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Talks Machina Highlights - Liam’s Quest Part 2
  • This week’s Denise message: “If you were at Wondercon I was right beside you the whole time.”
  • No Talks Machina next week! Brian and Ashley will be on vacation. Marisha hints that there might be “a thing” in place of the show next week.
  • Advance heads-up on the new Vox Machina shirt! Info for buying will be on Thursday.
  • Little segment filmed at WonderCon where Brian quizzed CR cosplayers with a variety of trivia questions, including, of course, “What is Scanlan’s mother’s name?”
  • Travis abandoned the party four times in this episode. (everyone starts singing “True Colors”) The word “sausage” was uttered seven times, and the word “spaghetti” five times. 
  • Brian brings a picture of himself as a teenager to make everyone feel better about their own pictures that’ve been circulating since the episode. Travis: “Is that sharpie on your chin?”
  • Liam started planning this game before Stranger Things came out, so it was a bit more inspired by “It”.
  • A long time ago, Liam sent pictures of himself as a teenager to everyone in the text thread and they all responded by sending their own childhood/teen pictures back to him, but he couldn’t find that thread when he was setting up the oneshot. He had excellent one-line notes he sent to the artist for each of them.
  • Travis: “I might’ve tried to fight something, but I had no weapons. I had an inhaler.”
  • Liam: “I felt like I balanced it really well with a party of level ones and a demogorgon.”
  • The oldest kids in the game were the youngest IRL; it was just a switch.
  • Brian asks how intimidating it was to have Matt as a player. “Answer your question as though he weren’t sitting to my left in pajama pants.”
  • Kid!Liam was the dead body under the tree. The old man was also Liam. The idea was that Liam kept trying to be there with them through the dimensional shift, but there was already one Liam in that particular time, so squish.
  • One of the few places where there could’ve been a big divergence in the plot was if they’d managed to sneak up on old man Liam–he would’ve traveled with them.
  • Liam to Marisha: “Oldest or youngest, you’re still the toughest motherfucker in this group.”
  • Travis running away throughout the episode was true to life: he ran out of The Neverending Story, Jurassic Park, wouldn’t ride roller coasters, and didn’t see an R-rated movie until he was like 15. Marisha mentions that his reactions at Horror Nights are worth the price of admission.
  • Everyone got to pick their classes for the oneshot. Ashley picked rogue because it felt like what she would’ve been like IRL. Liam: “But you surprised us all and smeared yourself in blood and gore and screamed at the devil.” Everyone agrees that there may have been a multiclass there.
  • Unexpected things on Liam’s end: wasn’t expecting Ashley to be as metal as she was. Wasn’t expecting all the bowing to Satan. He wants to keep some of it ambiguous, but the group didn’t behave exactly the way he thought they would at the end. 
  • The crew was in on the last five seconds, but the lead-up defined what those last five seconds would mean. He’d thought about continuing the metaverse thing indefinitely, but with the way it wound up ending, he thought it was a pretty satisfying finale.
  • Marisha: “I’m an utter dumbass–” Ashley: “No, you’re not!” Long pause. Marisha, turning to Travis: “I’m an utter dumbass–” Travis: “Yes, you are.”
  • Ashley and her best friend put a full bottle of dish soap in the fountain outside the courthouse in Burbank. It bubbled up way more than they expected and was on the news. That was the tamest story she could tell from her teenage years.
  • Liam randomly selected which of them would die first in the demogorgon fight.
  • Brian asks Matt whether experiencing a TPK as a character made him less inclined to possibly cause a TPK with the main campaign. Matt, offscreen: “No.”
  • Marisha has a new tattoo on her wrist that’s the death saving throws indicator from the 5e character sheets.
  • Liam describing Marisha’s reaction to being squished: “It was like seven stages of grief… and then the bird over and over again.”
  • Liam got ideas from Neil Druckmann for specific lines to use to mess with Ashley.
  • It was a little over 20 minutes total of the speak-and-spell voice. Liam knew going in that Travis in particular would just lose it, which made it easier to slip in the more intense stuff. He’d had a lingering cough for a few weeks and was worried he wouldn’t be able to do the voice because he knew the scene wouldn’t quite have the same sort of tragicomic punch without it.
  • The crew was cued in on the phrase “Are you guys ready to play?” at the end.
  • Everyone agrees that they would’ve been good friends had they met as kids.
  • Liam on advice for new DMs who are nervous about trying something really off-the-wall. “If you’re scared of something, that’s what you should be moving towards.” Liam missed a window to say something to someone he lost last year, and so this game was his chance to come right out and say what he wanted to say most to these people.
  • Brian talks about Critical Role has always been about choosing your own family, and how that really shone through in the one-shot. “It was brilliant storytelling and execution… and executions.”

Talks Machine in the dark:

  • Liam first did the speak-and-spell voice when he was eight or nine years old. His son can do it, too. Travis tries to do it and goes a little Wookie instead.
  • As a ranger, Travis would have an otter companion because he loves otters so much. Everyone immediately reenacts the cute otter videos they’ve seen.
  • A Youtube ad for cheese dippers starts playing on the screen with the fireplace. Chaos ensues.
  • Marisha has a lot of dreams of the cast getting caught in a tsunami or a flood. Liam and Ashley have both dreamt of the cast just playing D&D.
  • At the next charity stream, Brian will let the cast decide what he should wear for an episode of Talks Machina.
  • Liam on Sam vs. Matt’s respective Vicious Mockeries: “Sam’s are more dopey zingers, and Matt’s… made me really feel bad.”
  • Everyone likes pineapple on pizza except for Marisha and Brian.
  • In terms of fighting classic horror-genre movie baddies, Ashley and Liam want to fight Xenomorphs, Travis wants to fight Freddy, Marisha wants to fight It.
I've had it with hotdogs

At my theater, we sell hotdogs. If the hotdogs are not fully cooked yet, we cannot sell them. They’re on a slow cooker, and it takes 20-30 minutes for them to fully cook. During the time that they are cooking, if there aren’t any premade, we can’t sell them to customers. And this pisses everyone off.
I’ve had new people accidentally presell hotdogs during huge rushes. Once during the 2015 Star Wars premiere, I had a new girl do that. I was helping my own customer, the lobby was packed, we had people on EVERY register in Concession. So the customers she pre sold hotdogs to got all up in my face because they were standing amongst the madness, didn’t say anything about what they were waiting for, and they saw me make a now fully cooked hotdog for my customer. “Don’t sell hotdogs to other people, we’ve been waiting 45 minutes for hotdogs.” So I make their hotdogs and give them to them and they just keep harping. “45 minutes for hotdogs is ridiculous (they’re completely ignoring the huge rush around us.)”“we almost missed our movie!” Finally I snapped and told them I don’t have time to listen to them complain and told them if they still had complaints, they’d have to go to customer service.
Another time, all the water in our mall got shut off somehow so we had to close up due to health standard issues. The theater itself was closed for two hours and anyone who bought tickets online for a movie during that time would receive a refund. When we finally opened, we had to recook our hotdogs, so we didn’t have any ready. This lady got so pissed that I couldn’t presell her any that she made me call my manager and screamed at him. He told me to just presell the hotdogs to make her shut up, and then she complained that she had to wait 20 minutes until the were fully cooked.
The most recent one was a lady who couldn’t understand why we couldn’t sell them to her before they were done cooking. She wanted us to sell, wrap, and give her two hotdogs that weren’t fully cooked. Allow me to give you the conversation play by play:
Her: I would like two hotdogs
Me: I’m so sorry ma'am, we don’t have any hotdogs ready for you
Her: there are some right behind you
Me: yes ma'am, those are still cooking
Her: well how long have they been cooking?
Me: for about ten minutes
Her *giving me the sympathetic “you’re so stupid” look*: I don’t think it takes more than ten minutes to cook hotdogs
Me: they’re on a slow cooker
Her: well how long will they take to be ready?
Me: probably about 10-20 more minutes ma'am
Her: it takes 30 minutes to cook hotdogs? Don’t you guys have a microwave??
Me: no ma'am
Her: then how do you cook the chicken tenders
Me: a fryer? *points at the giant fryer right behind me*
Her: well fine, I’ll wait. I’ll take those two hotdogs, the meal please, and-
Me: I’m sorry ma'am, I can’t presell hotdogs
Her: what?
Me: I can’t just presell the hotdogs, ma'am. They have to be fully cooked before they can be sold
Her: you’re joking. That’s what we want! This is ridiculous, you guys need to figure out this hotdog situation because it is absolutely disrespectful. *sighs* fine, im just going to wait right here until they’re done.
Me: ma'am, I’m going to have to ask you to step aside so I can take the next customer
Her: no. I’m not moving until the hotdogs are finished cooking.
At this point I’m having a glaring contest with this bitch who’s holding up my line. I call a manager about an issue with a customer and my manager walks up. They have a talk with the lady and goes,“Just go ahead and sell her the hotdogs so she’ll leave” right in front of this lady. The lady is smirking like she won as I wrap her two hotdogs and sell them to her. I’m just thinking “Enjoy your food poisoning, dumbass” as she walks away eating her undercooked hotdog.

Those are the best stories I could think of, I have tons more. Just. About. The Damn. Hotdogs.

TL;DR: Some people will do anything to get some wieners in their mouths.

From Con to Con (Part Ten)


Part Nine

A/N: This chapter was a little harder to write honestly but here it is! Back at a con and we’ll see what happens next!

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: language, someone has a coffee problem, not a warning but dance moves are talked about in this chapter so i’m sorry if that’s confusing

Word Count: 5,959

Tags: @dont-hate-relate-pls, @nekodresden85, @baritonechick, @i-dont-understand-that-url, @sympathyforluci, @crowley-you-sinnamon-roll, @authoressskr, @your-not-invisible-to-me, @cantchoosejustonefandom, @chelseypaigeake@crowleysminion, @laffytaffyhumor, @smoothdogsgirl, @destiel-addict-forever@multifandomlove2002, @agent-superwholockian, @b-northington@waywardswain, @prettyboy-spn@oriona75, @thatone67chevyimpala, @kazchester-fanfiction, @atc74, @derivedfromapho, @shititskatelyn, @spnackleholicswainer, @bloodstained-porcelain-doll, @multi-fan-dom-madness,  @ebeers1673

Forever tags: @eileenlikesyou-maybe

You, Misha, and Mark were in the car from the airport to the hotel where the next convention was being held in Jacksonville. You three were running late as you had to fly on the red eye the night before due to filming. Unfortunately, the flight had been delayed by a couple of hours which threw everything else off. The flight crew had moved everyone on and off the plane a total of four times so you had not been able to sleep much. Mark and Misha on the other hand seemed perfectly fine with their little naps or maybe they just had more energy than you in general. You don’t know how they did it.

The clock read 10:00 AM and you were supposed to be on stage in 30 minutes. Awesome, no time to check into my room and shower. Just have to look like a mess. Misha and Mark weren’t due on for their panels until later on in the day so they weren’t as stressed as you were. Luckily, you were about 10 minutes away from the hotel so you could at least run to the bathroom to freshen up before you walked on stage. You decided to mass text a plea for coffee to the group already at the hotel. 

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A New Beginning X

Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, implied smut, geography sleuthing

Word Count: 1.7k

Tags:@supernatural-jackles @jensen-jarpad @jpadjackles @mrsbatesmotel53 @fangirl1802 @pishposha @sandlee44 @impalaimagining @lipstickandwhiskey @27bmm  @extreme-supernatural-lover

A/N: okay so I hope y'all know how much effort goes into this. I spent 20 minutes trying to find a grocery store that was the right length of time away from Lebanon Kansas just for this chapter. Wowza. Thank you all for reading! Feedback is appreciated and 100% accepted. One more chapter left guys!!

Dean was the most peaceful when he was asleep. It was on your list of favorite things to do, watch Dean in those precious moments of the morning before he woke up and the real world set in, ready to kick his ass. When he was awake, you could see the toll those two months had taken on him. But while he was sleeping, he was free.

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Title: in which you’re pregnant

Pairing: sebastian stan x reader

Words: 1057

Warnings: subtle mentions about sex

Request: reader is the wife of Sebastian and worked with him in civil war,now you’re 6 months pregnant and goes to comics panel and all find u super cute,especially when your baby dont stop quite.

A/N: I honestly didn’t really understand the request but I got the obvious topics out. I just hope you actually liked it. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted! 

“Let’s have a baby when we’re both shooting an action movie! It’ll be fun!” I say sarcastically through the microphone.

“In my defense I didn’t know you’d be this fertile, I mean first Noah now our second baby is on the way.” Sebastian mumbles.

“SEBASTIAN!” I yell at him.

The crowd laughs at my displeasure. I place my hands on my tummy feeling the baby move around. Our baby was a bit more active than usual. He was constantly kicking me and moving around in probably the worst timing possible.

Each moment I tried concentrating on the topic the group were currently discussing about I felt a kick or a jab.

“Hey baby, I’d appreciate it if you calm down for 5 more minutes.” Sebastian whispers as he leans over my tummy.

“And to the left we see a beautiful couple trying to calm their moving fetus.” Anthony chuckles.

The crowd snickers as the cast lets out big smiles.

“So how did you manage to film this whole movie being pregnant? I mean there must be downsides!” The moderator exclaims.

“Well considering I had an amazing stunt double and good co-workers I felt like I was taken care of 24/7. Not to mention, my husband has been a great support system.” I say. “He’d be so into his character but the moment I ran into a bathroom puking he’d step off set and just be there for me.”

“Yeah, we all pitched in. We’re family here, I mean we still prank her even though she’s pregnant.” Chris laughs.

“Can you believe it? They actually pranked me when I was pregnant. That was honestly the downside, I couldn’t fight back because I was unwilling to do anything dangerous!” I complain.

“I’m sure Sebastian helped you!” The moderator says, raising his eyebrows.

“Helped me? He joined in on the fun!” I yell, remembering the time when they all pranked me by dropping water balloons on me as soon as I left my trailer. “In fact, I’m pretty sure Sebastian and his boy toy, Chris were the masterminds behind most of the pranks!”

“You guys are terrible people,” The moderator cackles. “And like how’s it like for you to be on set pregnant? I mean do they baby you?”

“Scarlett and Elizabeth were all over me, they were there for me all the time! The boys on the set were a nightmare but they were great overall.”

“A nightmare? Who were the group of people that drove 2 hours to the nearest McDonalds when you were craving a big mac?” Anthony sasses.

“That was probably the only nice thing you guys did for me!” I yell.

“That’s actually true.” Anthony admits defeat as the audience laughs loudly.

“Having Noah on set on many occasions were a blast too. He absolutely adores Chris for some reason.” Sebastian says.

“It’s because I’m great with kids! Have you seen the relationship between me and my nephew? It’s a cosmic bond!”

“Yeah, sure.” Anthony and Sebastian reply simultaneously, earning fits of laughter from the audience.

Having Noah right beside me during Comic Con probably wasn’t the brightest idea. All my relatives flaked out on me and my babysitter canceled last minute saying she had something important to attend so here I was signing autographs next to my crying baby. Not to mention I was still 6 months pregnant with my second child.

Sebastian and I had taken turns to take care of Noah every 30 minutes. He was passed around like a baton and I’m pretty sure this was terribly unethical.

“Doll, is it my turn yet?” Sebastian asks, opening the curtain that was separating the both of us.

“Yeah, Noah needs a bottle soon so here’s the bag and don’t forget to change his diaper.” I smile.

“You gave me all the nasty jobs!” Sebastian cries.

“I gave birth to him.” I retaliate.

“Fine.” Sebastian frowns, going pulling Noah’s stroller to his side. The group of fans in front of me chuckles at the sight of an exasperated Sebastian.

“He seems like a great husband.” One of my fans say.

“Yeah until you actually marry him.” I joke.

“So what are you planning to name your second child?” Jeanette, one of the fans that I’ve seen quite often, asked.

“If it’s a girl, Jean and if it’s a boy we’re planning to call him James!” I smile brightly.

“Don’t you have the ultrasound to know whether it’s a girl or boy?”

I nod, “We’re keeping it a surprise.”

A few fans had passed and soon enough, Comic Con was over. I strut my way over to Sebastian’s side realising he still had several fans.

I wave to his fans as they excitedly wave back. I take a seat beside Sebastian, looking over the stroller to see that Noah was asleep.

“He’s a deep sleeper, he’s been sleeping even though the whole place was loud.” Sebastian wonders as he signs and gives his fans a hug.

“Well he is your son,” I reply. “It’s no wonder he’s a deep sleeper. I could scream in your ear and you’d still be asleep.”

“I’m not that bad!” Sebastian frowns.

It took about another 20 more minutes when Sebastian was finally done with all his fans. It was adorable to look at Sebastian interact with fans, I mean never in my life had I seen someone so grateful for the people that supported him.

“Are we ready to go?” I question.

“Yep! Just a minute, Noah woke up in the middle of your signing and I think he needs a bottle.”

“Take all the time you need.” I say.

I look over to Sebastian.

“How did I even manage to land a guy like you?”  

“Well, you’re pretty lucky.”

“I am.” I reply.

“But I’m luckier considering you gave me the biggest gift anyone has ever given me.” He replies, gesturing to our children.

“Well, I didn’t make them alone.”

“How about we go home and make another one?” He wiggles his eyebrows.

“I’m pretty sure it’s impossible, I’m pregnant right now.” I roll my eyes.

“Well we won’t know until we try.”

Behind the Walls (Chapter 10)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1,941

Warnings: Cursing! Angst!!!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: Lol I have a midterm tomorrow and I needed to relieve my stress! Sorry guys for the wait! Let me know if i should start using gifs…please! Also thanks for the comments and the anons i love you all! As always, let me know if you want to be tagged.

Tagging: @amxwxxld @confidentrose @vashanatasha @your-puddin @shamvictoria11 @gatorgal94 

The amazing edit is by @264jana

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Meeting An Old Family Friend


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Summary: Hello! I love your imagines and I’m not sure if you’re doing requests but if so I was hoping you could do a stiles x y/n where basically stiles and the sheriff are out somewhere (wherever) and the reader is at their house making them a surprise dinner and an old friend of stiles parents arrives looking for the sheriff and idk stiles and his dad come home and there’s a cute introductions of the reader as stiles girlfriend to the family friend. I hope this makes sense? Thank you x

Side Note: O/C/N means Old Couples Name. Hope you like it!

Beacon Hills could be a stressful place to live in, especially if you knew about the supernatural. So that is why you decided to make a surprise dinner for Stiles and his dad, both of them have been working endlessly to try and make Beacon Hills a safer place and it couldn’t be easy battling all the things they did on a daily basis.

Stiles and you have been dating for close to a year now and things couldn’t be better. The Sheriff had given you a key to the house and had been nothing but supportive from day one. So not only was this dinner a chance for them to relax but it was also a thank you for them letting you be apart of the family. Preparing the sauce for the pasta you had in mind for tonight, your phone started buzzing on the counter beside you. Reading the message from Stiles it said.

Dad and I are just finishing up at the station, be home soon. Love you x - Stiles

Smiling you locked your phone and went back to finishing the meal, hoping that everything would be ready and on the table by the time they got home.

The pasta was done and the sauce was getting there, you were quite proud of how everything turned out so far. Just then the doorbell rang, looking at the clock it couldn’t be Stiles or his dad since they had a key, and well it wasn’t any of the pack members since they all had their own plans for tonight. Walking over to the front door, you opened it reveling an old couple.

“Hi” you answered.

The couple smiled sweetly at you, “I’m sorry dear we were looking for Stiles and his father”.

“They’re still at the police station, you’re welcome to come in and wait for them to come back”.

Moving to the side slightly to allow them to come in, they walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

“Forgive me I don’t want to come off as rude, but how do you know Stiles and his dad?”.

You sat opposite them, waiting for reply. “Were been friends of there’s for years. We were just passing by and thought we would visit”.

Just as you were about to answer Stiles and his dad came through the door.

“Sorry were late babe, something smells amazing. I’m starving lets go eat” Stiles said grabbing your hand.

“Um Stiles, you have guests”.

He turned around and blushed slightly for not noticing them before.

“Oh my god O/C/N what are you guys doing here?” he said happily, hugging each of them.

His dad also greeted them and told everyone to sit and make themselves comfortable.

“As we were telling your lady friend here we thought we would visit” the old women spoke.

“Well I’m glad you stopped by” Sheriff responded.

The Sheriff spoke to the nice couple for about 20 minutes until you announced that dinner was ready.

“Would you guys like to stay, we have plenty food right Y/N?” Stiles asked you.

“Yeah the more the merrier” you announced.

Everyone walked towards the dinning room and took their seats, “Now Stiles are you going to tell me who this young lady is?” the old man asked.

You blushed and shifted nervously in your seat.

“This is Y/N” Stiles introduced you and you gave a shy smile to them.

“It’s his first girlfriend, who would of thought this day would come” his dad grinned.

The couple laughed and Stiles banged his head on the table out of embarrassment, “Thanks for having so much faith in me dad” he replied back.

“Anytime kiddo”.

You laughed and rubbed Stiles back.

“How about we get stuck into dinner?” you suggested.

“Good idea, Y/N you can tell us all about yourself while we dig in” the old women said.

Dinner ended up mostly with the Sheriff telling you embarrassing stories of Stiles when he was young, and getting to know they old family friends. By the end of the night everyone was acquainted and they gave their approval to you before heading off back home.

“Thank you for dinner Y/N it was lovely. I’m off to bed, don’t stay up too long guys you have school tomorrow” the Sheriff said.

“We won’t dad”

Stiles wrapped his arms around you, “Thank you for cooking, dinner was amazing”.

“I thought I’ll do something nice. Your dad and you have been handling a lot these last few weeks” you said.

“How about you and I go up to my room and relax?” Stiles asked.

You turned around so that you were facing him, “Stiles your dad is literally down the hall”.

“I was talking about going up to my room and watching a movie, geez Y/N where is your mind at” he grinned before jogging away from you before you had the chance to hit him with the pillow on the couch.

“Hilarious Stilinski”.

He grabbed your hand pulling you closer to him, “I’ll let you pick the movie just to make it up to you. How does that sound?”

“Deal” you giggled.

Turning off the light the two of you went to his room where the only thing that could be heard was the movie playing, and the occasionally laughter from both you and Stiles.

Smart Mouth

Steve Rogers x Reader
Request: Could you do a Steve x reader one shot where the reader is  really sarcastic, and always has an answer for everything no matter what the  question is? Really like you writing btw
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: So… here is my first imagine of 2017. I’m really gonna try and be better at uploading this year, but I guess we’ll see how it goes! If any of you guys can spot the references then let me know! (All I’m going to say is they are from one of my favourite Chris Evans films) I hope you guys enjoy this, and remember my requests are once again open!

SHIELD had been a huge part of your life. They’d pulled you from a life of crime and made you into something that you were truly proud of. Nick Fury had been a big help as you struggled to make this change. So when the intelligence agency fell, you were one of the first to join his rag tag group to bring down the hellicarriers. When the dust had settled, and you’d all once again parted ways, you received an anonymous message informing you to meet at Lake View Cemetery.

Walking up to the meeting spot, you could see the broad shoulders of a certain Captain and his new running buddy. “So, he wanted to meet in a cemetery? That’s not, like, foreboding at all…” You called out, causing the boys to turn their heads in your direction. “Agent.” Steve responded, arms folded across his chest as he stared down at you. “I have a name, Rogers.” You smirked, mimicking his stance, as Sam chuckled beside you both. “Nice to see you again Y/N, and in better circumstances this time.” Sam smiled, eyes flickering between the two of you as you continued to square off. “You too Sam.” You smiled up at him, still feeling Steve’s disapproving gaze on the back of your head. It was no secret that the Captain wasn’t your biggest fan, he didn’t trust you and fought Fury relentlessly when he insisted you join their team. “So, Y/N, what do you intend to do now SHIELD is gone?” Sam asked, eyes softening slightly as he caught the furrow of your brows. “Nothing good, I’m guessing.” Steve mumbled, looking out over the cemetery. “Just as long as you won’t be there.” You retorted with a scoff and a shake of your head. As the two of you glared across at each other, another voice sounded from across the way. “I didn’t realise I’d been working with a bunch of children.” Fury said, eyebrows lifted as both you and Steve huffed and turned away from one another. “Nick.” Steve greeted, standing slightly straighter now that the ex-director was present. “Captain.” Fury retorted, “I’m guessing you all want to know why I called you here.” He continued, gesturing towards the tree as Natasha appeared from behind it with a grin. “Down to business then.” Fury murmured, pushing his sunglasses up slightly before starting on his speech.

5 months later

“I can’t believe I got put on Cap watch.” You grumbled, carefully slotting another round into the chamber of your gun. “By all means, feel free to leave.” Steve grunted, strapping his suit together more forcefully than necessarily. “Yeah well, I promised Fury I’d watch out for your patriotic ass so… here I am.” You huffed, spreading your arms wide before dropping them back to your side. “Guys, come on, this is the first lead we’ve had in months, are you really gonna have this argument again?” Sam sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose, already fed up with the bickering. “Sorry Sam.” You both muttered, turning back to get your stuff ready.

“Y/N, we need some help in here! There’s more than we anticipated!” Steve’s voice crackled over the comms, sounding annoyed not even 20 minutes into the fight. “Hang on Cap, I have an idea.” You grinned, running back towards the quinjet you’d all flown in on. “Y/N! This is not the time for one of your bright ideas! Just get your ass in here!” He shouted, the clanging sounds of his shield ringing in the background. “For once, just… trust me Cap.” You muttered, grabbing your secret weapon with a grin, before quickly hot tailing it back towards the compound.

Running down the stairs, you could already see Sam and Steve fighting through about 50 HYDRA agents. Bringing your fingers up to your mouth, you let out a loud whistle that silenced the room. Realisation quickly dawned on the enemy agents faces, as you propped up the weapon on your shoulder. “That’s right bitches, I got a crossbow!” You grinned, firing off a few shots as chaos once again descended on the room. Shooting people left, right and centre, you couldn’t help the laughs that escaped you. As the three of you cleared the room, you finally ran out of notches for your bow. Discarding the large weapon you took out the last few agents with just your body. “Phewww!” You exclaimed, grinning around the room as Steve clipped his shield back on and Sam folded his wings back in. “He wasn’t here then?” You asked, rubbing your hands on your trousers. “No.” Steve sighed, running a hand through his soot dusted hair. “We’ll find him Rogers.” You murmured, with a small smile and a nod.

As the three of you walked out into the large entrance of the compound, you rolled your shoulders slightly as the ache began to set in. “Hands up!” A sudden shout rang out, before the cold barrel of a gun was pressed against the back of your neck. “Shit…” You murmured, tensing up immediately, as both Sam and Steve slowly raised their hands in front of you. “Y/N… where’s your gun?” Steve murmured, eyes locking with yours. “It’s in the jet.” You replied, licking your lips nervously. “What’s it doing there?” Sam retorted, eyes clearly scanning the agent that was currently holding you hostage. “Not…much.” You huffed, closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, letting a small smile pull at your lips. Before the man could make another move, you span in his arms, ducking as he fired off a shot. Kicking out as his ankles, you heard another shot fire before he hit the ground. The boys ran to your side, Sam quickly pinning the last agent to the ground as Steve stood by your side. “Good job kid.” Steve murmured, head turning quickly as he heard another body hit the ground. “Y/N?” He exclaimed, dropping to his knees beside you, “What happened?” He asked frantically, hands skimming over your abdomen looking for a wound. “Bastard shot me in the knee.” You grimaced, curling up around the wound. Letting out a sigh, Steve shook his head, knowing that though the injury would be painful, it was not life threatening. “Can you stand?” He asked, arm looping under both of yours. “Oh. Oh, this is Stupid Question Day. This is Stupid Question Day, and nobody decided to tell me! Nah, that’s cool. It’s all good.” You grimaced as you stood up, hitting Steve in the chest lightly as he helped you up. “You have one smart mouth, you know that?” Steve chuckled, helping you hobble towards the jet. “You love it though.” You grinned, knowing that even though you still annoyed Steve occasionally he was slowly coming around to you. “Yeah yeah.” He muttered, squeezing you slightly with a smile.

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Weird headcanon with Biff? :3

Why I’ll be happy to!

  • What they smell like: I imagine he smells like fresh lemon cake and 
  • How they sleep (sleeping position, schedule, etc): I’m going to be honest here, I don’t have anything for this guy’s sleeping position. However, he has a pretty good sleeping schedule, since he has to be an active commentator for the viewers during the fights and keep the energy high for everyone’s entertainment.
  • What music they enjoy: He is a huge fan of Ribbon Girl’s music so I can see him having all of her albums.
  • How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Probably like 20-30 minutes
  • Their favorite thing to collect: ARMS fan merch. This guy probably has an entire room dedicated to every ARMS fighter throughout the history of the sport.
  • Left or right-handed: He’s probably right-handed or whatever handed you call that hand on his head…
  • Favorite sport: ARMS Fighting. There is no other sport he loves more.
  • Favorite touristy thing to do when traveling (museums, local food, sightseeing, etc): I feel like Biff would enjoy going to museums whenever he gets the chance to travel when it isn’t ARMS fighting season. 
  • Favorite kind of weather: Biff enjoys sunny weather the most because the matches won’t get canceled if they’re taking place outside.
  • A weird/obscure fear they have: The fear of people finding out what he really is. I have a feeling he might be some kind of alien or monster that might be feared by humans.
  • The carnival/arcade game they always win without fail: Hmm… I think he might be pretty good at those rhythm games you find in the arcades. He seems like he would be good at those.

I hope you enjoy the weird headcanons I have for Biff!

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-Mod Twintelle

The Honeymooners

Can I request one shot of roman and preferred character named Angel on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Detailed smut please? Thank you btw I love this blog :)

Can you do a onset of your first time on your honeymoon night with Roman

We landed on the resort, immediately boarding our young travel guide’s cart. Today is officially the jumpstart to our honeymoon and I couldn’t be more excited! The Hawaiian air smoothly wiped our faces, as the smell of the ocean flowed through our nostrils. The sun was beaming beautifully, casting a ray of sunshine on every tropical organism. I take in everything that we pass and think of how we’re going to spend the next week vacationing here. From talking with Raymond, our travel guide, there was so much to do here. Not to mention our resort was already an island in itself. A few more minutes later, we came to a stop in front of our entrance. Joe and I hauled ourselves out and he helped Raymond get our luggage off the cart.

“Thanks, man. We’ll see you tomorrow?” Joe takes out a $20 bill and hands it to our agent.

Raymond thankfully accepts the bill. “Thank you, Mr. Reigns! And yes, just ring me when you guys are ready.”

Joe nods and chuckles, “Just call me Joe. It’s no problem.”

Raymond’s youthful, naturally tanned features gleamed as he climbed back into his cart. “You guys get rested because tomorrow will be very eventful. There’s a festival going on that I think you two would love.”

“Great, because I love festivals! See you tomorrow, Ray.” I smile.

He does a final wave at us and drives off to make his next pick up. I look up at Joe with a smile that could rip my face open. I was so excited and happy to be here with my now husband, Leati Joseph Anoa'i. He brought me in to a longing kiss, before pecking all over my face.

“Someone’s excited.”

“I’m ecstatic! How else would a newlywed wife feel in Hawaii?” I kissed his hairy chin.

Joe grinned, “I do share the feeling, babe. Come on,” he smacks my butt. “Let’s find our room and grab some lunch. I’m starving.”

I kissed his lips again before stepping back. “Agreed.”

Our room nearly knocked me off my feet when I crossed the threshold. It was like a damn luxury loft! I could literally fit my whole old apartment in this room. Well, excuse me. Penthouse suite!

“Joe, we could live here! Oh my word, it’s breathtaking!” I sat my carry-on bag on the Aqua colored, marbled kitchen counter. “This kitchen is almost as big as ours.”

“Almost,” he began, “so you like?” His hands landed on my hips, placing a peck on my neck.

“I love it,” I shake my head in awe. “It’s perfect, baby. You’re such a wonderful husband already.”

He laughs, causing me to chuckle at my remark. “Well, I’ve done so well as a boyfriend and fiancé that I figured I should up the game, wife.”

I turn into him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “It sounds so sexy when you say it.”


“Don’t push it. You do still wanna eat, right?” I bite my lip.

“Hmmmmm I can spare another hour.” He wiggles his eyebrows.

“Yeah, right! You’re lucky I love you enough not to make you suffer and agree.” I walk out of his grasp, “Lying isn’t your strong suit, ya know.”

“It was worth a try.” He winks at me. “Want something to drink?”

He saunters to the built-in wooden fridge and opens the right side door. “We have water, pineapple juice, coconut water, milk, grape juice—”

“Pineapple juice is fine.” I come across the room service menu. “I think I want this Teriyaki chicken pasta topped with shredded pineapple.”

Joe comes over to me with my juice and a water in hand. “That sounds good.” He places my juice beside the menu. “Do they have any wild salmon?”

I skim the menu to find the ‘Seafood’ section. “Yep, they have it in Teriyaki, BBQ, Glazed, and Blackened seasoning with a side of yellow rice and a Hawaiian roll.”

He swallows a big gulp of water. “I’ll have that in Teriyaki with an additional two rolls.”

“Their fried shrimp salad sounds good too.” I point out, still examining the menu. “You can get it grilled instead of fried.”

“Sounds good, I’ll have that too. Grilled for me though. Can’t get too fat while I’m here.” He smirks and rubs his core.

I roll my eyes on a snort. “We’re here to sin in every way, dear. That’s the plan.”

He sticks his tongue out, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just ordered my food, woman. I’m about to go wash the flight off.”

“Hope you slip.” I pick up the phone and return his gesture.

“Love you too, darling.”

I dial room service and order our lunch, adding a bowl of mixed fruit to it. After being told that it would be up in about thirty minutes, I started unpacking my suitcase. Once I was finished with mines, I did the same with Joe’s. I put our shoes in one of the closets and stored our suitcases in another. I pick out a pair of white linen shorts, red tank top, and a pair of boy shorts to lay on the bed. I needed to scrub away the long flight myself and finally get comfortable.

“Everything good?” A wet, Samoan god appeared into the bedroom.

I watched him towel dry his long, dark tresses. Droplets from a fresh shower cascaded down his naked frame. I can never get over how fortunate I am to have scored such a sexy beast. My mouth waters a little every time I lay eyes on him, especially when he’s naked.



“You there?” He joked.

I close my eyes for a second, “Um, yeah.” I clear my throat. “What was the question?”

He slowly walked towards me with that dangerous smirk. “I said is everything good with lunch?”

“Yeah, it’ll be about thirty minutes.” I sit on the edge of the bed to take my ankle bracelets and sandals off. “How was the shower?”

“The water pressure was just right. I could’ve fallen asleep under the shower head.”

“Sounds like I’ll really enjoy it then.” I look up, catching him stare down at me. “What?”

“Why do you do that?”

“Do what?”

“Try to avoid me when you’ve been 'caught’ daydreaming about me.” He tilts his head to the side. “We’re married, Angel. No need to still feel ashamed of how I make you feel.”

My cheeks start to warm. “I can’t help it. I just..,” I hesitate, “I feel like you’re so out of my league sometimes. I mean it feels embarrassing to lust over what I already have.” I try to shake my thoughts into place. “Sorry, I’m rambling.”

Joe walks over and stands in front of me. “There’s nothing wrong with lusting over what’s yours, baby. I do it everyday actually and I enjoy it.” His long fingers glide across my rosy cheeks. “Stop thinking I’m out your league, that’s definitely not true. I couldn’t have picked a better woman to handle me in all aspects.”

“Is that so?” I feel my self confidence rise again.

He affirms, “In all aspects.”

I click my tongue, running it across my bottom lip. “I’d like to demonstrate that statement. Make these thirty minutes pass by faster.”

“What do you have in mind?” His deep voice lowered. “Tell me what to do.”

“Come here,” I state.

My tall, well sculpted man walks closer to me until I’m face to face with his beautiful companion. I take off my shirt, followed by my bra dropping them by our feet. I run my hands up the sides of his legs, as I looked up at him with daring eyes. He burned the same glare back into mines. I urged him closer to me so I could kiss along the V-cut of his pelvis, licking off the remaining water. I kissed lower until I met the plump tip of his dick. I started back to the shaft, blowing soft breath back down to the head. It was a thing that I learned on accident that turned him on. So that’s how I started with giving him head from then on. It made me feel powerful to have him succumb to me so quickly.

“Angel,” he hissed. “Do it again.”

“Yes, baby.” I declared, doing what I was ordered.

I slid him slowly into my warm mouth, occasionally pulling back to suckle the sensitive tip. His right hand dove into my curls, while his left hand cupped my cheek. I gripped have his ass to have a firmer hold on him. My man always tasted delicious, hitting the back of my throat with such ease. I pulled back, admiring the saliva based erection before I lifted it towards his stomach with one hand. I speedily flicked my tongue on each heavy sac, causing him to tense up almost immediately.

“Fuck,” I heard through gritted teeth. “That feels so good.”

I sucked one ball into my mouth, humming my appreciation. Then I moved to the second one and did the same. I know the vibrations make him weak in the knees. Just like that, I felt him almost step back and I gripped his ass to hold him in position.

I chuckle, “I got you, baby.”

He covered his face, gliding his hands through his hair. “Angel, damn.” He hissed.

I sucked him back in, placing one hand on his balls in a deep massage. His breathing was becoming erratic, his chest was rising and falling quickly, his vein started to bulge onto my tongue. He was about to climax.

“Tell me where, baby.” I slowly glided him out my mouth, jerking him smoothly.

“Chest,” he bit.

I leaned back on one hand, pulling him closer to me. I proceeded to jerk him off, aiming towards my breasts. His groans were increasing and getting louder.

“Yeah, like that. Keep goin’.”

I did as I was told, feeling the warm climax shoot onto my breasts. His eyes were glued to the action, while grunting out his orgasm.

Looking into his strained face, I smiled. “You look so sexy, Joe.”

“I swear you unravel me until I’m nothing, woman.” He says out of breath.

“Isn’t that why you married me?” I spread his semen around my nipples.

He climbs on top of me, causing me to lay back and spread my legs more. “One of the reasons.”

He slid two long fingers into my wet opening, immediately stroking me deep. My mouth gaped as he increased in speed, pressing his thumb on my clit.

“Room Service!”

My eyes grew big, “Joe!” I hissed.

A rueful smile etched his lips. “Mmmm, seems our food is ready.”

“We have to stop!”

“Ok,” he carelessly shrugged. “Tell 'em we’re coming.” His eyebrow raised.

“Ah!” I tilted my head back. “Oh my god!”

Another knock on the door, “Room service!”

“They’re waiting, Angel.” He moves his thumb faster, “We’re hungry, baby.”

I grab his face, as I brought my face to his. “I’m going to kill you.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Anoa'i residents?” The server said outside the door.

“Coming!” I creamed into my evil husband’s hand.

Joe pecked my lips, “Good job.” He wraps back into his towel. “I’ll get our lunch.” He winked at me.

I watched him saunter away in that prideful stride. That man had nerve, A LOT of nerve! I overhead him speaking with room service as I went into the bathroom. After my shower, I dressed in my outfit that I laid out. I went onto the balcony, where he sat texting.

“Mom said she’s glad we made it safely and she loves us.”

I smile and sat in the chair opposite from him. “Tell her I love her back.”

“Done.” He places his phone in the pocket of his shorts. “How’d you like the shower?”

I take off the silver lid to my plate. “I definitely see why you would sleep in there.”

He laughs, “Told you so.”

We sat at a beautiful wooden table with a bouquet of colorful lilies in the middle. A bottle of Allegro Moscato, my favorite, sat in a chilled bucket of ice. Joe filled our glasses, before we dug in. We made small conversation when we weren’t stuffing our faces, while admiring our gigantic view of the beach.

“So how does it feel?” Joe broke our comfortable silence.

“What?” I wipe my mouth with a handkerchief.

“Being married,” he glanced at my ring, “to me.”

I share his gaze, admiring the diamonds that decorated my small finger. “I still have to blink twice, you know? It’s so surreal to know that there was someone out there looking for me.” I look at him, “You made me realize that I had another half when I felt no such thing existed. I didn’t believe in romantic love until I met you.”

He grabbed my hand, kissing the back of it. “You had a pull on me when I first saw you. I remember locking eyes with you and I felt this strong feeling to walk up to you. I didn’t care who saw me, I just knew I had to get to you before anyone else got to you.”

“At a ComicCon of all places.” I giggle. “Talking to Stan Lee and the Silver Surfer.”

Joe chuckles, “Of all places but it was worth it.” I saw you in my Q&A session before that. You sat in the fifth row on my right, seventh seat if I recall.“

"You remember that from all those years ago?!”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I? I also remember you wearing a black Marvel’s shirt with all the heroes on it. Blue jeans and red Chucks. Your hair was in those beautiful curls that I love so much.” He smiles.

I round the table, sitting on his lap. “So you were watching me the whole time?” I smirk.

“I managed to sneak a couple of peeks while being asked hundreds of questions.” He wrapped a lock of my hair around his finger. “I was waiting for you to ask me something but you didn’t. Why?”

“Because I just wanted to look at you, honestly.” My cheeks flush, “I was so captivated by your looks, the way you spoke, your posture. I knew the moment I sat down that I wasn’t going to be able to say anything.”

“Am I that good looking?”

I roll my eyes. “You’re in your own category, babe. Trust me.”

He chuckles, pulling me in for a kiss. “So are you.”

His lips lingered on mines, while his thumb caressed my cheek. I closed my eyes to inhale his showered scent more vividly. My fingers traced that perfect beard, getting prickled softly by the fine hairs. His compliments always left behind butterflies fluttering rapidly in my system.

“Angel.” His voice rasped.

“Hmm?” I exhaled in bliss.

Gracefully, Joe slid his chair back and carried me back into our bedroom. “I thinks it’s time that I officially made love to my wife now.”

I bit my lip, curling my fingers into his damp hair. “I think my husband is right.”

“ Not That Deep”


A/N I can’t remember if this was requested or not (im like 99.9 percent sure it was though) anyway this is painkink! Michael aka push me down a cliff. :)))) ALSO HOLY FUCK WE HIT 3K THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH THATS SO COOL


It started when you were playing fighting with Michael . He had you pinned to the couch, tickling your sides with no mercy

“Michael ! sTOP. You win” you huffed out through your laughing fit. You dug your cream coloured nails into his bicep, trying to get him to stop this rentless torture agaisnt your abdomen. He hissed in pain and immediately pulled his fingers from your sides.

“Holy shit baby I’m sorry” you scrambled to get up from the couch to were he was. He laughed and shrugged it off. He laughed and shrugged it off.

“It’s ok baby, just a scratch” he mumbled while craning his neck at an awkward angle to look at the shallow lines adnoring his pale bicep. He looked back up at you

“What you think I can’t handle a baby scratch Y/N? I’m a man” he joked and puffed his chest. You still felt bad for hurting him.

“Alright manly man, how about some pizza to make you feel better? On me” you announced from the kitchen. He nodded his head at the mention of pizza and turned on the TV.

p>The second time it happened you grew suspicious. You were waiting for Mikey to come home from the studio but you had fallen asleep while watching reruns of friends. You were awoken but the slam of the door and his cursing echoing through your guys shared apartment. Peeling your eyes open you saw him stomp through the hallway and straight into the kitchen, opening the fridge and downing a bottle of Corona.


p>“Tough day at the studio?” you asked gently, not wanting to deal with a grumpy Michael . He spun around till he was facing you and sighed.



p>p>“I love my job, I love it more than anything in the world but sometimes it gets” he paused for a second thinking for the right word to say “frustrating”. By now he was no longer in the kitchen but was instead laying down on the couch with you. He scooted till his head was resting in you lap ane you pulled your fingers through his brown hair.


p>“We couldn’t get anything done today and we’re meant to be rehearsing for tour but I couldn’t get the guitar for Outerspace for some reason and the guys gave me shit for it and I wanted to come home and sleep but we got stuck in LA traffic and then we had to stop for fans and”. You interuppted his ramble when you started lightly tugging on his curls to calm him down. He moaned and pushed his head futher into your lap.


p>“You done telling your story babe?” you questioned on why he had stopped halway on his recount on his day. He had his red lips pulled into his teeth and had looked…uncomfortable. “Yeah yeah I’m done.” He scrambled out of your lap, looking flustered and his usual milky skin was flushed. “I’m uh gonna take a shower” he mumbles before running up the steps



p>p>Michael was hanging out with the rest of the band and you were sleeping on his chest until Ashton’s loud yell woke up.


p>“Shhhhhh you idiot. She’s sleeping” Michael whispered-shouted whilst simultaneously peering down at you to check if you were still unconscious.


p>“Relax, she’s out like a light.” Calum reassured him and turned back to the game that was on the TV.


p>“How’s your sex life Mike?” Luke leaned back into the couch and raised a beer to his lips, awaiting Michaels answer to the awkward question. Calum’s attention was captured from the mention of sex and turned his head towards the guitar player.

“Yeah did you tell her about the kink” Ash asked and raised his eyebrows at the word “kink”. You felt him tense at the word and you grew suspicious of his actions. “No I didn’t tell her. It’d freak her out. Who wants to hear that their boyfriend has a pain kink?” He admitted. So your suspicions were right. Michael did have a pain kink! But how were you going to use this against him? You stirred slightly in his lap and pretended to wake up. He peered down at you and ceased conversation with the boys. “How’d you sleep baby?” he questioned, like he wasn’t just haven’t the most awkward conversation seconds ago. “I slept fine.” You got up off of his lap and greeted the other boys before claiming you weren’t feeling well and went up to your bedroom. After 20 more minutes of Calum’s relentless yelling that “ Luke keeps cheating at FIFA” Michael finally bid the boys goodnight entered the shared bedroom ready to collapse and cuddle with his girl. What he didn’t expect was to see you there still awake, with his ACDC t shirt adorning your body. “What are you doing still up baby?” He questioned and slipped into your guys sheets. His long arm found it’s way around your waist and he pulled you across the bed till your front was towards his back, his head in your hair. “ Mikey when were you gonna tell me you had a pain kink” you blurted out, ruining the nice moment you two had. He instantly froze and his chubby hands stopped their movement in your hair. “ How’d you find out about that” he whispered and scooted further away from you. You turned around to face him and youre heart broke at the sight. “How about I make you feel better Mikey” you whispered into the darkness. You slid out from his reach and straddled his thighs. He instantly grabbed your hips and tried to push you on to his crotch to relieve the tent in his sweats. You slowly grinded your hips in a circle and Michael threw his head back, his Adam’s apple jumping in his throat. “Please don’t stop baby” he incoherently mumbled trying not to come in his pants like he did in year 9. Grabbing his pale wrists from your hips and pinning them above his head you grinded harder into his erection. “Baby I’m gonna come” his raspy voice warned you but you didn’t stop your relentless torture. You felt Michaels body shake you slowly slid off his waist trying not to hurt him because Mikey was always sensitive post orgasm. You cuddled back into his chest. “Michael I don’t care how weird your kinks are you’re my boyfriend and I love you, weird kink or not” you assured him

Preference #2.5 (Finn Only)

-Your siblings tell him your suicidal-

Written on mobile.

Finn: Knock. Knock. Knock.

I stirred in my enlarged bed. The white cotton sheets turning in my clenched fists with every move. My bare chest starting to meet the cold winter chill. I rose as much of the warm blanket towards my chest, leaving my bare legs and home-made boxer shorts exposed.

“Come in.” I slowly leaned my uncovered back towards the chestnut wood.

My boyfriend Finn slowly crept in with my little nephew by his side. Finn and I were back in Canada to stay with my brother for two weeks. The protectiveness in my brother caused Finn and I to sleep separately. The idea of sneaking was on the table but quickly denied by my boyfriend, Finn. Claiming he wanted to respect my brothers rules and respect him.

“Good morning!” My nephew, Ireland, shouted. She tried jumping her way on my bed but her four year-young legs couldn’t bare the task. Finn lifted her up and tossed her on the bed. A fit of giggles erupted in her and I. Finn sat at the end of the bed, putting my chilled feet on top of his crossed legs.

“This is for you Auntie.” Ireland proclaimed, handing me a warm/hot blanket. I carefully transferred the warm blanket on my chest and the cold infested one on my legs.

“Thank you very much.” I slopingly kissed her cheek, making her cringe. I started to tickle her, until she surrendered. She trotted out the room and towards downstairs.

“Good morning babe.” Finn finally spoke. Tracing his warm fingers up and down my calf.

“Good morning, and thank you.” I leaned forward and kissed him. It was only a peck but a wanted more. It’s been exactly one week since the last time I had a passionate kiss from Finn.
I grabbed his neck kissing him, he slowly laid on top of me and was holding my bare waist. My chest wasn’t exposed only my shorts and stomach. The kiss lasted forever.

“Okay, breakfast is ready. I been standing her for three minutes now. Watching my younger sister make out with a guy is really weird.” Stephen, my older brother interrupted. “Put a shirt on would ya sis. I can’t believe you still do that. It’s minus 20 degrees Celsius out there!”

Finn broke away and smiled at me before descending down stairs.

“Thanks.” I spat at my brother before he left. Quickly grabbing my shirt and bra and putting them on. My back facing towards him. I got up and put some of Finn’s thermal socks on before racing down stairs.

“So, have you and Y/N did the deed already?” I sprinted toward the marble kitchen. Finn look like he was choking on his own air.

“STEPHEN!” I screamed at him.

“What? I know your not a virgin cause I found condoms in between your bed when you moved out when you where nineteen!” I brother defended himself. I kept all sorts of things between my bed. Condoms, comic books, diaries and…pain pills. My eyes widened, and I slowly turned around. Finn chuckling at me but my concerns where different then his.

“Wait, what did you find in between the beds?” My voice getting more nervous and nervous.

“Condoms, a locket diary, a text book, and uh…expired pain meds and a few of your…letters.” My brother confessed. Finn realized this wasn’t a joke and started to look confused.

“Don’t worry. I haven’t anymore.” I rose my hands up quickly and grabbing a few pancakes quickly. I started to hear scratching at the door from Chocolate, the Australian Shepherd. I walked towards the door but before leaving the kitchen, I gave Stephen the permission to enlighten Finn with my past.

I quickly let the dog out to do its business. I could hear a gasp from the kitchen but my mind was to occupied on generating warmth to my arms. I felt a heat source press against my back and arms wrap around my waist. I was still looking out the window watching the dog but I didn’t need sight to know who it was.

“I am proud of you.” Finn whispered in my ear. He passionately kissed me, but unfortunately ended with a make out session on the nearby couch.

Stephen through us a packet, before opening the door for the dog. Finn picked it up and examined the packet. It was a condom. Stephen chuckled before walking to his room and locking it.

Niall Imagine -  Instagram

Anonymous said to nialler-imagines21:Could u ease do an imagine where you’re Louis’ sister and ur 22 and you’ve been dating Niall for a year and Lottie posts loads of pictures of you on Instagram from a party and Niall comments on them and the fans get really happy???

(Y/N)’s POV: 

Niall and I are dating for a year now and I couldn’t be happier, he makes me happy. It’s a wonder that Louis was ok with me and Niall dating,because normally he is strictly against one of his sisters dating one of the lads, but I think he trusts Niall that he won’t hurt me. 

Tonight the boys had to perform at the american music awards and I couldn’t be more proud of the boys and Niall. Because I was on christmas break he invited me over to America and to the award show. It’s an honour for me that he wants me there. Lottie was coming too, so we went shopping the last few days to find the perfect outfit for us. I got a tight black dress that was thigh short with white heels, Lottie got a long red dress with a cutout and black heels.

I never was so excited than I am for the award show, I really hope the boys win.

The day went on and Lottie and I started to get ready. I haven’t seen the boys yet, because they had all the promo stuff and soundcheck. So I was so excited to see Niall again. I finished my make up as the door opened. 

“Hello Princess” I quickly turned around and Niall was standing there just waiting for me to come in his arms. I almost ran towards him and wrapped my arms around his body. 

“I missed you” 

“I missed you too but now I am here love” he pressed his lips against mine. 

“You can be luck that I didn’t put on lipstick yet” I laughed. 

“Do you already know what you are going to wear?”

“Yeah the dress is laying over there” I pointed at the black dress.

“I can’t wait to see you in it” Niall smirked. Then I kept going on with getting ready. After I finished my make up I started to curl my hair. 

“20 Minutes” Someone shouted. I quickly put on my dress and checked myself in the mirror one last time. 

“You look perfect” Niall said

“Thank you” 

The show ended and it was perfect the bos won two awards. Right now we were on the aftershow party and were drinking. Niall had his beer and I had a cocktail. 

“Guys picture!” Lottie shouted. Niall quickly grabbed my waist and pulled me in for a pic. Later that night we were taking some more. Lottie posted them all on instagram. 

As I looked at them, I saw that Niall commented on one of them.

“I have the most beautiful girlfriend ever, I am a lucky guy” 

The fans were freaking out under the picture and I was just smiling, because I was the luckiest girl.

And Cut!

Summary: The reader is an actress in supernatural and has a huge crush on Jensen. Their characters have a thing going on in the show and they have to film a kissing scene.
Pairing: Single!Jensen Ackles x Reader
Words: 620 sorry it’s so short
Warnings: None that I can think of
A/N: In this fic, Jensen is single. I don’t mean any harm to him or his family. I actually really like him and Danneel. I will turn this into a mini series. Tell me what you think. Requests are open.

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Lightning Bolt - Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

Anonymous said:

Can i request a liam imagine about a teen actress (like idk maybe 2 years than dylan s) who’s coming to beacon hills to film a werewolf movie? 😏


You stepped out of your trailer, script in hand. You had a long day ahead of you, the director had told everyone to get ready for a late night shooting. The set today were set in a school, so you had to wait until school was done for the day. 

So here you stood in the country yard of the school in a restricted area, while the students of the school walked past to go home for the day, some pointing at you and whispering with grins on their faces. You looked down on your script instead, figuring you could practice your lines instead of just standing there. 

After a while you felt as if someone were looking at you, not the normal «oh! Look it’s Y/N!»-looking, but the other kind. You looked up from your script, only to lock eyes with a teenage boy with striking blue eyes. He had this adorable face, that one still would think of as handsome. He was in full lacrosse gear, standing by one of the pillars of the school looking at you. He gave him a smile, and he quickly returned it, a blush creeping up on his cheeks. 

 «Y/N! We’re ready to shoot!» The director, Tom, yelled from behind you.


«Now, Jack. Try flaring your crane more, so you would look more like a wolf.» Jack stood baring his teeth, in a ready-to-attack position towards you. You were filming the first scene where Jack’s character Jason showed your character, Clara, that he was a werewolf. 

 All of this happened on the lacrosse field that the schools lacrosse team had been practicing at, but the director had ushered them behind camera. 

The guy from earlier stood there watching together with the rest of his teammates, seeming non impressed by Jack’s werewolf scene. It took 20 more minutes to finish off the scene, so because you guys needed the field for another scene, the director let you all have a little pause so the team could finish off their practice.


It was late when filming got wrapped up for the day. You was on your way back to your trailer to wash off the make-up and change into your own clothes, yawning like a tired panda bear. You rounded the corner of your trailer, only to stop in your tracks. 

 The boy from earlier stood leaning against your trailer, looking up at the moon that shone brightly on the sky. You cleared your throat, catching the guy’s attention. 

 «Can I help you with something?» You asked, looking at him curiously. 

 «Ehm, well, yeah…maybe…I mean..» He stuttered, not really making out the word. His hand scratched on his neck in a nervous manner, and he was blushing furiously. You stepped closer to him, so you only stood a meter apart from him. 

 «I’m Y/N. And you are…?» You asked stretching out your hand for him to shake. 

 «I-I’m Liam, Dunbar.» He said, taking my hand in his, shaking it firmly. 

As you touched it was like a lighting bolt went through your hand, straight into your heart, making it jump a beat. You drew in a sharp breath, in pure shock. It wasn’t that it had hurt, it was actually rather pleasant, because it left a warm feeling all over your arm lingering behind. You looked up at Liam, seeing him as shocked as you, but to see that his eyes had turned a pure glowing yellow. 

You didn’t yell, you didn’t stand there in fear, but you stood there in fascination, and with a feeling all around you that you were save. 

You were where you were supposed to be.

WILD - Ashton Imagine

“Okay your turn”, you said giggling as you and Ashton walked down the street hand in hand, arms swinging.

“Hmm okay, what’s your favorite fast food joint to eat at?” He asked giggling.

You thought about it for a moment. “Hmmm that’s a hard one…let’s see… Dairy Queen has really good burgers AND ice cream so probably there.”

He giggled. “Nice.”

“Okay my turn… what is your favorite childhood memory?” You asked very intrigued to hear more about his past.

“That’s easy. Learning to play the drums.” He said smiling.

“I knew it. Your turn.” You said smiling back at him.

“Hmmm…okay…what’s something that you’ve never told anyone before?” He asked as he squeezed your hand.

You sighed. “I’ve always felt like I don’t belong anywhere. Like I don’t fit in. I don’t know, it’s weird, it’s like no matter where I am I feel like the outcast, you know?”

His smile faded and he frowned. “I get that.”

You gave a faint laugh. “Yeah yeah Mr. Popular drummer man with millions of people who adore you and would give their first born child away to have you spit in their face.”

He stopped walking and looked at you. “No I’m serious. I’ve never felt like I belong anywhere either. The only place that I feel like I do is on stage and…”

“And?” You questioned.

He blushed. “And with you.”

You couldn’t help the wide smile that formed on your face. He smiled back, blushing.

“You’re so cute.” You said laughing and swinging his hand again.

He looked down and smiled. “It’s your turn.”

“Okay what’s your guilty pleasure?” You asked trying to lighten up the mood.

“You’re going to laugh at me but watching Pretty Little Liars with you.” He said giggling.

“My boy!” You said proudly.

He laughed and then his phone started ringing. It was Michael.

“Shit shit I’m on the way, I lost track of time!” You heard him exclaim before hanging up the phone.

“The gig!” He panicked and started running with you.

“Ash the fans! They will see us!” You said panicking.

“It’ll be fine babe security is there!” He said hurriedly.

“They will kill me!” You said worried.

“No they won’t it’ll be fine babe!” He said as he ran even faster.

You heard the screaming girls from a mile away.

“Ash…” You said completely unsure about this.

“Trust me y/n, it’ll be fine. Just keep your head down and hold on to my hand. DO NOT LET GO.” He said trying to calm you, but the worry in his voice was very obvious.

You gulped and grabbed Ash’s hand tighter.

You ran through the crowd of fans with your head down as he had instructed.

“Sorry guys I’m late! I’ll see you later, enjoy the show!” He said as he ran through the fans waiting to even get a glimpse of him.

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brendon’s periscope recap 6/25
  • “’i like your dogs more than you’ nice, i like my dogs more than me too”
  • “prank call someone? i’m 28 years old, i’m not going to prank call someone”
  • about if he likes taylor swift/miley cyrus/katy perry: “it’s a nonthreatening talented white girl, who doesn’t like them?”
  • he just finished watching orange is the new black a few days ago
  • “do i ever listen to my own music? no, only when i mixing it for the album.” 
  • brendon doesn’t think we’re ready to hear “the flagstaff story” because it involves stealing
  • brendon once had a girl steal her dad’s harmonica and give it to him and then kissed him when he was like eight
  • first tour story: “we played like twenty minutes every night, just as the doors are opening. one night we were out in the south at a steak and shake, and a couple of the guys from the bands all took mushrooms” basically the band members were tripping and freaked out when they saw panic. it was his first encounter with mushrooms. 
  • about his first trip on mushrooms: “it was intense. we were in the desert in vegas, and um we each took so much. a little more than an eighth on pizza. within twenty five minutes i started—i got so high i just started giggling hysterically. but we were at a public campground, and some rude lady walks over, and is like ‘you guys are being so loud’ and that freaked me out.” brendon went into the tent because he got self-conscious. it was when he was probably 20. it was with spencer, ryan, jon, and their merch guy. 
  • when asked to tell a honda civic tour story: “i’m not going to divulge that story. maybe in ten or twenty years. you’re not ready” 
  • “‘how high were you during pretty odd?’ incredibly high. all the high.”
  • “‘cabin era?’ yeah good times.” 
  • “do i like to be around children? *sighs heavily* i think that was the answer. i want to give myself a vasectomy every time i’m on a plane with children”

“Please Teach Me What To Do.”

Seraphim Entertainment and Voiceiyuu present the REMAKE of


My Teacher is a short, cute otome visual novel created during NaNoReno 2013. It is now being remade with better writing (The length will be the same) and added voice acting. We may even see some updated art!


You are a very talented teacher/caretaker for the young age you are. You have made devil children into angels and have trained delinquents to become perfect students in a matter of days. You are nationally famous for your work and many parents and school teachers ask for your advice.

However, one day, you receive a phone call from a very powerful businessman, requesting your immediate aid. Because of the importance of the client, you rush to meet him personally in his office in the city. He then introduces you to his 4 EXTREMELY handsome sons (each having a different mother) and says, “One of these boys will be the next CEO of this company, but none of them are ready. They all still act like children. I ask that you train one of them with the best of your ability to become a mature adult, ready for my position.”

Problem is, you only get 3 days to do this. Are you ready to take on your greatest challenge yet?


  • Writer/Director/Programmer - Michaela Laws
  • Artists: (Nero279), 柳 (roundmetal)
  • Composer: Christopher Escalante


  • 20-30 minutes Of Gameplay!
  • 8 Possible Endings!
  • Original Music
  • Cute and REDONE!
  • Custom GUI and Art!
  • Full Voice Acting by Voiceiyuu!

More to come soon!!!

Jack Johnson Imagine - Hero

“Hey (Y/N), Wait up!” turning around you see your best friend, (Y/B/F/N), running through the crowded hallway towards you.
“Hey what’s up?” You reply once she has come to a stop in front of you. You two begin walking towards the big double doors.
“So, jack Gilinsky is having a party tonight. we should go”

Jack Gilinsky is one of the most popular boy in school. He’s in ‘the crew’ with Sammy - The player who can get any girl any time. Nate - The mysterious one. every girl wants to be the one to figure him out. Jack Gilinsky - Known for his epic parties and being the class clown. And Jack Johnson - The IT guy. Everyone loves him the teachers, students, parents, animals everyone. Every girl in the state what to be known as his.

“I don’t know. I’ve got homework”
“Common. Its a Friday. The last day before winter break. Pleaseeee. Plus Johnson will be there and you can woo him” she looks at you with her puppy dog look which you cannot say no to and she knows it.
“Okay” you sigh
“Yes” she links arms with you and starts skipping towards your car.


As soon as you step in your room. You dive on your bed and (Y/B/F/N) starts going through your wardrobe.

“Okay. red suits you so we’ll go with that colour”
“Really (Y/B/F/N) we’ve still got three hours”
“Yes (Y/N) making Johnson fall in love with you needs preparation”
“Aurghhhhh why am I friend with you again” she just giggles and starts looking through your wardrobe again.


After about an hour of podding and Pocking every part in your body your finally done.
“Did you really have to burn my ear with that curling iron” you ask (Y/B/F/N)
“Yes because you look amazing. Now look at my masterpiece” she pushes you towards the mirror and you gasp at the sight in front of you.

She has done your make up natural with a smokey eye so your eyes pop. She added a red lips that make your lips look full. Your wearing a tight red dress that shows all your curves. It stopped about mid thigh and the slaves goes to your elbows and it has a sweat heart neckline. You have got on a statement gold necklace and gold studs in your ears. She gave you some black high heals with a buckle which makes your legs look long. Your normal straight hair is now in baby doll curls and the fringe is pinned back. The person looking back at you in the mirror does not look like you.

“Thank you (Y/B/F/N)”
“Anything for you (Y/N)” you smile greatly at her which she returns.


When (Y/B/F/N) is getting ready your phone pings with a brand new message. You look at it and see its from Jack J.

FROM- Jacky J
MESSAGE - Hey (Y/N), you coming to G’s party? Xx

TO- Jacky J
MESSAGE- Yeah, me and (Y/B/F/N) are coming :) xx

FROM- Jacky J
MESSAGE- OK. Can’t wait to see you! ;) xx

As you reed the message you can help that smile that comes onto your face and the butterfly’s in your belly.

“Messaging Jack?” (Y/B/F/N) asks from beside you. You jump from the surprise.
“When did you get there?” She just looks at you laughing and shaking her head.

When you look at her you see what she is wearing. She’s got on a black crop top, purple skater skirt and knee high heals boots. She’s got more of a outgoing make up look and her hair is straight. She looks amazing as usual.

“Common, time to go” she sings while walking out the bedroom door. You take a deep breath and follow her out.


There are sweaty teenagers all around you griding up on each other. Every one of them has a drink in there hand which is most defently acahole. You and (Y/B/F/N) are pushing your way towards the the kitchen to get your own drink.

Once your in the safety of the kitchen you can finally breath. (Y/B/F/N) hands you a cup which you take gradually.

“Ready for boy hunting?” She asks and you just laugh.


You lost (Y/B/F/N) 20 minutes ago and can’t find anyone you know. Your just amisly walking around trying to find something familia.

The next thing you know is that your trapped between a wall and a very drunk guy.
“Hey babe” he slurs
“Go away” you tell him. But he doesn’t listen
“Why don’t you and me go somewhere a little more private and have some fun”
You struggle against him to get free.
“Ew no. Leave me alone” you slap him but that just makes him angry.
“Oi, Bitch.”
“Please just let me go” you beg.
“ you love it. Don’t you. Being touched. Being wanted. Haha. You’ll be begging for me babe. Your just a slut like the rest of them” he moves his hands lower towards your butt. Your eyes get blurry with the tears that want to fall. You struggle to get free as he kisses you Keck. While his hand is getting dangerously close.

Before his hand can get there he is on the floor growning in pain as jack j is on top of him beating the shit out of him.

“You fucking dick. You don’t touch any girl like that. Especially not her”
“Jack stop” you scream. He doesn’t listen. He continues punching the guy.

Your scream attracks attention as (Y/B/F/N) and the rest of the boys arrive.
Your crying and the boys try to pry jack of him.

“Get the fuck out of here you dick” jack g shout as soon as they successfully get jack j off him.

Jack j just walks towards you and hugs you while you cry into his shoulder.


Everyone is long gone and your all sat in jack g kitchen. While the rest clean the house up your cleaning jack up. He’s sat on the kitchen top while your stood between his legs sorting out his bloody lip.

“Your and idiot jack. You know that right” you tell him. He laughs at you then starts talking.
“I just saved you and this is how you repay me” he smiles at you and you smile back.
“I wasn’t worth it” you concentrate on trying to fix his busted lip.
“Your worth everything in the world to me (Y/N)” you look up at him and you look into his shiny blue eyes and see a unfamiliar emotion in them. Your heads begin to move closer towards each other and your breath hitches in your through. As you get even closer your eyes flutter close and his breath fans your lips. When his lips touch yours the fireworks begin. The butterflies in your belly are fluttering like mad. Its starts of small and loving then it begins to get rougher and every emotion in your bodies are shown. Your arms snake around his shoulders and his you waste. It pulls you closer. You try to get as close as you can to each other. You kiss like its your last ever kiss. He asks for permission for his tongue to slide in your mouth and you let him. You both eventually have to pull away from each other for air.

“I have been waiting for so long to do that” he smiles down at you.
“Same here you idiot” you reply smiling.
“No (Y/N). I remember that day at the park. I meet a beautiful girl with pick ribbons in her hair and her black jeans and pink top. I remember that day because that was the day I fell in love. I meet my best friend and the girl I’ve been in love with for so many years. I love you (Y/N). Always have. Always will.” By the end of his speech you have tears in your eyes. Before he can say anything else you crash your lips on him to tell him that you love him to. And he got the message load and clear.

“Would you (Y/N) (Y/L/N) do me the honner and be my girlfriend?”
“Sure why not” and he seals the deal with a kiss…



Okay! So that was my first ever imagine. I hope you like it. No hate as I said its my first and I’m not very good.

But I’m doing requests so just ask me and I’ll do it :)


Prompt: In which everyone BUT Jack and Y/N, know they have a thing for each other

An: Yay another imagine! Its a Gilinsky and its so so. I think its really long oops but it took me Forever to find out a way to end it. I’m Basing this off the recent beach day they had, I guess the boys that were there Nate, Gilinsky, Johnson, Nash, and Matt are in this story, well and I guess Andrea cause she was the only girl who I knew that was there also. And btw Y/F/N stands for ~Your Friends Name~

The blazing sun was ready to set in 20 minutes while everyone started to gather together for the coming up bonfire. The closer Y/F/N brought me to the enlarging group, the more anxious I got with the upcoming loud voices. “Are you sure I have to go with you? They probably don’t like me anyway since I haven’t been hanging out with you guys anymore…” I pouted while she tugged on my hand.

“Oh please Y/N, everybody loves you!” She stopped walking only a little a ways from our group and twisted around to face me. “You do know that when you don’t show up to any of our hangouts they do miss you?” I sighed bowing my head a little before staring at her again.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“Cheer up! We’re gunna have a great time and not to mention your favorite guy is here.” She suggestively wiggled her eyebrows before we heard shouting.

“Aye! Y/N, Y/F/N, over here.” Both of us preoccupied our vision to the shouting voice, glancing at Matt waving his arms frantically to get our attention.

“See? They do miss you.” Y/F/N smirked beginning to jog over to them. I huffed and began walking again, too tired to run. I don’t know why but sometimes I just had that feeling that my ‘friends’ were only inviting me to not feel bad.

“I doubt Gilinsky is gonna be that excited to see me.” I muttered under my breath although Y/F/N was already greeting everyone with hugs.

“Y/N was good?” I followed the sound to see Nate walking over to me. “You’re never around anymore!” Nate came closer engulfing me in a giant hug.

“Yeah well, I’ve been busy.” Lie.

“Well good to see you.” Everyone welcomed each other, exchanging hugs and hellos while the sun was setting. Matt and Nash offered to set up the fire so we all waited around, expecting heat soon. I noticed how, sadly, I hadn’t seen Gilinsky yet despite Y/F/N protest. From my point in the sand, I stalked over to Johnson who was on a log bench in front of the fire pit.

“Hey Johnson, you don’t know if Gilinsky’s coming do you?” Johnson put his phone away smiling,

“Uh yeah I do.” He scooted down making room for me. “He said he was getting some s'more stuff from the store.”

“Oh.” I responded settling down next to him.

“But I do know he wouldn’t miss this.” He muttered under his breath, chuckling a little.

“Why?” I challenged confused, the sky becoming noticeably darker as it was getting hard to spot the walkers on the trails.  

“Well I mean he-” He paused running his hand through his hair, “He uh… You know-”

“I’ve got s'mores!” We both snapped our heads to Gilinsky yelling, running down the beach with two grocery bags in his hands.

“Well there’s the s'mores!” Johnson hurriedly got up walking over to Gilinsky. Okay? That was weird. I stood up rubbing my butt off, getting ready to walk over to Andrea and Y/F/N.

“Y/N!” I turned my head to Gilinsky trotting over to me. My face heated up when he came close and enveloped me in a giant hug, swinging us from side to side.

“I’ve missed you.” He mumbled nuzzling his head into my neck causing him to have to lower himself. What? He really missed me? Matter of fact, they all missed me? I wrapped my arms around his neck holding tight when I opened my eyes to see Y/F/N and Andrea giving each other sly smirks while looking at me.

“Missed you too Gilinsky.” Jack had set the bags down behind me, wrapping his other arm around my waist. I relaxed more into his embrace.

“Jesus you two, get a room!” Sammy blurted out sending me quickly to let go of Jack and him rubbing the back of his neck, making the group giggle all together.

“I’m glad you came.” Jack retorted quieter making sure no one heard. The sun had completely disappeared from the beach and now left the small dim of the fire to light our way. Good thing it was small otherwise everyone could see that my body was on fire.

“Me too.”

“Sit next to me when the fires up and going, yeah?” Jack kneeled behind me grabbing the grocery bags.

“Uhh yeah, sure.” I smiled getting ready to walk over to Y/F/N. My eyes getting used to the darkness.

“Okay cool.” Gilinsky turned around walking over to Johnson and Nash just as I scurried over to the girls.

“See? I told you so AGAIN!” Y/F/N shouted grasping me by the shoulders and shaking me.

“Oh shut up he wasn’t that excited…” I lied smiling before Andrea spoke up,

“Oh yeah for sure Y/N.” They both giggled after I lightly punched them. “What did he ask you over there anyway?” Andrea questioned,

“Oh nothing, just that he wanted to sit next to me when the fires up and going.” I bowed my head a little, earning suspicious glances,

“Oh so you mean now?” Y/F/N laughed before I turned around. The fire was creating shadows all around the pit, lighting up everything around it as it ate up the logs and dry leaves.

“I guess so.” I twisted back around looking at them again. “Well I guess I’ll go sit next to him now.” I responded putting my hands in my sweatshirt pocket. I turned around beginning to walk before I heard Andrea speak up again.

“I’ve got ten bucks on it.”

“Yeah right! I got 20.” Was there something I was missing? Looking around the fire I saw almost everyone had taken a seat or brought up a log to sit on while I searched for Gilinsky. To my right I saw him talking to Johnson just as I started walking up to them. It was getting more treacherous to walk in the sand. I crept up a little bit behind their log as I heard Johnson state,

“Man just do it already. We ALL know now, come on.”

“I know I know! Okay? I’ll do it when the times right.” Gilinsky noticed my presence when he sat up straighter lightly pushing Johnson.

“Hey guys.” I put one leg over the log sitting next to Johnson putting him in the middle since there was no more room next to Gilinsky.

“Here I’ll move.” Johnson smiled at me, getting up.

“Johnson you’re fine,” I laughed at his quickness.

“No no. I insist.” Johnson smiled once again gripping one my shoulders and one of Jacks to push us as close as possible. “Toodles.” He stalked off in a girlish manner walking away.

“Okay, that was strange.” I retorted looking at Gilinsky keeping his stare on his feet. “Hey what’s up?” I asked worried,

“What?” Gilinsky gazed at me smiling. “Nothing I’m fine.”

“Okay.” I smiled, feeling good about this bonfire so far. I actually felt needed for once and especially by one of the guys I’ve liked forever? Yeah it was good.

“Hey do you wanna walk down to the water real quick?” I started at him a little confused while he seemed anxious this time.

“Why not?” Gilinsky stood up and offered me his hand.

“Awwwhh.” I looked to my left seeing Matt and Nash cooing while cuddling. Seriously. What the hell was going on? Why was everyone acting so weird? I took Jack’s hand while he led me away from the fire and towards the sound of crashing water. I guess it was me getting more anxious now cause this was the first time I’ve ever held Jacks hand but at least he wouldn’t figure that out. We both walked slowly and in silence as the waves got louder and closer. Jack stopped walking; keeping my hand in his while I did also. The laughter of the group became almost nonexistent to us while we stood there.

“Y/N can I ask you something?” I twisted my head, my eyes peering at Jack.

“Sure, if I can ask something.” Jack turned his head this time, letting go of my hand leaving me cold. “Why is everyone acting so weird tonight?” I turned my whole body this time facing him. “I mean I know I’m not around a lot anymore but something was definitely different today.” He sighed, and for a little while I thought I might’ve upset him.

“I told everybody to not make it obvious…” The waves were crashing subdually now. Make what obvious? There was definitely something that I missed these past few weeks. “I had revealed a secret of mine to Y/F/N a while ago,” He clasped palms together holding them in front of his body.

“And?” I urged on, wanting him to keep going.

“And, it just so happened that, that secret had to get through the WHOLE group for the time that you didn’t see us for a minute. So I planned this bonfire to finally tell you.” He pointed his hands at me while they were still clasped together.

“Okay Jack?” I laughed, “And what was that secret?” He was hesitant for a bit, as I looked back to see that everybody was huddled together this time.

“I like you.” Wow. Was I really that blind? I giggled a little thinking back to what Y/F/N said at the beginning of the hangout.

“I must be really bad at taking hints.” I took my hair throwing it behind my shoulders.

“What?” He gawked at me backing up a little bit from me from my laugh.

“Oh no Jack! Don’t worry uhm I you know, like you too…” I dug my foot into the sand.

“Wait really?” He replied excited,

“Well yeah duh, I mean look at you?” I laughed, more so talking to myself. “I mean I take that back,” I looked down. “That’s kinda embarrassing.” I laughed awkwardly before I felt Jacks reach for me lifting me up and twirling us around, my palm instinctively moving for his shoulders.

“Yay!” My feet stayed a little bit above the ground as we started to hear cheering far off.


“Took you long enough G!” We both tried to make out the voices in the dark before we smiled, looking back at each other.

“Looks like the group is excited also.” Jack chuckled pressing his forehead to mine.  

“Good.” I smiled warming up from being in his embrace. “Because so am I.” Yeah. Best bonfire by far.