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“Buffy stares at him, his words hitting home. She looks exhausted, and terribly sad. She shuts her eyes. He lunges, shooting his arm out, the sword straight at her face. Without opening her eyes she slams her palms together over the blade, stopping it an inch from her face. She opens her eyes, meets his gaze, and realizes what she has is herself.

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does toothless love hiccup?

Toothless loves Hiccup through and through and through. I feel like the entire franchise manifests this love in depth. 

Toothless demonstrates clear affection, from his intentional, soft physical touches…

to trusting Hiccup…

to excitedly clambering toward Hiccup…

to teasing Hiccup…

to playing with Hiccup

to protecting Hiccup in dangerous situations (such as saving Hiccup in Defenders of the Wing Part 1), even when it put him in danger, too, and he didn’t have to be there otherwise…

to imitating Hiccup…

to helping Hiccup walk…

to going out of his way to be kind to Hiccup (think about fishing in the ocean for days to retrieve Hiccup’s helmet in GOTNF)…

to even being willing to die for Hiccup

Over. And over. And over again. Sacrificing himself for his beloved rider.

Toothless holds an utmost loyalty to Hiccup which is apparent in these actions, emotional expressions, and choices. Toothless wouldn’t intentionally break his tail in GOTNF unless he had a desire to continue flying with Hiccup and spend time with the human. He wants to be with Hiccup more than he wants to be able to do a basic dragon life function.

Toothless wouldn’t have been able to break out of the Bewilderbeast’s hive mind except that Toothless cared so much about Hiccup. His love broke mind control!

Toothless wouldn’t have broken out of the Bewilderbeast’s ice and started to fight the Bewilderbeast except that he cared so much about Hiccup. Toothless chose to fight a mountain sized dragon because of Hiccup.

Toothless doesn’t just love Hiccup.

His love for Hiccup, and Hiccup’s reciprocal love for him, is one of the greatest love stories ever told.

I hope each and every exo-l out there knows how ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING it is to mock a person’s death if ANY of you think the “jokes” made about the BTS fansite master’s death is in anyway acceptable you are blocked and reported for being inhumane and a piece of shit. As of now, only troll accounts and a few “exo-ls” on twitter have been involved in this –but were quickly reported by other exo-ls and it better stay that way. Kpop is just kpop. A human life is not something ANYONE should EVER joke about, and anyone who does that isn’t considered a human, let alone a fan. 

Please reblog this and make sure that people know that in no way do exo-ls support this slander. May the girl rest in peace, and her family gain strength in these hard times.

Jessie and DLila Combs 

Respon to Rudeness

Each character holds the door open for a stranger, who does not say “thank you”. Their responses:


Sokka: Notices, but has never really paid attention to social conventions before, so why start now?

Zuko: Wonders how people could be so heartless, writes a poem about the incident.

Mai: Couldn’t care less.

Suki: Whispers “You suck, you know that?”

Aang: Appears fine and bubbly as usual, but really upset inside.

Uncle Iroh: Needs to talk out his feelings with a friend for several hours.

Ty lee: Annoyed for a minute, but sees something cool and forgets about it.

Katara: Loudly says “you’re welcome,” feels bad after that and wonders for the rest of the night if she was too rude.

Azula: Was probably the one who didn’t say “thank you”.