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i have this hc where tweek would be an Extreme Germophobe after he finds out how much dirt and germs are everywhere he would wash his hands like 100 times a day and avoid contact with most things,, hed always ask people to open doors for him and stuff bc he doesnt want to get his hands on things so many people have touched

at some point he learns in school that kissing also transmits a lot of germs and he stops kissing craig out of fear and craigs like yahoo answers my bf doesnt love me anymore ???????????


I have SO MANY VERY IMPORTANT TIME SENSITIVE THINGS that I am just… not doing lately


we may not have hung the assorted posters yet, but the bed in the guest bedroom is made AND the basement is accessible (so one can get to the guest bedroom) and my mom isn’t going to be here for her visit for like … seven whole hours? I’m gonna take that as a win

also Jade says hi

Our strange bond

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A/N: This is for @amarvelouswritings 2.1k followers challenge.
– English is not my maternal language, sorry if this has any grammatical errors.

Prompts:  6) Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate.  15) If you think I don’t feel anything for you, then you are more stupid than I thought.  37) You’re stuck with me, like it or not.

Summary: A mission goes wrong and some avengers must make a difficult decision, while Bucky and Y/N must be honest with themselves about their strange relationship.

Fandom: MCU.

Genre: Angst, drama, friendship, romance and fluff (a little bit of both).

Warnings: Curse/Swearing, lots of blood, violence, death.

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“We’ve to get out of here!” a male voice screamed in the background. “This building won’t hold out any longer!” ordered that man, who seemed to be Steve.

“Captain, cover me!” asked Clint who fired his arrows in every possible direction to bring down all possible HYDRA agents. “The first bomb has detonated, it won’t be long before detonation of the second one.” he said as he finished annihilating the agents.

“Cap, we’re all out, only you are missing.” reported Tony from the outside.

“Well, come on now.” Steve said as he walked out the door. “I’m looking forward to end this mission.”

“Yeah, me too.” Clint said as the arch was placed in his back.

“Hey, Y/N, you’re very quiet.” Bucky said suddenly, who had just left by the other side of the building. “That’s odd, Are you not going to answer me? Did the joke before bother you so much?” Bucky kept asking in a joking tone.

“Y/N, I would kick frosty’s ass if I were you,” Nat defended her friend. “Y/N?”

“Friday.” Tony talked. “What happened to Y/N’s equipment?”

“This gives me a bad feeling.” murmured Clint, who just left the building with Steve.

Steve, Bucky, Nat, Tony and Clint were outside the building looking around for signs of their friend and companion, who wasn’t with them and wasn’t responding neither.

“Her equipment failed when the first explosive detomated, sir.” reported Friday about Y/N.

The faces of all present changed as they heard that.

“Fuck.” Bucky whispered with concern. “I’m coming in!” Bucky said as he headed for the collapsing building.

Steve stopped him. “It’s dangerous, Buck.”

“Friday, localize her.” Tony ordered with anguish.

“Before the detonation she was in the basement, next to the stairs, 20 meters from the bomb, sir.” Friday reported in the usual tone.

“Do you know if she’s alive?” Clint asked in fear of the answer.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what to say to that, Agent Barton.” said Friday. “But considering an explosion of that magnitude, anyone who’s been as close to the bomb as agent Y/L/N was… has no chance of survive.”

They all looked at each other with fear and sadness, the tragedy had taken someone important away from them again.

“Steve.” Bucky spoke to Captain America “Let me go,” ordered “I’m coming in.” he muttered.

Clint looked sadly at his partner “Barnes… There’s nothing we can do.” he said with tears in his eyes.

Bucky let go of his friend’s grip. “She’s our friend! We can’t abandon her! We can’t let her die!” he screamed with anger.

“Bucky…” Nat spoke. “Please don’t…”

“It’s Y/N, she’s my… She’s our friend! I’m not going to consider her dead, not without seeing her first.” Bucky said as he rushed toward the crumbling building.

“Bucky!” called Steve to his friend, but he didn’t stop “Shit.” said before he ran after his friend. “Guys, if you see that we don’t go out… Just leave.” ordered Captain America “And don’t even think about going in.”

Once they entered the building, the two men went straight to the basement and started calling their friend’s name, to find her and get out of there as soon as possible.

“Y/L/N!” cried bucky as loudly as possible “Where are you? Y/N!” he shouted as he approached the blast site.

“Y/N!” the captain called his friend “Y/N!” while he covered his face to not breathe the smoke

“Y-Y/L/N… Y/N!” Bucky kept screaming while he coughed.

A few meters from where the boys were, there was Y/N who was stunned by the explosion. She listened to her teammates shouting at her. They were desperate.

Y/N tried to get up, but a sharp pressure and pain stopped her from doing it. She looked up at her legs and saw she had several tons of debris on the right leg. She tried to free herself, but all she got was more weight to fall on her.

She looked at the rest of her body, she had several wounds and bruises on his arms, torn clothing and an ugly burn on her right side of the body. The burn came from the right side of the abdomen, what Y/N could see, to her trapped leg.

Suddenly she felt a liquid coming down her face, it was blood. She gasped for surprise and leaned back.

Everything started to get cloudy and twirled. Little by little she stopped listening to the voices of her friends, and the only thing she heard was an annoying beep. Suddenly she fainted.

“Barnes!” cried Y/N in desperation,“You’re a pain in the ass!”

Bucky approached her with a mocking laugh “Oh, come on! I just asked you if you’re dating Thor.” he said as he pretended to be innocent. “And you haven’t answered me, are you two dating?” he asked as he followed his companion and entered the common room.

“Ahhg!” Y/N exclaimed as she dropped on the couch “Leave me alone, Barnes!”

“What’s going on?” asked Sam from the other couch.

“Barnes is what’s going on, Sam.”

“What about Bucky?” Wanda who just walked into the room with Tony, Natasha and Bruce, asked.

“He’s always ignoring me when I talk to him, but when he gets bored, the only thing he does is annoys me.”

“I just asked you if you’re dating Thor.” Bucky spoke with a malevolent smile. “And you haven’t answered the question yet.”

“I don’t have to do it.” the girl folded her arms.

“She neither claims nor denies it.” said Tony, “Interesting.”


“For me they are dating.” Sam commented.

“Naah…” said Natasha as she sat with Y/N on the couch. “Thor is not her type.” she winked at her.

Y/N and Natasha laughed at what the redhead meant.

“Oh, I get it then.” Tony pointed out to both of them. “So you two…”

The two women laughed even more.

“No, Tony.” said Bruce shyly. “They’re not together.”

“How do you know that?” asked Sam curiously.

“Well, because Natasha is dating…” Bruce said in a whisper. “We’re together, Nat’s dating me.”

Everyone was impressed, except Y/N who already knew.

“How quiet you were, you little monster.” said Tony gawking.

“So…” Bucky talked “who’s she dating?” he asked with a little bit of jealously.

“Me.” Steve said as he walked into the room.

Y/N winked at Captain America. He did the same thing.

Bucky was speechless.

Later that day, when Y/N left the training room, she was escorted to her room by Bucky, because he had also finished training. All the way to the rooms they were in silence.

The first room was the Super Soldier’s. He said goodbye to Y/N and set off for his own, but Bucky interrupted her.

“Y/N.” called the man and she turned around to see him.“I’m sorry.”

“Why?” she asked.

“For bothering you all day. For the stupid questions.” Bucky spoke as he opened his door.

“Barnes, it’s nonsense. Don’t worry.” she said with a smile. “Good night.” she said as she left.

“I’m glad you’re with Steve.” Bucky said as he saw his mate leaving. “He deserves to be happy.” he said as soon as he walked into his room.

Y/N turned around briefly and saw where the man had gone.

“You really are an idiot.” Y/N whispered before she went to her room. “When will he find out?”

“Y/N.” whispered Steve as he found his unconscious companion on the floor “Oh, my God…” he whispered as he saw how she was.

“Y/N, please…” Bucky said as he bent down to see if she was still alive.“She’s still alive, barely, but she is.”

“Help me remove the debris from her bod.” Steve asked his friend. “We don’t have to much time.”

Both men tried to lift the debris, to free Y/N but it was useless. As they tried again the girl regained consciousness and began to moan and scream because of the pain.

“Shhh…. Shhh…” Steve tried to calm the girl down.“Easy, calm down. Easy.” he said as she stroked her hair to calm her.

“You have to go” she whispered. “go away, please.” Y/N begged as tears streamed down her face.

“No!” Bucky said. “We’re not gonna leave you alone, you hear me?”

Steve looked at his friend and then he looked at Y/N and nodded “Let’s get you out of here.”

Bucky and Steve tried to pick up the debris again, but it was no worthy. Y/N only maoned for the pain that felt.

“It’s useless, please.” Y/N looked at Bucky as she was crying. “Go away, please.”

“We’re not leaving you! Fuck!” Bucky exclaimed desperate. “Don’t insist, please…” he whispered with tears in the eyes.

“There have to be some alternative.” Steve said. “But I can’t think of any one.”

They were silent for a few moments until Y/N came up with an idea.

“I do. I have one.” confessed the girl in fear. “But it won’t be nice.” she looked at Bucky’s knife.

Steve realized what she meant. “Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no,” he said immediately. “We can’t…”

“Steve,” Y/N called the captain.“It’s the only way I can get out of here, and if you can’t do it… Go. I don’t want you to die here.”

Steve looked at Bucky who was in shock for what they were going to do. There was no choice.

“Please, do it. It’s the only way we can get out of here. Please, Barnes, Steve.”

“All right.” said the captain as he put his hands on his head

“I will do it.” Bucky said with fear.

“No!” said Steve and Y/N at the same time.

“I’ll do it, Bucky.” Steve said decidedly.

Suddenly the building shuddered. The second bomb had detonated, and more debris thrilled to fall.

“Bucky, take my shield and give me your knife.” the blonde man ordered. “Let’s cover ourselves with the shield.”

The young woma look at her two companions who were mentally preparing for what was coming.

“This is not going to be very nice.” Steve said as he prepared. “It’s gonna hurt.”

“I know.” Y/N said as she breathed agitatedly. “I’ll scream.” she sighed. “Well I’ll scream loudly.”

Bucky took his partner’s hand and she squeezed it as she watched him “Squeeze whatever you want.” Sergeant Barnes offered and she nodded.

“Believe me, I will.” she said laughing at the nerves. “Please be quick.”

Steve nodded and wore the sweat off his forehead. “I’ll try.”

Steve made the first cut and the blood began to sprout violently from Y/N’s leg. Bucky closed his eyes trying not to see the terrifying image, but he could still imagine it while listening to his friend’s cries of pain and suffering.

“Barnes!” exclaimed Y/N as she saw her partner who was training with Clint “I need you, please is… Urgent” she said agitated.

“In what way do you need me?” he asked in a mischievous tone.

Clint was stunned to hear that from his friend. Did they ever been like that before?

“Always the same, Barnes.” said Y/N tiredly. “Clint, I need you…” she said, ignoring Bucky.

“I’m still here!” Bucky said bewildered to see that he had been ignored.

Clint laughed when he saw what had just happened “What do you need?” he asked.

“You see, you remember this cafeteria where they made pancakes and waffles?” asked Y/N to hawkeye, he nodded energetically.

“There’s a proposition!” said the young woman enthusiastically.

“A proposition?”

“Yes! And a very good one! If you pick up an escort, you have three desserts at the price of one, and if you bring an older person too… It’s free!” the woman spoke with emotion.

“Come on now!” Clint said as he left.

“Can I come too?” Bucky begged,“I’m old, I’m ninety-something years old!” he reported.

“We have got Steve!”

“See ya, Grandpa!” Clint laughed.

When they arrived at the cafeteria and found a place to sit, Clint began questioning Y/N about his relationship with Bucky. Their relationship was strange. Really strange.

“Be honest with me.” Clint told his friend. “Do you like Barnes? Do you have feelings for him?”

Steve looked curiously at Y/N who ate nervously trying to avoid the questions.

“No way!” exclaimed Clint, interpreting her partner’s nervousness as an answer.

“Since when?” Steve asked intrigued.

“I don’t like him,” Y/N said with her mouth full.

“Y/N?” both men asked at once, she gave up.

“Since a few months ago.” replied the girl after swallowing.

“You should tell him.” Clint suggested.

“Yeah! No! Have you lost your mind?”

“I’m serious. You just have to see each other to realize that you two have something,” Hawkeye said as he chewed.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full” Rogers told Barton.

“Yes, Mother.” Barton mocked to the Captain America. “Listen to me, Y/N/N.”

“I agree with him.” Steve said. “You should tell Bucky.”

“Guys, guys. Barnes has no feelings for me, and yet our relationship is very strange. So no. I’m not gonna ask him out. I don’t want things to get any weirder.”

“Okay, do whatever you want Y/N.” Clint said. “But at least be honest with yourself and what you really want.”

The building was practically collapsed and Clint, Tony and Natasha feared the worst.

“Shit.” Tony whispered in a broken voice.

Natasha looked away to not show her tears. Clint, on the other hand, fell to his knees as he looked at the image. No one could believe what had just happened. His companions had fallen. Bucky, Steve and Y/N, they were gone.

Silence reigned in the place, except for the noise of some debris that kept falling and the sobbing of Natasha, who collapsed from the pain.

“Tony!” they heard someone screaming not far from where they were. “We have to go now!” was Steve running to his team.

They all looked surprised and relieved to see Steve running toward them. Behind him was Bucky with Y/N in his arms.

“Fuck,” Clint said while approaching Bucky and watching Y/N.

They all looked at the youngest of the group, half-dead in Bucky’s arms, who was crying and trembling. They’ve never seen the sergeant like that before.

Clint had been right, about his bad feeling.

Once on the Quinjet, Bucky never separated from Y/N at any time. Everyone was watching the scene, as Bucky cried and took his partner’s hand. No one interrupted to give him some privacy. Everyone knew about the feelings of both of them.

No one said anything, the only thing that was heard was Bucky’s sobs. Suddenly the young woman clutched her partner’s hand, he looked at her with uncertainty.

“Y/N…” bucky said as he stroked her hair. “I’m so sorry… Everything that happened to you.”

She slightly denied and smiled at her partner, to calm him down. “Barnes, it’s okay,” she said before he coughed up blood.

Everyone was alarmed because of that, so they approached.

“Hey, what’s up?” Natasha spoke.

“I’m cold and sleepy…” murmured Y/N with a slight frown.

“Don’t even think about going to sleep!” demanded someone.

“Just… Just a few minutes. I’m very tired.” said Y/L/N without energy.

“Hey, Y/N, You’re stuck with me, like it or not.” Bucky said as he took both hands from his partner. “So don’t fall asleep, okay? Squeeze my hands, you hear me? Squeeze them.”

“Okay…” she whispered as she clenched Bucky’s hands.

Once they arrived to New York, the first thing they did was go to the best hospital in the city where they would take care of Y/N. Wanda and Vision arrived before, they were already waiting for the group to arrive.

“Wanda, I’m sure Y/N will come out of this. She always does.” Vision said, putting her hand on her lover’s shoulder.

“I’m afraid. I don’t want to lose another person I care about. She’s like my sister.” said Scarlett Witch.

Vision hugged her and she hid her face in his neck.

“You know? She’s managed to be like the sister I never had. In some way she reminds me of Pietro.” Wanda spoke as she cried and still hugging Vision.

A few moments later the team reached there with a serious and sad look.

“How’s Y/N?” Vision asked when he saw his companions.

“She was in cardiorespiratory arrest.” Clint said.

“And his wounds? What does she have?” Wanda asked.

“She’s got a burn all over his right part of the body, from the abdomen to… to…” Natasha was trying to inform.

“To the stump” ended up saying Tony. “The only way to save her and get her out of the building was to cut her leg off.” he said with impotence. “The rest are bruises.”

Nobody said anything after that. Silence reigned in the place, again.

“We’re drunk.” admitted Wanda.

“And a lot.” Y/N said with a silly smile.

“Hey… have they noticed we’re missing?” Wanda asked with laughter.

“Naaah. Besides, we’re well hidden…”

“In Tony’s closet.”

“I thought we were in the pantry.”

“We’re very drunk.”

“And disoriented” Y/N gave a drink to the bottle, then she laughed.

“You look like a pig when you laugh like that!” said Scarlett Witch.

“I found them!” Clint shouted after discover the two ladys.

“Wanda grab the bottle and run!” Y/N yelled while throwing a shoe to Clint.

“Hey!” he said as Wanda and Y/N escaped.

Y/N and Wanda split up after leaving Tony’s room. Y/N ran quietly so none of her companions would find her. Everything was fine until she didn’t know how, Bucky was carrying her on his shoulder.

“Friday warns the others that I already have Y/N.” Bucky said as he tried to put up his friend who kept trying to escape.“Tell them I’m taking her to bed.”

“What!? No!” complained Y/N “Don’t be a spoilsport! I was having fun with Wanda!”

“The fun is over for today, miss.” Bucky commented with a smile.

“You’re a killjoy, Barnes! You don’t know what fun is” the young woman protested.

At that moment they arrived to Y/N’s room.

Bucky released Y/N on the bed and gave her a seductive but playful look. “Oh, Doll, I know what fun is. And I know how to have a good time.” he winked.

She blushed. “Barnes…” she said as approached him.

“Y/N…” he imitated her.

“I have something to tell you.” Y/N confessed as she looked his friend in the eye.

“Tell me.” he said as he approached her.

“I… I’d like to know if…” Y/L/N was trying to talk while she finished bridging the gap between them.

Bucky rested his forehead on Y/N’s, who looked at his face attentively. Bucky looked at his companion’s lips and kissed them before he knew it.

The kiss was short but sweet and passionate, with a taste of cake and alcohol.

“I’m sorry…” Bucky said when he broke the kiss. “I shouldn’t have done that. You’ re…”

“Barnes” murmured Y/N. “It’s… Okay, really. It’s Okay.”

“But you and…”

“I love you” Y/N snapped.

“What?” asked the Sergeant with his eyes open for the surprise “You love me?”

“Yeah!” she admitted. “Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate.” she said playfully as he hugged Bucky.

“Y/N, but you and-”

“Y/N,” Steve said after he showed up.

Bucky looked at his friend and then at Y/N with whom he was hugging. He nodded his head and looked at the young woman. He kissed her on the forehead and went to Steve’s.

“You should put her to bed. She drank.” he said as he looked at Y/N before leaving “Good night,” and Winter Soldier left.

“What happened?” asked Steve approaching Y/N, who was now sitting in her bed.

“He kissed me.” she said. “And I’ve told him I love him.”

“He kissed you?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“And you told him you loved him?”

“Yes, Captain.”

“You’re drunk.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Stop saying that.”

She nodded clumsily. “Yes, Captain.” she said as she was laying down. “Oh captain, my captain.”

“Bucky…” Steve called his friend who was sitting in the hospital hallway. “You should go home and get some rest.”

“It’s my fault,” the brunette man said with a lost stare.

“What are you talking about?” asked the blonde man.

“That she… It’s my fault what happened to her, Steve.”

Steve sat next to him “Of course it’s not, Buck.”

“I made a joke that bothered her. I told her that she couldn’t have us both. She looked at me confused and went to the bomb, unknowingly. Then it detonated.”

Steve squeezed his friend’s shoulder as a sign of support.

“I kissed her, the other night.” Bucky broke the silence.

“I know,” confessed Steve. “She told me.”

“I kissed your girlfriend, Steve,” she said,“I’m… In love with her. I’m in love with your girlfriend.”

Steve hugged his friend tightly. “She’s not my girlfriend, she never was.”

“What? But… you said…”

“It was a joke of ours.”

Bucky laughed a little.

“She may die. Y/N may die.”

“She won’t. She always manages to come back to us.” Steve spoke.

“This better be it. Because I have to tell her something.” Bucky said in tears.

“That you love her?” asked Steve looking at his friend.

“Yeah, that I love her.” Bucky whispered.

Y/N woke up agitated, like she did every night. all she could feel was a little pain. She was very dazed and dizzy from the medication she was taking for pain and healing the wounds.

It’s been two weeks since the altercation.

As she remembered the mission again, a chill invaded her entire body. She remembered the explosion, being trapped and… Asking Steve to cut her leg off.

She lifted up the sheets and was able to confirm that it wasn’t a nightmare. Everything had happened. Everything was real. Very real.

Y/N took her hand to the stump and felt incomplete. A huge emptiness possessed her, but she immediately felt grateful to be alive.

“Y/N?” she heard a male voice calling her.

“Steve…” she said in tears. He ran to hug her.

Steve started crying. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered.

“You can’t sleep, can you?”

“No, actually. I can only think of that mission, Y/N.” he replied as he sat on his friend’s bed.

“It’s not your fault. You did what you had to do. You saved me, Steve.” said Y/N with tears in her eyes. “You saved me.”

“Your leg…”

“I can live without it. I’ll manage to do it.”

“You won’t be able to…”

“To be an Avenger?” asked the young woman to her friend. “I know. But hey.” she took Steve’s face.

“Yes?” asked Captain America with a look of guilt.

“I’d rather not be an Avenger than be dead.”

“Being an Avenger was your dream.” Steve spoke.

“Yeah, it was. But don’t you think it’s about time I fulfilled my other dreams too?” asked Y/N with a smile.

“Like what?” asked Steve calmly.

“I don’t know. Maybe settle down? Adopt a cat? Travelling?” Y/N said with bright eyes as she saw what the future might hold.

“You can do that with… Bucky?” said innocent Steve.

“With Barnes! Steve… He doesn’t feel the same way, he never felt–”

“If you think I don’t feel anything for you, then you’re more stupid than I thought” Bucky said from the bedroom door.

“Oh, my God. You’ve heard everything. Steve, Barnes heard us.” said Y/N with her hands on her face, dead in shame.

The silence reigned for a few moments.

“I think it’s about time you two talked things over.” Steve said as he walked out the door. “I’ll leave you two alone.” he said before he patted Bucky on the shoulder and then left.

“Hey.” Bucky said as he went to his friend’s bed.

“Hi.” Y/N said shy. “I’m sorry about this. What you’ve heard. Steve just…” she spoke as she looked at Bucky who kept going to her.

Bucky shortened the distance between them and before Y/N could speak he kissed her gently.

“Why?” asked Y/N confused after the kiss.

“I love you too.” Bucky whispered against his friend’s lips.

“I never told you that.” whispered Y/N as she rested her forehead against Bucky’s.

“You did it. I kissed you and then you told me.” Bucky confessed.


“One night, after one of Tony’s parties. You and Wanda hid in his closet and got drunk. I took you to your room, and well, it happened.” Bucky explained with a smile as he remembered that night. “I thought you and Steve were dating and that’s why I didn’t…”

Y/N kissed Bucky this time. Bucky hugged the young woman tightly. They had finally cleared things up.

“Y/N…” the man called her in a whisper.

“Yeah, Bucky?” Y/N questioned as she looked into the man’s eyes.

“This is the first time you’ve ever called me that.” Winter Soldier was surprised, and he smiled at her. “I like it.”

“What were you going to tell me?”

“Well, I was going to ask you.” the sergeant spoke. “I was going to ask you… If you would like to be my best girl?”

Y/N nodded. “I would love to be your best girl, Barnes.”

“Where is the ‘Bucky’ thing?” Bucky asked, pretending to be annoying.

“Hush…” she whispered as she hugged her now boyfriend tightly.

“By the way, Y/N.” Bucky spoke softly.

“Yes? Tell me…”

“I think your dreams of traveling, adopting a cat… They’ll have to wait.“

“Why do you say that?” she asked confusedly.

“Because your dream of being an avenger is not over yet.” Bucky explained to his girlfriend.

“But I do not…”

“I met with T'Challa and he offered to create a new leg for you.” Bucky told her.

Y/N began to cry with emotion. “What? Really?”

“Really.” Bucky kissed her forehead. “He says he owes you for saving him in Vienna.”

“My God…” Both avengers hugged. “I love you.”

“I know. I love you, too.”

“It’s official, they’re together!” Vision said as he passed the wall and walked away.

“What the hell?” Bucky muttered.

“I knew it!” they both heard someone screaming. Clint. “They said ‘I love you’! They’re a couple! They’re really dating!” the Hawkeye exclaimed. “They’re in love!”

“Tony! Tony! Take out the champagne!” cried Sam in somewhere in the compound.

“Damn you, Vision!” Bucky whispered.

“Damn it! Now everyone knows!”

Y/N said leaning her head against Bucky’s shoulder.

The both of them laughed.

RFA + V with an MC who can sleep anywhere

I lied, I need to keep writing to keep my creativity for work up oops
But ye, I thought this would be cute and lo and behold, it somewhat was. I’m thinking I might just do Jaehee when she gets requested because I truly get stuck on her a lot (considering I only did her route once and it wasn’t my fave tbh) and I didn’t do Saeran bc I got somewhat lazy lol

-he’d been wanting to give you a tour of his university for a while and that day has finally come
-you expected him to just show you where his classes were
-But instead, this boy drags you all over the campus
-showing you the library, cafeteria, laboratories, black box, the corner he cries in during exam week, etc.
-he had so much energy in him, so much excitement to show you around
-yet you felt yourself getting exhausted halfway through the tour
-when he stopped to go to the bathroom, you found some nice stairs to just lay across for a few minutes while you waited
-when he got out, he couldn’t immediately find you and assumed you also went to the bathroom
-so he waited
-and waited for a good 10 minutes
-then he got worried and went looking for you
-only to find you passed out on some stairs about 20 minutes later
-you had slept on those stairs for half an hour
-he immediately took you home to let you rest properly
-now knows not to keep you out for extended periods of time
-starts having dates at home now so you don’t have to resort to sleeping on what looks seemingly comfortable in public
-but whenever it happens, he carries you home

-he had finally taken a day off from his busy schedule to spend the day with you
-and it really could not have been more perfect
-he had the whole day planned out to the minute
-took you to brunch, ballroom dancing lessons, an aviary (“All these butterflies, but I’m still the most beautiful of all”)
-he noticed that throughout the whole day, you were leaning on things with your eyes shut
-you assured him that you had plenty of energy the whole day and were fine
-at the end of it, he took you to an overlook of the whole city
-and he wanted to surprise you with a couple photo shoot when you got up there
-but on the small hike up, you saw a big enough rock to rest on
-and as soon as he turned his back, you leaned on it to take a breather
-ended up knocking tf out
-as soon as he saw you, he knew he had to take you home
-was half worried, half impressed with your ability
-next time he has a day off with you, he schedules nap times

-he wanted to take you along to work with him
-thought it’d be good for you to go to some meetings with him
-one, to get to be with you and two, to show you off around the office
-although he had to bribe you by taking you out to eat after
-and possibly eat you out afterwards amirite
-you had sat through meeting after meeting and it all started to sound like the same to your ears
-at some points you started to lean on Jumin during meetings and felt yourself drifting off
-he found it adorable, but also worried whether you were okay
-at the end of one meeting, he decided to let you rest in his office for a bit
-but it still wasn’t enough to not doze off afterwards
-when you were both getting ready to leave for the day, he had to carry you to the car cause you were too sleepy to function
-he still had to get you food
-and now whenever he takes you to the office, he makes sure to let you nap in his office periodically

-this boi never sleeps
-but when he does, it’s usually after seeing you slumped over somewhere in the house (like on the counter, tables, floor etc.)
-cause he’ll just cuddle up next to you and pass out wherever you are
-you both just wake up in the weirdest places around the house and it annoys saeran
-you both wonder why you ever invested in a bed when you never sleep in it
-he has a little more self control in public
-you, on the other hand, are accidentally taking naps anywhere
-grocery shopping with you is so difficult because you have to be in the cart or you’ll nap everywhere else
-made a device to let him know when its either time to get you home or nudge you awake when you’re too sleepy to tell him
-real talk, will take pictures of you sleeping in the weirdest places and post them in the group chat
-starts a bingo in the group of weird places they catch MC sleeping at

-he took you to an art exhibit
-all sorts of expensive sculptures everywhere
-but he really wanted you to tag along because he wanted to show you some of his work that was going to be up
-after an hour of looking through the exhibit, you started to feel a bit drowsy
-you saw a particularly empty bench so you went to sit on it for a bit while V chatted up with other artists
-you ended up taking a quick nap on it while waiting for him
-after he finished, he went looking for you and found you napping on what turned out to be an expensive sculpture
-when you woke up, noticing a lot of people eyeing you irritatingly, he couldn’t help but laugh
-you assured him you wouldn’t sleep on another art piece, but you were leaning on him the rest of the time you were there
-when you almost fell leaning on him at one point, he decided to take you home so you could get some rest
-has learned to let you just rest on his shoulder cause it makes for some cute pictures

If you’re going dressed like that, I’ll have to put you on a leash, so everyone knows you belong to me. // SHAWN MENDES

“Y/N” I hear a voice calling me from downstairs. 

“What” I call back, not moving from where I lay on my queen bed. No response. “WHAT” I call back louder. Still nothing. Huffing I get up dragging my self down the stairs to see what the person wants. 

“Next time just reply,” I mumble to myself. Opening the kitchen door I walk in to come face to face with my boyfriend of 18 months, Shawn.

I squeal running up to him and throwing my arms around his neck pulling him closer. “What are you doing here? You were supposed to be here tomorrow?” I say my face buried in his neck. His familiar cologne filling my senses.

“We got back early from tour and I wanted to see you,” Shawn says holding me just as tightly.

I awe at him. “What did I do to deserve you?” I say pinching his cheek lightly making a slight blush form on his cheeks. He swats my hand playfully.

“Get ready I’m taking you out to La Porchetta,” he says, his hands resting gently on my waist. 

“Shawn do you know how expensive that place is?” I say frowning slightly. I didn’t really like Shawn spending that much on me when I knew he wouldn’t let me pay for anything.

“It’s fine, wear something fancy, I’m going to go change alright Y/N?” Shawn says taking a few steps back.

“Cool,” I say turning around and racing up the stairs. 

“20 minutes” I hear Shawn yell and I chuckle to myself knowing he will be waiting much longer then that.


Putting the finishing touches to my mascara I admire myself in the mirror. After my shower I took my hair out of its braid leaving it in loose, wavy curls. Walking over to my closet I grab the dress that I picked before that I left on the hanger. 

It was a mid thigh baby pink dress that had a high neck line and made my figure look slimmer. It was my favorite dress and I only wore it on special occasions. Just as I finished pulling up the zipper the bedroom door opens and Shawn walks in. 

“Hey” I say walking back over to my bed and putting on my white pumps. Not hearing a response I turn back around to see Shawn staring blatantly at my dress. “Oi my eyes are up here,”

Slowly his eyes drag up to meet mine. Shawn walks over to me, wrapping one arm around my waist pulling me flush against his body. He looked amazing to say the least. His black tight jeans fitted nicely and the black long sleeved collared shirt complemented his hair perfectly. He didn’t even have to try.

“You look good,” I say pressing my lips gently against his. 

“Hmm so do you,” he says against my mouth and I cant help but smile pulling away. “But if you’re going dressed like that, I’ll have to put you on a leash, so everyone knows you belong to me.” his pupils expanding as he speaks so that his eyes look almost completely black.

“I don’t think so baby,” I laugh patting his chest lightly. “Now lets go eat,” I grab my bag and make for the stairs.

“On second thought maybe we could just stay home,” Shawn says pulling me back to him.

“I would,” I say kissing him again quickly, “But I want some pasta,” Shawn groans before following me.

“Stupid pasta,”

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Never Again-Spiderman Imagine.

Request: Can you please write me a peter imagine with 41 & 8? I want it to be sad but also happy at the end. Like the reader doesn’t know he’s spiderman then at the end they get back together? But whatever is fine, you’re the writer 😸 Thanks!

A/N: I’m sorry I’ve been taking so long with requests, but I’m really excited about this one!

41-“I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t risk hurting you again.”

 8-“Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing. You knew you were breaking my heart.”

 Warnings: Angst, depression, tears.


 4 weeks. That’s how long it’s been since you’d last seen Peter. You called, texted and even went over to his apartment to check on him. When May answered she had a pitiful look on her face, saying Peter wasn’t home although you could see through her lie. It hurt, knowing Peter was deliberately trying to avoid you. He wouldn’t even talk to you at school, he’d just throw his head down and walk away whenever he saw you. The worst part was, you didn’t even know why. Maybe he finally realized that he was too good for you. That you are nobody compared to the billions of other girls on this planet. 

 Your eyes sting from lack of sleep and you can feel yourself getting weaker. You spent most of your time locked up in your room doing nothing but sit there staring at the wall, or the ceiling, or the lamp. It didn’t matter. You just felt numb. You’re mom was concerned and even tried to convince you to move on, “Not all relationships last sweetie.” she had said to me, “You’re going to push through.” she had encouraged, although her tone held doubt. He didn’t even break up with you. And that’s what you hated. You were still dating him, and he didn’t even have the courage to properly get rid of you. You curl up in a ball on your bed, doing your best to ignore that little voice in your head that seemed to hate you so much. You stared at your window, reminded of the constant memories of Peter showing up on your fire escape. You never knew how he got up 20 stories of stairs, but he shrugged it off as his “amazing ability to do athletic stuff.” you laughed slightly at his dorkiness, which turned into a slight sob. You hid your head into your pillow as the tears came down, and you let yourself fade.into unconsciousness as the cries echo through your room. ——————————————————————– 

 You wake up to the sound of tapping on your window. You dismiss it as your imagination or maybe a bird as you try to let yourself drift back into slumber, but the tapping (more like knocking) won’t suffice. You freeze, trying to tell yourself it’s just a bird or a pebble falling from an upper floor, but you knew the truth.

Peter always did the same pattern. The same three knocks. You held back a tear from falling down your face as you tried to convince yourself you were making it up, just hearing it so you could see him in some way. But the knocking continued.

Slowly and hesitantly, you pulled your comforter off of your frail frame. It was instinct, walking to the window like you had countless nights before, ignoring the coldness of the floor causing you to shiver. 

It was only now you noticed it was night, you had slept for a long time. 

As you make it to the foggy window, you can make out your boyfriend’s frame, crouching down as he knocks on your window. You pause at the glass, staring out and making out his saddened face. he doesn’t deserve to be sad. i should be the one who’s sad. 

Without thinking, you unlatch the window, letting yourself come face to face with your brown eyed boyfriend for the first time in weeks. The two of you hadn’t been this close in proximity for a while, and it almost made you gasp. Peter said nothing. You said nothing. Silence took over as the two of you stared deep into each other’s eyes. 

You wanted to hug him, kiss him, hold him and forgive him, but you knew what he was really here for. This is it, he’s going to break up with you.

After what felt like hours, Peter finally cleared his throat, his Adams apple bobbing nervously, “C-can I come in…please?” he asked, his sweet voice invading your ears. Before you knew it, you were moving out of the way, your (E/C) eyes trained on the floor as you forced yourself not to look at him.

Seeing him here, back in your room like the countless nights you would binge watch cheesy rom-coms hurt like hell, and you didn’t want to look back up into his doe eyes and break down in front of him. He didn’t deserve your tears.

As Peter stood in front of you, his eyes trained on the far wall, refusing to face you, he spoke, “I think we should break up,” he said, his voice hoarse and breaking at the end, almost like it hurt him as much as it hurt you. You were expecting the words, but you didn’t expect it to physically pang your chest. You felt heavy, like the world was pushing your shoulders down. You wanted more than anything to sob, to fall down and scream, but you couldn’t move. 

“I-I’ve been thinking it for a while,” Peter continued, his words getting more and more stern as he went on, “I couldn’t face you for a while but Michelle convinced me to tell you, it’s only fair.” he spoke, his words cold as ice. Each thing he said was like a knife to your chest. Were you angry? Sad? Relieved? Hurt? You didn’t know, you didn’t know what you felt, just…empty. 

“Why?” You managed to squeak, your voice hardly audible, although Peter heard you. He tensed, almost like he was hoping you wouldn’t ask that question. “B-because–” he struggled, taking a deep breath. Why is this hard for him? I’m the one whose heart is being ripped out of there chest. “Because I don’t love you anymore,” he said confidently, finally turning to face you. 

You looked up to meet his gaze, his eyes were hollow, empty, his face showing no sign of remorse or regret. He meant what he said, at least that’s what you told yourself.

As you said nothing, Peter made a move towards the window, but as he got closer, you blocked his path. He gave you a confused look, then averted his gaze, “No,” You barely managed to mumble. He didn’t move, almost like he was expecting this, “(Y/N)…” he began, “No Peter, tell me the real reason.” You said, looking up at him, “What did I do?” You asked painfully, a lump forming in your throat. He looked at you with shock, “Nothing!” He answered immedietly, catching you off guard, “Then why?” You asked, a tear falling down your cheek.

“I-I have to go,” He mumbled, attempting to move around you, but you blocked him once more, “No Peter, I’m not letting you leave until I understand!” You practically yelled, all of your pent up emotion finally pouring out of you. “I-I can’t (Y/N),” he said, a tear falling down his cheek. Why is he crying? you asked yourself.

As an instinct, you wiped the tear from his face as he automatically leaned into your touch, his eyes closing momentarily as he tried to savor the moment. “You can’t keep lying to me Peter,” You mumbled, tearing your hand away, “I deserve to know the truth!” You exclaimed as he turned away. He threw his hands into his curly hair, gripping his head angrily and grumbling to himself as he paced. 

Before you knew it, he kicked the lamp off of your nightstand in anger, making you jump in shock, “Can’t you see I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t risk hurting you!” He said, turning to face you and immedietly going silent, as if he let something slip.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, studying Peter as a silent message to continue. He sighed, “I-I can’t hurt you (Y/N)..I care about you too much.” he mumbled as he sat on your bed, his head in between his hands.

You sat next to him, keeping a distance as you still were uncomfortable and hurt by this beautiful boy, “You’re hurting me now Peter,” You laughed bitterly, “Can you not see that?” You asked in disbelief as he looked up at you momentarily, before training his eyes on the floor and thinking about your words. “I-I never meant to hurt you–” He began before you scoffed, “Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing.” you say, looking down at Peter, “You knew you were breaking my heart.” He looks up at you, his chocolate eyes filled with regret and hurt, making you want to hold him close until you saw that beautiful smile once again, but you held your ground. 

“I would rather you be safe without me, than in danger with me,” he spoke softly, convincing himself more than you. Once again, you furrowed your brows, “How could you put me in danger Peter? You’re the least dangerous person I know,” Peter laughed bitterly, “If only you knew–” 

“Knew what?”; you interrupted, gaining anger. He sighed, “Tell me Peter,” You demanded once again, “I can’t help if you don’t tell me,” You practically begged, another tear slipping from your (E/C) orbs despite your efforts. “You can’t help (Y/N)” he sighed.

You placed your dainty hand onto Peter’s. He glanced down at your touching limbs and intertwined your fingers together, a motion that was all too familiar. “Tell me,” you asked softly.

He shook his head, “I-I can’t,” he struggled as you sighed, “Why not Peter?  Just tell me!” You demanded, “You don’t understand,” he said, getting angry, “Then make me understand!” You exclaimed, “I’m Spiderman okay?!” He yelled, as you both froze.

You stared at Peter as he caught his breath, looking at the ground, “I-I’m Spiderman…and I can’t risk  hurting you.” he says, making you finally breath, only then realizing that your breath had been held. 

“I-if anything happened to you I–” he choked out before you shushed him, getting up from the bed and wrapping your arms around the damaged boy. He responded immedietly, wrapping his strong arms around your smaller frame and pulling you impossibly close. “I’m not going anywhere Peter,” You whispered as you patted soothing circles on his back. You felt him sob slightly as he whispered, “I love you.” You sighed in happiness, a smile making its way onto your face, “I love you too Peter,” you mumbled, burying your head into his chest.

He stroked your (H/L) (H/C) hair, humming contently. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again,” you scolded, “And don’t think I’m not still mad…cuz I am.” You told him, making him nod, “Yes, be mad, please do,” he encouraged, “I deserve it.” he smiled against you. You smiled as well, “Yeah you do you plant.” He laughed slightly, “Did you just call me a plant?” he asked in fake disbelief. You shrugged against him, “Maybe, got a problem with that.” he laughed slightly, “Not at all, I just missed you.” he hummed as you smiled, “I missed you too Parker.” 

The two of you stood there in silence, soaking up each other’s presence that you’d missed so much, not caring about anything else as the world disappeared, and it was just you and Peter.

“Oh, and Pete?” You asked as Peter hummed in acknowledgment, “You owe me a new lamp.” You say, laughing as Peter cringes. 


A/N: I feel like I kind of made this more like Andrew Garfield Spiderman than Tom Holland Spiderman so…sorry if it feels that way haha. I hope you enjoyed it! Love you all! <3

Morning gym session.

20 minutes stair master intervals. 51 floors total
Squats with dumbbells
-30 lbs, 3 sets of 10
Sumo squats with dumbbells
-30 lbs, 3 sets of 10
Lunges with dumbells
-16 lbs, 3 sets of 10
Donkey kicks
-3 sets of 20
Fire hydrants
-3 sets of 15
Lying side leg raises
-3 sets of 15
Lying side bottom leg raises (no idea what this is called I’m making it up)
-3 sets of 20
Standing calf raises with dumbells
-30 lbs, 3 sets of 20

I’ve been feeling stronger but also less challenged by my workouts. I got a free trial for fitstar and I’m going to try that tomorrow. Has anyone used it before? Love it? Hate it? I’d love to know!

BNHA: Yesterday Upon The Stair, 20/?

Title: Yesterday Upon The Stair

Summary: Midoriya Izuku has always been written off as weird. As if it’s not bad enough to be the quirkless weakling, he has to be the weird quirkless weakling on top of it.

But truthfully, the “weird” part is the only part that’s accurate. He’s determined not to be a weakling, and in spite of what it says on paper, he’s not actually quirkless. Even before meeting All-Might and taking on the power of One For All, Izuku isn’t quirkless.

Not that anyone would believe it if he told them.

(Sixth Sense AU)


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Thursdays Leg Workout

20 minute Stair Master for Cardio. Warm up & Sweat.

Circuit 1

Assisted Bar Squats 

  • Warm up with 10 - just bar.
  • 14-12-10 increasing weight. 10-50
  • Super set with 10 jumping air squats. x 

Assisted Bar Lunges w/ step up

  • 14-12-10 increasing weight. 10-50
  • Super set with 20 jumping lunges.

Plie Squats into lateral lunges.

  • 14-12-10 with 30 pound bar.
  • Superset with 15 resistance kick backs per leg.

Circuit 2

  • 15 kettle bell swings at 20 pnds.
  • 15 wall balls at 4 pounds.
  • 15 deadlifts w/ 40 pound bar on incline.  
  • Three Rounds for time.

Leg day with @jessicarivas