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4, 5, 20, and 27 for Adele please! (I know she's not a canon Inquisitor but she's my baby)

thanks for the ask!! (my pyromaniac baby)

4. How did they feel about being called “The Herald of Andraste”?

Adele felt like laughing when they first called her that, because she felt she definitely wasn’t the Herald. She began to get frustrated rather than vaguely amused when the comparisons to Andraste began, especially when they wouldn’t listen when she said she wasn’t the Herald, not even consider it for a moment. As she began to ponder her loss of faith later on, she came to accept that they needed a beacon of hope - whether she wanted to be it or not was of no concern to them. 

5. What are their religious beliefs, if they have any?

Being the youngest of three, Adele was to work for the Chantry by family tradition; specifically, as a Chantry sister. Before her magic manifested, Adele was as pious as her parents, praying in the chapel on their estate in the morning and then in the evening. However, as soon as she was turned away in shame and sent to the Circle, Adele began to question her faith. Over time, she lost her belief completely - her entrapment seemed so hopeless and she couldn’t believe that the Maker cared for His children anymore. 

20. What was their court approval like at the Winter Palace? Did they have any fun at all?

The Winter Palace was a certifiable nightmare in Adele’s terms - she was surrounded by pretentious nobles who thought she couldn’t hear when they’d whisper about maleficarum. She did not like it, but Adele put on a performance for the court, acting in accordance to Orlesian etiquette and they quickly changed their minds about her. After the ball is when she had fun…

27. As a whole, how do they feel about Tevinter and the Imperium?

Adele is sceptical of Dorian’s claims about his homeland at first, but can’t shake her curiosity about the nation, so far removed from what she knows as it is. She doesn’t trust many things that come out of the Imperium, mind, with Dorian being an exception - anything else, she’ll research about to great pains to ensure that it isn’t dangerous. Despite these feelings, Adele would like to visit one day, for exploration’s sake. 

inquisitor asks!

Dear D&Diary,

Today I had the revelation that my half orc has 30ft speed, but because she’s a monk, her unarmored movement is +10ft at Level 3. Using the ki feature Breath of the Wind, she can dash as a bonus action meaning she can go 80ft in a turn.

If anyone cast Haste on my dear sweet Marfu, she would go 160 in six seconds. 

At her most perfect Level 20 self’s unarmored movement of +30, she could go a max 120ft in a turn, or 240ft hasted. With 20 ki points to spend that could mean a solid two minutes of going almost 30 miles per hour and I think that’s beautiful.

list of things the yoi fandom forgets
  • Phichit and Seung-gil are 20 
  • JJ is 19
  • Georgi is 27 not 25 (that’s Chris) 
  • Guang-Hong is 17 and this season was also his debut year for seniors
  • Guang-Hong trains in the US and Canada during the off season
  • Michele and Sara are 22, meaning they were in juniors with Yuuri 
  • Emil is only 18 no matter how much older his beard makes him look
  • Mila is only 18 too
  • Emil does extreme sports during the off season 
  • JJ does a lot of charity work during the off season 
  • Minako is actually older than Hiroko indicated by Hiroko calling her ‘senpai’ which means upperclassman (Hiroko is 49 meaning Mianko is likely 50 or 51, maybe 49 depending on her brithday) 
  • Viktor’s gold skates also have Russian flags on the outer side of the blades
  • Georgi was seen with another girl (who is not Anya) at the end of the season - presumably on a date 
  • Otabek is only 5′6″ (168 cm) 
  • Otabek has trained in America and Canada and Russia, returning to Kazakhstan only a year ago
  • Guang-Hong and Phichit are two of the Three Most Adorable Figure Skaters in Asia
  • Minami also made his debut in seniors this season having placed third as a Junior at Japanese Nationals the previous season

(for @yoituuri and @starryfeathers. I accidentally deleted this whole thing once so hopefully it doesn’t happen again/ it’s not rushed. I hope you enjoy you two, and anybody else who reads this!)

I made a post about my favorite boy Victor not too long ago, and I mentioned a shot in passing that I really loved, but because it wasn’t the focus of the post, I didn’t go into it. I would like to now. Here it is:

This is the first glimpse of Victor we get within canon. Well, beyond the opening sequence with Yuuri watching Victor skate as they grow up but I think we can all agree that was outside of canon and can be discarded here.


It’s a damn good first glimpse. As you’ve probably already noticed, Victor’s eyes are covered. Deliberately. Dude fuckin does a twirl and the camera is framed in such a way that we don’t get to see his eyes until he looks up for the cameras. That’s an interesting touch, for several reasons. 

First, when a character’s eyes are not visible, it implies something is hidden within them. A trait, motivation, true emotions, etc etc. 

Secondly, the fact that we can’t see Victor’s eyes until he turns to the cameras with that fake-ass media smile. In this scene, we’re being treated as the public. Victor is immediately hiding from us and the rest of the world. You know, something he does all the goddamn time.

Victor is scarily good at masking. For those who don’t know what I mean, masking is the act of hiding one’s true personality, desires, and/or emotions to conform to society. I mask due to past trauma. Victor masks to meet public expectation. 

You’ve probably guessed already that masking is incredibly unhealthy–it’s repression, after all. If it gets bad enough, you’ll stop knowing where masking ends and you begin. Sometimes it takes me months to figure out how I feel about something because I need to sort through so many layers of masking and anxiety and doubt. It’s really difficult sometimes. 

We see tons of lovely examples of Victor masking throughout the show. Here are a few off the top of my head: 

(^absolutely terrified vitya trying to be smooth)

(^living up to his press image)

(^so incredibly upset on so many levels but he doesn’t dare show it)

(^pissed enough that yuuri picks up on it. and then acts dishonestly w/ yuuri by trying to come off as pleasant)

(i love that yuuri is comfortable enough by this point to call victor out on his bs. if you’re gonna get mad, get mad) 

(you can actually see Victor’s hand shake if you watch the scene. boy is so pissed and he’s holding it in)

etc etc. 

Victor is actually incredibly reserved in all the emotions he shows, especially if it’s anger or sadness. For most of the series, he only lets himself go in front of Yuuri or alone. Victor hides from himself, he hides from Yuuri, and it helps no one in the end. 

The beach sequence, actually, is important to this idea too. As we know, Victor asks Yuuri what he wants them to be. 

And then he lists off all these options before essentially asking to go out with him, but in a way that says he’s too scared to do it outright.

Now, this is partially to gauge Yuuri’s feelings towards him, but it’s also highly revealing of Victor’s self-worth. He’s willing to put on any mask, any persona to be with Yuuri. Yuuri, of course, doesn’t want this at all. 


And looking at Victor’s reaction (guarded surprise)

This may be the first time Victor has been asked to just be himself. 

So if Victor was a world champion at 16

(boy is 15-16 in that article)

He must have been skating for a while beforehand. We can probably approximate by saying he started competitions around the time Yuri did, which I estimate to be about 12-13. However, Victor does say this 

And if we’re to believe him, 27-20=7, and therefore something happened at the age of 7 to force Victor into backing away from others and working himself to the bone. Uhm, wow. I don’t know how accurate it is to say that, but regardless, he’s been in the public eye for a long fuckin time. 

Victor has spent this long fuckin time building an image: elegance, confidence, charming yet untouchable. The perfect playboy, in a way. This is the person he presents to the public. I think he’s been masking like this for so long he forgot that this isn’t who he is–Victor has the ability to be all those things, but it’s not who he is. Victor is excitable, bubbly, caring, vulnerable, depressed, lonely, hardworking…Yuuri, by asking Victor to be himself, released a metaphorical floodgate on Victor’s emotions. He’s broken that carefully crafted persona. 

Victor is now publicly goofy and affectionate

(i love how he hides his face a little here…how cute and shy while showing off that he’s yuuri’s)

And can drop his composure comfortably 

(also vitya always wears gloves to competitions until they get the rings and then victor keeps the gloves off completely :v) 

I love that Victor’s relationship with Yuuri has allowed him to find himself again, and peel away those masks to live and breathe and love as he was always meant to. 

i put this picture of me joyously holding giant zucchinis on my tinder just cause i thought it was cute and ever since every first message i get, without fail, is “those are some big cucumbers hehe ;)” which has led me to come to two scientifically proven conclusions. the first being that men are aroused by anything remotely phallic. and the second, men have a generally unclear understanding of vegetables. together hopefully we can work to raise zucchini awareness among men ages 20-27

Every song on Folie à Deux playing at once
Fall Out Boy
Every song on Folie à Deux playing at once

Every single song from Folie à Deux playing at once 

Welcome to hell kids 

here’s a list of every single one of antisepticeye’s appearances, with names of the videos and links to the exact times. will be updated. 

Sister Location #1 [4:27, 8:20, 20:18, 31:27, 33:23, 34:10, 35:27, 39:27]

Sister Location #2 [1:173:59, 9:10, 9:19, 12:56, 17:08, 19:00]

Sister Location #3 [0:01, 1:12, 2:35, 5:26, 5:30, 8:21, 8:36, 10:42, 14:30, 17:27]

Sister Location #4 [0:00, 1:17, 2:39, 3:14, 5:13, 7:28, 10:04, 10:23, 20:10, 21:59, 27:33]

The Temple of No [11:10 (mention)]

Hello Neighbor #2 [9:42]

ClusterTruck #16 [12:40]

Stuntfest #1 [8:33]

Stuntfest #2 [2:17, 4:59]

Pipejob [12:13]

Manual Samuel #3 [21:33]

Guts And Glory #5 [6:58]

Mr. President #3 [1:08, 11:15, 15:50]

The Cubicle [1:40, 3:46, 3:49, 7:23, 9:15]

Layers Of Fear [20:30, 20:38, 22:08]

Layers Of Fear #2 [4:38, 7:50, 10:20, 13:02, 20:11, 26:02]

Soon [entire]

SAY GOODBYE [entire]

Detention 返校 #2 [0:25, 3:43]

Detention 返校 #3 [8:51, 9:02, 22:13]

Detention 返校 #4 [1:12, 2:04, 5:30, 27:45]

PAX East 2017 Intro [entire]

Bloopers & Outtakes #1 [5:17, 10:12]

Bloopers & Outtakes #2 [2:30]

Renee appreciation week!

February 20 is Angelica Schuyler Church’s birthday, so February 20-27 is the official Renee Elise Goldsberry appreciation week! The tag is #reneeappreciation

To quote @averyfandommusical “How to participate: sarcastic use of the word ‘congratulations’, writing fics about her, as much art as possible and generally being a badass bitch” Please spread the word!
Calling All Bosses! :D

Hello fellow jse community members! (^•^)/ so before I start my long post I just thought I’d say if there’s a jackaboy that happens to stumble upon this…. GO AWAY!! :) lol love ya jack but I don’t want you to see this so if you do then don’t read further please :D ❤❤

Ok with that out the way I’ll say what this is about lol. so I’ve been bouncing around this idea for awhile and I figured now would be time to do it! we all know how jack is close to 15 million right?! well I thought it would be cool if we had some sort of community party to celebrate! \(^•^)/ so here’s what I was thinking….

It can be a week long event on here from 3/20- 3/27 :D

Day 1 (3/20): introduce yourself to the community! (you can write a short bio and/or post a selfie, that choice is yours. :) this is just a way for us to meet more people in the community)

Day 2 (3/21): how long have you been subscribed and when/how did you find the channel?!

Day 3 (3/22): what’s your favorite series/video on the channel?!

Day 4 (3/23): how has the channel impacted your life?! (you can get as personal as you wish)

Day 5 (3/24): who are some of the people you’ve been able to meet because of the channel?! How long have you known each other and have you met in irl yet?!

Day 6 (3/25): what made you stick around the channel?! what are your favorite things about jack and why is he so special to you?!

Day 7 (3/26): post fan art, videos, messages etc. regarding the 15 million milestone on the channel :D

And that’s it! :D I know this is last minute but I think this is something positive and fun we all can do together to celebrate both the success of the channel and jack, and simply just show our love :)

** if you have any questions please feel free to send me an ask and I’ll be glad to answer :D so please send this to everyone in the community and just all have a real good time! btw the hashtag I decided to use for this is #15milbosses :) **

(side note: if jack happens to reach 15 million before this than 1) yay! and 2) you can still post all the congratulations things you want \(^•^)/ )

Thank you in advance to anyone​ who actually read all this and might participate! ❤❤


Sans - late 20′s or something
Geno - older than Sans, that’s for sure
Erroe - 5 maybe(looks as old as Sanses)
Ink - mid 20′s
Cross - 27/28 (looks 18)
Dream - old(er than cross)
Epic - 43

Goth - 20(looks 10)
Palette - 12
PJ - 21 23
Print - 18
Scary - 9
Incubux - 20
Fatal - same as Geno but he’s probably months old