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Is no one going to talk about the scene at the end of Beauty and The Beast (2017) where everyone is turning into “antiques”? It starts with Lumiere crying over Plumettes motionless body & I’M SHOOK! GARDEROBE & CADENZA REACH FOR EACH OTHER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER & THEN THEY SLOWLY FADE AWAY. & Then Mrs. Potts is looking for Chip & then she freezes & Chip almost crashes to the ground?!?!?! MY SOUL LEFT MY DAMN BODY!! And then Cogsworth says to Lumiere “It’s been an honor serving with you my friend?” WHAT THE HELL?!?! THAT WAS TRAUMATIZING!! DISNEY WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS WITH MY HEART; I FELT MY CHILDHOOD DIE!!


Temptress Moon (风月)Dir. Chen Kaige (陈凯歌). 1996.

Temptress Moon begins on the eve of the fall of the Qing Dynasty, and features the wealthy yet troubled rural Pang family on the verge of decay. The Pang estate is a site of debauchery and rampant opium addiction. Leslie Cheung plays Zhongliang, a former servant for the Pangs who, after a formatively harrowing experience, flees to Shanghai, where he becomes a professional gigolo for a triad gang. Zhongliang is sent back to the labyrinthine estate years later on a task to seduce Pang Ruyi, played by Gong Li, the newly designated head of the Pang family who, in accordance with the family legacy, has grown into an undesirable opium addict; a doomed love affair nevertheless develops between the two. With haunting cinematography by Christopher Doyle, Temptress Moon explores, in an addled state of its own, the gradual ruination of traditional institutions, the confrontation between rural and urban vices, and the continuous return to the site of childhood trauma.