I am a amateur photographer from Brazil, and I started to get into photography just about January from this year and saw I have a way with it…

Since I still can’t afford a camera, I use my phone’s; Which, to be honest, is actually pretty good!

Here are the specs I used in this picture (In case you’ll like to know):
Exposure 1/142 sec.
Focal lenght 3mm
Max Aperture 2.8
I try to rely the less on editing as possible. Editing mostly just the contrast, brightness and saturation (It turns out that the actual picture taken directly off of the memory has very low contrast)

This picture was taken in a footbridge, nearby a abandoned hotel.


Hey! This one is for Euro Car submision. This is 1995 e36 2.8i. It has coilovers, K&N air filter in box, Brembo MAX brake disks and pads, armed brake hoses, strut bars front and back, bucket seats, all sailent blocks are replaced with polyurethane ones, M steering wheel, M3 exhaust. When I bought it, it was totally stock.

This is one amazing machine! Well done! Thank you for the submission.