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Noh Taehyun’s actual reaction to Ha Sungwoon being in top 11

aka when you love & support your friend so much you just want to beat them up — with love (of course)

the true bromance of pd101 season 2

Appreciation post for top 20 eliminated trainees

Kim Jonghyun
- Nation’s leader
- always looking out for others
- always takes the part with the least amount of lines because he has no greed
- leads legendary performances and helps other trainees improve
- amazing rapper (#1 rapper and was overall FIRST place TWICE)
- the most humble human being (he APOLOGISES for taking first place because he thinks he doesn’t deserve it)
-smiling despite being sad because he is still happy for OTHERS
- deserves all the absolute love and care in the world

Kim Samuel
- young but multi-talented, all rounded angel
- amazing choreographer (choreographed the entire song by HIMSELF)
- beautiful voice
- works extremely hard
- lost his chance to debut twice already
- Let’s not forget he is only 15 (internationally)
- deserves way better and more recognition with all my unconditional love

Yoo Seonho
- chick 🐥 baby trainee
- baby of the group that CONSTANTLY gives all his love and affection to all his hyungs
- works as hard
- supports his guanlin hyung 24/7
- extremely adorable and lovable
- has a beautiful voice
- deserves as much love and attention

Jung Sewoon
- has an ANGEL’S voice (an actual angel)
- guitar duo with jaehwan
- takes cares of others and is really responsible
- works extremely hard
- extreme cutie that tries his best at aegyo
- I will miss hearing his singing the most T.T

Just putting out some love for some of the eliminated trainees!! I will continue to support them and look forward to their debut/comebacks in the future
You have worked hard, fighting!🌻


Pixar shorts, part 1: 1984 to 2006

The Adventures of André & Wally B., 1984

Luxo Jr., 1986

Red’s Dream, 1987

Tin Toy, 1988

Knick Knack, 1989

Geri’s Game, 1997

For the Birds, 2000

Boundin’, 2003

One Man Band, 2005

Lifted, 2006


Dog tooth violet
“Spring ephemeral”
Spring has come to Asahikawa.
April 15, 2017



19. joss carter & sameen shaw (person of interest)

“I’ve punched a lot of guys.”
“So have I.”