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Minute 2:11

Oh… at first… I thought it was Yoongi too. Coz of the demeanor and the way he walked… But actually… when I brightened it, I realized it was Namjoon. He was wearing the same striped shirt with white long sleeves underneath during the first highlight reel. It looked like he threw away a piece of paper? 

He did get one from the girl on the bridge.

I think he recognized the girl. This might help those people who believe that this girl is Tae’s sister and that Namjoon is watching over her but he can’t tell her yet.

Six reasons why birds suddenly appear any time you are near

1. I would wager good money it is that sombrero you have on, the one that you have decorated so thoughtfully with millions of sunflower seeds.
2. Oh god you’re some kind of ornithomancer aren’t you? Just stop it, please. It’s not funny any more. Last time you came over my underwear drawer was suddenly full of pigeons.
3. The energy required to maintain your human disguise against the horror of your true form bursting forth is so intense that it constantly makes small rips in the space-time continuum around you. Lacking the mental apparatus to percieve these correctly, we are interpreting them as birds flying past.
4. It is very thoughtful of you to pre-order us takeout chicken whenever we meet, don’t get me wrong. I’m just saying I’d maybe like a kebab or a salad or something sometimes. Heck, even chicken but just slightly less of it.
5. Just like me, they feel the intense gravitational pull or your presence and must fight against it or get sucked in. How I wish I had not created you in my careless, heedless days at the nuclear collider! I pray for the day when our orbits cross no longer.
6. Actually I don’t think those are real birds. I think they are people in chicken costumes. I suppose this is par for the course when you run for public office having made some less-than-courageous decisions in the near past.

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omg imagine lance at the carnival with keith and he tries the thing where u use a hammer and u have to hit a machine really hard to get a prize (idk what it's called sorry) but lance has noodle arms so he ends up losing. keith teases him a lil abt it but then tries himself and easily wins. he remembers that lance's favourite animal is shark so he gets this cute stuffed shark. lance is so thankful for the stuffed shark that he goes to a shooting game thing and lance. never. misses. (1/2)

so lance ofc gets this giant hippo. keith names his hippo lancey and then lance names his shark keefy. (2/2)

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Do you have any Burr x Theodosia text post? I want me some happy and or fluffy Burr stuff

Burr: Theodosia, can I ask you something?

Theodosia: Yes.

Burr: I was wondering… would you like to go out on a date with me?

Theodosia: Of course, I get off at work at 2:00pm.

Burr: *blushes* Oh…Okay! Great see you at 2:00pm!

The Point of No Return - Part 3

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Your friendship with the maknae of BTS suddenly turns into something else. You don’t know exactly why or when this happened but you sure know there is no going back. Will you regret it in the end?

Words: 4k-ish

Genre: Angst

Inspired by:

- The Point of no Return - The Phantom of the Opera      

- @perpetually-jungshook’s How to change a fuqboi series                          (narrator-character interactions)               

Warnings: Language

Part 1 | Part 2

“OH. MY. GOD, YN!! You did not just fall asleep right after!!!”

“Oh, God! I feel bad enough without you shaming me like this, Hyunseok!!!” You hissed back at your friend, which was sitting across the table from you and looked simply horrified. “I was drunk and tired and the sex was just… GOD!” That was all you could say, as your thoughts were clouded by flashbacks of your night with Jungkook. “I think that maybe all my blood was diverted from my brain from the amazing sex. I could have brain damage right now!! Hypoxia is a serious thing, you know.”

“Bitch, please!” He rolled his eyes at you. “You know, maybe I should make a move on Jungkook. The golden maknae has proven his worth in yet another field.” He said playfully, but then turned serious and sat up straight in his seat. “So? What happened then? Did you guys talk? Are you going out? Did you have mind blowing sex again?”

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For @olafurneal who has made me laugh all day.

Lucien was sitting in his study reading his latest medical journal when an article caught his attention. “Study shows men who replace their usual breakfast with freshly juiced fruits and vegetables have more strength and vigor.”
“Hmmm,” he thought outloud, “Very intriguing. I’d like to give it a try, but I couldn’t let Jean know. It would hurt her feelings if I refused her breakfast of bacon and eggs. I’ll have to come up with a good reason if I do this. Or maybe I could whip up something at the station”
He smiled and then started making his plan…

“Oh, they’re adorable!” Jean picked up one of the puppies from the basket and snuggled it to her cheek.
Jean had come to the outdoor market for some fresh vegetables when she spied the two little boys with the basket of puppies. Oh how she missed having a dog! There were always 3 or 4 around the house when she was growing up, and later at the farm as well. But she was no longer in her own home, and while Lucien never mentioned how he felt about dogs, his father had flatly refused to have one. She sadly put the puppy back. He immediately started to whimper and Jean’s heart broke.
“It wouldn’t cost ya nothin, ma'am,” the older of the two boys said. “Our dad says to give ‘em away. And there’s just two more…” And with that, Jean forgot all about the vegetables
Back at home, Jean fixed a box with a scrap of blanket and hid the puppies in her room. “Shhh,. No barking or crying” she said nervously, “We can’t let Lucien know you are here just yet. I’ll be back as soon as I figure out how to convince him this was his idea.”

Lucien reached into his coat pocket and went pale. “Um, Charlie, might I have a word?” He motioned with his head toward the men’s room. Charlie looked at Rose and Jean across the table and with a curious expression nodded his head.
“Would you excuse us ladies? I hate to interrupt our lovely dinner with business, but I thought I just saw the man we’ve been looking for all day. Charlie?”
Charlie nodded his apology and followed Lucien. When they were out of earshot he said “Where is he, doc?”
Oh no, Charlie, there’s no man I just have found myself in a sticky spot. You see, I left my wallet at home…“
"Oh!” Charlie grinned. “No problem, Doc” He reached for his wallet and pulled out some cash. “Will this do?”
“Thank you , Charlie. I’ll pay you back at home. And, please. Don’t let Jean know.”
“My lips are sealed”
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Professionals say that there's high functioning and low functioning autism (sorry, I don't support this idea and I know it's ableist). Is there something like this for Down Syndrome? (1)

I once saw news about a kid with DS who finished high-school and passed exams, but other than that we don’t hear much from them, we don’t see them on blogs or anywhere. I wonder, what’s their average IQ? Do they use the internet? (again, sorry) (2)

Oh boy, there’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, I’m not trying to be mean, but I don’t know why you’re asking an autism blog about this ?

The idea that there’s a high and low functioning autism is false. It has been debunked many times, because autistic people have strengths and weaknesses that can vary day to day and assigning a “level” to them only serves to deny “high functioning” individuals the help they need and “low functioning” individuals their agency.

The idea that IQ tests accurately assess intelligence (and that a person’s worth should be determined by that test result) is also bogus and rooted in ableism. I tested atrociously low for the “information processing speed” part of an IQ test. Why should “information processing speed” equate to intelligence ? I’m just slow. Literally.

If you know that these concepts are false for autism, why would they be true for Down’s ?

You ask if they go to school or use the internet. Quoted from the national down syndrome society:

People with Down syndrome attend school, work, participate in decisions that affect them, have meaningful relationships, vote and contribute to society in many wonderful ways.
All people with Down syndrome experience cognitive delays, but the effect is usually mild to moderate and is not indicative of the many strengths and talents that each individual possesses.

There are actors with Down syndrome, there’s (at least one) model with Down’s, there are teachers with Down’s … Intellectual disability doesn’t stop one from using the internet or having a fulfilling life.

It is incredibly easy to find blogs about having an autistic child, but there are intellectually disabled, nonverbal autistic people who use the internet. Plenty of them have blogs and talk about their lives, even if society thinks they don’t. Just like it’s easy to find blogs about have a kid with Down syndrome, I did a quick search and found some blogs written by people with Down’s:


My name is Sarah

Heidi’s blog

Information about their lives is out there, you just have to research their community specifically to find it ?

- Sister Cat

Kouri watches Shadowhunters, 2.02

  • “Oh no, he withered a flower when he was an infant! Better shoot him with a crossbow!” – Jocelyn, apparently
  • Aldertree appointing Simon to figure out what’s going on with the vampire world is eerily akin to Trump appointing Jared Kushner to bring peace to the Middle East
  • Alec, buddy. Just. I love you so much ninety percent of the time, but that remaining ten percent, you really need a swift kick to the ‘nads.
  • “You have me. That’s not gonna change.” Can you imagine if this scene were between a guy and a girl? I will bet you five hundred bucks they would’ve kissed at the end.
  • You know guys, Clary wouldn’t run away all the time if you just let her go places like a normal person.
  • Jocelyn didn’t even tell Luke about the demon blood thing? For fuck’s sake. Why.
  • Simon is fucking hilarious in this episode.
  • Okay but for reals, is the parabatai bond good for anything other than fucking Jace and Alec up at crucial moments? Like seriously.
The Atomic Blond Series!

So, @hausofinserts and @writesamwrite123 love this AU way too much, so I’ve compiled a list of all of the imagines we’ve written so far in chronological order of the story. 

The list that will constantly be updated is here.

But for now, here’s everything so far:

1. Not Your Mama’s Super Hero- HausOfInserts
2. Oh Mr. Mitchell- HausOfInserts
3. Something’s Fishy About Atomic Blond- TrecoTrash
4. Never Kill A Superhero On The First Day- WriteSamWrite123

Just beat Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Episode 2 and…Oh my FUCKING GOD













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storylines im sick of: oh i like 2 boys oh no whom do i chose im just going to kiss and date both of them until uh oh! both find out and i guess i have to chose one!!!!