20 days of gravity falls

Gravity Falls 20 Day Challenge: Day 5-Favorite AU

So, if you’ve been on my art blog, the answer to today’s prompt is pretty obvious since I draw it all the time!

Relativity Falls is so precious to me. The idea of Grauntie Mabel running the mystery shack with two little Stans running around chasing after monsters is just so great. I also believe Mabel has a shot gun and grappling hook she’s not afraid to bust out in emergencies. 

If I had to pick a runner up, it would be Monster Falls. Between Deerper and Gargunkle, there’s too many funny situations to portray for the AU to ever get old! Plus if Mabel’s a mermaid that means she can be with Mermando. That ship needs to sail! 

Gravity Falls 20 Day Challenge: Day 18-Favorite Quote

I couldn’t pick just one, so here’s three of my top favorite quotes:

“I even petitioned the government to remove this day from calendars. Now I’m not allow to fly on airplanes” I don’t know why, but this line just KILLS me every time. When I first saw this episode I was laughing so hard at this that I missed the next two minutes of dialogue. There’s of course the sweet gesture of how far Stan really is willing to go to help Soos out, but also his manner of helping is less than…normal.

“I don’t know why I tell you things.” This is literally my relationship with my sister. She’s worried about serious real things and I’m just laughing and being silly. You tell her things because she’s your best friend Dipper. Just love her.

And finally…

“Everything I’ve done, everything I’ve worked for, it’s all FOR THIS FAMILY” This line, it makes me tear up every time. It shows such raw, genuine emotion from Stan, something we’ve never really seen before this episode. You’re able to see past all his facades and pretenses to see this is a man who has literally crossed every line and compromised every value to see the face of his brother again. 

Stan, you had better not die.

20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge

4.) Favorite Fan Theory or Headcanon

Welp, I’m doing both. First up, favorite theory:

The Twin Body Swap Theory.

An interesting theory on its own, this is one I came up with without assistance or surfing through Tumblr. I can’t remember the day I thought of it, but I know it was when they were doing a rerun of Carpet Diem and the Twin Theory was still just a theory. They actually showed quite a bit of Gravity Falls episodes that day… a lot of them had involved episodes that were used as clues to Stanley’s existence. Weird day.

Anyway, pretty much everyone knows this theory now, that Grunkle Stan is actually Grandpa Stan and stuff. Things get switched around and a little confusing.

The part I think it clicked on was when in Carpet Diem Dipper won the room while in Mabel’s body, he celebrated by doing a slightly Mabel like thing. At one point he even got his and Mabel’s name confused. So I was thinking about what if that happened to Stan in the past? He clearly knew what was going on there.

I was tempted to ask Alex Hirsch about it in a vague way like, “Is Stan Stan?” but I decided I’d never be answered because then he’d be confirming the twin theory or at least another Stan’s name. (Again, this was before the Twin Theory was confirmed.)

Honestly I think it’s too dramatic to be true, but you never know.

Favorite Headcanon? Shabam:

Bill is the Invisible Wizard and therefore made out with Grenda.

How was this concluded? In the episode Little Dipper, Mabel claims that an “Invisible Wizard” is in a closet. Later in the episode Carpet Diem, Grenda comes out of said closet covered in lipstick and it is assumed that the Invisible Wizard made out with her.

And then in the Dipper and Mabel book it was said in code that “The Invisible Wizard keeps untying Dipper’s shoes.” (Fun fact, Dipper’s shoes were untied in Carpet Diem.)

In Bill’s AMA, he says this little rhyme and ends with “Don’t Look Now I Untied Your Laces.”

So it is concluded that Bill is the invisible wizard.

Ties in well with “You Monster” in Sock Opera.

I consider this a headcanon rather than a theory because it’s kind of a longshot.

Best thing ever. I love it. I ship it. Sort of. Because its hilarious. 

Watch out Marius.


non specific 30 20 day fandom challengegravity falls

day 2: moment that made you fall in love with the series

“We’re getting older, there’s not that many Halloweens left! I guess I didn’t realize it was already our last one.”

20 Days Of Gravity Falls

Day 05: Favorite AU
I’m not much for AU’s, but how about an AU where everything’s the same, besides that Waddles is a tiny dinosaur?

Okay, seriously, an Highschool AU in which Dipper is shy and doesn’t really have any friends and human!Bill is the popular kid in school and Dipper’s got a thing for Bill. Bill obviously knows, but he’s waiting for Dipper to become brave enough to tell him, though he kinda tries to draw it out by teasing him.


20 Day Gravity Falls Challenge, Day 04: Fan Theory or Headcanon

I must confess that I don’t follow fan theories (they just confuse me/are often too elaborated or far-fetched for me) but I have zillions of headcanons, so here are some of them (with stupid captions, naturally!):

1. Grunkle Stan was super nervous before the twins came to spend their summer at his place. I believe they hadn’t really met before the summer (at least they kind of act like that in the first episode?). Also, Dipper and Mabel are twins and that probably made Stan feel worried too, considering his past and everything. But he accepted to babysit them because he’s a lonely old man plus needed free child labor. I’m pretty sure all the other relatives had some other plans and Grunkle Stan was the last resort for Mabel and Dipper’s parents. He’s one of those more unconventional relatives and I believe the twins’ parents are probably an opposite of Stan…

2. I’m super sure that at one point they had to call an ambulance for Grunkle Stan as Mabel had put her horrible toy juice into Stan’s coffee. Stan spent the whole day in the hospital having a stomach lavage…

3. When Stan is doing the household chores alone, he practices dancing (he doesn’t want to get rusty, you can never know when there is some surprise dance party or when someone asks him for a dance), often wearing a suit. Nobody, not even Soos, knows that he is a super good dancer.

4. Before Stan had met the kids he bought the notorious “Why am I sweaty?” book so he could traumatize the children. Just in case!  Maybe it’s some sick tradition in Pines’ family?

5. One time Old McGucket got lost in the forest and met the gnomes and hung out for weeks with them (probably taught them happy jigs and told them about his giant robots, giving Jeff an idea to form one huge super gnome!) but the gnomes probably got bored of him eventually as McGucket kept calling them with the seven dwarfs’ names. They couldn’t recognize McGucket as he looked so different when he was sane and young.

Day 15- Favorite Relationship! Mabel and Grunkle Stan! They remind me so much of the joking, fun, and over-the-top relationship I had with my great uncle Steve. It was a close call with Soos and Melody cause they’re so dang adorable! But the one that means the most to me is Mabel and Stan. Plus, seeing a (mostly) positive male figure with kids? That’s a big deal. 

20 Days of Gravity Falls

Welp. I’ve been a little bummed since 30 days ended.

Time for new drawing prompts.

20 Days? Whatevs. 

Day 01: Favorite Character
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Day 05: Favorite AU
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