20 second


44. VIDEO. (Time-lapse up to 20 seconds.) A snail (or similarly VERY slow insect or worm) crossing a path or going up a wall. Put or stick objects in its path so it has to change directions multiple times. Then have it go through some “winner” gates at the end of its arduous trek. To make it a gripping adventure, you’ve dropped frames and turned this into a fast-paced adventure and set it to 1980s video game music, complete with a grand finale sound at the end when it makes it through the gates.

I just had the longest conversation on how the Battle of the Bastards sequence is pretty much 50 minutes long and took 25 days to film, meaning in theory they got 2 minutes of footage a day, compared to the 3 minutes and 20 second scene from the iconic movie High School Musical 2 where Zac Efron runs around on a golf course(AKA Bet on it) which took six days to film and in theory filmed 53 seconds of footage a day. So I think we can all agree which was scene was far more worth the drawn out filming process, the battle of Troys inner turmoil and identity crisis obviously. And this is why you shouldn’t drink.

Today I showed my friend from North Carolina who’s never been to the west coast before around the Bay Area and one of the first things she saw was a man completely zonked asleep on the sidewalk on telegraph avenue with his pants just down far enough to reveal his entire ass. About a half block away a homeless man was shouting “HELL YEAH” at every single person who passed by which was about once every 5-20 seconds and he did it for at least two hours constantly I admire his dedication to the bit

literally name a more iconic moment in lgbt cinematic history than 12 year old lindsey lohan in the parent trap seeing the girl in the tie-dye shirt, turning to a girl who she met 20 seconds ago, and remarking “now that’s my kind of woman”


favorite  episode of season 3 ❊  2:10 du er over 18, sant?

control your hoes, is all i’m saying.