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Look, you might not wanna hear this and that’s fine. But I think you should look into the keto diet. It goes against everything we’ve been taught about healthy eating but once you research it it really makes sense. I’ve lost 20 lbs so far and I feel healthier than ever. You seem really sweet and I want you to be healthy and safe.

I’ll research it and tell you what I think (:

I love you sm❤️ stay safe

My ADHD Medication Story

I was diagnosed with ADD at age 8, and I was in the third grade.

I was prescribed ritalin, but as an 8 year old I was horrible at taking pills, and they left me gagging. In a hotel room outside of Disneyland, my parents discovered that I had been flushing my 100$ medication down the toilet. I was subsequently grounded, and I didn’t consider medication again until I was in my second year of college. At that time I was holding down two jobs and going to school full-time. I had a mix of 12 and 16 hour days every day.

Adderol helped me finish school, but not without hardship. Here are 3 problems that I had to deal with, what they caused, and how I solved them.

These cheese heads cut me off every 3-6 months. First, they need my doctor’s personal phone call giving “permission” for my medication. They later decided that I “didn’t need” two pills a day, and I got cut off again. New reasons every time, but I usually go a month without pills while I deal l with the insurance company.
AFFECT: HOMELESSNESS. Twice, believe it or not. I can’t deal with impending deadlines, and my medication loss lined up with my needing to move and withdrawals get really most. I made bad choices. The first time, I stayed with my mom. The second time I lived in a rusty van. This wasn’t the only result of medication loss, but it paints a picture of just how much it mattered.
SOLVE: It’s hard to remember to keep calling the insurance company, and they can bounce you between five different numbers to call, and you might be on hold for hours. Keep calling.

During an insurance debacle, I switched to all-day release adderol. Goodbye food. I became repulsed by the smell of most foods, the textures were uncomfortable, and chewing became a dry chore.
AFFECT: I lost 20 lbs in 2 months. I underwent a few symptoms of starvation (painful late night spasms began in month 2). I would make 1 small meal last me three days, and I never felt hungry for more than 5-10 shakey minutes at the end of each day.
SOLVE: Marijuana and Indian/Asian food. Unagi sauce, hot sauce, and ordering the hottest thing on every menu at “please pretend I’m not white” 10+ heat. My friends rated my food inedible. I eventually got off all-day release meds. I still use marijuana to sustain my appetite, and my taste for spice still exists, but it’s not “the only appetizing thing in the world”.

I’m not predisposed to an abnormal amount of anxiety. Because of this, there was no hole in my self esteem for the new medication-anxiety to focus on. At first, it floated ambient through my head, and I would be stressed with no discernable cause.
AFFECT: Suicide considerations happened at the very worst of it. When I was contemplating throwing my car off the side of the freeway, 2 years into medication, I realized that my anxiety had spiraled out of my control. I started counseling.
SOLVE: Marijuana. My suicidal tendencies ended the first month that I became a stoner, and my daily 2-5 hr anxiety bursts are now quelled on the daily. My muscles no longer contain months of stress knots - or any stress knots at all.

When adderol is active, a hit from marijuana is not the same as an unmedicated hit. The high is much shorter (for me 15-30 minutes), and then that THC gets to work fighting my anxiety, the high goes away, and I’m a little hungry by lunch time.
If I want to get inebriated, I wait until evening, when my medication has mostly worn off and I can get high for the fun of it. I do not cross-fade with alcohol well, but I never have, so I don’t drink at all.

I’m often asked why I continue to take adderol when it is “so horrible” to the mind and body. The answer is a no brainer. It works! My brain functions pretty well, I can accomplish tasks AND long-term goals (something I have never experienced before). I’ve tried other medications, I’ve tried other homeopathic remedies, and I went 13 years learning to cope without medication. The cannabis/adderol combination that I have come to is so far the best solution for me and my life. I can’t say it’s right for everyone, but it’s right for me and that’s what matters.

I am 24 years old. I have been diagnosed for 16 years, but medicated for only 3. I have been a stoner since December 2016, a month after a legalization vote passed in my state.


I LOST 20 LBS!!! So I have been feeling really thin lately and I was so curious to see if I had lost any weight since the beginning of the month. Y'all! I got on the scale and it said 160.4!!! I started this journey weighing 180lbs!! I’m so beyond proud of myself!! I’m already at my monthly goal weight in just the first 2 weeks 😄😊

How I lost 20+ lbs in 8 weeks

I’m officially down 23 lbs in 9 weeks. I never ever thought I could commit to weight loss. I feel so much better about myself. I’ve barely lost an inch off my tummy but that sort of comes along with PCOS. I’m sure with time I’ll start losing belly fat.
I’m just so excited to actually be trying. To be pushing myself myself to get healthy. I’m proud of my fat little self.

Here are my personal suggestions for weight loss:

1. Plan your meals the day before. Like picking out clothes the night before. Plan your meals. Snacks can be more spontaneous

2. Powdered peanut butter!!!! I love peanut butter so much. My heart was aching in its absence. It’s high in fat and carbs. But powdered peanut butter is like 85% less fat and half the carbs. Plus pb2 has chocolate peanut butter, definitely good for my sweet cravings

3. Cauliflower! it smells like poop when it’s cooking but it can replace so many things. I make cauliflower tots like every other day. I think they’re almost better than tator tots! Also cauliflower rice. Fry up some cauliflower with chicken in olive oil. Add a hint of soy sauce and you have it made

4. Gym membership (not for everyone)
I find when I’m at home, I just want to lay around and enjoy the comforts of home. I can’t get motivated to do any kind of exercise. Plus it’s way too hot to workout outside. If you’re like me, a gym membership is well worth the investment.

5. Treat yourself. I have one big delicious cheat meal a week along with a cheat dessert. (My cheat meal is never on my rest day)
But through out the week I do occasionally have some small cheats. Like if I’m out with my mom we may get subway or sometimes I get a serving size bag of special k chips. But I adjust the rest of my day accordingly when I sneak in little cheats.

6. If your body isn’t feeling it, don’t push yourself sick. Some days I just feel like crap. Due to depression, PCOS, bladder problems, or whatever. I get to the gym and I’m just not into it. I typically do 30-40 minutes of cardio, on my rough days I do 15 minutes. On the machines I do half of what I normally would. My mind and body are super connected. If I feel bad physically I’m going to go into a slum and cry myself to sleep. And vice versa. Remember that no workout is a bad workout. You got up, you got dressed, you tried. That’s what matters

7. Myfitnesspal ❤️❤️❤️ without this app I wouldn’t have got this far. It’s a pain to log everything (that’s why doing it the night before helps) but it’s totally worth it.

I hope this helps someone out there looking to get started

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I think I'd like to help you. I would mask you and seal you inside with duct tape. Air only. No sight. No taste. No speech. I may even stuff your ears. When you are hungry you can come sniff my food. You will have to learn to make yourself useful by cleaning while you are blind and taking cock at a moments' notice. You'll get plenty of exercise. You will not be unmasked until you have lost 20 lbs.

20 lbs would be a good start. 🐷

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You lost 20 lbs and still look fat. Stop acting like you look amazing just fuck off and kill yourself.

I never said I looked amazing though?

Andrew (who was adamantly against having more than two children ever and has always only wanted two boys) just told me he wish we could have a girl someday

And here’s where the upset comes. I could’ve had a little girl growing inside me right now.

But she’s gone.

I felt like such a monster for not even being heartbroken. All my friends had experienced loss and it was this horrible awful thing that will scar them forever and here I was, actively miscarrying, and just hoping I could make it to work that day. It is such a bad time for us. Financially mostly but also my pregnancies have been notoriously miserable. I had HG so bad with both boys I was throwing up blood daily, throw up would come out of my nose, I lost 20 lbs in my first trimester just BC I couldn’t hold anything down. I was in and out of the ER all the time for fluids BC I was so dehydrated my pee was DARK brown. I can’t work like that. So I wasn’t that upset. It sucked, it was a shitty situation, but in the end it just felt like it happened for a reason.

But now…… I’m feeling the sting. It does hurt. There was something inside me and now it isn’t there.

And it isn’t like we were being irresponsible. I chose not to have anymore children because it felt like the RIGHT thing to do. I’m 23 with two children already. Both were PURPOSELY conceived (although Micah was conceived the month I decided to stop trying because TTC so fervently and constantly getting negatives was severely reducing my mental state so funny how that happens) I got on Nexplanon basically as soon as Micah was born. It’s still in my arm. In addition to that, sometimes we also use spermicides and condoms. Because I’m extra paranoid.

And yet I somehow slipped through the cracks. I found out I was expecting and THREE days later, I found out I wasn’t anymore.

I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore. But it felt relieving almost just because things are so bad most of the time, but now it just sucks

I’m backkk!
After a long hiatus and quite frankly a boring one, I’m back and more determined then ever! (Thats a lie I’m just motivating myself) I can’t give a good excuse as to why I’ve been away other than I just got overwhelmed by the constant food and weight monitoring. I needed a break but I took a way too long one. I can’t say I’m not disappointed at myself but self pity won’t make me lose 20 lbs. I may have lost the battle but the war can still be won… That’s why I’m back, with all the things going on in my life, I’m gonna do this for me. Again.
I tried doing a 30 day challange but failed miserably. Continuity is my no. 1 enemy.
I’m starting again: I’ll be posting a picture of myself related to weightloss every day for 30 days. I’m hoping to reach ny 30 day mark this time.
On the other hand, I won’t be updating my CW on my bio because I want to get back to that number on the scale and start again from there. Obviously I’ve gained all the weight back but if I last time I lost 8.5 kg, this time I’ll lose 16 kg. At least I hope- not hope, aspire to!
I want to lose at least 16 kg this time, and if I fall again I just want to know I made progress.
I really hope to do it this time. Motivation is more than welcome.
I’ll do my best not to binge and not to give up!