20 sided

D20 Divination

For you nerdy witches who play RPG like D&D well I have a new divination tool for you that I developed on my own. As far as I know there is one other person who does it but he uses a D6 if I remember correctly. Also this is for witches who can’t afford pendulums either. So here we go…..

What is a D20?

well in simple terms it is a 20 sided dice.

So How Do You Use It? 

So first i get all my D20 out and roll them all. I currently have four they each all have names: Blanche, Tatiana, Viking, and Derp. Ask whom wants to help you. Whomever has the highest number is the one I use because it means they want to help you with your questions. Then you start asking your yes or no questions with the selected dice. 

Now this is how it works: 
  • If it lands anywhere from 1 to 9: It means No

  • If it lands anywhere from 10 to 12: It means Maybe

  • If it lands anywhere from 13 to 20: It means Yes

  • If it lands on an edge where you can’t get a for sure number, falls off the table, falls in your legs or it has landed weirdly: It means: I Don’t Know

I hope this helps! 


Quick 100 calories:

40 jumping jacks

30 crunches

20 squats

10 pushups

(I can’t do pushups, so I just do 40 more jumping jacks)

Thigh Gap:

10 toe touches

20 lunges

30 squats

40 jumping jacks

50 second toe touch

60 second wall sit


5 arm swings

2 burpees

5 bench dips

20 wall pushups

3 burpees

1 divebomber pushup

5 bench dips

5 kneeling pushups

3 renegade rows on each arm

2 inchworms

1 pushup

:30 downward dog

2 burpees

5 arm swings

:30 arm circles (forward and backward)


15 front lunges (both legs)

15 back lunges (both legs)

20 squats

30 leg lifts (each leg)

:20 plank

:30 downward dog

15 front lunges (both legs)

15 back lunges (both legs)

Slimmer waist:

30 crunches

30 reverse crunches

30 butterfly crunches

30 bicycle crunches

30 side plank dips

30 other side plank dips

30 Russian twists

Ab work out:

30 jumping jacks

20 crunches

10 vertical leg crunches

20 oblique crunches

30 Russian twists

:20 plank

10 sit ups

20 bicycles

30 scissors

20 vertical leg crunches

10 jack knife sit ups

:20 side plank (both sides)

30 Russian twists

20 oblique crunches

10 sit ups

20 scissors

:30 plank

Slimmer Legs:

20 windshield wipers (both sides)

20 bent side lifts (both sides)

20 leg pushes (both legs)

20 thigh twists (both legs)

:30 leg lift (both sides)

Here’s what I do at the gym:

16 crunches, knees bent

16 crunches, legs straight

16 crunches, legs in butterfly position

8 crunches, knees bent

8 crunches, legs straight

8 crunches, legs in butterfly position

16 crunches, knees bent

16 crunches, legs straight

16 crunches, legs in butterfly position

4 crunches, knees bent

4 crunches, legs straight

4 crunches, legs in butterfly position

2 crunches, knees bent

2 crunches, legs straight

2 crunches, legs in butterfly position

(Total of 138 crunches)

Cardio work out machines are actually best in intervals. It allows more fat to be burned in between intervals while your heart rate is still up.

20 min elliptical

5 min stretch

15 min elliptical

5 min stretch

10 min elliptical

5 min stretch

10 min stationary bike

If you don’t have a work out machine at home or a membership to a gym, you can also jump rope, which is great exercise, walk, jog, or dance. Look up all the ways you can mindlessly burn calories such as tapping your foot.

anonymous asked:

explain dnd to someone who's never heard of it or played it.

the reason why RPGs exist. it’s THE video game before video games were video games. so imagine playing Skyrim without an Xbox or a Tv.

How would you do it? first, you’d need a narrator telling you what’s going on “You’re walking along the snowy path and you hear the slow growling of a creature around the corner of a wall you’re about to curve around.”

and then, as the player, instead of directing the character with a controller, you say what you do.
“I ready my weapon. I want to sneak up and see what is making the noise.”

Now this is where the gameplay comes in. The narrator, or the GM/DM as it is known, is going to have you make a skill check.
“Roll for stealth”

You have dice, and you have a paper (or an app) that’ll have your stats. You roll the dice and then correspond with your stats. Typically with a 20 sided die. A 1 is a critical failure, and a 20 is a critical success. anything in between you’d have to refer to your skill sheet for the appropriate modifiers (don’t worry about this right now).

“Natural 20!”

“You turn the corner expertly watching your footing as to make sure you don’t step on any twigs or dead leaves buried beneath the snow and you are face to face with a dragon, asleep, on his bounty of gold and treasures completely unaware of your presence”

Now, DND, there is no rules when it comes to what you can do. You could say “I want to take some gold and leave”, you could say “I want to check for magical items” or you could initiate an attack, or you can maybe try and befriend the dragon. Maybe you didn’t even want to know what the hell was making that noise. Maybe you rolled a perception check and the DM told you it was indeed a dragon and you got the fuck out of there - you can do that. Whatever your imagination can come up with is possible in the game.

DND is what you make it. Some DMs put music for ambiance, some people dress up, some people have game boards and minis so you can visually see what’s going on (it gets hard to keep track of people’s locations during battles so this is necessary to some degree), some people play the same game for years, or do a game for one night - it’s whatever you want. You don’t have to roleplay but it’s a lot of fun when you’re really invested. and if you get a group of cool people together it can get hilarious.

I’d recommend watching Critical Role if you’re curious as to how DND is played. CritRole isn’t the only way DND is played but they’re really good at what they do.

Hope this helps!

Voltron Workout

Thanks @sniperlance for giving me the confidence I needed to post this.

This is a workout I’ve been doing, and even though it hasn’t been long, I can feeI and notice the difference. Also, if you have any questions on any of these workouts/poses, just shoot me an ask and I’ll do a video/have a picture of me doing it/explain it for ya. Warm ups are the same as cool downs, so just repeat them when you’re done working out. (Also, I apologize for the formatting, at the moment I don’t have a computer so I’m doing this from the mobile app. I’ll try to fix it when I have one again.)


~Monday’s are dedicated to Keith. We all want to be able to swing a sword like him, so we gotta work on our upper body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bicep Stretches
–Neck Stretches
–Shoulder Stretches
–Tricep Stretches
–Reverse Butterfly
–20 squat chops
–10 wide grip push ups
–10 cross punch sit ups
–20 bodyweight bicep curls
–10 chest squeezes
–10 side choppers
–20 elbow strikes
–20 archers
–10 knife hand strikes
–push ups until failure
~Cool Downs

Tuesday’s are dedicated to Pidge. If you’re using your computer typing up code all the time, you gotta work those hand out so that you don’t get arthritis. We are also going to work on our abs and back because being hunched over all the time is not good for you.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Open And Close Fingers
–Wrist Stretches
–Scorpion Pose
–Pigeon Pose
–Cobra Pose
–50 open and close hands
–40 sitting twists
–20 clench and relax guard
–40 knee to elbow sit ups
–30 bridges
–30 finger taps
–20 windshield wipers
–10 thumb roll and taps
–10 plank arm raises
–elbow plank until failure
~Cool Down

Wednesdays are dedicated to Hunk. He’s super strong in the upper body, but as a leg of Voltron he also needs to be sturdy and stable, so his is an all around workout, working on both the upper and lower body.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Bow Fold
–Child’s Pose
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior Side Lotus
–Forward Wide Bend
–30 jump knee tucks
–10 plank leg raises
–4 raised leg push ups
–20 side jack knives
–20 lunge punches
–20 squat kicks
–10 air bike crunches
–20 Turkish get-ups
–10 plank jump-ins
–diver push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Thursday’s are dedicated to Lance. He’s also a leg of Voltron, but he had some miiiighty fine legs, and really, who wouldn’t want them? And you can’t tell me that he wouldn’t want all of us to have nice tone butts, so today is leg and glute workouts.

~Moon Salutation
~Warm Up
–Figure Four Stretch
–Warrior I
–Reverse Warrior
–Camel Pose
–40 side leg raises
–10 reverse crunches
–10 jumping lunges
–30 high knees
–20 long arm crunches
–25 sumo death squats
–20 roundhouse kicks
–15 hop heel clicks
–20 balance side lunges
–crunch kicks until failure
~Cool Down

Fridays are dedicated to Shiro. Mmmmmm boy, does he have some NICE biceps. So today we gotta be able to one up him with ours by doing some arm and upper body workouts.

~Sun Salutation
~Warm Up
–Half Lotus
–Butterfly Fold
–Bicep Stretch
–Tricep Stretch
–20 side lunge chops
–40 raised arm circles
–20 bridge taps
–10 plank shoulder taps
–10 raised leg push ups
–30 wood choppers
–10 sit up punches
–40 punches
–10 thigh taps
–wide grip push ups until failure
~Cool Down

Saturday is dedicated to Coran. He wouldn’t want us to push ourselves too hard, so today is yoga. Thanks Uncle Coran!!

~Moon Salutation
–Down Dog
–Three Legged Dog
–Warrior I
–Warrior II
–Reverse Warrior
–Reverse Plank
–Bridge Pose
–Locust Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Sunday is dedicated to Allura. Not only should we work on our physical strength, but our mental as well, so today is also yoga.

~Sun Salutation
–Half Moon
–Tree Pose
–Eagle Pose
–Wheel Pose
–Extended Triangle Pose
–Bow Pose
–Fish Pose
–Child’s Pose
–Corpse Pose

Don’t forget that some of the most important parts of being fit, is eating heathly, drinking lots of water, and knowing your limits. You won’t see results right away, keep in mind that it’s okay if you can’t do the until failure things for long. This is a hard workout and it’s meant to push you as far as you can go. Don’t overwork yourself, okay guys?


send me free clothes i wanna model.


Martin rend hommage à Bakhtiyar Haddad, le fixeur, le compagnon de route. | Bref, dans ces zones là, le fixeur c'est la personne la plus importante sur le terrain, tout le monde vous le dira. (…) Bakhtiyar c'était un homme drôle, attachant, un incroyable compagnon de route. Il était surtout excellent dans son travail. Il va cruellement nous manquer, manquer à sa famille et manquer à tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de travailler avec lui.

The Great Dwarvin Manbun

This party consists of Hamsam Bolgra (a dwarvin cleric), Varis Liadon (my high elf wizard), Meri Longtalk and Cole Idunno (two human fighters), and Portia Tosscobble (a halfling rouge), for some background, our DM has asked us to describe our characters to start off our session, Hamsams’ player and our DM both dislike manbuns as a fashion choice so that’s why they react the way they do

Me ooc: I always thought Hamsam had long red hair.

Hamsam: NO NO, it has to be dark to blend in with the scenery! But I have been growing it out!

Party starts laughing

Me ooc: (yelling over the laughter) ROLL FOR A MAN BUN

Hamsam ooc: (starts to laugh harder) OK!

DM: If you roll a five or higher you don’t get a manbun.

Hamsam ooc: Ok! (Rolls 20 sided die)

Hamsam ooc: (rolls a 4) NOOOOOOOOO

Party erupts into more laughter

Aoi describes to everyone the underwear he is wearing today (Rajigaze Jan 20)

(Dark Side Mail)

Reita: “I love Aoi so much that for a while now I’ve really wanted to know what kind of underwear he wears. I wonder what shape and colour underwear he wears, sometimes I can’t even sleep at night. My dark side just keeps getting deeper. Aoi-san, please tell me so I don’t disappear into the darkness, what kind of underwear are you wearing today??” 

(both laughing)

(both make ojisan sighing noises)

Reita: I guess women care about the colour of men’s underwear, too.

Aoi: Yeah…

Reita: I wonder what colour they like? 

Aoi: Yeah I don’t know! But recently guys wear mostly boxers right?

Reita: Yeah you’re right! 

Aoi: And there’s so many different patterns!

Reita: Oh I just always wear plain black ones…(starts laughing) but you wear pretty flashy underwear don’t you Aoi-san??

Aoi: Yes I do! Very very flashy ones.

Reita: (laughing) You do! Like almost psychedelic.

Aoi: Yes, psychedelic. 

Reita: Are you wearing psychedelic underwear today?

Aoi: Probably.

(Reita bursts our laughing)

Aoi: I don’t really have any plain ones

Reita: Oh you don’t?

Aoi: Yeah, the only time I’ll wear plain underwear is if I shower after a live and I have no underwear to change into, then the stylist gives me some. 

Reita: Ah.

Aoi: Their own underwear I mean.

Reita: WHAT!!! You perv!!!!

(Aoi laughing)

Reita: They give you some that they had ready for you right

Aoi: Yes yes yes yes, and that’s the only time.

Reita: Ah…..also Kai wears like…Disney underwear (laughing)

Aoi: Yeahh….like idk if I have any Disney but

Reita: He has like Mickey and stuff

(both laughing v hard)

Aoi: Some 3D stuff

(wtf is 3D underwear)

Reita: But yeah I normally just wear plain ones. I can’t be bothered so I just buy a bunch of the same one. 

Aoi: Ahh….

Reita: Like I do have different patterns, but I have a bunch of the same kind you know….maybe I’ll try getting different ones! I wanna have more fun with my underwear. 

(both laugh)

Reita: Nice…so what kind of underwear are you wearing today? You don’t have to go into too much detail if u don’t want to

Aoi: Ahh today….I havee… (I really hope he is checking rn) so they’re pink

Reita: HHHH-

Aoi: And there’s hot air balloons on them


(both laughing)

Aoi: They have like a sky-blue and…white pattern and…yeah just cheerful underwear with a bunch of hot air balloons floating around you know?

Reita: (laughing) Ok so a pink background, with hot air balloons. Pls everyone imagine this. 

Aoi: Yes


20 ways to draw a more consistent character
1. Draw the most common appearance for your character. This is your comfort zone. (Color)
2. Draw your character from the front, the side, and the back. This is something called a ‘turn sheet’. It’s a little boring to do, but will be very helpful to you in the future to have on hand.
3. Draw your character from the front, the side, and the back, but have them in nothing but their undies at most. This is to show off how your character is built. Drawing nothing but a straight pant-leg with no structure under it is no way to learn! (Skip this if your character doesn’t wear clothes)
4. Draw your character at three different ages than they currently are. (Must be noticeably different. No ages: 4, 5, and 6, etc.) Color one of them.
5. BANG! Your character just heard a loud noise right behind them. Draw their reaction!
6. Draw a bird’s eye view of your character.
7. Draw your character feeling very happy. Show body language.
8. Draw your character feeling very angry. Ditto.
9. Draw your character feeling very sad. You know the drill.
10. Draw your character with a different body type than they usually have. This helps you map distinguishing features onto different ‘templates’.
11. Draw your character if they were the opposite gender.
12. Draw your character as a different species than they normally are.
13. Somebody has just handed your character a live duck. Draw their reaction. Keep them in character.
14. Mary Sue the HELL out of your character. (Due to being asked “What is Mary Sue?” several times, I have included a link to the evil that is Sue: [Click if you dare.]
15. Draw your character lifting something heavy. (no magic allowed!)
16. Draw your character in an opposite role than they appear in your story/continuity.
17. Draw your character doing something they enjoy.
18. Draw your character doing something they do NOT enjoy.
19. Draw your character in a dynamic pose that is not a profile shot (from the side).
20. Draw the most common appearance for your character. Color it. (Pssst! See if it improved from the first one you drew. I bet it did!)

Using the following 100 themes as titles, draw 100 scenarios using  your original characters (or fan characters!). Use this as a chance to practice whatever you feel the least confident in, whether it be poses, coloring, anatomy, or backgrounds.

I suggest doing them out of order, because I know that people will often get stuck on the third or fourth one because it doesn’t interest them, and then they’ll never get any further.  Also, feel free to use speech bubbles. Sometimes it’s hard to express something without words.

New: There is now a group for you to submit your work to! (The group is for art only, but feel free to do this on your own with photography and writing!):

1. Flowers
2. Idiot
3. Winter
4. Tea
5. Books
6. Water
7. Sick
8. Costumes
9. Blue
10. Sunshine
11. Outfit
12. Secret
13. Nighttime
14. Fireplace
15. Red
16. Escape
17. Group Photo
18. Magic
19. Black
20. Game
21. Kitty
22. Christmas
23. Cleaning
24. Toys
25. Boredom
26. Summer
27. Green
28. Lesson
29. Ocean
30. Three
31. Battle
32. Awkward
33. Lunchtime
34. Purple
35. Eavesdropping
36. Tree
37. Bull’s-eye
38. Memory
39. Blood
40. Apron
41. Yellow
42. Bravery
43. Love
44. Vegetables
45. Explore
46. Accident
47. Snack
48. Hate
49. Silver
50. Dirt
51. Wish
52. Puppy
53. Gift
54. Alone
55. Music
56. Drinking
57. Lost
58. Cute
59. Time
60. Rain
61. Nightmare
62. Spring
63. Laughter
64. Doesn’t fit
65. Switch
66. Picnic
67. Stars
68. Admission
69. Celebration
70. Tease
71. Blanket
72. Family
73. Circle
74. Two
75. White
76. Asleep
77. Fantasy
78. Socks
79. Falling
80. Coffee
81. Autumn
82. Valentines
83. Victory
84. Comfort
85. Art
86. Path
87. Protect
88. Beautiful
89. Confusion
90. Meeting
91. Silence
92. Missed You
93. Scars
94. Peaceful 
95. Dance
96. Trapped
97. Hold Me
98. Ribbon
99. Kiss
100. Success


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