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Zach Dempsey x Reader | Paradise

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Warning: minor sexual content

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Here I was, living life in paradise with my boyfriend Zach Dempsey. We were currently spending spring break together in Malé, Maldives. It was quite the dream to be on a beautiful island with a hot boyfriend. You must be wondering how it all started off, well, here goes the story.

It all started about 2 years ago, I was an average student, I did well in all my subjects except for Biology. Science wasn’t my favourite subject then again, that was until my Biology teacher had assigned Zach to tutor me. It felt weird at first that a jock was coming over to my place or I was going over to his for our 2 hour tuition session.

I wasn’t used to this kind of thing, that is being around someone who is known to be popular. I’m a quiet person until you get to know me then only do I reveal my bubbly side. I never spoke to guys in a hurry at school other than Clay since he was the first one who wasn’t a pervert. My thoughts about Zach changed after seeing him for 5 sessions. He was really helpful, he knew his stuff and well, in a way I’m sure you would all agree that when you have a hot person around you it’s good motivation.

That 5th session of seeing him changed everything. We had just finished and as I was packing away my stuff I could feel his stare on me but chose to ignore it. “Thanks again Zach” I said. I stood up throwing my bag on my shoulder and walked to his door. He followed close behind me “Anytime” he said and walked me out. I was just leaving “Bye” I waved him off. “Wait” he stopped me. “What’s wrong ?” I asked. He placed his lips on mine which I hadn’t seen coming, after taking in what was going on, it didn’t take me long to kiss back. It felt good. “I’ve always wanted to do that” he said when we stopped to take a breath. That was the start to Zach and I’s relationship.

I thought for a change that Zach and I should go some place different this year for spring break. We’re always at home or doing the usual movie dates but this time our 2 year anniversary was around the corner. I thought we might as well do something exciting and different for a change. I told Zach about my idea which he was perfectly fine with just the 2 of us going, we had agreed on going to Maldives.

My parents were fine with me going since they trust Zach and they like him too. Zach’s mom didn’t have a problem either since she knew he was going with me and not with bad company.

I’m glad packing for me wasn’t that hard because all I needed was a few t-shirts, shorts, a dress, bikinis and swimsuits with just 3 pairs of shoes. I had packed at least 2 days before so over time I remember what last minute items to put into my bag.

We waved off our parents one last time then went through security and passport control. Zach and I weren’t in the mood to eat so we just decided to wait at the gate. It only started boarding an hour later. The line to board wasn’t that bad since it moved fast, Zach had a window seat as I sat in the middle. When they had announced that the flight would take off shortly, the joy had come to me because their was a vacant seat next to me which means more sleep. After we had taken off I picked up both armrests and laid my head on Zach’s lap - growing up, I could never sleep the night before a flight I guess because of the adrenaline rush - the flight was 20 hrs and 30 mins anyway so I should get more than enough rest.

Finally landing in Maldives, we took a boat to our resort, then after reaching we had checked in and might I say this place was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t feel like leaving here. Zach and I left our luggage as it was, we took a walk to the beach which was literally less than 10m away from our room. We just stood where the singers were and admired the view and surroundings. Clear water and white sand, can this get any better ?

“Okay we can’t afford to waste anymore time, I’m going to change” I blurted and started walking back to our room. “I’ll meet up with you in a few” he said. I tossed my suitcase on our bed and pulled out the first bikini I could find. It was a classic black bikini with a few cut outs on either side of the underwear. I discarded my clothes and had on my bikini bottom and top. Just tying off my bikini top, I couldn’t get the back straps to tie. “Woah baby girl. Are we celebrating our honeymoon later ?” He whistled and walked up behind me, he moved my hair onto my shoulder and tied off my back. “You wish” I turned to give him a quick kiss on his cheek. “Ready ?” I asked looking him up and down. All he had to do was take off his shirt. So simple.

We walked back hand in hand, I took a few steps onto the wet sand to see how cold it is and to my luck the temperature wasn’t bad at all. I then jogged until the water had reached my hips, “Are you getting in or what ?” I asked him. He grinned and took slow steps, when he was at arms length away from me I started splashing the water at him. I knew then I had to run for my life. He literally caught me just when I could turn to run “Theirs no running away from me now” he said and threw me over his shoulder. “Zach pit me down” I whined and started kicking my legs and hitting his back with my fists. “Nah I rather have you dangling like this” he laughed “Of course you do, you’re enjoying the view aren’t you ?” I rolled my eyes.

The next thing I was in contact with the water, Zach had thrown me in. I ran my fingers through my hair to move it away from the face “How dare you ?” I murmured, I was freezing. “What was that ?” He cupped his hand around his ear pretending he didn’t hear me. Haha really funny. The boy thought its going down tonight, well it would’ve if he hadn’t done this. Payback time is on. I was hoping to just relax but thanks to Zach my plans are now all ruined. “You think this is funny ?” I raised an eyebrow and walked passed him to our room. He followed close behind me “Yeah I do actually” he said and started laughing again.

I went to our outdoor shower and ran the water, standing underneath it with my back facing Zach. I slowly loosened the strings of my bikini, I started with my top by loosening my neck and then mid back. My hands trailed down to my bottoms and pulling both strings at the same time leaving the bikini to fall off. Now stood in front of Zach was a naked (Y/N). I felt his stare on my ass “Oh I see where this is going” he smirked. With the water still running over me, I cupped my breasts and turned to face Zach. His jaw dropped. “Look all you want baby because you can see but you can’t touch” I said, then squeezed my breasts and leaving them free. My hands trailed down to my core and slowly back up to my breasts.

I closed the tap and ran my hands through my hair, grabbing the near by towel to cover my self, I stood in front of a horny Zach “Happy Early Anniversary babe ” I said and gave him a peck on the cheek.

May I have your attention please ^<^ (just a smol bit)

Thanks for the Hope and Inspiration! <3

I want to thank you all, but…

I want to give a special thanks to:

@apocalypse-prevention-agency & @omgaflyingpig

Thanks for being awesome friends, for encouraging me, and caring about me as a person. Maybe life isn’t always great, but I am glad to go through it, with God, and with friends like you.

I was… actually almost planning on giving up art for good, but, thanks to you two, reminding me, that God has great plans for even my simple doodles, and making me feel like my art was… worth something ^w^. I am inspired to make great things again.

Show them some love please, we need more people that care for you, not just when it’s convenient for them, but people who really care.

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JAX-SENPAI HELP!!! I'm snowed in. I cant get to the gym! What can I do for cardio at home since I cant jog, swim or use the stairclimber?

Cardio at home when SNOWed in is pretty simple in 4 ways. 

1) If you have a Jump Rope you can just skip for 20-30 mins or get some HIIT Cardio in 15 minutes with it

2) BURPEES. Heres a fun challenge try doing Burpees for 15 mins. THOSE WILL WEAR YOUR ASS OUT no MATTER HOW TOUGH YOU ARE! 
Heres a quick workout Do 20 Burpees
then after you finish rest 20 seconds
Then do 19 Burpees, rest 20 seconds and keep doing that until you have 1 burpee left. That shit will wear you out and you can always add more

Originally posted by radicalmuscle

3) If you have bad knees you can always shadowbox, pretending you’re fighting someone imaginary its great cardio

4) If you have a bad shoulder and bad knees you can easily just walk in place or use your stairs to do step ups but it has to be for 40 mins - 1hour for an effective LISS workout


Some Good ol Fashioned Yoga would also do your body good

Hope that helps

Season 3 Flash Screentime (female characters only)
I don’t count the full scene, but rather the amount of time the character is either talking or onscreen. If Barry is talking to the group in STAR Labs and the camera doesn’t cut back to the ladies for 20 seconds, for example, then those 20 seconds don’t count.

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Les Mis Podfic  Feelgood Rec List

While not all these stories are fluff, these are the podfics that always live on my phone to cheer me up. Podficcers do not get enough love, so here is a very very small and horribly incomplete list of some of my favourite Les Mis fics I’ve listened to.

The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffeeshop Employee by @vintage-jehan, read by @mysunfreckle 

Of course, I’m horribly biased because I was involved in the creative choices of this podfic, but the original story is so funny and the reading of it just really makes me happy! (20-30 min per part)

World Ain’t Ready by @idiopathicsmile, read by fulldaysdrive

This story is an absolute lifesaver. The amazing reading and editing are like the best art and listening to it has calmed so many near anxiety attacks for me. The original story is already so good, and fulldaysdrive manages to make it better with her amazing Grantaire voice. (over 20 hours)

You Dance Dreams by @theladyragnell, read by knight_tracer

Beautiful music, beautiful story, beautiful reading. A joy to listen to. The only thing better than this podfic would be a full-cast opera. (6:06:31)

This One Goes Out To by novembersmith, read by knight_tracer 

This wizard resistance radio au is a wonder of music and emotion and I can thoroughly recommend it.(2:56:25)

 éffeuiller la marguerite by arriviste, read by delabaissé (explicit)

Delabaissé has the best female Enjolras and Grantaire voices, it’s just so amazing. So much emotion and goodness in one audiofile! (2:38:04)

Lovesickness @idiopathicsmile, read by disquisitemind

Honestly one of the funniest podfics I’ve ever listened to. Great use of music and comedic effect. (01:16:27)

In Defiance of All Geometry by @idiopathicsmile,  read by delabaissé

You may see a pattern here, but idiopathicsmile’s stories never fail to bring a smile to my face. The humour in this reading is so brilliant, this one is a must to listen too. (6:12:50)

The Lonely Sea and Sky by @samyazaz, read by Rs_Creighton

So much longing and emotion in one story it’s nearly overwhelming. Beautifully read. (6:14:11)

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So I was reading your jam recipe. And was wondering if you could answer a question? My mom really loves peach jam/jelly, and I was wondering if your recipe could be used with substituting peaches for strawberries? I would really like to make it for my mom! Thanks for your help and have a great day!

You can indeed use that basic recipe to make a peach jam. I have a recipe that uses 4 (peeled) peaches, and the same amount of lemon juice and sugar and it’s got a nice fruity summery taste to it.

Same method: peel, pit and and slice the peaches (in my experience 4 whole peaches = 6 cups worth) and place into a bowl, add in 2cups sugar and ¼ lemon juice.

Either mush them up with a potato masher or blend them up, it depends on how smooth you want your jam. Leave it to sit at room temperature for 2 hours. This will help the natural sugars in the fruit break down and aid in the production of pectin.

After two hours is up, tip into a medium to large pot, and bring to a roiling boil like you see in my strawberry jam recipe for 5-10 minutes. After that lower the temp and keep stirring on medium to low for roughly 20-30 mins until the mixture cooks down and starts to gel.

You might want to invest in a jam thermometer to make sure you get it to the right temp. This is the one I use for candy and some jams if I’m new to the recipe: https://www.amazon.com/Polder-THM-515-Candy-Thermometer-Stainless/dp/B001FB6IFY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486241237&sr=8-1&keywords=jam+thermometer

Pour carefully into sterilized jars (this thing is a life saver for not burning your hands: https://www.amazon.com/Norpro-Mouth-Plastic-Funnel-Green/dp/B000HJ99XS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1486241365&sr=8-3&keywords=canning+funnel ) and seal the lids. If you seal them airtight in a water bath it’s good for up to a year in a dark cool place, or if you can’t seal them, up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator.

Recipe yields about 3-4  ½ pint jars.

Happy jamming :D

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I don't know if it hasn't been long enough but van you update the podfic tag. You guys are amazing!!!! Thabknyiu for all the hard work😚😚😚


[podfic] Echoes by attendtothebones (10-20 mins)

Someone has deleted half the numbers in Stiles’s phone. 

Puppy Issues [podfic] by KD reads (KDHeart) (0-10 mins)

Stiles is temporarily a puppy. It’s really unfair how amusing this is to everyone else.

[A recording of a fic by LadyDrace]

Adult Wolf [PODFIC] by KouriArashi (7-10 hours)

As if Sheriff Stilinski doesn’t have enough to deal with, now he’s been attacked by some enormous dog in the forest, and that’s normal compared to what happens next…

Season one and two re-telling with Sheriff Stilinski being bitten instead of Scott.

(podfic of) Dioskouroi by anatsuno (4-4.5 hours)

Recording of DevilDoll’s story read by anatsuno.

“There’s two of us now!” In which a spell to double Derek’s power ends up being a little more literal than anyone expected.

[Podfic of] there are rows & rows & rows by exmanhater (20-30 mins)

There are at least fourteen things Danny would much rather be doing right now, including sawing off his own arm and stabbing puppies with knives, and yet he’s still here, around the corner from their Econ lecture hall, coaching Stiles through asking their TA out for coffee.

[Podfic] Stiles dragging the pack to play Laser Tag by artemis69, Wolveshowlatnight (10-20 mins)

This is a podfic of artemis69’s headcanon.

Stiles drags the pack to play Laser Tag. It goes as well as can be expected.

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No coworker, just because ypu brought breakfast doesn't excuse the fact you're 20-30 mins late ("since i'm alwaus late i figures i'd bring food"). Noe we have to use a program on our computer to clock-in/out, but the program has been messing up since supervisor made it a rule. Fuck coworkers who're leaving 20 mins early yet coming in late and fuck the broken program.


13 more days (or less) of little feet👣 all up in my ribs!!! cannot wait to meet our 3rd newest workout buddy💪! this will be as good as it gets until baby Kosi arrives as far as exercise goes. nothin’ cray, just basic/compound strength training moves, 20-30 min of cardio, and tons of stretching & bouncing on my yoga ball from here on out. for that very last exercise mamas, add in those KEGELS.

SUPER embarrassing post alert. Take a look at this beauty lol.. 

This is the first picture I ever posted on tumblr. December of 2014. YIKES. It probably took me a couple of hours to draw.

Now here’s my drawing from today. June 2017, it took me about 20-30 mins? I never thought I would see this day. It’s taken so many hours, tutorials, tears, and a some victories. I still have SO MUCH I would like to improve on but I’m hoping to inspire someone today. You’ll get there, just be patient and keep at it. 

For all my loyal supporters/ new followers, here are the rates for what I offer:

Daily Chatting

$30 for 20 mins

Fixed = $10
Customised =$15

Masturbation/ striptease Videos:
5 mins = $50
10 mins = $80

Wear 24 hours = $48
With masturbation = $58
Add on Popstation = $5.90

$48 - $68 depending on brand.

Please only support if you want to. No obligation. But please do not assume that it is weird that I charge for chatting with you. 🙄 I have thousands of followers and hundreds of messages. Priority is established in this way. Thank you v much. 👍🏼


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I'm still a little confused about the whole who Savitar is thing and time remnants and flash point, could you try and explain it if you have time?

It’s complicated in part because it’s discussed in canon as a closed time loop, similar to Eobard’s sort of paradoxical existence / time loop, and our brains don’t do so good with loops (and the Flash canon doesn’t really involve loops, it just pretends that it does, but it makes more sense to conceive of speedster time-travel as more linear and branching).

A simple explanation that I drew from to answer this came from ScreenRant so do check it out. But here’s what I’ve got, to the best of my current understanding.

Originally posted by fyeahgrantgust

First things first: Savitar’s and Cisco’s explanations.

Savitar says that Barry will create time remnants to kill Savitar, and all but one of them will die. That time remnant will be shunned because he’s not the “real” Barry, and moreover, this is after Iris is dead (I assume? It’s implied) so no one is really in an emotional state to be there for a time remnant confused about his own existence. He’s literally Barry, a grieving Barry, one who has lost everything and isolated himself and is all the darkest parts of himself. That’s the Barry who makes the time remnants to fight Savitar, and doesn’t think about the consequences of having one of them survive.

So this time remnant, we’ll call him Barry-S, he’s lost and confused and hurting just as bad as Barry, just as angry, and even worse. He sees that Barry has everything but shuns it: the love and acceptance of the people who he still has left. isolated, Barry-S sort of says “fuck this” and leaves. Presumably, time travels, heads to other dimensions, begins to build his suit, and over time creates this reputation as “the first speedster” for himself. Maybe we can conjecture that at first, he’s training, trying to go up against other speedsters to improve, finding the fastest people across time and dimensions so that he can get fast enough to stop Savitar, to fix all this. He’s still Barry, after all.

But like the parable of the Black Night, this White Night runs through the forest searching for his enemies for so long that his suit of armor becomes muddied and his heart bleak, and becomes what he sought to end and avenge. He slowly realizes his suit is becoming that of Savitar’s, as he builds it, and that his speed is truly becoming unparalleled after all, and what his reputation is becoming as the “God of Motion”. He sees where it’s going, and it grips his (cold, still grieving, bleak and heavy) heart. And he continues. Pushes on. Continues to fight and kill, becoming what ruined him.

Because it’s all he has left. It’s all he ever had. Was this pain, that Barry bore him into the world with. Memories of a life and an Iris that were never his, because they belonged to Barry, and not to Barry-S, not to the mere remnant.

Originally posted by westallengifs

So after… who knows how long. Weeks, centuries, time is totally relative to someone like that, he returns. Returns to 2021. That’s right. Returns to the Barry who created him to wreak his vengeance. Except that doesn’t go exactly as planned.

That Barry is waiting with a trap, the one built by Tracy to deal with Savitar’s suit. So when Barry-S arrives decked out in the suit, and he is trapped in the speedforce. Note that up until he was created, he and Barry had the same memories, so Barry must’ve gone to Tracy after the fiasco with the time remnants “mostly” dying, and likely Savitar ditched shortly after that, only to seemingly return later (to challenge Barry) once the trap was complete. Except it’s Barry-S returning. 

I mean, it’s still “Savitar”, but he’s younger than the Savitar in 2017 who kills Iris. Barry-S hasn’t done that yet. He’s the younger version of Savitar except he’s run into the future, to 2021, to challenge Barry. And maybe it’s Barry-S and not the older Savitar because he kills his older self and takes his place. Maybe he has to, to be strong enough to face Barry, because maybe the older version of Savitar is too tired and weak and scarred after his own temporal loop, after being trapped in the speedforce for so long, and Barry-S needs to take his place and live out their destiny.

So Barry-S challenges Barry in 2021, and Barry-S gets trapped. He’s imprisoned and pissed. And going through hell in the speedforce, trapped inside that prison, likely reliving the moment Iris dies over and over.

Originally posted by calmandcalculating

And inside the speedforce trap, he realizes he has to escape. Maybe he’s eroding, or maybe that hasn’t happened yet. But it will. He has to close the loop in order to exist. It is a time loop, and unless he escapes and kills Iris, none of this ever happens, at least in this timeline. He has to escape, kill Iris, live to 2021… and then get killed by himself (his younger self), probably, unless he can change things.

So, somehow using the philosopher’s stone (I don’t have all the details on that front) and sheer force of will, he manages to appear to speedsters in the material world, to use his skills to gain acolytes, to see across the timelines Barry has created (like Flashpoint) and use them against him. Up until the point where he manages to finally escape from the speedforce.

At which point, it’s all going just like he remembers it did, back when he was Barry, when they were one and the same, before he was Barry-S, a remnant.

Originally posted by renesmeeharelds

(Except maybe he doesn’t remember this… Barry is changing things now, after having run to the future. 2024!Barry hadn’t done that, so now we’re in a new timeline).

But to Savitar, Iris was dead before he was created, and he’ll kill her in order to close the loop and ensure he will create himself, become himself. Only this time, he intends to stay free after he does. To not become trapped ever again, and to not die in 2021 when he meets Barry-S, his past self who hasn’t yet been trapped and eroded. 

(Or if he never did kill his older self, maybe he was always sort of free, after, given that it’s his past self that was trapped in the speedforce. But then, the rules of time travel don’t fully apply to him, and to be trapped in there might mean to be trapped at all points in time/existence - past, present, and future. Regardless of what it is, I would not be surprised.).

For the record, you can conceive of all these time jumps as creating slightly different unique timelines, and it’ll still sort of lead you to the same place, but that’s an added layer relative to what the show tried to give us. 

But, that also explains why Barry killing himself now (or failing to create a remnant in the future) won’t necessarily “undo” Savitar as we know him now. The Savitar we know now came from a different timeline, was created already in that timeline, the same way Eobard was a time remnant from another timeline. Eobard died when his ancestor died in the current timeline because his existence was no longer confluent with the current timeline and the speedforce didn’t like it, but Barry-S may have hopped timelines so many times that’s become somewhat irrelevant, especially since he was created from a loop to begin with.

Originally posted by fibu

Final note: how this fits with Flashpoint?

It sort of does and sort of doesn’t. The point is mostly that when Barry mucked up the timeline as much as he did, he created a new timeline in which a different set of events happened than it otherwise would have. Savitar wasn’t an issue before he messed up the timeline, but when he did, he created a timeline in which Savitar and this time loop existed and have always existed. I can’t say exactly why, except maybe as a repercussion from selfish timetravel handed down by the semi-sentient speedforce or else because the existence of Savitar was/is predicated on the existence of multiple timelines that are connected only through the speedforce (philosopher’s stone) so splitting the timeline too much creates problems like him as some mercurial inevitable outcome. 

Either way, way to go Barry. 

Originally posted by ravenclairee

Operation: Get Your Life Together

Step one: Clean the room

Step two: Pay all bills and organize those bills

Step Three: Clean out your refrigerator

Step Four: Start daily exercise (Even if it means 20-30 mins)

Step Five: Eat healthier and regularly

Step Fix: Stop blaming yourself for making a mess. Embrace it. 

Step Seven: It’s never too late.  Tackle things by their priority, and just get it done. 

Lunch today was a nutritious bowl of rice-quinoa salad on a bed of baby spinach, topped with spiced & roasted chickpeas, roasted carrots and olives. This was a quick weekend fridge-clean out type of meal, as I didn’t have much fresh veg left and had to whip something pretty much out of fridge and pantry staples!

To make the chickpeas:
Toss chickpeas in some olive oil, salt, smoked paprika, cumin powder, onion powder and a pinch of nutmeg. Spread on a parchment-lined baking tray and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for about 20-30 mins, flipping the chickpeas over after 15 mins to ensure even cooking. Keep an eye on the chickpeas towards the end, as they do tend to burn!

To make the tomato dressing:
Mix 1 tbsp tomato paste with 1 tsp dried mixed Italian herbs and a dash of smoked paprika. Pour some warm water to thin out the sauce, then whisk with a fork. Pour more water for a runnier sauce, but start out with 1 tbsp of water at a time.

anonymous asked:

Can you describe your daily routine?

Sure, I mean it varies a bit depending on the day or where I am / what I’m doing. But like my average work day during the semester, when I don’t have classes goes like this: 

  • wake up 6.30-7.30 
  • coffee + relax until about 7.30-8.00 (I like my morning time…), eat like 5 espresso coffees and a cookie (sometimes I read over my papers or read an article/book for class)
  • work from around 8.00-11.00 
  • eat something 11.00-11.30
  • back to work 11.30-3.30 or 4.00 
  • run for about 20-30 mins (2-3 miles) 3.30/4.00-4.00/4.30 
  • bath (I love baths!!) 4.00/4.30 - abt. 5.00
  • relax a little, maybe clean up my room, or make dinner 5.00-5.30
  • 5.30 - 6.30 dinner (usually it takes less time if I eat alone but usually during the semester, I eat with my family) 
  • 6.30-7.00 go for a walk 
  • 7.00-7.45 yoga
  • 7.45 - 10.00 relax
  • 10.00 go to bed and usually fall asleep around 11-12 (it takes me a while to fall asleep idk y) 

That’s about it. If I have class, obviously the schedule is changed a little, but generally it looks something like that. 


Well I think this is the leanest I’m going to get on 1,500 cals daily! I upped my cardio to 5 sessions for these last 2 weeks of my cut (3 hiit, 2 steady state, each 20-30 min). All I gotta say is PROPS to the ladies and gents who can do a 12-week prep for competitions! It was such a struggle to not cheat when girlfriends are going out for dinner and drinks. Of course this wasn’t a contest prep, so I allowed a cheat 1x per week! Pretty proud of myself for keeping consistent and achieving these results! I assume my weight, body fat and measurements won’t change until we land in Hawaii next Monday 😉😏

Weight: 112.9 (starting weight 122.9)
Body fat: 16.5% (starting bf% 19%)
Waist: 25 in (lost 5 in)
Hips: 32 in (lost 2 in)
Booty: 37 in (I only lost 1 in in my booty during the cut!! Pretty happy about maintaining my muscle!)

Now it’s time to stay consistent until Hawaii, then relax and have fun for those 10 days!🍍🌴🦀🌊