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20,27, and 38 for Vkook and Yoonmin!


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20. The roughest sex they’ve had so far?

~ These two have fun, wild, rough sex all the time. Switching it up all the time with different positions and toys and flavored lubes. It tends to be the roughest when Tae tops, Jungkook whining and writhing underneath him with each touch of the older.

27. What always gets them horny?

~ They’re both the horniest when they’ve spent all their energy at dance practice, practically drooling at each other the entire time. You’d think they’d just wanna go home and give way to sleep afterwards. But no. Instead, they sneak into the shower together and jack each other off before cleaning themselves off from a hard day’s work.

38. Favorite sexual fantasy?

~ Tae just wants Jungkook to wear some lacy pink panties and an oversized cream sweater. He loves seeing him all soft and subby.

~ Jungkook may or may not have a fantasy about all six of his hyungs cumming inside of him.


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20. The roughest sex they’ve had so far?

~ It’s never rough unless Jimin is topping. Because being rough is the only way Jimin can ever get a reaction out of the older. His hard cock thrusting into Yoongi’s pretty pink hole making him groan in pleasure. Yoongi hates how much he loves it, doesn’t wan’t to give any of Bangtan the satisfaction of knowing how pliant he gets under Jimin’s touch. But he can’t help but moan and tell Jimin just how good he’s fucking him.

27. What always gets them horny?

~ Yoongi’s obsessed with how beautiful Jimin dances. Loves watching his hips, arms, and legs move in intimate ways.

~ Anytime Yoongi’s rapping on stage or in the recording booth… his swag and confidence, not to mention the rasp of Yoongi’s deep voice, always gets Jimin so hard.

38. Favorite sexual fantasy?

~ Yoongi’s fantasy involves the two of them being completely naked while Jimin gives him a lap dance.

~ Jimin’s fantasy is really dirty but he really wants Yoongi to just like, full on fist him. Like stick his skinny arm all the way inside Jimin until he cums untouched.

How do I express that I would prefer that any new roommates how low testosterone levels? I don’t want to sound mean, but people with high t are literally breaking this house apart. Literally literally! Parts of the house are broken off and put in the yard.

My body is struggling to stay awake now [20:27] due to shifting my sleep schedule. So I might want to sleep before posting.

i put this picture of me joyously holding giant zucchinis on my tinder just cause i thought it was cute and ever since every first message i get, without fail, is “those are some big cucumbers hehe ;)” which has led me to come to two scientifically proven conclusions. the first being that men are aroused by anything remotely phallic. and the second, men have a generally unclear understanding of vegetables. together hopefully we can work to raise zucchini awareness among men ages 20-27

Every song on Folie à Deux playing at once
  • Every song on Folie à Deux playing at once
  • Fall Out Boy

Every single song from Folie à Deux playing at once 

Welcome to hell kids 

2017 SPN Conventions
  • JACKSONVILLE, FL January 20-22
  • HOUSTON, TX January 27-29 
  • LAS VEGAS, NV February 9-12
  • NASHVILLE, TN February 24-26
  • SEATTLE, WA April 7-9
  • AHBL, Melbourne, AUS May 6-7
  • ASYLUM, Blackpool, UK May 12-14
  • JIBcon, Rome, IT May 19-21
  • PHOENIX, AZ June 9-11
  • CHICAGO, IL July 14-16
  • SDCC, San Diego, CA July 23
  • VANCOUVER, BC August 11-13
  • MINNEAPOLIS, MN August 25-27
  • PITTSBURGH, PA September 8-10
  • SECAUCUS, NJ September 22-24
  • TORONTO, ONT October 6-8
  • NEW ORLEANS, LA October 27-29
  • WASHINGTON, DC November 10-12
  • HONOLULU, HI November 17-19 
  • SAN FRANCISCO, December 1-3
Ford Safety Week

Because he’s been through so much, November 20-27 is Ford Safety Week, (a little over) a week dedicated to the safety and happiness of Ford Pines! Everyone is encouraged to draw, write, or otherwise depict Ford being happy and safe for 8 days. We tried to explain the prompts for clarity, but feel free to interpret them as you wish!

The prompts for each day are:

  • Sunday, November 20 - Young Ford and Stan. When Ford was young, his best friend was his brother, Stanley, and the two always looked out for each other! Happiness in Ford’s childhood is the focus today.
  • Monday, November 21 - Ford and Jheselbraum. In Journal 3, Jheselbraum saves Ford’s life and helps to protect him from Bill! Try to expand on this. Perhaps they stay in touch afterward?
  • Tuesday, November 22 - Ford x Sleep. In the show, Ford rarely got to sleep without being haunted by nightmares or demons. Tell us about a time when this is not the case!
  • Wednesday, November 23 - Ford and Dipper. Dipper was the first friend Ford made when he came back to his dimension. Focus on their relationship today!
  • Thursday, November 24 - Ford and Mabel. Mabel and Ford have a lot in common, so they must have a lot to talk about! This day is all about the two of them.
  • Friday, November 25 - Stan and Ford aboard the Stan-O-War II. After Ford and Stan made up, they got to go on their childhood dream trip! Tell us about the good times they have together.
  • Saturday, November 26 - Ford with his whole family. To the Pines, family is the most important thing! Let’s see them all together. (Remember, family doesn’t have to just be blood relation!)
  • Sunday, November 27 - Free day! Have Ford being safe and happy in whatever way you want.


  • No submissions with incest or pedophilia will be accepted.
  • No submissions with explicit or sexual content will be accepted.
  • No submissions with abusive relationships will be accepted.
  • We will accept late submissions up to a week after the end of the event! This means that after Sunday, December 4th, we will stop reblogging posts.

To submit, post your work and tag it with #fordsafetyweek ! All posts that follow the guidelines will be reblogged here. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Gaga’s top 10 moments of 2016
- Lady Gaga performs during 3 shows of ‘The Dive Bar Tour’. Sponsored by Bud Light, The Dive Bar tour was a promotional tour by American singer Lady Gaga, in support of her fifth studio album Joanne (2016). The 3-date tour, which visited dive bars in the United States, had dates on October 5 (Nashville), 20 (New York City) and 27 (Los Angeles). All performances were live streamed on Bud Light’s Facebook page, as well as Gaga’s. 

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