20 otps


Cool goblin, cute goblin, crazy goblin, shy goblin, sad goblin,cheeky goblin, dumb goblin, ahjumma goblin, smile goblin. All make a great Goblin.

Otp thingy

1.draw your otp kissing
2.draw your otp drawing each other
3.draw your otp hugging
4.draw your otp crying
5.draw your otp snuggling
6.draw your otp making flower crowns
7.draw your otp watching the stars
8.draw your otp confessing their love for one other
9.draw your otp kissing the others cheek
10.draw your otp switching clothes
11.draw your otp wearing there partners jacket/hoodie
12.draw your otp sleeping together
13.draw your otp holding each other
14.draw your otp watching tv/movie
15.draw your otp dancing
16.draw your otp fusion
17.draw your otp listening to music
18.draw your otp as kids
19.draw your otp at the Sadie Hawkins dance
20.draw your otp in high school
21.draw your otp as high school jock and nerd
22.draw your otp at a fair
23.draw your otp reading a fanfiction
24.draw your otp at the park
25.draw your otp taking a selfie
26.draw your otp ice skating
27.draw your otp traveling somewhere
28.draw your otp coloring
29.draw your otp making dinner
30.draw your otp on a date
31.draw your otp reposing to their partner
32.draw your otp getting married
33.draw your otp adopting kid/kids
34.draw your otp as a happy family

srsly tho, between Izuru gently wrapping his arm around Komaeda’s waist and whispering in his ear before shooting him, presumably going to all the effort of erasing his memories of Komaeda and Komaeda’s memories of him (since he was the only member of Class 77 to meet Kamukura in the first place) so he could be surprised by his luck countering his again later, and Hinata in the program making references to how Komaeda’s smile is calming, how he tries to understand him in their FTEs, topped with Hizuru’s actions of refusing to let him stay asleep despite the odds being even lower then for the others that he’ll ever wake up, taking extra time after to build him a nice robot arm even when Naegi and Co. are in danger, and holding his hand twice, dude I’m just gonna throw it out there I’m pretty sure he’s got feelings for him.

“When he pulled the now pale skinned platinum blonde from the chemicals he felt an odd sensation… It wasn’t hatred, it wasn’t irritation. So what could it have been? When she flashed him a grin it hit him, it was much more than he had realized he could feel. It ran deeper in him than his negativity, it was more consuming than his hatred. This woman was not who she once was, she was someone else. Someone more like him, someone he could relate to. And it was all his own doing, he knew that. He’d cracked the shell of the Harleen he’d once known and unleashed something else. The woman he held in his arms now was his creation, and for this, he was proud.”

Joker X Harley Week: Day 1- Pride

Did I ever tell you guys that a couple years ago I accidentally came across the Klaroline prom dress, nearly lost my shit and BOUGHT IT?? Not even caring if it was the right size or not?

Welp there it is. And seeing as I’m long past prom days and have no weddings in the future, I will wear it around the house and cry over my magnificent OTP.

Happy Klaroline Weekend ❤️

“Do you mind if I do something?” he murmured, his arms tightening around me.
“Anything you want.”
But he let me go and slid away.
“Anything but that,” I complained.
He ignored me, taking my hand and pulling me off the bed, too. He stood in front of me, hands on my shoulders, face serious.
“Now, I want to do this right. Please, please, keep in mind that you’ve already agreed to this, and don’t ruin it for me.”
“Oh, no,” I gasped as he slid down onto one knee.
“Be nice,” he muttered.
I took a deep breath.
“Isabella Swan?” He looked up at me through his impossibly long lashes, his golden eyes soft but, somehow, still scorching.