20 disney challenge


Here’s something I did before my monitor’s died! :D The finished pic is below~


Here it finally is, my 20 style challenge!!

I do one of these at the begining of every year, but this is the biggest one I’ve done so far. I’m so proud of myself!

The quality of some of these got a little fucky in the upload process so make sure you click on the pictures for higher res  🖤


Petitetiaras’ 20 Day Disney Couples Challenge

19. Animal (your favorite animal couple): Bernard and Miss Bianca

Honestly, these two are just so adorable!! And total opposites, for that matter. Bernard is a timid, soft-spoken, logical, cautious, protective, and socially awkward. Bianca is extremely feminine, impulsive, sophisticated, passionate, empathetic, and adventurous. Somehow, despite the likelihood of personality clashing, they balance each other out and become great partners. Bernard provides logic and intelligence in their plans; Bianca spices it up by motivating her partner to fight and always follows her heart. It’s obvious that Bernard fell in love with Bianca instantly, but was incredibly shy around her, even when she chose him to become her partner. Though it’s difficult to know when Bianca started feeling something stronger for Bernard, right from the beginning, she sensed that underneath his timid demeanor, there was a strong mouse who was worthy enough to face any danger with her. They understand each other, and neither try to change the other. Bianca reminds Bernard to loosen up a bit, while Bernard holds Bianca back when necessary, but both love each other too much to go beyond that. And even then, Bernard gains the courage Bianca knew he had all along, and Bianca learns to not be so impulsive as she was before. Together, they make the perfect team and the perfect couple. <3


20 day Disney Princess Challenge
Day 8: The castle you wish you lived in
Prince Eric’s castle                                                                               This castle by the sea is so gorgeous and perfect and wonderful! It has tons of big windows to let all the sunshine in! I love the motif throughout, the bath house, that it’s homey and not so huge. I love the garden area facing the ocean and how you can just go outside and walk along the beach if you wanna be alone :) It’s very conducive to meditation. It’s not so isolated as some of the others so you don’t have to go down a mountain of rock if you feel like visiting town. My only gripe is I don’t think a castle foundation built on sand will stand for very long… P.S. I really really love the King’s Castle from Cinderella, and the only reason I didn’t pick that beautiful castle is everything is too dang ginormous for my taste- how would I ever find anybody? It can get lonely. And I’ve grown tired of giant staircases- they’re only good for show and not very practical.