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He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.


TOP 20 - 11/26/16
20) Maroon 5 f/ Kendrick Lamar - Don’t Wanna Know [Debut]
19) Alex Da Kid f/ X Ambassadors, Elle King & Wiz Khalifa - Not Easy (=)
18) Hailee Steinfeld & Grey f/ Zedd - Starving (-4)
17) Shawn Mendes - Mercy (-1)
16) Sia f/ Kendrick Lamar - The Greatest (-1)
15) Kenny Chesney f/ P!nk - Setting The World On Fire (-3)
14) Shakira f/ Maluma - Chantaje (+6)
13) Britney Spears f/ Tinashe - Slumber Party (+4)
12) The Weeknd f/ Daft Punk - Starboy (+1)
11) Becky G - Mangú (-1)
10) Tinashe - Superlove (-3)
9) DJ Snake f/ Justin Bieber - Let Me Love You (-4)
8) Fifth Harmony - That’s My Girl (+1)
7) Rihanna - Love on the Brain (+1)
6) X Ambassadors - Unsteady (+5)
5) JoJo f/ Wiz Khalifa - Fuck Apologies (+1)
4) Tinashe - Company (-3)
3) Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful (=)
2) Lady Gaga - Million Reasons (=)
Rae Sremmurd f/ Gucci Mane - Black Beatles
Noah Cyrus f/ Labrinth - Make Me (Cry)
Niall Horan - This Town


Quick 100 calories:

40 jumping jacks

30 crunches

20 squats

10 pushups

(I can’t do pushups, so I just do 40 more jumping jacks)

Thigh Gap:

10 toe touches

20 lunges

30 squats

40 jumping jacks

50 second toe touch

60 second wall sit


5 arm swings

2 burpees

5 bench dips

20 wall pushups

3 burpees

1 divebomber pushup

5 bench dips

5 kneeling pushups

3 renegade rows on each arm

2 inchworms

1 pushup

:30 downward dog

2 burpees

5 arm swings

:30 arm circles (forward and backward)


15 front lunges (both legs)

15 back lunges (both legs)

20 squats

30 leg lifts (each leg)

:20 plank

:30 downward dog

15 front lunges (both legs)

15 back lunges (both legs)

Slimmer waist:

30 crunches

30 reverse crunches

30 butterfly crunches

30 bicycle crunches

30 side plank dips

30 other side plank dips

30 Russian twists

Ab work out:

30 jumping jacks

20 crunches

10 vertical leg crunches

20 oblique crunches

30 Russian twists

:20 plank

10 sit ups

20 bicycles

30 scissors

20 vertical leg crunches

10 jack knife sit ups

:20 side plank (both sides)

30 Russian twists

20 oblique crunches

10 sit ups

20 scissors

:30 plank

Slimmer Legs:

20 windshield wipers (both sides)

20 bent side lifts (both sides)

20 leg pushes (both legs)

20 thigh twists (both legs)

:30 leg lift (both sides)

Here’s what I do at the gym:

16 crunches, knees bent

16 crunches, legs straight

16 crunches, legs in butterfly position

8 crunches, knees bent

8 crunches, legs straight

8 crunches, legs in butterfly position

16 crunches, knees bent

16 crunches, legs straight

16 crunches, legs in butterfly position

4 crunches, knees bent

4 crunches, legs straight

4 crunches, legs in butterfly position

2 crunches, knees bent

2 crunches, legs straight

2 crunches, legs in butterfly position

(Total of 138 crunches)

Cardio work out machines are actually best in intervals. It allows more fat to be burned in between intervals while your heart rate is still up.

20 min elliptical

5 min stretch

15 min elliptical

5 min stretch

10 min elliptical

5 min stretch

10 min stationary bike

If you don’t have a work out machine at home or a membership to a gym, you can also jump rope, which is great exercise, walk, jog, or dance. Look up all the ways you can mindlessly burn calories such as tapping your foot.


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laurenjauregui: Today is a monumental day where we will either as a nation decide to rewind 20 years and side with a poorly qualified, misogynistic, homophobic, racist…OR a well equipped, educated, strong leader who happens to be a woman. There’s a very clear choice here for progression, choose wisely.


Seated leg lifts absolutely kill me, but I love them. Try 3 sets of 20 reps (10 per side) and you’ll wanna cry.

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You can literally list one thousand things to hate about the revival but honestly; complaining about how Luke and Lorelai had communication troubles misses the entire point of that arc. “In 9 years they would have figured it out!!!” Bullshit, in 9 years they would have had up and down moments and Richard’s death would have done exactly what it did: thrown Lorelai into a fearful retreat because she hates being vulnerable and she realizes that she absolutely needs Luke in her life and that he could someday not be there. In 9 years they wouldn’t have magically figured everything out. The magic of the revival is that instead of letting her fear spook her, Lorelai addressed it head on and came out the other side.

In 20 years of marriage they’ll still have communication problems. 9 years of being in a committed relationship made them comfortable, it didn’t cure them of their bad habits.

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I bought a 15lb Gold’s Gym KettleBell. I use it for My Love Handles and Squats.
3 sets: 20 each side
10-20 squats per set.
My routine also works out the arms as well.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions Official US Trailer 2 (2017 Movie) English   


fic - supergirl - lord, save me from your followers (8/8)

Kara, perhaps out of a want for thoroughness in her story, perhaps out of a Millennial-born urge to creep on a the social media of a woman she finds intriguing, discovers that Lena Luthor has a pretty active following on Instagram one afternoon not long after their first meeting. She debates it, just for a moment, before following Lena.

It’s after midnight when the protests get bad. Kara’s phone is at 20% battery and both sides are pushing against the NCPD barricades set up to keep them separate and safe. Kara’s jittery, her fingers shaking as she tweets, staying half a step behind Hieu and his camera. Jeff’s pushing through the throng of the anti-alien protest, speaking to anyone will listen to him.  Kara’s dismayed to see two California congressmen, as well as a few state assembly members and local government officials in the crowd. She makes sure that the #CatCoLive hashtag identifies all of them.

People are bumping against her, pressing in on her at all sides. Kara backs out slowly, careful not to touch anyone. She’s not used to crowds like this, not used to being surrounded by people and knowing that all she has to do is move wrong and she’ll send someone flying.  There was a reason she never went to a concert again after that MCR one Alex dragged her to in high school, it was too claustrophobic, too intolerable.

When she breaks free, she calls Alex.  Fidgets until Alex picks up. “This is a situation for her but I can’t get away,” she says.  She’s not going to say Supergirl in a place so crowded.  

“We don’t want her to show up,” Alex answers.  “It’d fuck up the plan.”

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