20 fenchurch

Those London Views • How crazy are our lives • View from the Sky Garden on 20 Fenchurch St @sg_skygarden •

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London skyline along the River Thames during sunset and low tide while having clear skies.  Couldn’t ask for more perfect conditions.

London, UK
January 2016

1. Millennium Bridge
2. Millennium Bridge
3. City Centre
4. Tower Bridge
5. City Centre from Tower Bridge
6. City Centre from Bermondsey
7. The Shard, Tower Bridge, and City Centre from Bermondsey
8. Tower Bridge and 20 Fenchurch from Bermondsey

anonymous asked:

hi there :) sorry if you've already answered this, but i was just wondering is there a short breakdown of the calvin aarika taylor timeline you could give me (i'm wondering if there's any truth to some claims of there being an overlap) thanks!

Hi! Please don’t apologise. Here you go:

i. Timeline
16 Feb 2015 Calvin spotted at Malibu with Aarika
20 Feb 2015 Calvin plays at Hakkasan at Las Vegas
24 Feb 2015 Attended Elle Style Awards 2015 at 20 Fenchurch Street, London
24 Feb 2015 Attended First Fabulous Fund Fair at Roundhouse, London
25 Feb 2015 Attended Brit Awards 2015 at The O2, London
6 Mar 2015 Taylor and Calvin got together (based on her IG anniversary post)

Calvin was last spotted at Malibu with Aarika on 16 Feb. They supposedly broke up around the time of the Brits, according to a source. This wasn’t confirmed by his publicist, whom refused to comment on it. I question how authentic this is since it wasn’t an official statement.

ii. Idle Speculation 
Toxic blogs insisted that:
1. Calvin liked Aarika’s IG posts when he was dating Taylor
2. Tay only followed Calvin after he deleted photos of Aarika and Rita on his IG

However, there’s no photo evidence of the above. Also, there is still one photo of Rita on Calvin’s IG if you take the time to look through his feed. Again, inaccurate statements on their end.  

iii. Aarika’s Relationship with Calvin
Calvin and Aarika are adults. Calvin has never personally acknowledged that Aarika is his girlfriend like he did with Sophie, Rita and Tay. I obviously don’t know what happened between him and Aarika. But it’s not wrong for someone to get into a new relationship quickly after one has ended.

We don’t know what Calvin’s relationship with Aarika was. It could be a casual arrangement. Or he could be a serial monogamist. Or it could be that things with Aarika were falling apart, and he has already accepted that before their split. Besides, I doubt Tay would post that locket with her anniversary date if she really was the other woman. 

Relationships are different, and each one has a different story. To insist Calvin is a cheater, and Tay is the other woman is just sensationalism. It’s not right to judge when we don’t know what happened.

I also think it’s silly to read into why Aarika deleted the photos of her and Calvin, and unfollowed him. It doesn’t necessarily mean things ended on a bad note. It’s just what some people do to get over relationships. You won’t be reminded of your ex if you don’t see their updates, and it will help you move on quicker. This is perfectly healthy behaviour. I guess these toxic blogs who stalk Calvin when they don’t even like him, will not understand the logic behind this.

iv. Insulting to Various Parties
Toxic blogs kept insisting Tay is the other woman. That Tay made Aarika sign a NDA and paid her off, since Aarika didn’t spill the beans on the breakup.

I find that really insulting, not just to Tay and Calvin, but Aarika.
Just because Aarika is a lesser-known model who got together with Calvin, doesn’t mean she’s a fame-hungry person looking to earn a quick buck or cash in on Calvin’s fame. Aarika never spoke to the media about Calvin even when things were okay. So why should she start after the break up? Or to imply that she could be bought over with money to break up with someone she supposedly loves? The character assassination and nasty stereotype here isn’t needed. To think some of these toxic blogs always seem to call themselves feminists. If they were, they will not bash Aarika like that. 

I also don’t think Calvin and Taylor need to be in a fauxmance to gain more wealth and fame. It might be a thing in the 50s where LGBTQ rights were not as supported, but things have changed now, and people are more liberal. Saying Tay is a closet lesbian and afraid to come out, for fear it will hurt her career, is homophobic.