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i made another one! it’s wip but still

let me know if you wanna see it finished

20 Jon/Dany AU’s - Moving in together

“I don’t ever wanna leave this place.” Daenerys said quietly, her head resting on her lovers chest. “You don’t have to, that’s the great thing about it being ours.” Jon answered with a small smirk. They had moved in together a couple weeks ago but it already felt like home. “No, you don’t understand, Jon.” The young politician said, now slowly lifting herself up so she could look into his eyes. “This, you and me, this little house with all the things inside that are completely us. We’ve been through so much horrible stuff in our lives. There is nothing that could possibly make me happier than knowing that I’m going to wake up next to you every day for the rest of our lives. As long as I got this little hope, they can try to tear us down, they will never succeed.”