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Laura Bailey @ Kawaii-Kon in 2009


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Ranma1/2 is in my opinion is the best dub ever, ever, ever. Everyone fits their character perfectly. Sarah Strange was made for the male Ranma Saotome until they replaced her with Richard Ian Cox. I did not like him as Ranma. AT ALL. He’s perfect for Inuyasha though.. lol Venus Terzo was also perfect for female Ranma too. She has such a sultry voice, I thought it was great, but they also replaced her with Brigitta Dau. She had a similar voice to Venus, so you really don’t notice the change much. I liked her, but Venus was much better. Myriam Sirois was a great Akane Tendo. Feisty, but soft when needed to be. Robert O. Smith as Genma Saotome was good. David Kaye as Soun Tendo. Of course he was hilarious. Ted Cole as Tatewaki Kuno was so goofy. I did like Ian James Corlett as Dr. Tofu’s voice, but I liked him more as Kirby Morrow. Cathy Weseluck as Shampoo. Her Chinese accent was a bit too forced, but overall it was good.

Overall, this is best dub ever. It’s an oldie, but very good. It’s one of my favorite anime ever. I’m so excited for the new live-action show this December! I read the manga when I was growing up and I doubt that I’ll ever grow tired of watching it.