spot because I was in the front row) she seemed completely at ease. She bounded onto the stage, coffee mug in hand, and proceeded to charm our socks off with funny stories, quick-witted one-liners and random comments (she would shake her head at these and tell the tech guys “You should not have given me a microphone”). 

The lounge was just as relaxed and fun and she commented that she liked them because she got to show a bit more of herself as a person, rather than the photoshoots where she can’t really interact with anyone and she feels like more of a character. 

There wasn’t much in the way of spoiler talk during these sessions, it was just fun listening to her answer random questions (favourite book, which show she would like to see Felicity in, what meal would she choose to eat if she could only eat one for the rest of her life (she had a great answer for this!), what would Earth-2 Felicity be like, etc). She also ran over time during the panel, because she wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to ask a question got the chance.

There has been some stuff on tumblr about her possibly not shipping Olicity. I didn’t get that impression; it’s just that she loves Felicity more than Olicity, which I think is a great approach for an actor. She even said “We all love Olicity, but Felicity needs boundaries.” There was also an interesting bit where she talked about the loft and the fact that Felicity still lives there (revealed in 4x20). Like us, she was under the impression that Felicity was packing her own stuff to move out in 4x16. Apparently the fact that Felicity stayed in the loft, caused a ‘HUGE debate’ behind the scenes. Emily doesn’t think Felicity would have stayed there. 

There was some other stuff during the lounge, but because there were so few people there, it felt like a proper conversation with a real person (you know what I mean - I hope!) and it feels weird recounting everything that was said. (Although I couldn’t resist tweeting her comments about the infamous grommet coat, for obvious reasons!)