20 crisis

  • me: *listens to La Vie Boheme on the way to my 9-5 office job, trying to ignore the fact that i'm wasting my life and am in no way, shape, or form living la vie boheme because let's be real people need money and the only way to make money is to sell your soul and give up on your hopes and dreams and, even if the characters in your favourite musical are dedicated to la vie boheme no matter what, you are a real person who just wants to be able to afford groceries god dammit*
Shout-out to all the ladies who:

-Are 20-30 something and are definitively women, but still feel like teenage girls

-Are having trouble reaching their full potential

-Feel so disconnected from themselves and their identity sometimes (or often)

-Crave big changes, but are totally scared to make them

…We’re all works in progress, we’ll never be done. Would you really want to have everything figured out already? How much fun would that be? As hard as it is sometimes, try to enjoy (at least parts of) the ride. Keep going, take a deep breath, and be nice to yourself.


I’m at a store and a few N'Sync songs came on, I’m over here trying to control myself from singing my heart out and I hear a younger girl (maybe no older than 18) say that she had no idea who was singing and what song it was to her mom (momma was jamming too). And inside I’m dying a little cause I’m getting older and the younger generations don’t know the music I grew up listening to. Sad.

Che tu possa essere libera, ovunque sceglierai di andare. All’università, in discoteca, a Bogotà. Che tu possa camminare a testa alta, qualsiasi persona sceglierai di amare. Un uomo, una donna, solo ed esclusivamente te stessa. Ti auguro la spensieratezza dei 20 anni e la crisi dei 30, poiché entrambe ti aiuteranno a capire quello che vuoi dalla vita. (O forse no, ma va bene lo stesso.) Ti auguro un amore che ti faccia piangere, a patto che in futuro ti insegni a scegliere solo amori che ti facciano sorridere. Ti auguro un’amica fidata, un insegnante che creda in te, una famiglia disposta a combattere al tuo fianco. (O di essere talmente forte, da farcela anche da sola.) Che tu possa sentirti bella, esattamente come desideri. In blue jeans, in minigonna o con il chador. In un corpo – bianco, nero, giallo, arcobaleno – che ti faccia sentire a casa, senza dare (troppa) importanza ai canoni della tivù. Che tu possa decidere cosa fare del tuo futuro: se studiare, lavorare, sposarti o avere figli. (O tutte insieme.) Che nessuno possa importi un amore, una professione, un orologio per la tua fertilità. Che tu possa fare l’amore senza sentirti sporca o fuori posto. Che tu possa fare l’amore sempre e solo se e quando tu ne abbia voglia. Ti auguro la tenacia di un panzer e la delicatezza di un fiore. Ti auguro animo puro e solidarietà verso le altre donne. Una mano pronta a tendersi, un cervello che vada per la sua strada, un cuore lontano dalla mediocrità. Che tu possa imparare a fregartene dei giudizi, qualsiasi bocca li pronunci. Perché sei nata con il diritto di essere la donna che sei. Perché come ha scritto qualcuno “quello che sei, dove vai, ciò che vuoi, lo sai soltanto tu“. Che le ferite collezionate non ti facciano male al punto di ucciderti, ma che ti diano la forza per ricominciare. Che tu possa rinascere dal dolore, dal vuoto, dall’oblio. Ti auguro di essere libera come l’aria, coraggiosa come il vento, impavida come un’onda nell’oceano. Ti auguro di non tradirti, accontentarti, arrenderti o annegarti. Mai. Ti auguro un sogno, un pugno di (bei) libri ed il diritto all’infanzia, alla salute e alla vita.
Che tu possa essere più forte di ogni violenza ed orrore.
—  noncontofinoadieci.com

Today, I got my TABINOF. Best day ever.

We got to know each other, even though he was really shy.

Then I learnt that he LOVES to draw, so why not a drawing competition?! I hate to admit, he won; even tho my drawing was prize-worthy.

So I challenged him in chess, in which I am, not to brag, really good, but DAMN.

Then it was about time to show him his masters. He liked their hair. Who the heck doesn’t?!

But then he spotted my MCR wallpaper, which he cried over…

… And over 20 mins of existential crisis.

After that, some fun online. (And yes that is my Pinterest account #spoon)

And some fangirling. A lot of fangirling.

I suggested playing Dress Up. He wasn’t amused.

Not at all.


Everything was going really well!

He was kinda disgusted by my diary, tho…  

We played catch, even though he was horrible at it. And he dreams to be a basketball pro…

After that, we got classy with a glass of white wine (water in my case)…

… And more reading.

After that, it was bedtime. It was a really fun day, and I look forward to it again. For now the story ends.



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A (Age): Having my quarter life crisis at 20 lol but turning a year older in a month or so!
B (Biggest Fear): Being uncertain with no clear path or even the tiniest solution I can think of
C (Current Time): 3:30 PM
D (Drink You Last Had): Cranberry iced tea! It is damn hot and my migraines are kiling me
E (Easiest Person/s to Talk to): Other than myself, for the most obvious reasons that I am an introvert, I would say my Mom and my besties Kari and Eunrin
F (Favorite Song): I have a lot tbh, but the song I am currently obsessing to is Stand by Me by Florence + The Machine (FFXV, baby!)
G (Grossest Moment): Going to a restroom that is pretty unsanitized and it smelled like corpses. This happened way back in 2010 and I can never forget it
H (Horror Yes, Horror No): Horror, YES!
I (In Love With): YOOSUNG KIM, WITH A BURNING PASSION!!!! Also, I love Yukimura Sanada of SLBP, and Prompto Argentum of FFXV
J (Jealous of): Lowkey jelly of people with a healthy weight to their body. I’m chubby and all and it is hard to lose weight, but I hope to get there someday
K (Killed someone): Me? You’re asking M E? If I killed SOMEONE? What makes you think that?
L (Love at First Sight/Should I Walk by Again): Unless you are a blonde or brunette, with puppy dog sparkly eyes and an absolute cinnamon roll, don’t bother. Kidding! It really depends on a person. It’s more of an emotional thing for me rather than physical appearance anyway
M (Middle Name): Go. I was Go before I married Yoosung so, Go. Away
N (Number of Siblings): None
O (One Wish): To finally get a job
P (Person You Last Called): My mom
Q (Question You’ve Always Been Asked): “Do you have a job yet?” I’m trying okay, it’s not easy finding one in the first place
R (Reasons to Smile): Family, friends, art, writing, the internet, good music, ice cream! And maybe even the mere fact I’m still breathing and woke in this earth is good enough reason to put a smile on my face
S (Song You Last Sang): I Walk the Line by Halsey. Sang it to Amy and Andi hihi
T (Time You Wake Up): 10:00 AM usually
U (Unlucky Moment): Walking 7km instead of just 700m because I forgot how to go to my former office in the metro
V (Vacation Destination): Canada, Japan, London, France, Portugal, Hongkong
W (Worst Habit): Sleeping every few hours
X (X-rays I’ve had): Just had a chest x-ray for pre-employment stuff last year lol
Y (Your Favorite Food): ICE CREAM! Chicken, Dumplings, Cheese, Eggplants, honestly I just love a lot of food
Z (Zodiac): Taint me red, mofos. Taurus is out to get ya

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SSMonth15 Masterlist

A guide to my SasuSaku Month Fanfics for 2015: Enjoy! This would be for @pideyyy who requested :)

[1] Matchmaker
[2] No Filter
[3] Carnival
[4] The Games We Play

[5] Test
[6] Skin Deep
[7] Mortality
[8] Mission Impossible
[9] Trauma
[10] Haircut
[11] Graduate

[12] White Flag
[13] 2 A.M.
[14] Hunger
[15] Eye of the Storm
[16] “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise”
[17] Raw 
[18] Out of the Woods

[19] Blood
[20] Anniversary
[21] Midlife Crisis
[22] Baby Shoes
[23] Plural
[24] Day Trip
[25] “Plant your trees, watch them grow”

[26] Boarding Schools
[27] Social Media
[28] Through the Wardrobe
[29] Superheroes
[30] Dystopia / Apocalypse
[31] Reincarnation