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the subtle theory is being confirmed before our own eyes

me: haha wouldn’t it be great if dan and phil are in a relationship and instead of being upfront and saying so they slowly become more comfortable and domestic on camera until it’d common knowledge they’re an item

dan and phil: *start slowly becoming more comfortable and domestic on camera*



Winter Appreciation’ PosePack

                              7 Winter Poses

  • Andrew Pose Player Needed;


  • Teleport any sim needed



 Click (SFS)

Additional Info;

snowballs are edited in, it can easily be done by using a software such as Photoshop -

  • Research ‘snowball png’.
  • Add to your picture and use the rubber tool to get rid of the snowball where sims fingers are placed.

If you dont own own photoshop this can easily be done with a free software such as PicMonkey.


  • Sakuya: Can I come in?
  • Kuro: No.
  • Sakuya: The mat says "welcome"
  • Kuro: ... I hate that mat.

“You can talk to a babe, ye ken,” she said suddenly, breaking into my thought. “Really talk, I mean. Ye can tell them anything, no matter how foolish it would sound did ye say it to a soul could understand ye.” 

“Oh. You heard him, then?” I asked. She nodded, eyes on the curve of Katherine’s cheek, where the tiny dark lashes lay against the fair skin, eyes closed in ecstasy.

“Aye. Ye shouldna worrit yourself,” she added, smiling gently at me. “It isna that he feels he canna talk to you; he knows he can. But it’s different to talk to a babe that way. It’s a person; ye ken that you’re not alone. But they dinna ken your words, and ye don’t worry a bit what they’ll think of ye, or what they may feel they must do. You can pour out your heart to them wi’out choosing your words, or keeping anything back at all— and that’s a comfort to the soul.” 

She spoke matter-of-factly, as though this were something that everyone knew. I wondered whether she spoke that way often to her child. The generous wide mouth, so like her brother’s, lifted slightly at one side. 

“It’s the way ye talk to them before they’re born,” she said softly. “You’ll know?” 

I placed my hands gently over my belly, one atop the other, remembering. 

“Yes, I know.”


Finished yet another malec video ☺️