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Stop Americanising Miraculous Ladybug

Ranting down here.

Might be slighty harsh but I DO NOT ASK PEOPLE TO STOP WRITING

This is not a solution post, this is a rant.

Mainly from my immediate instinctive reaction, so not necessarily filtered to please everyone.

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This isn’t a protest against the Left, this is a protest against a party that is social democrat in name only. This is a protest against a party that functions on bribery, nepotism, electoral fraud, and electoral lies, run by people who have gotten rich because they stole from public funds and because they encouraged graft, a party that is as nationalistic and religious and conservative as right parties that tend to lean on the extreme side. 

This is a protest against Liviu Dragnea, a condemned criminal who is trying to manipulate the law of an entire country to erase his criminal record and the criminal records of his friends, and also who wants to allow his fellow party members to steal more from taxpayer money. A condemned criminal who is trying to close the Anti Graft Department for actually doing their jobs.  A protest against a condemned criminal who took money from his county’s Child Protection Services and gave them to his ex wife and brought the state a prejudice of 20 000 euros, and some even say he laundered 1 billion euros, and who participated in electoral fraud. Against a megalomaniac who tried to pass a law that would forbid mocking him on the internet. Against a megalomaniac who wants to change the law in order to become prime minister, because currently our legislation prevents a condemned criminal to occupy a high state function. A megalomaniac who threatened our president with suspension for enforcing this law. A megalomaniac who accuses a mostly peaceful protest (with the exception of agitators that his own party sent apparently) of being a “ coup d’etat”, who compared a peaceful protest with miners breaking a protest and beating up intellectuals at his own former party bosses’ orders. A supreme asshole who defies an entire country, who looks and speaks to us condescendingly, as if we’re all stupid and he’s the only intelligent one. A supreme asshole who is willing to fuck our entire country, to damage our relations with the EU just for the sake of his massive ego.   

Bonus: here is Romania’s Supreme Asshole after he spent 1 million dollars so he could travel to the US to meet America’s Supreme Asshole and take this shitty picture.

Envía una carta con 20 euros a un bar de Ávila tras hacer un ‘simpa’ involuntario

La cuenta ascendía a 11,70 euros y la dueña está tan agradecida con la actitud de este cliente que aprovechará un viaje a la capital para devolverle los 8,30 euros correspondientes al importe de la vuelta.


it’s time! for me to re-open my commissions! please pay attention to my updated COMMISSION GUIDELINES and PRICELIST!

payment is via PAYPAL
(or Bank Account if you’re from Germany)

my preferred currency is EURO

please send your requests/questions via e-mail to tosala@hotmail.de

short overview of my prices:

single character sketched art:
- half body 15 EURO - full body 20 EURO
- every additional character + 50%

single character lineart:
- half body 35 EURO - full body 45 EURO
- every additional character + 50%

single character colored art:
- half body 75 EURO -full body 90 EURO
every additional character + 50%

backgrounds can be added for the following prices:
- simple BG 20 EURO - painted BG 40 - 60 EURO

thanks for your attention~

I had to work on Sunday (I work as a cashier in a local supermarket), and oh boy there were a few horrible customers. The worst one was an elderly woman. Now those people are usually the friendliest people around here, she definitely wasn’t.

It was very busy that day, and I was out of €5,- and €10,- bills (I couldn’t get any extras because the manager was also very busy). So I was ringing her up and asked “Ma'am, I’m out of (…)bills, do you mind if I give you change, if needed, that consists mostly of €2,- euros?”. She told me that she didn’t mind it, she didn’t see a reason why.

She had to pay a total of €24,-, and she gave me a bill of €50,-. I paid her back in a bill of €20,- and 8 euros of €2,-. Guess who got mad when I gave the change back? That’s right, she did. That bitch got mad and rudely asked if I had anything else and ALMOST GETS INTO MY CASHIER SPACE TO LOOK IN THE DRAWER.
After I gave her her receipt she stomped away to count every single cent while muttering under breath about how I rude I was to give her “the wrong change”.
Like bitch I could have given you everything in €1,- euros, don’t be rude to cashiers while they can’t help it.

33 Cute Date Ideas
  1. Pick books out for each other and read it in funny voices
  2. Go on a picnic in a park you’ve never been to before
  3. Climb trees and see who can get the highest
  4. Build a blanket fort with tons of pillows
  5. Learn to cook something new together
  6. Go to an aquarium
  7. Bring food to the homeless together
  8. Penny Date (Take a penny, get dressed up, and drive. Have someone pick a number between 10 and 20. Then, at every turn, flip the coin. Heads means turn right, tails in left. Once you’ve flipped the coin the number of times that was chosen, stop the car and make up a date for where you are.)
  9. Visit a flea market
  10. Bake cookies or other yummy things
  11. Do each other’s makeup and then walk somewhere while wearing it
  12. Volunteer anywhere together
  13. Have a nerf war
  14. Eat something from another culture together
  15. See who can thrift the best outfit for only $20 or less (18 euros)
  16. Go people watching and make up stories for the most interesting people you see
  17. Mute a movie/TV show that you’ve never seen before and make up your own dialogue
  18. Draw each other!
  19. Invent your own milkshake flavor
  20. Cuddle and kiss, simple as that!
  21. Make your own Chopped Challenge (like the TV show)
  22. Cloud watch
  23. Make funny faces at each other. First one to laugh loses
  24. Use up an entire disposable camera together in one day and get it developed
  25. Make smores
  26. Go to Target and find the cheesiest greeting cards
  27. Turn off your phones, don’t use the car! Go the entire day without using electronics together
  28. Pick out Christmas pajamas for each other
  29. Fill out an entire coloring book
  30. Watch a movie
  31. Learn a language together (or make up your own!)
  32. Make a smashbook
  33. Carve pumpkins!

Thank you all so much for 1000 followers!! The video is still in progress, and will be up in a week hopefully. I managed to think up 33 unique, fun date ideas that I thought you’d like. Send a message or photo about you guys if you try one of these out!


In einer Klasse hält ein Lehrer einen 20€ Schein in die Luft und fragt : “Wer will ihn haben?”
Natürlich erheben alle Schüler die Hand.
Dann zerknittert der Lehrer den Schein und fragt
“Wollt ihr den immer noch?”
Wieder heben alle die Hände.
Der Lehrer wirft den zerknüllten Schein auf den Boden, trampelt darauf und fragt:
“Wollt ihr ihn denn jetzt immer noch?” Und wieder heben alle Schüler die Hände.
Dann sagt der Lehrer: “Ihr habt heute eine wichtige Lektion gelernt! Egal was ich mit diesem 20€—Schein tue, ihr wollt ihn trotzdem haben, weil sein Wert sich nicht verändert. Er ist immer 20 Euro wert.
Ihr werdet in Eurem Leben mehrmals verzweifelt sein und von manchen Menschen weggestoßen verarscht oder sogar gehasst werden und Ihr werdet das Gefühl haben, Nichts mehr wert zu sein. Doch seid Euch eines bewusst - egal welche Qualen ihr erleben müsst, wieviele Menschen Euch auch wegstoßen mögen… — für Menschen, die Euch lieben, werdet ihr nie weniger wert sein!
Auch wenn ihr keinen Reichtum besitzt, nichts mehr habt, verliert ihr nie an Wert”

anonymous asked:

Every year for my birthday my gramps gave me a flowery and "girly" bodyshop gift box and 20 euros in cash. A month ago I told him that I'm a trans boy and we kinda stopped talking after that. Today I got in the mail 20 euros and a Nivea for Men gift box and it was such a small thing but it meant the World to me and it was the best fucking gift I have ever received.

That is a sweet gesture! I hope your relationship continues to grow in warmth and love as time goes on. I hope you’re well, lovey.

Voglio svegliarmi la mattina e trovarti al mio fianco.
Voglio che mi porti il succo all'arancia rossa che mi piace tanto con un cornetto.
Voglio farmi ogni mattina la doccia con te.
Voglio lavarmi i denti e guardarti attraverso lo specchio mentre fai facce buffe lavandoti i denti.
Voglio che poi mi consigli cosa mettermi per uscire al centro,e voglio che inizi a fare il geloso se è un abito troppo corto o scollato,perché ciò che vedi tu di me, il resto del mondo non può vederlo.
Voglio che ogni sabato sera tu sia il mio parrucchiere fidato,che invece di 20 euro ti prendi 20 baci.
Voglio che mentre io mi trucco in bagno tu ti fai la barba e ci spingiamo a vicenda con i fianchi perché non c'è abbastanza spazio per tutti e due.
E per un momento rinpiango di non aver scleto il lavandino a due specchi da ikea,ma poi mi ricorderò che quel lavandino cosi piccolo aveva colpito tutti e due proprio perché potevamo stare più vicini.
Voglio che quando tu esci con i tuoi amici e io con le mie amiche ci mandiamo tanti messaggi in cui diciamo che quel posto non è un granché e ci manchiamo,quindi ci alziamo,e ci incontriamo per darci uno di quegli abbracci che dicono “hey ogni posto senza di te è uno schifo,o sto con te o con nessuno,mi sei mancata/o”
E non sono una persona viziata se dico voglio e non vorrei,perché le voglio con te, o con nessuno.