20 forthlin road


George Harrison in the back garden at 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool, 25 March 1963.
After the photo session at the McCartney family home, they went on to Sefton Park, where the famous “jump” photos were taken.

Photos: Dezo Hoffmann

“This was a Record Mirror assignment. A girl had sent a picture to the paper of four young boys with long hair, complaining that we never did features on Liverpool bands. So I went up to Liverpool and they knocked me for seven. They were so fresh, so full of vitality and fun and so honest.” - Dezo Hoffmann on The Beatles, With The Beatles: The Historic Photographs of Dezo Hoffmann


Pictures of the inside of Paul’s home at 20 Forthlin road. The first one is Paul standing next to the pipe at the back of his house, the same one I showed in the post below of him Climbing.

The back door that Paul is standing next to led into the kitchen ..then you could go straight out the kitchen and down the hall that led to the front door and the stairs or right before the front door you can turn right and go through a door that was the main family room. BUT you could also from in the Kitchen turn right and go through a door that led to a dining room… from there the dining room had another door that went into the family room.. can walk a circle on the lower level.

THE LAST PICTURE is Paul’s bedroom upstairs with a window looking out towards the  front.


Scans of parts of my booklet I bought on my National Trust tour of Paul McCartney’s childhood home at 20 Forthlin Road. The home Paul lived in when he met John Lennon.

Paul’s bedroom was in the front above the front door. Paul’s dad Jim had the room next to Paul’s. Paul’s brother Michael had the room at the back of the house. The Picture of the front of the McCartney’s house has a open doorway between the homes that led to the back gardens of the homes.

READ what Paul say’s on page three..John and him would sag off school to hang out at Paul’s house because JIM would be at work ;)

We used to sag off school together and go back to my house because there was nobody home in the afternoons. We’d sit around smoking and talking and then we’d play a bit on my dad’s piano and our guitars. We would try different songs that neither of us knew, and John would teach me the ones he knew and I would show him the ones I knew. But, actually, we ended up playing a lot of Buddy Holly’s stuff, mostly because he had the least number of chords and we could get through them. We wrote a lot of songs then like ‘Love Me Do’ and 'Too Much About Sorrows.’ There was a lot from then, about 100 that we've never recorded.
—  Paul McCartney on John Lennon and early songwriting at 20 Forthlin Road, Liverpool