20 kids dead

One additional tragedy to come out of Sandy Hook is that it basically made the NRA untouchable. If 20 dead school kids changed fuck all, nothing ever will.  But still these pro-gun nuts  (who 100% totally know that Barack Obama is planning an evil Kenyan Marxist Black Muslim takeover thing!) will go on Facebook every time a mass shooting happens and act like THEY are the victims here. Dear God, you people nauseate me. How do you look yourself in the mirror? How do you sleep at night? Oh, wait, I don’t want to know. Some things are so utterly delusional and evil I never want to understand them.
At the risk of being CONTROVERSIAL~! and  dramatic and losing several followers, the Sandy Hook massacre was, I suspect, the beginning and end of America.

Once you’ve decided 20 dead school kids were a worthwhile price to pay for some nut being able to buy a Bushmaster,  you’ve fucking lost it. You’re beyond help. Utterly.  Because you love guns more than people. And that’s sick.

You’re not a moral force in the world. You can’t tell the Middle East what to do. You can’t tell anyone what to do. You’re not anything, really.

And that is that. 

The key thing about most gun nuts when a massacre happens: They KEEP bitching and moaning. They KEEP screeching and yelling. Loudly. Even, though, you know, they’ve already won. They know fine well they have. Hey, if 20 dead school kids didn’t change anything in America, nothing ever will.  It’s over.

So why are you still so mad?

Unless you’re still clinging to that cold, cool object of a gun because you think it fills a hole in your sad, pathetic soul. 

But it never will. 

Just throwing that suggestion out there, I dunno.