20 more minutes are you guys ready


Prompt: In which everyone BUT Jack and Y/N, know they have a thing for each other

An: Yay another imagine! Its a Gilinsky and its so so. I think its really long oops but it took me Forever to find out a way to end it. I’m Basing this off the recent beach day they had, I guess the boys that were there Nate, Gilinsky, Johnson, Nash, and Matt are in this story, well and I guess Andrea cause she was the only girl who I knew that was there also. And btw Y/F/N stands for ~Your Friends Name~

The blazing sun was ready to set in 20 minutes while everyone started to gather together for the coming up bonfire. The closer Y/F/N brought me to the enlarging group, the more anxious I got with the upcoming loud voices. “Are you sure I have to go with you? They probably don’t like me anyway since I haven’t been hanging out with you guys anymore…” I pouted while she tugged on my hand.

“Oh please Y/N, everybody loves you!” She stopped walking only a little a ways from our group and twisted around to face me. “You do know that when you don’t show up to any of our hangouts they do miss you?” I sighed bowing my head a little before staring at her again.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“Cheer up! We’re gunna have a great time and not to mention your favorite guy is here.” She suggestively wiggled her eyebrows before we heard shouting.

“Aye! Y/N, Y/F/N, over here.” Both of us preoccupied our vision to the shouting voice, glancing at Matt waving his arms frantically to get our attention.

“See? They do miss you.” Y/F/N smirked beginning to jog over to them. I huffed and began walking again, too tired to run. I don’t know why but sometimes I just had that feeling that my ‘friends’ were only inviting me to not feel bad.

“I doubt Gilinsky is gonna be that excited to see me.” I muttered under my breath although Y/F/N was already greeting everyone with hugs.

“Y/N was good?” I followed the sound to see Nate walking over to me. “You’re never around anymore!” Nate came closer engulfing me in a giant hug.

“Yeah well, I’ve been busy.” Lie.

“Well good to see you.” Everyone welcomed each other, exchanging hugs and hellos while the sun was setting. Matt and Nash offered to set up the fire so we all waited around, expecting heat soon. I noticed how, sadly, I hadn’t seen Gilinsky yet despite Y/F/N protest. From my point in the sand, I stalked over to Johnson who was on a log bench in front of the fire pit.

“Hey Johnson, you don’t know if Gilinsky’s coming do you?” Johnson put his phone away smiling,

“Uh yeah I do.” He scooted down making room for me. “He said he was getting some s'more stuff from the store.”

“Oh.” I responded settling down next to him.

“But I do know he wouldn’t miss this.” He muttered under his breath, chuckling a little.

“Why?” I challenged confused, the sky becoming noticeably darker as it was getting hard to spot the walkers on the trails.  

“Well I mean he-” He paused running his hand through his hair, “He uh… You know-”

“I’ve got s'mores!” We both snapped our heads to Gilinsky yelling, running down the beach with two grocery bags in his hands.

“Well there’s the s'mores!” Johnson hurriedly got up walking over to Gilinsky. Okay? That was weird. I stood up rubbing my butt off, getting ready to walk over to Andrea and Y/F/N.

“Y/N!” I turned my head to Gilinsky trotting over to me. My face heated up when he came close and enveloped me in a giant hug, swinging us from side to side.

“I’ve missed you.” He mumbled nuzzling his head into my neck causing him to have to lower himself. What? He really missed me? Matter of fact, they all missed me? I wrapped my arms around his neck holding tight when I opened my eyes to see Y/F/N and Andrea giving each other sly smirks while looking at me.

“Missed you too Gilinsky.” Jack had set the bags down behind me, wrapping his other arm around my waist. I relaxed more into his embrace.

“Jesus you two, get a room!” Sammy blurted out sending me quickly to let go of Jack and him rubbing the back of his neck, making the group giggle all together.

“I’m glad you came.” Jack retorted quieter making sure no one heard. The sun had completely disappeared from the beach and now left the small dim of the fire to light our way. Good thing it was small otherwise everyone could see that my body was on fire.

“Me too.”

“Sit next to me when the fires up and going, yeah?” Jack kneeled behind me grabbing the grocery bags.

“Uhh yeah, sure.” I smiled getting ready to walk over to Y/F/N. My eyes getting used to the darkness.

“Okay cool.” Gilinsky turned around walking over to Johnson and Nash just as I scurried over to the girls.

“See? I told you so AGAIN!” Y/F/N shouted grasping me by the shoulders and shaking me.

“Oh shut up he wasn’t that excited…” I lied smiling before Andrea spoke up,

“Oh yeah for sure Y/N.” They both giggled after I lightly punched them. “What did he ask you over there anyway?” Andrea questioned,

“Oh nothing, just that he wanted to sit next to me when the fires up and going.” I bowed my head a little, earning suspicious glances,

“Oh so you mean now?” Y/F/N laughed before I turned around. The fire was creating shadows all around the pit, lighting up everything around it as it ate up the logs and dry leaves.

“I guess so.” I twisted back around looking at them again. “Well I guess I’ll go sit next to him now.” I responded putting my hands in my sweatshirt pocket. I turned around beginning to walk before I heard Andrea speak up again.

“I’ve got ten bucks on it.”

“Yeah right! I got 20.” Was there something I was missing? Looking around the fire I saw almost everyone had taken a seat or brought up a log to sit on while I searched for Gilinsky. To my right I saw him talking to Johnson just as I started walking up to them. It was getting more treacherous to walk in the sand. I crept up a little bit behind their log as I heard Johnson state,

“Man just do it already. We ALL know now, come on.”

“I know I know! Okay? I’ll do it when the times right.” Gilinsky noticed my presence when he sat up straighter lightly pushing Johnson.

“Hey guys.” I put one leg over the log sitting next to Johnson putting him in the middle since there was no more room next to Gilinsky.

“Here I’ll move.” Johnson smiled at me, getting up.

“Johnson you’re fine,” I laughed at his quickness.

“No no. I insist.” Johnson smiled once again gripping one my shoulders and one of Jacks to push us as close as possible. “Toodles.” He stalked off in a girlish manner walking away.

“Okay, that was strange.” I retorted looking at Gilinsky keeping his stare on his feet. “Hey what’s up?” I asked worried,

“What?” Gilinsky gazed at me smiling. “Nothing I’m fine.”

“Okay.” I smiled, feeling good about this bonfire so far. I actually felt needed for once and especially by one of the guys I’ve liked forever? Yeah it was good.

“Hey do you wanna walk down to the water real quick?” I started at him a little confused while he seemed anxious this time.

“Why not?” Gilinsky stood up and offered me his hand.

“Awwwhh.” I looked to my left seeing Matt and Nash cooing while cuddling. Seriously. What the hell was going on? Why was everyone acting so weird? I took Jack’s hand while he led me away from the fire and towards the sound of crashing water. I guess it was me getting more anxious now cause this was the first time I’ve ever held Jacks hand but at least he wouldn’t figure that out. We both walked slowly and in silence as the waves got louder and closer. Jack stopped walking; keeping my hand in his while I did also. The laughter of the group became almost nonexistent to us while we stood there.

“Y/N can I ask you something?” I twisted my head, my eyes peering at Jack.

“Sure, if I can ask something.” Jack turned his head this time, letting go of my hand leaving me cold. “Why is everyone acting so weird tonight?” I turned my whole body this time facing him. “I mean I know I’m not around a lot anymore but something was definitely different today.” He sighed, and for a little while I thought I might’ve upset him.

“I told everybody to not make it obvious…” The waves were crashing subdually now. Make what obvious? There was definitely something that I missed these past few weeks. “I had revealed a secret of mine to Y/F/N a while ago,” He clasped palms together holding them in front of his body.

“And?” I urged on, wanting him to keep going.

“And, it just so happened that, that secret had to get through the WHOLE group for the time that you didn’t see us for a minute. So I planned this bonfire to finally tell you.” He pointed his hands at me while they were still clasped together.

“Okay Jack?” I laughed, “And what was that secret?” He was hesitant for a bit, as I looked back to see that everybody was huddled together this time.

“I like you.” Wow. Was I really that blind? I giggled a little thinking back to what Y/F/N said at the beginning of the hangout.

“I must be really bad at taking hints.” I took my hair throwing it behind my shoulders.

“What?” He gawked at me backing up a little bit from me from my laugh.

“Oh no Jack! Don’t worry uhm I you know, like you too…” I dug my foot into the sand.

“Wait really?” He replied excited,

“Well yeah duh, I mean look at you?” I laughed, more so talking to myself. “I mean I take that back,” I looked down. “That’s kinda embarrassing.” I laughed awkwardly before I felt Jacks reach for me lifting me up and twirling us around, my palm instinctively moving for his shoulders.

“Yay!” My feet stayed a little bit above the ground as we started to hear cheering far off.


“Took you long enough G!” We both tried to make out the voices in the dark before we smiled, looking back at each other.

“Looks like the group is excited also.” Jack chuckled pressing his forehead to mine.  

“Good.” I smiled warming up from being in his embrace. “Because so am I.” Yeah. Best bonfire by far.