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Misha Collins.
Arriving on set in New Westminster, BC.
Thursday, March 2nd, 2017.

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so remember that one scene from brooklyn 99

this definitely took place during “take a letter, miss crusoe”. it’s canon now sorry folks



At this point what does Chris Brown have to do for y'all to unstan? He’s an asshole, an abusive asshole. Like, I pet never forgive him for Rihanna and everyone has a chance for redemption but all he did was give a shitty apology and moved on with his life! He’s done so much disrespectful and disgusting things to women (especially black women) Remember how Kehlani was going through a lot of drama and depression and he said she was doing it for comments under a “Instagram post” and sympathy. She was 20 at the time! Dude, that’s when things start to get intense! And she’s also “famous” so, she deal’s with bullies all the time + upcoming fame + the insecurities you have as a 20 year old. Plus he is almost thirty, he seems to get some sort of sick joy out of bullying young girls. Also!!! When Normani Kordei (of 5h) Dinah Jane (of 5h) and Tinashe stopped following him/unstanned. He said but they where asking to collaborate with him and that they were fake/attention seekers. I guess he doesn’t realize that people grow up and won’t look over his abusive behaviour just because he can sing + dance. Now, this whole mess with Karrueche Tran. Like what will it take for y'all to unstan? What??? Saying he doesn’t like Beyonce?? Eat the brown part of a banana? Ship your NOTP? Spoil the Walking Dead? Like, what??? Honestly if you still like Chris Brown never talk to me Again.

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Do you ever have a moment where you just feel SUPER powerful and good about yourself? Because i got back from gamestop and took a shower but had to jump out and throw on a tanktop and some shorts to answer the door. And this poor awkward 19 or 20 year old dude who was going to ask me if it was alright to check the water lines outside my house (routine check i just forgot they were coming. ) was super caught off guard
But like, i had so CLEARLY been in the shower and was still wet that he just got the crap flustered out of him and barely got a word straight it was so fucking cute and i feel great now

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Anyway…hey hey, good questions. Well. First of all, the show descriptions on Netflix say this:

So … no, the official descriptions don’t refer to them as “five teens”; they refer to them as “unlikely heroes” and “aspiring space explorers.” I know descriptions on IMDb and in the comic books referred to them as “five teens” but … I think that was just a poor word choice to avoid saying something like “four teens and some 20-something dude.” 

In any case, the executive producers & writers of the show unanimously agree in this video from SDCC that Sh/iro is “an adult” and the rest of the paladins are “not adults.” They also confirm that 14, late teens, & 25 is a “safe zone” for the paladins’ ages. And uh…at least in my opinion, 25 being a “safe zone” for Sh/iro’s age might mean he’s like 24, not that he’s….19. That’s quite a big difference, lmao.

As for “But ‘late teens’ could mean 18-19!!”:
Jeremy S/hada has said that L/ance is around 16
- Tyler La/bine has said H/unk is 17 (can’t find a link to this one but I know he confirmed it live on H/unk’s b-day).
- Tim He/drick (writer on the show) answered “yes” to a question someone DM’d him on Twitter asking whether H/unk, K/eith, & L/ance are all 16-17 (he referenced the SDCC video in his answer), and the day afterward he tweeted “final statement: you have been told the paladins’ ages” (presumably in reference, once again, to the SDCC video).

So!! Yeah, I believe those three are all 16-17 based on what cast and crew have all said. And just you know, based on them as characters, because they defo act like high school kids. 

Plus like, in the show, you have the younger paladins referring to Sh/iro as a “senior officer” and addressing him as “sir” on several occasions, and him referring to them as “cadets” so like … it’s clear that he’s significantly older/more experienced than they are. They canonically view him as a mentor/hero/older bro figure. So like. Power imbalance, on top of the whole age difference thing. 

I’m not like jumping into people’s inboxes telling them not to ship sh/aladin ships cuz I figure they won’t listen to me but *big shrug* I just don’t like it!! (to put it mildly, lol) Adult/minor ships make me extremely uncomfortable and I don’t believe in supporting/normalizing them. So!! Yup. 

trying to thank youtubers for being a source of good in your life is weird cause you’re basically trying to say to an often 20/30 year old dude ‘the fact you record yourself playing bad games and making jokes over it has made me laugh when i was very suicidal. thanks’ like theres no non-awkward way to say that

i just witnessed some prime ol fuckery right now, let me tell you guys. earlier today i posted a screenshot of stinge looking done af with some attitude and this person comes up in my comment saying how stingy is their husband so i’m like ‘ok lol. he smol n he deserves smooches n hugs’ and they flat out told me they wanted to fuck stingy

Hello!! The name’s Grayson and I’m a 20 year old trans dude in Michigan. I start t on March 16th and am super exited !!!!