20 girl crushes

Dangerous Love

TITLE: Dangerous Love
AUTHOR: Pretty Dead Girl
ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that, when Loki comes to the tower, you fall in love with him even though you know you shouldn’t. Knowing that you are absolutely terrible at hiding your crush, you avoid him to not get into trouble. Everyone at the tower keeps away from him, but none avoid him as much as you do, and he gets curious. That’s how he finds out your little secret and he will no longer let you ignore him just like that.
Notes- Now we’re finally getting somewhere. I’m 20 chapters in, and I JUST got them together; technically. I hope ya’ll are enjoying this because the plot hasn’t even begun! xD Also, you’ll get to see a happy Loki. ;D
                                            ***Loki’s POV***

When Loki woke up, Ragni was still curled against him, fast asleep. He smiled at her peaceful state, then glanced at the clock. 10am. What? Had they seriously been asleep for twelve hours!? How was that even possible? He remembered seeing what time it was, right before falling asleep, but twelve hours! Loki had been having a hard time sleeping, not that it was unusual to begin with, but in the last month he’d barely slept at all and last night he slept without having any nightmares, for longer than he had in years. Loki felt rested, and he had not felt that way in a very long time. It gave him a sense of peace; something he never thought he would feel, or even be capable of feeling, again.

Ragni began to stir in his arms, making cute groaning noises. “Good morning, kitten.” Loki purred, kissing her forehead.

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Crush - Chapter 20. It’s all about the girl...

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M - slight trigger warning.

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: It’s taken me over a year but I have finally got to the end of this story. Thank you all for reading. :) It’s very short, but I feel it’s effective all on it’s own.

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Was watching King Arthur and I was chillin and then Katie McGrath pops out of no where and I get hyped like yes it my main girl let’s see this babe work it AND LIKE 3.20 SECONDS LATER SHE STRAIGHT UP GETS STABBED IN THE BACK BY SOME MALE OR HUSBAND THING AND I JUST was so defeated for the rest of the movie. Like what was there to fight for, Katie died. Plot sucked

MariChat May, Day 20 - 3AM Talks

Some times Marinette loves bantering with her stray kitty cat so much that she forgets the time. Kitty cat knows they have school tomorrow, but can’t resist staying with his princess just a little longer.

My other MariChat May stuff!

10 Guys you’ll meet in your 20s.

1. The He-doesn’t-like-me-back-guy

I think we all have been there.

2. The He-likes-me-but-I-don’t-like-him-guy.

Usually a friend and that is terrible.

3. The Kind-of-okay-guy.

One you don’t fancy too much but like to talk to.

4. The always-running-into-guy.

To be honest I never talk to them.

5. The Hipster-guy.

I don’t care about your socks. Really not.

6. The I-know-everything-better-guy.

Would you just shut up? 

7. The I-am-totally-into-you-but-then-not-call-you-guy.

What’s up with that? Like really. 

8. The Old-friend-who-turned-out-hot-guy.

Who would have seen that coming?

9. The kind-of-cute-bartender-guy.

Let’s face it. The bar is the key.

10. And finally the He-is-awesome-but-apparently-famous-guy.

That’ll be Robert Sheehan.