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I’m not in the habit of writing non-romantic imagines for the Doctor and I don’t plan to be, but since this was my first request for the Second Doctor… I thought I’d make an exception. This was actually pretty fun to write.

The best part, you think, is that the Doctor cares, and he doesn’t even know the whole truth. He cares because he does, not because he thinks he has any obligation to you, and not because you told him that you are just one more dirty little secret that Gallifrey has kept from him. And that’s probably the most important reason you have for not telling him.

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Anyone else notice how every time they needed Regina to be a hero, Emma had to be incapacitated in some way?

Exhibit A: The season 3 finale, when Regina was “the holder of the strongest light magic” (yeah right) and defeated Zelena. However, earlier Emma had had her magic drained. 

Exhibit B: The season 4 finale, when Regina was ‘the Saviour’ and Henry could use her blood to rewrite the story.  However, Emmahad been “un-savioured” by Rumple and the Author.

Exhibit C: In Camelot, Regina was deemed as the Saviour and saved Robin. And once again, Emma had been un-savioured as she was the Dark One.

Exhibit D: Regina goes to save Emma from the Wish Realm. Meanwhile, Emma had been reduced to a whimpering damsel.

It says a lot about her redemption that it only works when Emma is unable to be a hero for whatever reason.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle squad by @tattoo_tom for #pokemonday #2 Cheers Tom! =D

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Oh hey look. A surprise animation!

This is honestly a birthday present, from me to me. lol

Love - Glitchtale S2 Ep #4 (Part 1) (Undertale Animation)