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Hi! So I'm planning a Fem Tuxedo Mask cosplay and want to wear magician's assistant bottoms for it. Sort of like bikini bottoms? I want to wear some sort of sheer legging or tights under them to make me feel comfortable. Recently I went to a drag show and the queens all wore a sort of legging that gave their legs a bit of shine but didnt change their skin tone and im wondering if you know that material might be or have reccomendations for tights?

Hello there!

I would recommend dance tights. These are fully opaque and don’t have any visual distinction between leg and panty area, so they can be worn with leotards while still providing a smooth, skin-like look. You can find styles that has shimmer or gloss effects

If you can’t find a version with a shimmer or gloss effect (or one that matches your skintone), then you can wear sheer to waist gloss pantyhose (use that sequence of keywords to search – you should be able to find sme in your size and skintone with a bit of poking around) over a pair of regular dance tights for a little added security. Usually gloss pantyhose is very sheer and delicate, around 10 to 20 denier, so you may need to buy a few pairs in case one rips; the dance tights underneath would help protect anything you don’t want showing in case you end up with a run during a con.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff