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I’ve had my dog since the day I was born

by reddit user inaaace

Ok, now that I’m writing this I can see how strange it is that I’ve had my dog for almost 31 years, but when you live with something every day of your life, it’s kinda normal, you know? I mean, sure, it crossed my mind here and there that, hey, how come Snoop is 20, 24, 26 years old, but I never gave it extensive thought. Good nutrition and daily exercise is what I’d say and move on. It wasn’t impossible, right?

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Okay so I’m gonna pitch my two cents in here and I’m not naming names but this is very obviously about one particular artist. I will name names in the fact that this is almost entirely about the Homestuck fandom. Not entirely! But almost entirely!

And let me give people a bit of history - a bit of perspective, perhaps. The Homestuck fandom is fucking old, okay. It’s not the oldest by far, and in comparison to most old fandoms, it’s actually really young, but as for tumblr phases? Old. Started in 2009, it’s 2017 now, somehow it still exists, but not in the way that it did in say, 2012 and 2013. The ““golden”” years. The dark days, for some, if they hated it. Lots of people who liked the comic back then were, say, 16-20 years old. That makes them 20-24 years old now. Most of them have moved on. Why? Because the comic went to shit. That’s a whole other post. But there were tons of pauses, some that lasted up to a year, and in that time other fandoms cropped up and a lot of people jumped ship because they just didn’t feel the same things for the comic anymore. And that’s fine!

So who’s in the Homestuck fandom now? Lots and lots of new fans. Lots of new fans who are in the 16-20 age range again. And that means that back in 2012 and 2013, they were 12-16. People who are now 15 were 11. You get my point. Math is fun when it’s as easy as subtracting 4. So with all these new fans pouring in to an already dying fandom and trying to revive it, there have been lots of changes in fan content. Ideas and headcanons being thrown out into the general masses that no one ever really thought about before! And tons of people thought, wow, yes, this is really cool!

But here’s the thing. Not every old fan disappeared. Some stuck around. I’m one of them, despite the fact that I only really care about two characters at this point (and my interpretation of them more than canon’s).

So let’s talk about that! I’ve had my headcanons for these characters since 2011 when I first started reading. I’m happy with my headcanons. When I see other people’s headcanons, they’re often different from mine. Sometimes I think, wow, that’s really great, I’m gonna adopt that. Other times I think, huh, that’s interesting, but it’s not for me. And guess what?

Not everyone’s headcanons have to be the same. And if someone’s headcanon is not the same as yours, it does not make it inherently wrong or bad. That’s why the word headcanon exists in the first place.

If you want to picture human Terezi as a 6 ft tall buff Latina pansexual transgirl? Go for it! But I’m gonna keep thinking of her as a 5′2″ scrawny bisexual pasty white ginger. Are either of us right? No, because she’s a fictional alien who doesn’t exist in real life. Do both of us have good ideas? Hell yeah! The more the merrier. 

So the issue that’s been cropping up now is that people are getting really damn heated when someone draws characters in a way that they don’t agree with. And it’s fair to not agree with someone! But what isn’t fair is to expect that person to change just to conform to your standards, and to attack them if they don’t. What’s disgusting is when those artists receive death threats because of it. Fandom culture rallies against abusive characters and relationships, again attacking people if they dare draw them, but then they go about the systematic teardown of someone’s entire life because “oh guys I have the receipts!!! This persons is inherently terrible and everything they’ve ever done and ever will do is also awful because I’ve seen their art so now I know everything about their life in general!” You know what that is? Abuse. You don’t know these people. You don’t know what their lives are like. You don’t know how they think or what they’ve been through, what they’re currently going through, or anything. You can only assume, and most of the time, you’re probably wrong.

This needs to stop. We’ve already seen or heard about people who almost committed suicide simply from the amount of hate they’re getting. People HAVE died because of it. You, yes you, reader, YOU, do not want someone’s death on your hands. 

So if you don’t like someone’s art? That’s fine. Take a deep breath. Find a different fan artist to reblog from. There are plenty of them out there. But understand that just as you’re sitting here on your side of the screen, there’s someone else out there on the other side of another screen, and your words can hurt more than you know. And if you want that? If you enjoy the power rush of pulling up old art, spreading assumptions like truth, calling people out, and starting witch hunts? Congratulations. You’re the exact kind of person that you’re telling people not to like. And sooner or later it’s going to catch up to you.

me and a workmate at the hotel decided to work in pairs this weekend, like you did when you were 7 years, in school and scared to be alone. But we are soon 20 and 24 years old adults

you know what i hate about cinco de mayo?? it completely overshadows my birthday. everyones all excited to say “happy cinco de mayo!!” but what about “happy seis de mayo!!” ???? and what about “may the sixth be with you” ??? #JusticeForMay6th


now that I’m single, I’m actively looking for my perfect girl.

New report finds that millennials don’t volunteer. New report is wrong. 

Data released last week shows that only 18.7% of 20- to 24-year-olds participated in volunteer work between September 2013 and September 2014, with those aged 25 to 34 not far behind at 22% participation. Percentages rose considerably among those aged 35 to 44 before tapering off among successively older groups. It would be easy to say millennials are lazy and selfish, but that’s not actually the case.

I just want someone to take my pain away. Someone to hold me and just rock me back and forth. Someone to love me. I want that feeling to be wanted again.. I’m ready for something real. I want to settle down with someone and think about our future and actually do it. I want someone who’ll never give up on me no matter how hard it is. Someone as clingy and crazy as I am. Just something real and perfect in our own way. Is that too much to ask? 😔

“I kid you not, some girl was outside my window last night trying to serenade me. She was literally out there singing Justin Bieber so loud until Campus Police came over and tackled her to the ground – like full on NFL tackle, the dude should’ve been on the Miami Dolphins, I swear to god. I’ve never been more worried about someone in my life, but all I could do was just lock my window and pretend I didn’t see anything. I still feel a little bad for the poor girl, I’m not gonna lie.”

Pen Pal/Mentorship Program

Hello all, 

A little while ago I state that I would be organizing a pen pal and, for the most part, I’ve got all the details down. Now comes the hard part; finding individuals willing to participate within the program. So far, the requirements are as followed:

Mentor Requirements:

  • Must be at least 20 years of age.
  • Must identify as Trans [meaning Mtf, Ftm, Genderfluid, Non-Binary, etc.]
  • Must have the time to interact with your Mentoree.

Mentoree Requirements:

  • Must be nineteen or younger.
  • Must identify as Trans [meaning Mtf, Ftm, Genderfluid, Non-Binary, etc.]
  • Must have time to interact with your Mentor.

Your age correlates to that of your Pen Pal. By this we mean we don’t want 20 year olds mentoring nineteen year olds because there isn’t much of an age difference. We’d like it that the younger the Big is, the younger the Little is. Ex., a 20-24 year old mentor would suit well for a fourteen to seventeen year old mentoree. I understand that the age difference may be bothersome to some, but the point of this program is for the youth to socialize with someone who’s gained experience in x areas because they’ve been there. The job of the mentor is to give the child emotional support, while helping guide them to the right place mentally, even if that means simply becoming friends. We are not asking anyone to become someones therapist, we just want to show the younger individuals in our community that they are never alone; not in their struggles or in general.

If you are interested feel free to message through our blog, or message me through my personal blog, which is HERE. Please reblog to spread the word and if you know someone you believe may be interested, let them know. I appreciate all the support we’ve gotten thus far, but I know that together things will pick up and we’ll be able to help an abundance of children in need. 

you know what I friggin wonder about

I wonder if Napstablook is like, around 90 years old

ghosts probably don’t age, right? and Napstablook’s handle on UnderNet is NAPSTABLOOK22. Papyrus and Undyne’s handles both have numbers at the end, which could very easily be their birth years (95 and 91, they’d be 20 and 24 years old, which seems likely based on their personalities and jobs/ranks).

so what if Blooky’s number means they were born in 1922 2022* and they’ve just been hanging around the snail farm for nearly 100 years

*EDIT: apparently the game takes place at least 100 years later than previously anticipated, my bad!

If you ever though about getting a Polish wife or a Polish husband, this maps might help you decide where to move in order to find one. Blue areas are where there is more men than women and orange areas indicate the opposite (green is where there is equal number of men and women).

Now, if you want your SO to be 20-24 years old, look at the left map. If you prefer to wait until they finish college, take a look at the map in the center - it shows 25-29 yo age group. And if you lived sweet single life for some time after college, turned 30 and realized you miss someone in your life, try the right map (30-35-year-olds).

anonymous asked:

Do you have any dating advice for girls in med school? I've never been too popular but since I've started med school 3 years ago, guys started to like me more (I'm more confident and I grew up), and I go on dates sometimes. But med students only talk about school stuff which is boring, and the non-med guys don't understand my worries and struggles, not to mention my dreams. Some of my classmates do the dating stuff well, some of them are already married (we're 20-24 years old), it feels weird.

Hi anon!

I was initially going to tell you I am the last person to ask because I consider myself a relationship failure and romance is my Achille’s heel (I’m a hopeless INTJ). But…I thought about it and I think even I could offer some suggestions in this department.

So I present unto you…

MD-A’s dating advice to med students (initially requested for girls, but can apply to most everyone)

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