20 minutes from the city

late night walks with tae 

• him attending university in seoul, you one year behind him, but planning to go to same uni as him

• you living in small city, about 20 minutes away from seoul by car

• so basically it’s long distance realtionship, but the distance isn’t that long

• he’s with you five days a week

• him taking you to seoul in late hours to show you the beautiful city

• you telling him how’s school, him petting your head telling you how clever you are and how he can’t wait for you to come to his school

• radio playing dumb & dumber by ikon 

• you two would jam to it like beasts because you two are dumb and dumber

• opening windows and singing out loud at 11pm

• parking the car somewhere and taking a walk  

• making stop at first convenience store you saw

• buying some snacks, tae ending up eating it all even yours

• him pouting, saying that he’s the sweetest so you could eat him instead of some snack

• you turning to him with serious face, taking his face in between both of yours palms, staring deeply into his eyes and him being confused what’s going on

• you bitting him onto his nose playfully then running away from him

• “yah!!”

• “catch me if you can tae!”

• him actually catching you, lifting you up of the ground with ease, turning you around with him

• “yah kim taehyung, put me down!” 

• him doing so because he’s a good boy

• but not letting you go away from his embrace, turning you around so you’re facing him

• both of his arms are on your shoulders, his fingers are lazily stroking your neck, you closing your eyes because of the feel, rounding your own arms around his waist, pulling him closer to you

• but then him smirking devilishly, you not knowing about anything he’s planning because you still have your eyes closed

• him bitting your nose in revenge 

• your head jerking up in surprise, him having serious face when you look at him

• slapping his butt

• “kim taehyung”

• him slapping your butt too because he can

• you glaring at him 

• “you started”

• you pouting and nodding your head beause yeah, he’s right

• snuggling to his chest after that, tugging him closer to you

• “you still hungry?”

• “a little bit”

• him reaching for his back pocket, pulling out a chocolate bar he saved for you

• “you thought i ate them all, don’t you?”

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It was said that while T was shooting for IDWTLF music video in London, Harry was in the same city too and was 20 minutes away from her location. Is this even true?

Yes lmao

(Btw heyyy I’m back)

Bondi (A Teen Wolf Pack Imagine)

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Reader Gender: Surfer!Female


Bondi beach. Arguably one of the world’s most famous beaches only 20 minutes from the city and surrounded by local fish and chips shops and souvenir shops. Of course a beautiful beach attracted beautiful people, so that’s how the McCall pack found themselves in Sydney, taking a well-deserved break before they all went to college. Lydia had persuaded her parents to splurge on airfares and accommodation for the pack for the duration of their 10-day trip, choosing a beach front hotel which would have undoubtedly broken the banks of any of the soon-to-be college students. It was a sunny day, the waves crashed to the water and despite it being only 10 am Lydia could already tell it was going to be a hot day.

Lydia, Kira and Malia had their towels laid out on the sand while Stiles, Scott and Liam struggled to put up the large beach umbrellas that they had hired to avoid a sunburn. Stiles let out a yelp as Liam accidentally let the umbrella close, almost trapping Stiles inside. Scott sent a small glare to Liam, who was laughing at Stiles’ near miss. Liam instantly sobered under his alpha’s glare. “Sorry.” He muttered, drawing his focus back to the task at hand. Lydia huffed as the umbrella stubbornly refused to stay open. “Do you guys need some help.” The pack looked up at the sound of a feminine voice.

You stood in front of the group in your bikini, a wetsuit rolled down to your waist and a surfboard tucked under your arm. The boy’s jaws all dropped, seeing your tanned figure still dripping with droplets of salt water still clutching to your skin after an early morning surf. Lydia smiled up at you. “That would be great.” You dropped your board on the sand beside the girls and moved over to the boys. “My friends have rented enough of theses umbrellas for me to have figured out the secret trick to keeping them open.” You say with a laugh, the boys moving aside to give you access to the umbrella. Within seconds you had the umbrella in its proper position, dusting some sand off onto your wetsuit. “Thanks.” Stiles said. “I’m Stiles and this is Scott, Liam, Kira, Malia and Lydia.” He said, pointing to each person in turn. You nod, giving a small smile to everyone. “I’m Y/N. You guys have an accent, where are you from?” You ask. Lydia replies this time. “We’re from Beacon Hills in California. It’s about an hour from San Francisco.” A massive smile breaks onto your face as Lydia finishes her sentence. “No way! I’m moving to Beacon Hills in a couple of days to go to college!” You exclaim. Lydia smiles up at you, patting the ground next to her. “Why don’t you hang out with us for a while.”

You did, you originally planned to go home and shower after your daily surf, maybe pack more for your upcoming move to the states. Instead you ended up spending all day with your new found friends, giving them turns on your board and leading them to the best fish and chip shop in Bondi and introducing them to your lifeguard friends, taking typical tourist photos with said lifeguards in front of the swell. At the end of the day you ended up back in one of their hotel rooms, brushing the dried sand off your legs and stomach beside Lydia on the balcony. “Hey Y/N.” She starts, making you look up.

“Yeah?” You respond, even though you had only known her for several hours, Lydia had become one of your closest friends.

“As you know we’re all about to start college and my family recently bought me an apartment closer to campus. I would ask Kira but she might be moving to New York and Malia is more a a lone-wolf kind of girl so…” She paused, looking up to you. “If you don’t already have some housing sorted, would you like to be my roommate?” Permanent lodging was the one thing you hadn’t secured overseas, so to have Lydia offer you a place we perfect. “I would love to Lydia.” You said, a massive smile covering your face. Her lips parted into an identical smile. “Perfect!”  She linked your arm and pulled you back inside to the shady hotel room, where Scott and Stiles had just returned with pizza for dinner. “While we’re at it, we should try and move your flight so that we can all fly back together. My treat of course!” Lydia continued.

A/N: Well I’ve been watching Bondi Rescue even though I’m now in Tasmania and it’s freeeeeeezing. But it’s the school holidays and I’m having heaps of fun. Stay safe everyone xx






Set 1 of my pictures from the oldest church in England (St Martins Church) and one of the most famous (Caterbury Cathedral, consecrated in 1070). 

The Church of St Martin is situated slightly beyond the city centre - about a 20 minute walk from the heart but close to St Augustine’s Abbey, which was also visited. It is, according to Wikipedia, the first church founded in England, the oldest parish church in continuous use and the oldest church in the entire English-speaking world. St Martin’s was the private chapel of Queen Bertha of Kent in the 6th century before Augustine arrived from Rome. She basically refused to come to England to marry Kind Ethelberht (what a name) unless he allowed her to keep her Christian religion. So, she was allowed to keep it and she renovated an existing building in 580 AD, which slowly became the current building. What is cool about this church is that you could see identifiable original sections of Roman architecture and then how various English architects throughout the centuries added on section by section.
When we showed up, there was an old British man working there who walked around with us telling us the cool little things about the church. It turned he was waiting for a late tour group from Connecticut (from Yale Divinity School) to arrive so he was feeling eager to give someone the tour as practice beforehand. Hence, we received a free little tour and had a nice chat before running off to the Canterbury Cathedral for our late afternoon “Evensong” service. 

The Evensong is a wonderful 45minute - 1 hour-long service performed in Anglican churches and usually entirely sung, apart from the introduction and the reading of scripture. The rest of the service is sung or chanted by the attending choir. In this Evensong, we were seated next to a men’s and boy’s choir who sang together beautifully throughout. 

By attending the Evensong, we were able to enter the Cathedral without paying the normal 14 Pounds. We arrived 15 minutes before the start of the service in order to take a few pictures and get good seats and were able to do a full tour of the building, including the crypts containing King Henry IV and the shrine of Archbishop Thomas Becket, who was murdered in the cathedral by knights seeking to do King Henry II’s bidding in 1170. Becket’s martyrdom in the Canterbury Cathedral sparked a chain of events that led to papal control of Britain and made the Cathedral a place of pilgrimage to this day.

An update from the South

I moved to Tallahassee exactly 8 months. So here is a short review of what I know to be true… so far.

There are 77 city/county parks between 2 and 20 minutes from where I live. If I am generous, I have been to maybe 15 of them. Holy shit! I have a lot to look forward to. 

Kayaking on the dozens of rivers and lakes, some a mere 15 minutes from our house, is a great way to feed the thirst for being outdoors. It is also virtually free, if you own a kayak - which we do! 

Camping and sailing is accessible and affordable (we bought a hobie cat which does not require gas - that said, be ready to paddle if there is no wind!) Nothing beats sleeping under the stars with the sound of the ocean waves as your lullaby. Or having a pod of dolphins curiously swim to your boat while cruising out on the gulf. 

Crystal clear springs and sinkholes with cool water to fill your heart’s desire all year long! Some of the pristine sinkholes south of Tallahassee come with a healthy hike of at least a mile. Fun = fitness in this town. Also, if you prefer salty water, the closest beach is an hour away with sugar sand and marine life like you wouldn’t believe. 

Going on hikes on foot or with your mountain bike is overwhelming. There’s a total of 850 miles of trails! The best part is the nature sighting. And yes, when you go on hikes near springs or swamps, you are likely to see alligators. They are afraid of you, so they will likely swim away if they see you approaching or just completely ignore you. Best not annoy them, though.  

We have a freaking garden with big trees! They produce fruits, flowers, and singing birds. Need I say more?

Ruins of old mansions, plantations, trucks and many many other wondrous places await.  It takes quite a bit of searching to find them, which adds to the adventure. 

There is a wonderful community of talented people, locals and new transplants from around the world, improving our Food, Coffee, and Art. For example:  There’s a freaking urban farm 5 minutes away from my house?! WHAT WHAT?

And the same goes for people working to create stronger ecosystems for entrepreneurship, science and creativity.

Oh, and your daily commute can go though breathtaking canopy roads. 

And yes, because the cost of living is so much less than other places - ahem PrincetonOxford,EnglandPhiladelphia - we get to use disposable income on travel! 

And of course, the best part is - Get ready -  being surrounded by so much love and growing beautiful friendships (awwwwwwww!!!!!) 

It is so good. Tallahassee has exceeded my expectations. And it continues to do so every day. With every discovery, with every new project, and every exciting connection or conversation. I look forward to more awesomeness, with arms open wide. With love, Christine. #ThisIsTheSouth

Wait, wait, I’m not done… have I told you about the trees with Spanish moss? and the chanterelles? and the sunsets? and the… and the…?

Pros of living in Scotland:
It never gets too hot.
Convincing tourists that the Haggis is a real animal (with great big pointy teeth).
A sense of humour like no other, we named a Hurricane Bawbag. (that mean scrotum incase you where wondering).
Nice scenic views as little as 20/30 minutes away from our biggest city.
Everyone is sarcastic as fuck.

Cons of living in Scotland:
London rule.


Meditating on Life’s Little Gags with @vanderyacht

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Illustrator and animator Cari Vander Yacht (@vanderyacht) seeks life’s “little gags” and turns them into GIFs. A lot of these moments happen on her 20-minute New York City walk from the subway to her studio. “I was walking home yesterday after my first coffee and thought, wouldn’t it be funny if you open a drawer and there’s a smiling face in there?” Cari says. “It’s a lot of ‘why not.’” What started as a hobby has turned into a full-time gig, but Cari is adamant she’s still learning her craft. For example, “simple things like textural elements make a drawing look deeper than a stick figure. Ideally, I want it to evolve. I’m still exploring with illustration,” she says.