20 days leotard challenge


Day 19 - Favourite leotard pattern

Bonus points for ribbon pattern designed by He Kexin. Now this is how you do swirlies and ribbons on leotards. GK, take note. Don’t use swirls/ribbons as a thick, squiggly demarcation line on the leotards. Don’t center swirls/ribbons on the chest area of the leotards. I would like to see the end of boob swirls, please.

Day 20 - Least favourite leotard pattern

Ah, GK’s crazy mountain design. No matter what colour scheme you go with, it just doesn’t look nice. It makes even the most willowy of gymnasts look too wide. What I do not understand is why it has to be tried not once, but four times, with different colours, on different gymnasts. Didn’t anyone say “This is not a good design” after the first try?

Day 18 - Least favourite rhinestone embellishment

I don’t usually complain about rhinestones on leotards, even if it looks like someone went to town with sparklies and a glue gun. However, I have issue with the sparklies on these French leotards because it looks like a bedazzled tapeworm. If you’re going to use rhinestones, at least make it pretty. I rather like the style of the leotards too, but its ruined by bling tapeworms.