20 gallon long planted fish tanks

Finally got a photo of my Neon tetras haha I wasn’t expecting these guys to live tbh. They were the first fish I got for my community tank (I had these fish when I was like 7 and they all died the next day not surprised) and even though I had cycled my tank I was still a little worried but they’re so much bigger than when I first got them and a lot more colorful 😍 its been 5 months


So lately I have been working on my tanks, which means my set ups look different so it’s time for progress pics!!

I currently have four 10 gallons (one of the four is my boyfriend’s tank), a 20 long (with my crowntail betta and some cory cats), two 2.5 gallons (only one of them is pictured), and a 3.5 gallon. One of the 2.5′s and the 3.5 are in the kitchen, and then 3.5 houses my only female, Mel. Three of the 10 gallons have snails, as well as the 20 long. The 20 long and 3 of the 10 gallons are currently planted and I am slowly working on getting more plants. 


I decided to bite the bullet and upload some pictures of my 4 month old 20 gallon long sorority tank. There are six girls in here but my little baby refused to join the photo shoot. It’s really hard to take photos of everybody, let alone a teeny and damn near green colored fish, in this messy jungle. I really need to prune it again so the lower leaves can get light.


New pics of my betta boy flat (20 gallon long). Just got 30 additional plants in the mail today! Is this a heavily planted tank? (Seriously I don’t know the answer to this question)

The red guy is newish and his name is Calvin. He’s a big doofus and jumps in the direction opposite of where his food lands! I purchased him thinking he was pink and red but he colored up into a handsome blue. He also hasn’t gotten used to his reflection yet and has been flaring at himself nightly for four months now :’)

Rocco has thoroughly marbled out of his white and has a solid blue face. Guess his nickname Whitehead is obsolete now…

Tortuga is the blackish blue guy and his personality matches Drone’s. Very lazy and carefree boy!


Got a new betta; he was calling to me with that gorgeous yellow. His name is Clarke, and he’s in a much smaller tank than Ronan. It’s a 2.5 gallon, but I have plans to eventually shift him into the 20 long that I’m going to be setting up.

Ronan has grown his full mustache now, and his head is more speckled with blue. He thought about getting some red in his tail fins, but ultimately decided against it.