20 sec

This is what i do when i want to work on my butt area..
30 squats
20 donkey kicks (left)
20 donkey kicks ( right)
20 hip bridges
15 Froggy glute lifts
15 fire hydrant left
15 fire hydrant right
20 sec wall sit
( you can switch it up day by day but dont do it everyday! Your muscles need rest too)


SOUL NEBULA IC 1848 by shaun
Via Flickr:
Part of the Soul Nevbula in Cassiopia. A Narrow Band image with H alpha, O3 and Synthetic Green , 10 hours total exposure of 20x900 sec Ha and 20 x 900 sec O3 NEQ6 MOUNT FLT98 APO SXVH 694 MONO COOLED CCD (-10degrees)


 @billyjay936 said:                                                                                           I wanted to ask! How did you get the speech bubbles to be all wobbly like that. I like how it gives off the effect of talking

(click for caption!!)

I usually do a pattern for these and take out frames that make it look awkward I use up to 5-6 frames in 0.15 - 0.20 sec speed

i did this in a rush so sorry if the animation is a bit spazzy ;v;


We come from a hard way. Almost 6 years in this ship. We have always been holding our heads high trying to find in the small moments the greatest meaning as far as our OTP is concerned and today finally after so long because I don’t remember seeing the carylers so excited and happy since 5x01. The 6x13 episode was good those 20 sec that we had of carylwere gold for us. For many (haters) they willn’t be canon if there isn’t a kiss or sex. What they don’t know is that we have already been canon in their own way (te character’s way). And today will prove that. I am proud to belong to this Caryl family because that is what we are a family conformed by different people in different countries but all united for the same reason. We have supported each other because for no one is a secret that our ship has been the most difficult of the whole show and has given us bitter times and not just only for us even for Mel and Norman. I hope that we continue together it will not be easy but today we will have some happiness. I love you all. I know that good things will come for us (praying for that) but the most important thing is that we stay strong. I hope everyone understands me English is not my first language but as I said in the title. This comes from the bottom of my heart We deserved the good moments too. Like today..

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Phone - trailer from AUB Animation on Vimeo.

20 sec trailer for 2016 graduation animation Phone

Let’s get fit! 15/2

I have been getting into Oatmeal as of recently. Such a good and easy breakfast/lunch food to bring to work when I’m to lazy to get up and make something hahah

Leg press 12 x 3 #60
Leg extension 12 x 3 n.7
Kettle ball Pile squat with raise 15 x 3 #12
Dumbbell Deadlifts 15 x 3 #14
Kettle ball Squat with pulse #12
Crab walk with resistance band 30 x 3
- standing side kicks 10
Single leg bridge 10 x 3
- bridge 20
- hold bridge 10 sec
Lying inner leg lift 25 x 3

30min run treadmill at 10kph