Daily Drawing 2438: continuing on with the #AllMyCars series is a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. This was the first car I actually picked out. I spent a long time hunting this one down and I loved it so much. This was also the first car I had to take out a loan for. When I first moved to Boston I couldn’t afford it anymore and had to sell it. I still miss it.

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[BeanRavi]inspired by HIGH CUT vol.164 [comic]

>subtitle part.2-5

R: ”You have only one wish, master.”

H: (Anyway why are you seminude when you went out from the lamp?

 and you’re too close to me, why?)”I want you to wear a jacket, Ravi.”

R: ”Is that your final wish?”

H: ( Don’t be silly.) ”Well, I want you to be my friend!!”

R: *thump* “I I’m already your friend, master!!”

H: “I wanna get to know you moreee.”

(then I want you to make more wishes come true♪)

*wicked mind*

I’m Fernando Lavin, an aspiring photographer from Spain!

I have been shooting with a Sony NEX-5R for 2 years since then I started working in a series called The Edge Collection about architecture focusing mostly in the corners of the buildings. Also I am going  to self-publish a mini-zine of the series with several images from it. Meanwhile I’m trying to move and discover other styles like street photo, and of course improving and leaning everyday.

Any comments, questions or advice is very welcome! Please check my Tumblr out here!