20 something crisis

Shout-out to all the ladies who:

-Are 20-30 something and are definitively women, but still feel like teenage girls

-Are having trouble reaching their full potential

-Feel so disconnected from themselves and their identity sometimes (or often)

-Crave big changes, but are totally scared to make them

…We’re all works in progress, we’ll never be done. Would you really want to have everything figured out already? How much fun would that be? As hard as it is sometimes, try to enjoy (at least parts of) the ride. Keep going, take a deep breath, and be nice to yourself.


“Why are you on the floor?”

“I’m gonna lie here until I know what I want to do with my life.”


Basically I couldn’t function because pretty much every other day, I’d just be doing just be doing my thing and then all of the sudden just descend into the limbo of misery where basically, I hated where I was with my life, I didn’t know what I was doing with my existence and I felt like everything I was doing was a waste of time because I wasn’t on the right path. I’d then just writhe around on the floor in despair for another two days until eventually I could recollect my sanity and do something productive like answer one email.

My life right now

(Dan Howell-danisnotonfire)


Introduction Video

My first ever video to my new channel, My20SomethingCrisis. Or the one where I explain what my existential crisis is. 

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