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anonymous asked:

how do you make the gifs for your story? :O

as I always choose the harder way, now I really feel like the procedure it’s very complicated, but I’ve already got used to it, so I don’t feel like doing it differently

  • In animated pose situation, I take photos continuously till the animation it’s over
  • I edit each screenshot I’ve take separately, the same, same light layers, effects, etc. even if there are like 20 pics/frames, I edit all of them, till my eyes burn. That’s why sometimes I’m not really happy with the final thing.
  • I use gimp, so I think the procedure it’s a little different. I upload the first photo of the animation, then I open as layers the other ones.
  • In gimp to make a gif it’s like that: filters → animation → playback → file  → export as..  → select file type (by extension)  → select “gif”  → press “ export”

for sure it’s easier to press “V” in sims and edit the video, and maybe your gifs will look a lot better without a weirdoshitty texture I have on mine, but yeah, that’s how I do it! 


I redrew a picture from my trip, this wild coloring is pretty fun.

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